Man for Man

Making the Jock Cum


I don't really remember who's idea it was, but the idea got me harder than a rock. Let's take the rival football star and force him to cum before the game to ruin his ability to play well. I remember that Gary was fucking me in the locker room after football practice when the idea was brought up. I was straddling the bench and hanging on for dear life as Gary pounded my hole sore.


Gary was the teams' star quarterback. I met him my freshman year. We lived in the same dorm and I first saw him the day I was moving in. The football players had moved in already and had full days of practice while the freshmen class had orientation and all of that other first year college crap. I was unloading my stuff from my parent's Tahoe late in the afternoon when I saw him and a few other footballers walking back to the building. He was shirtless, sweaty and beautiful. Gary had light features, shaggy dirty blond hair and deep green eyes. He's about six feet tall and 190 pounds of pure muscle. His hairless chest glistened in the sun. He had broad shoulders, a narrow waist and abs I could count even from a distance. I was awed watching his big chest flex and pull with every step he took. He caught me watching him and rather than be a jerk, like most footballers, he just smiled and flexed his arms. Embarrassed, I quickly turned and continued hauling stuff into the building, but he was instantly etched in my mind.

For weeks, I was conveniently around when he returned to the dorm from practice. A few times, when the weather was cooler, he'd have his shirt on as he walked back, but as he got closer to the dorm, he always took it off. I don't think it was all for me, as there were always plenty of girls around him, but he never failed to smile when he caught me looking.

About a month into classes I answered a knock on my door and was shocked to see him standing there in his signature tight dark blue t-shirt that showed every muscle. He said, "Hey Jas" as if we'd been friends for ages. Then he leaned in to me and whispered, "I could really go for a blow job. Are you interested in helping me out?" After ten seconds of stunned silence, I happily agreed, and that started our sexual relationship.

Gary was fucking great. He was loud and active and always smiling. It didn't take long before I moved from blowjobs to eating his ass to sitting on his meaty cock. He never reciprocated, but he groped and cheered me on like nobody's business. His strong hands would caress and rub me all over when he wasn't grabbing me for a tight hold to fuck my mouth or ass. He didn't mind cum, unless it was too near his face, but I'm not a strong shooter so everything worked. He loved it when I came all over his chest while riding him though.

Gary wasn't a passive lover. He just about went nuts the one time I got him to lay still while I licked, caressed and worshiped his beautiful, muscular body. I wasn't even halfway done before he went crazy from lying still. He picked me up like I weighed nothing and pulled me onto his throbbing cock. Gary never touched my dick or kissed. Other than that, and cum near the face, he was perfect in every way.

For most of my freshman year I sucked him and he fucked me regularly. I had the college football muscle stud, so I never bothered with a boyfriend of my own. I would hang with his friends occasionally and they were mostly cool with me. I blew or fucked a couple of the other guys, including other football players, from time to time, but I mostly saved myself for Gary. Gary wasn't gay. He would date and fuck around with girls as well. But even when he had steady pussy, he would still come back to me at least once a week. At first I'd get jealous that I didn't have Gary all to myself, but there wasn't anything I could do. I had him as much as I could and was content with what I could get.

At one point during the football season, Gary called me his good luck charm and started calling me Lucky. We'd fuck the night before every game and he always won the next day. It quickly became our set routine. Even for a few away games, Gary would drag me along if he could and we'd fuck all night long in the hotel. The next day he'd always be the star.


Gary always stayed late in the locker room after football practice. He'd wait for me and once we had the place to ourselves, he'd strip me down and stuff his thick cock up my back door. The locker room was one of my favorite places to fuck. I loved the aroma and the industrial feel of the place. I also loved the idea that minutes earlier the rest of the football team had been running around naked. Of course, that's just during football season. The rest of the year I'd meet up with Gary about the same time in the afternoons when he would do his regular workout.


The football team was gearing up for Saturday's game against the school's biggest rival; The Carlton Lions. It was a home game and I wasn't going to miss it. I loved watching Gary play, it was just heaven watching him move and control the field. Also knowing what he looked out of the pads and spandex and that he'd plowed me the night before was a big thrill.

"You know," Gary said after he sprayed my back with his juicy load. "Most football players don't have sex before a game. They think its bad luck." Gary was stretching his long, muscle bound legs out in front of him on the bench as he caught his breath from our rigorous "exercise".

I turned and sat across the bench from him. I smeared my own puddle of cum along the bench between us as I nodded to him. "Yea, you mentioned that once or twice before." I grinned at him.

"I also happen to know that Derek Simmons takes that particular superstition very seriously. He doesn't have sex for the entire season at all."

"What?" I asked, surprised. "That's almost 3 months. I don't believe it." Gary was obsessed with Derek Simmons. If Gary were gay I'd say he had a crush, but I knew that wasn't the case. Derek was the hot shot quarterback for the Carlton Lions, our biggest football rival. Our fight song even named them as the team we'll always beat. This year the Lions have been undefeated, just like us and it's been widely attributed to Derek's skill on the field.

"It's true." Gary had a sly grin on his handsome face.

"Well," I joked, "maybe I'll look him up Friday night and coax a few loads out of him just to ruin his game."

Gary's grin somehow grew bigger. "I was thinking the same thing."

"Oh? You have the hots for Derek?" I teased.

"No. You. Nobody can resist your blowjobs. They're the best."

"Ha!" I laughed, blushing. "Whatever. Other than a name, I don't know who Derek Simmons is. And I doubt he'd agree if I went up to him and asked if he wanted a blow job. Take your pick for the excuse; from a guy or right before the game. But if you arrange it, I'll do it." I joked about it, but Gary had an odd gleam in his eye. There's no way he could get Derek to agree, could he?


Friday afternoon I got a text from Gary. Meet me at the Holiday Inn 8PM. Gary's roommate knows to disappear for us the evening before a game, so I thought it was strange that we would be in town rather than his dorm room. I didn't think about our earlier conversation at all until I met Gary at 8 in the lobby of the Holiday Inn.

"Are you ready for this?" Gary asked. His eyes had a shine I've not seen before. He was definitely up to something, and he was enjoying the hell out of it.

"Of course," I replied, puzzled. "When haven't I ever been ready?"

"Good." Gary held out a room key. "Room 223. It's on the second floor in the far corner of the building. We'll be back about ten." Gary stepped forward and whispered into my ear. "Make him cum at least twice." A shiver ran through me as he said it. Gary flashed his dazzling grin at me one more time and then turned and left with a few other guys from the football team.

I was confused and was wondering what was going on until it dawned on me. Holy shit! He didn't! I thought as I stared at the room key in my hand. I looked around the empty lobby and then started walking towards the stairs. I was walking slowly at first, but then my pace began picking up.

I found the room, slid the key in and eased the door open. The room was dark and quiet. As I closed the door I could hear a soft mumbling from the room, but I couldn't see where it was coming from. I locked the door and stepped past the bathroom and I couldn't believe what I saw.

Gary didn't get Derek to agree at all, he kidnapped him! In the corner of the little room, strapped in tightly to a large padded chair was the most lovely dark haired boy I've ever seen. He was utterly naked except for a blindfold, gag and cloth straps holding him in place. His hair was short, black and slightly curly. Most of his face was obscured by the blindfold and gag so I couldn't see his facial features, but his body was toned and muscular. He was almost better looking than Gary. He had light colored skin offset by his dark hair covering much of his body. The hair was dark but it wasn't thick, you could still see the deep cleft between his muscular pecs. His hair trailed nicely from the "T" shaped pattern on his chest down to his cock. His forearms were nicely covered but his biceps were big and hairless. His legs were covered in the dark hair from groin, across his massive legs and down to his ankles.


"Shit," was the only thing in my head. I muttered it quietly to the room.

He was breathing heavily, I suppose from struggling, but he was otherwise perfectly still as he turned his head to better hear me.

"Uhh, hey Derek," I said. His arms immediately pumped up from my voice as he pulled on the thick bonds wrapped around his wrists and forearms. He grunted with effort and the chair creaked a little but everything held.

"Mmepp mee mmow" he mumbled through the gag. I couldn't understand a word, but I had a pretty good guess at what it was.

"Sorry," I said. "Can't do that yet. We have a little work to do first." I threw my bag onto the bed and stepped closer to him. "But I can remove the gag if you promise not to yell, ok? The first noise louder than a conversational tone and it's going back. Understand?"


"I don't know what that is, nod yes or no."

He nodded his head slowly. I moved around behind him and pulled at the knot holding the gag into place. It loosened up and I placed it on the desk nearby. I looked at him and he still had something in his mouth so I pulled on the white strap sticking out and he spit out a balled up jock. I wondered briefly whose it was at I put it on the desk next to the rest of the gag. It was definitely Gary's brand and style.

"Better?" I asked.

"Yeah. Why are you doing this? What's going on?"

"I'm here to mess up your football game." I said, moving back around to the front of him, thinking about how I wanted to start.

"They're going to notice me missing you know. Kidnapping isn't a really smart plan."

"Oh," I said, "You'll be playing the game and I don't plan on hurting you in any way."

"Then what are you going to do to me?" He asked, a slight bit of panic in his voice.

"Just mess with your superstitions."


"Is it true that you don't cum at all during the football season?"

"Huh?" He was surprised by the question.

I kneeled down in front of him and laid my hand flat on his chest. He flinched slightly. I caressed his chest and abs, feeling the soft skin and firm muscle underneath. And, of course, his sparse fur.

"W- what are you doing?" He stammered out.

"Is it true that you don't cum at all during the football season? You know; no sex, no jerking off, no nothing."


"Why not?" I asked as I continued to enjoy the feel of his mighty chest.

"It messes up my game. W- what are you doing?"

"Mmm," I purred. "I'm just enjoying the scenery as I decide how to get started. How long has it been since you last came?"

"No." He said softly. "Don't do that." The plan had finally clicked in his mind and he suddenly knew the direction I was going.

"Don't do what?" I asked innocently, but I had a good idea what he meant. My simple caresses of his chest where already having a reaction from him as I could plainly see his cock plumping up and filling out. I hadn't even realized when my other hand had started caressing his thick calf, feeling the hair play between my fingers.

"Don't make me cum," he pleaded softly as the full weight of what I was planning on doing to him slowly sunk in.

"Do you realize how hot you are?" I asked, before leaning in and putting my head on his muscled thigh and inhaling the sweet, sweaty smell radiating from his groin. My right hand continued to play over his chest and I finally hit his left nipple which was already a solid nub. He moaned from the touch.

His cock was already at full attention. It was impressive, it wasn't as long as Gary's but it was definitely thicker. I was already deep in lust with this guy. He had an incredibly muscular body, tight and lean like I like it. He also had a nice dusting of dark, black hair and a delicious cock to boot. With the blindfold in place, I couldn't tell how handsome his face was, but his jaw was gorgeous and his lips were perfectly kissable.

I sat up and reached for both nipples, tweaking them firmly. Derek groaned and tried to push into my hands. And here I thought he was going to be a lot tougher to crack. I pulled off of his nipples and he was already breathing heavier.


He suddenly gulped in a deep breath and started yelling.

"Don't! Stop it and let me go! You can't do this!"

Jumping to my feet I snatched the jock from the desk and shoved it back into his mouth, holding it there until I could get the strap back around his face. His cries didn't stop. Derek continued to howl through the gag. He thrashed in the chair, his big muscles straining at the ties.

I worried he would eventually break the chair, but then his struggles died down and he sat in the chair breathing hard, occasionally pulling at one arm or the other, trying to get free.

"Don't worry Derek, I have a feeling this is going to go really fast. It looks like your body wants it really bad."

"MMmmmmoooooooooooooooooo," he howled through the gag.

I moved back in front of him and knelt down again. His hard cock looked giant in his lap and I gently reached over and felt its thickness, its heat. He jumped again at the touch, but he groaned when I gave it a few pumps.

"Guessing from the football season, it's probably been about six weeks since you came, huh? I bet you're gonna pump out gallons."

"Mhumph greh moh ghrun moof"

"Yea? You think so too? Let's find out." I had no idea what he said, but he definitely didn't want me to go ahead with my plan as he once again bucked and pulled at his bonds. He grunted and pulled but he never made any ground against the cloth straps holding him down.

I leaned in and licked the underside of his cock and it was like a jolt went through him. He yelped and leaned back in the chair, trying to pull away.

Juice was already beginning to leak out of his cock, so I leaned in again and sucked just the tip into my mouth, cleaning up the silky smooth and savory juices.

As the heat of my mouth slid over is cock, Derek stilled and moaned into the gag. I wasn't sure if it was from the feel of my mouth on his cock or from the realization that this was really going to happen and there wasn't anything he could do about it. I didn't really care, he tasted amazing.

Derek's cock was a throbbing cylinder of steel. With every little touch I could feel it surge in my hand. Each lick brought another sweet dollop of cream to the tip which I eagerly lapped up. I licked my way down to his balls which had pulled up. I carefully pulled them back into the sac and encircled them with my left hand, tugging slightly which earned me another soft moan from Derek.

"You like that, huh?" I asked.

"Mmuuuuuunh." He groaned. After a moment he added, "Mwuheeese mroph. Mwuheese."

"Sorry," I grinned. "I can't understand you other than the moans and groans. Those I like." I punctuated the point by leaning in and slathering his balls with my tongue. I gave him a few pumps on his dick with my other hand at the same time.

He moaned again and shook his head slowly. "Mmoooooo."

I worked on his balls some more. Tickling and licking them with my tongue. After several more moans and groans from above me, I was ready to get to the prize. This stud has been denying himself for weeks and I could tell that he wasn't going to last long. I wanted to be right there to enjoy the explosion.

I let go of his balls and licked up his massive cock getting it all wet and slick. I made it up to the tip and I relaxed just a moment before slipping my mouth over the thick crown and sliding it down as far as I could take it. Derek bucked back slightly and caught his breath as I relished the feel of his thick cock in my throat.

"Mhuck." He finally breathed. I could see he was already sweating as he concentrated on denying the feelings I was giving him.

I milked his cock slowly, going from the base to the tip and back to the base again. Derek wiggled, pulled and kicked at his restraints as I continued to suck on his cock. His attempts weren't nearly as strong as they were when I first saw him, the distraction of me slowly building him towards climax was making it difficult for him to try to get free.

"Mhoo, Mhoo, Mhoo!" Derek moaned as his breathing got heavier. He was shaking his head now. "Mhonph mack me mhum."


As his breathing quickened, I stopped and pulled off. Derek was breathing heavily and his big cock was shiny, red and throbbing. A thick stream of drool quickly formed at the top of his cock and streamed down. I adjusted my own hard dick in my pants before standing up and taking off my shirt, shoes and jeans. This whole scene was too hot for me and I was going to explode not long after he does. Maybe I'll be able to hold out long enough to lube up and sit on his cock. "That big monster would feel so good in my ass," I thought to myself. Hell, Gary said at least twice, but I'd love to get many, many more than that!

I moved back to Derek and wrapped my hand around his cock again. He moaned but his cock throbbed in demand. I knelt down between his tied legs and went back to work. I licked up all of the cock-drool and took him inside my mouth again. I hummed around him and that pulled another deep groan from him.

My hands got busy caressing and tugging on his balls. Occasionally I'd venture my fingers back and play with the smooth skin behind his balls towards his hole. Derek liked that, his body would rock into me as I touched him. Never once, though, did my mouth leave his cock. I kept a steady rhythm as Derek struggled above me and kept a steady stream of groans.

Suddenly Derek went very still and his already giant cock grew even bigger.

"Aaaaahhh," Derek groaned in defeat. "You're makin' me cum!"

Derek's cock swelled and I tugged on his nuts, his whole body shuddered as he tried to hold off. I felt Derek's hand on the back of my head and he tightened his grip through my hair. "Oh shit," I thought as I realized that Derek had somehow gotten a hand loose. As he gripped my hair, I expected him to pull me off to stop what was happening, but he didn't. Instead Derek pulled me in tighter, pulling my face onto his cock completely.

"Fuck!" he roared. "I'm gonna cum! Oh fuck yea! Aaaaaaaaaaaahhh!"

Derek pushed me down onto his cock and I swirled my tongue on the underside of his flesh just as he exploded into me. The first shot went straight down my throat before I could pull back and savor the studly jock juice. Derek continued to scream out as he pumped more and more seed into my mouth. I swallowed to make room for more but it was too much and I felt his cum drip out of the corner of my mouth and down my chin. I continued to suck him down and get as much as I could while he dumped more and more of his load into my mouth and down my throat.

Eventually he calmed down and even though he was breathing hard, his grip on my hair stayed tight as he held me onto his member. I milked him and cleaned up as much as I could with my tongue. Derek tasted sweet and creamy and I wanted more.

Derek pulled me off his cock and back onto my heels as he leaned forward. His left arm was still tied to the chair but the gag and blindfold was gone. My first look at him showed a handsome face with gorgeous dark brown eyes. He roughly pulled me forward and mashed his face into mine. Our lips met and Derek thrust his tongue into my mouth searching for his own taste as well as wrestling with my tongue. I relaxed and melted into him, both of us breathing heavily. After many long moments Derek broke the kiss.

"Fuck that was amazing." He said.

I was stunned and didn't know what to say. I thought he would be mad and violent. I would have never guessed that he would have kissed me, or even do what he did next.

Derek leaned over some more and licked from my chin and up to my lips. He gathered his own cum that had oozed out of my mouth before pulling me into another kiss. Our tongues wrestled around his flavorful juice.

"Wow," I said when we finally broke apart. "I didn't think jocks kissed."

Derek smiled all of the way up to his eyes. "I do a lot more than that. Maybe if you untie me I can show you?"

I sat back and looked at him skeptically. "Umm," I hesitated. "I don't know. I'd have thought you'd be a little more pissed for being tied up and guy raped so we can throw you off your game."


Derek sat up and started working on the tie holding his other arm. "No," he said quietly. "I've had worse things done to me. The footballers can be very mean sometimes. Besides, you're cute and you're really good at blow jobs."

"What the fuck?!" I thought. I've sucked him off and threw off his game and he's flirting with me? I got up and pulled his arm back from untying his left arm. Derek looked up at me and I blushed. "Sorry," I said. "I have more work to do."

Derek didn't fight me holding his arm though he could have easily thrown me off. He looked confused for a moment but then he grinned. "Oh? How much more work do we have?"

I blushed even more, feeling the heat run across my face. "Gary said at least twice."

"OK," Derek said. "I'm ruined already, a couple more won't kill me and I'd hate for you to get in trouble. What's your name?"


"Your name?" Derek asked slowly. "So I know who to call when I want to do this again?"

"Uuhhh... J- Jason." I stammered, more than a little confused. "But Gary calls me Lucky."

"I feel like the lucky one," Derek grinned.

I hastily tied his right arm back to the chair, Derek didn't fight it or struggle in any way.

"I guess you are lucky," Derek decided. "I'd do some pretty mean things to you right now if I weren't tied up. You know, like rub down that tight chest of yours. And stick both of my hands into your undies while I rub your balls with one hand and fist your stiff dick with the other. I'd grind up against that sweet ass and chew on your neck at the same time until you creamed all over my hands."

I blushed again and finished tying him back up but his words were having an effect on my already stiff dick. I wanted to see if he was really offering what he said, so I smiled briefly and then leered at him. "Maybe I'll shut you up by showing you how stiff my dick really is."

Derek grinned, looked at me and loosely pulled at his bonds. His voice deepened, "No way, I'm a big football stud, I don't do that shit."

"No?" I asked as I stepped in front of him and finished getting undressed. His eyes took me in and he smiled again.

"No way would I suck on that big, hard cock of yours, no matter how hard you shoved it into my mouth."

I could already see his own cock rising again at the thought. I stepped up onto the end of the chair and leaned my hips forward. I said, "Are you gonna shut up or do I have to shut you up?"

"I think you better make me," Derek replied as he stretched forward to capture the tip of my dick in his lips.

"Shut up and suck then," I said as I lightly grabbed his head and pulled myself into him. Derek swallowed me greedily. He sucked me in and opened his throat, taking me as far as I could go. The heat of his mouth shivered through me and we both moaned. His hum vibrated through me down to my toes. "Oh yea Derek, that's it."

Derek pulled back and ran his tongue over the crown of my cock, exploring me before he applied suction and took me back in again. I suddenly knew that he really did like guys, no straight boy could suck cock this well.

Derek established a slow rhythm and I cheered him on with my gasps and groans. My excitement started to build and I realized that I wasn't here for fun, but for work. Groaning both inwardly and verbally, I pulled back and stepped off of the chair.

My kidnapped football stud was as hard as a rock and already leaking a stream of juice. His gorgeous full lips and chin were covered in spit from sucking me and he couldn't have looked more beautiful. I decided right there that he was definitely better than Gary.

Derek looked at me with curiosity. He clearly wanted more but was still playing our little game enough to not say anything. I smiled and grabbed a tube from my bag.

"My job is to make you cum, not me," I said. "So we're gonna do something else." I grabbed his thick cock and slicked it down with lube. Derek groaned as I pumped his length and his head flopped back against the chair.

"Oh that's feels good," he purred.

"It'll get better," I said before turning around and sitting down in his lap.


Derek moaned loudly and I saw his hands tightly grip the arms of the chair as I sank down onto his thick member. I felt his thickness stretch me apart and I caught my breath. I wasn't used to sitting on a cock as thick as Derek's and as quickly as I did, but I enjoyed the feeling of him as I let my own body weight pull me down onto him.

As I rested in Derek's lap, I could feel him panting against me. His cock pulsed inside of me and I could tell Derek was trying very hard not to cum again so soon.

I smirked and asked, "do you like that?" I wiggled my butt and tightened my ass around him.

"Wait! Don't!" He breathed, struggling to calm down from my movements. After a few moments he controlled himself and relaxed a little. "Fuck, you feel so good," he groaned.

"You feel great!" I countered. My ass twitched around his cock, wanting more. Slowly I lifted myself up and impaled myself again. I felt Derek's hips move forward with me as I fell down onto his cock. I moaned with Derek and wanted more of him in me.

I slowly built a rhythm of pulling off of Derek and plunging back down onto him. He sweet groans and moans of pleasure right next to my ear cheered me on as I ground myself into his lap. Eventually I slowed and leaned back against the sweaty stud underneath me. Derek's chest heaved with our efforts and he quickly nibbled and licked along the sensitive edge of my neck.

With Derek tied to the chair, our position options were severely limited and I definitely wanted more of him in me than what the current position allowed. With Derek still throbbing inside of me, I pulled at his ties and released his arms.

"Yea," was all the Derek said as his arms wrapped around me, hugging me to his chest. Soon his big hand grasped my own hard cock and slid up and down my length. The feeling sent a shiver through me and I groaned at his touch.

Reluctantly Derek let go of me as I pulled myself completely off of him and shakily steadied myself on my tired legs. I knelt down and untied the ropes holding Derek's legs. All the while Derek continued to touch me. He would run his hands through my hair and gently caress my shoulders and arms.

The last tie fell from Derek's leg and he immediately jumped into action. He stood and grabbed my arms, pulling me up from the floor, spinning me around and pushing me back onto the bed. Surprised, I flopped backwards and he was on top of my in an instant. He grabbed my wrists and easily pinned my arms over my head as his legs slid between mine and he pried me open.

I panicked, knowing he was about to tie me up himself and leave. But when I opened my mouth to scream, his mouth hungrily devoured mine in a savage kiss. With another deft movement of his hips, I felt his cock probing my back door for just a moment before he sank fully into me. I groaned into his mouth as his long, hard tool slid into me in one smooth, easy stroke. Derek growled hungrily as he ground his big cock into me. I struggled to push back into him, the fullness in my ass sending a jolt of electricity through me from my toes to my head and back to my throbbing cock.

Derek broke the kiss and lifted himself off of me, pulling his sweet cock nearly all of the way out of me. "Yea!" he roared before he brutally shoved back into me, the force of his hips snapped my mouth closed and I saw stars.

Derek released my hands and grabbed my hips tightly as he continued to slam into me, knocking the breath from my lungs with every thrust. Derek was a man possessed, he jack hammered my hole in a way that Gary never could, and I loved it. My cock slapped back and forth on my stomach and I was too busy holding onto the bed to jerk it, but it didn't matter, I was near exploding just from Derek's assault on my hole.

Derek grabbed hold of my cock and stroked me in time to his exquisite thrusts into me. His warm, strong hand slid over my shaft sending a shock of pleasure through me. The touch went through me and pushed me over the edge. The room darkened as my balls pulled up and my body spasmed in release. The first shot of cum from my cock shot over my shoulder. The next shot back onto Derek. And the rest splattered all over my chest and the bed.

"Oh God!" Derek cried as I started cumming. His rhythmic hammering of my ass stopped and his body stuttered as he tried to fuck me and grind his cock into me at the same time. Derek groaned as he unloaded himself into my ass, screaming loud enough to let me, and any other guests in the hotel, know they he had enjoyed himself very much.

Derek collapsed down onto me, breathing heavily and smothering me with kisses.

"Oh," he breathed. "That was so good. You were so good." His hands continued to stroke my sides and touch me all over.

"Holy shit," I gasped.

Derek suddenly stopped and looked at me. "Oh. Oh shit. I'm sorry. I should have asked before-"

I smiled at him. "Don't worry. That was incredible."

"Good. I can get a little carried away sometimes and I don't away let others know about it."

"Really," I said. "It was great. When can we do it again?"

Derek grinned and his eyes sparkled. "Again?"

And we did. Once more in the room before Gary was supposed to show up and twice more back at Derek's apartment. We left before Gary returned, so I didn't talk to him, or do anything else, before the game. The Carlton Lions won, and Derek was in perfect form.

I'm transferring to Carlton next semester and moving in with Derek. I guess Gary was right, maybe I am lucky.

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