Man for Man

Lustful in London


There are unwritten rules that apply to community showers in a hostel, where most bathers know each other: When two naked men who know each other meet in the showers, they just nod and avoid eye contact and don't look at their genitals; nor does one ogle at good looking men. I learnt this soon after living in a men's hostel in London. As a gay young man from India, 29, I initially I felt awkward as well as excited being naked with other men but soon learned not to think of naked men as objects of desire in a shower.


I was therefore surprised one summer afternoon when I found a pair of eyes looking at me from the shower right in front of me. The eyes belonged to a medium height, well-built man who was a little older than me. I hadn't seen him before. The eyes were large and blue and what they conveyed was unmistakeable. He continued to stare at me, making me nervous as there were other guys too taking shower, some of them known to me.

My heart started beating a little faster. This was the first time in six months that I had come across a man in this hostel who seemed interested in me and I was not going to let go an opportunity like that even though the situation was a bit dicey.

I stared back at the guy, my eyes saying "yes" to him. But then quickly averted my eyes as I noticed he was getting a hard on, hoping no one else had noticed. There were six other men there! We both waited in the shower till everyone had left. He then walked over to my side of shower, wet and with a fully hard penis, and said, "Hello, I am Paul".

Paul was about 35 with a boyish but serious face. He had a flat stomach and powerful thighs. His hair was dirty blonde and cropped short, the bush around his cock a little darker. Otherwise, his body was hairless. He was pleasant looking but unremarkable.

We came out of the bathroom together. He asked me very formally to come to his room for a drink, if I was free. I was. He was on the same floor as me, down the corridor. A little later I was in his room, drinking red wine.

Paul was from Poland and on a vacation to London. He spoke English haltingly but clearly. I noticed he had well shaped hands. I also noticed that under his trousers, he had a hard on. He told me it was difficult to meet men in Poland as homosexuality was illegal and was happy to be in gay friendly London, being able to find willing men everywhere. He was having a great time meeting two, sometimes three men in a day. I was obviously the next in line. I didn't mind.

"Are you Spanish", he enquired. Many people had asked me that, probably because of my light colouring, heavy eyebrows and jet black long hair. He seemed a little surprised when told him where I was from. I was tall for an Indian and big built.

He asked me to come and sit next to him on the bed and when I did, placed his hand on my thigh as we talked, took my hand into his other hand and then kissed me lightly on my lips. I responded and we started kissing each other hungrily. He kissed well.

Soon we were undressing each other, still kissing each other. His strong, well shaped hands were all over my hairy body and he kept mumbling, "beautiful, beautiful". Evidently he liked hairy men. My hands too were caressing his back, shoulders and buttocks. He smelt of soap and his flesh was warm and firm to touch. As we continued to play with each other's bodies, it became clear from his actions that he was a top and wanted to fuck me.

Its not that I hadn't been fucked before but coming from a traditional society, I felt being a bottom wasn't okay, and even though I wanted a man to take me, somehow resisted playing that role, at least in my mind. So while I wanted Paul to go ahead, I also was holding myself back to his advances.

Paul continued, touching my nipples, probing my navel, pressing my buttocks with his sensitive hands making me feel wonderful. His touch made me cling to him with urgency. The block in my mind against being a bottom started to dissolve. I was getting aroused and becoming hard. My nipples were hard too as he kissed and sucked them gently. His mouth travelled down and his tongue probed my navel as his hands pressed my hands, pinning them to the bed.

Soon his mouth was around my hard cock and sucking it gently. I started to moan and my legs opened as he continued to suck me. He then sat between my thighs and opened them with his hands, not too gently. He put one of his fingers in his mouth, lubricated it with his saliva and placed it on my hole. After moving it in a circle around the entrance for a while he slid it in, slowly but with determination. I moaned loudly as the entire middle finger went inside me. His face showed no expression as he finger fucked me expertly in a detached manner. He could see I was enjoying it. In a moment, another finger found its way inside me and now I was moaning quite loudly, thrashing my feet, wanting him to fuck me. He smiled and inserted the third finger. I sighed and resigned to what was going to happen to me; I had surrendered to him and to my own desire totally. He also understood that I was now ready to be taken.


My cock was really hard and his fingers were making me want his cock inside me instead with an intensity I had not felt for a long time. "Fuck me". I begged and opened my legs really wide. He just smiled and continued to fuck me with his fingers. He was breathing heavily.

The room had got dark as the sun had gone down. I could barely see his face; just feel his body and of course his fingers. And then he slowly took out the fingers, lifted my legs with both his hands and bent them towards my shoulders. He stretched his hand and switched on the bedside lamp. Our bodies glowed, his pale over my dark and hairy one. He moved closer to me and I could feel the tip of his hard cock at the entrance of my hole. He pressed forward, kissing me full on my mouth, simultaneously pushing his swollen cock forward as his tongue went into my mouth. I felt my hole yielding without resistance as the head went in.

No one had entered me so painlessly before and the sensation of his penis sliding in was delicious. Very slowly he pushed and I could feel his entire shaft slide in, filling me. This was heavenly. He was thicker than I remembered from the showers and his cock stretched the walls of my inside fully. Soon he was in, all the way, filling my passage completely. His cock felt enormous inside me. Almost as in reflex I wrapped my long legs around him tightly and my hands on his back, holding him tight.

He stayed like for a while and then started to fuck me with long and slow strokes. He would take his cock out partly and then slowly push it back in, the last inch with a quick jerk. It drove me crazy and my cock became even harder. He continued to fuck me for what seemed like a long time, making me moan with pleasure. His hands were all over my body, holding my cock and squeezing it, his lips sucking my nipples, kissing me while his cock drilled me non stop.

At one point he said, "Look", pointing towards his cock. I raised myself and saw for myself his thick cock half buried inside me. It was strangely erotic, seeing myself being fucked like that. He took my hand and made me touch the part of shaft that was not inside me. I could feel the entrance of my hole stretched, with what was in.

He now fucked me harder, taking out his cock almost completely and then slamming it in, while I lay there my legs open and in the air, surrendering to his domination. I had this strange feeling that I was being ruthlessly used by him, that I was just a hole his cock could plough. Oddly enough, the feeling was pleasurable.

But then he again became attentive to my needs and began to stroke my leaking cock. I gasped with the touch and nearly came and as I didn't want to, said, " No! don't do that" but he smiled and continued to play with my cock as his cock pounded me.

My body started to go rigid and before I knew it, I started to cum, almost screaming with pleasure. Paul was now grunting loudly and was now slamming really hard, holding my cock and jerking it. He held my cock tightly as I continued to release my cum, my whole body shuddering. He had stopped moving and with a satisfied smile watched my cock ooze cum. And then he started again, pounding my man pussy savagely and pushed deep inside me for the final time as a jet of his hot cum filled me, followed by a second and then a third as he collapsed on me, filling my hole with hot cum, some of it leaking out. He made noises like an animal as he came.

After it was over, we lay quietly, his cock buried deep inside me. We were both covered with sweat and were breathing heavily. I could feel his still hard, spent cock filling me. I loved it there and didn't want him to withdraw and held him with my hands gripping his smooth muscular butt tightly. He seemed to understand and just lay there, his head resting on my chest.

"That was nice", Paul whispered.

"Mmm...", I agreed.

After some time, Paul raised himself and slowly took out his now limp cock from my hole. It was red and glistening with his cum. He got out of bed to wash himself as I lay there, my legs still open, my hole a little sore, recovering from the battering it had taken.


Paul returned and sat next to me and we drank some more wine. We talked about this and that and continued to drink the wine. He then announced he was feeling cold, got into bed and covered both of us with the quilt. Under the quilt, he positioned himself behind me and hugged me tightly. His right leg was over me and his hand was around my waist, moving up and down. His head was buried in my neck. It was cosy and totally asexual for a while and we lay there in silence, feeling the warmth of each other's bodies. Soon things started to change. The touch of his hands became different, communicating his renewed desire. He hugged me more tightly and I could feel his cock stiffening, pressing into my back. The hand on my waist moved down towards my cock, playing with it, making it hard as his own cock got really hard again, poking me in the back.

This was a first for me: to get fucked again in such quick succession; like a character in a porn story who gets screwed repeatedly. Little I knew, at that time, that it was going to be exactly like that!

I didn't resist what was happening to me and submitted to Paul's advances. There was less tenderness and more of raw desire in his actions the second time. While I was lying on my left side, he lifted my right leg by placing his hand under the knee, bending it backward so that my hole was totally exposed, open to being entered without my being able to do anything about it. He guided his tool with his other hand to the entrance and in one smooth stroke buried it in my man-pussy up to the hilt. The passage was smooth and lubricated, thanks to the previous fucking.

He started to push his cock in and out relentlessly. I felt like a slut. This was not love making but hard fucking. Being helpless and in Paul's control was exciting as was the feel of his cock moving inside, opening me. Somehow the idea that this man was fucking me only for his own pleasure was a turn-on. But his cock too, deep inside me, was touching something that wanted me to cry out and cum. I started stroking my hard cock and moaned. Once in a while he would turn my face towards him and kiss me hard on my mouth, with his cock buried into me, but most of the time he was interested in slamming his thick, swollen cock into me as hard as possible.

After a while, he turned me over so I was on all four and he was entering me from behind, his balls smacking against my ass. With one hand he held my cock, with the other, my waist. This went on for a while as his cock continued to plough my ass hole. Suddenly he took out his cock and lay me down on the bed on my back, pushed opened my legs with unnecessary force, as if he was going to rape me and then with one single stroke he rammed in his cock using it like a weapon.

"Aaah", I moaned with some surprise and a little pain. "Don't", I pleaded. He took out his cock and rammed it into me again. I gasped again. This excited him even more and putting his hands under my knees, Paul bent my legs till they were almost touching my shoulders. My ass was obscenely raised, and though I couldn't see, my hole was shamelessly open for his cock to enter. And it did, again and again, like a dagger stabbing.

Paul fucked my ass almost brutally. In between the strokes he would become slow and fuck me sensuously and then the pounding would start again. All the while, Paul looked into my eyes, with intensity and an expression that seemed glazed, his teeth clenched.

My hole was taking a beating it never had but it was a wonderful feeling; a mixture of pleasure and helplessness and total surrender. I lost count of time. Paul continued to fuck. My hole felt like it was wide open. He began touching and stroking my cock which was hard and covered with pre-cum. It seemed he wanted both of us to cum together. I could sense from his strokes that he was moving towards climax, but was still in control. I could feel my orgasm building and tensed and started biting his shoulder. Paul responded by pounding my ass really hard and then, suddenly, we both came; I on my stomach and he inside me, filling it again with his seed.


The feeling was indescribable. Our bodies seemed to have fused together in a furnace and through his cock inside me I experienced a fulfilment that was almost complete.

We lay there, spent, with his cock inside me, for nearly ten minutes, not saying anything. It was really dark outside and getting cold. I should now get up and go back to my room, I thought to myself. Paul must have read my mind for he said, "let us wash". But even after that, we continued to lie like that for some more time.

We washed ourselves on the sink and put on our clothes, went down and had some dinner in the refectory. We weren't silent throughout the meal. As we were walking out after finishing dinner, Paul asked me with a poker face, "Would you like to come to my room for some wine?"

I gasped and then laughing aloud said, "Sure". Paul just smiled innocently.

After spending that afternoon and the night (yes, the whole night!) with Paul, I got busy with work. He was still in London as he had told me when he would go back. I yearned to be with him again but wasn't sure if I wasn't just a one-night-stand. On fourth day I decided to find out and in the late afternoon knocked on his door. Nothing happened. Just as I turned back to walk away, the door opened and I could see Paul peeping out from a door a few inches open. He was naked and looked apologetic, "I am sorry but I am not alone".

"Oh okay. I will call later", I turned back to go, disappointed.

"No, wait for a moment, please", he added quickly.

He closed the door as I waited and returned almost immediately, opened the door and with a smile on his face signalled me to step in. I looked at him questioningly.

"Its okay, my friend doesn't mind", he winked.

I stepped into the familiar room and saw a naked black man lying on the bed. He lay on his stomach, his ass raised. I couldn't see his face. Paul introduced him as Jim who mumbled a greeting without turning as I stood awkwardly. Paul, also naked, sat on the chair and signalled me to sit on the bed, next to Jim. I sat down on the edge, not knowing what was happening. Jim's body posture suggested he was tired. I could guess why.

Paul winked at me, smiled and signalled me to take my clothes off. Excitement began to mount as I undressed. Soon I was completely naked, my cock beginning to stir. This too was a first for me: being naked with two men. I wondered what was in store.

Paul addressed Jim, "Jim, would you like to be fucked by my Indian friend? He has a nice cock". Jim moved slightly but didn't answer. Paul looked at me and made an obscene gesture, jerking a fist implying, "fuck him". By now I was hard.

Paul too was getting hard and stroking his cock. He again urged me, making gestures with his hands and cock to fuck Jim. I moved closer and put my hands on Jim's shapely mounds, pushing them slightly apart. His hole looked ravaged and glistened with what was obviously Paul's cum. The opening was quite wide; I wondered how many times Paul had made use of it. I looked at Paul questioningly and as if reading my mind, he grinned and lifted three fingers. No wonder Jim looked exhausted!

That I was going to fuck a man whose hole was lubricated by the cum of another man was a turn on. That the man who had fucked him before me was watching and was my fuck buddy added to the excitement. My cock became harder. I sat on my knees, parting Jim's legs. He lay there passively offering his ass to be plundered. There was a pillow under him and the ass was provocatively raised, almost asking to be drilled.

I parted the cheeks and put the tip of my rigid cock at the opening and pushed. I was taken aback at the ease with which my entire cock disappeared in the hole in one slight push, offering no resistance. Jim moaned but didn't stir. It was obvious that Jim's hole had been used well and often and not just today. But it was velvety smooth and deliciously warm and moist and accommodated all eight inches of my meat. Paul was stroking his already stiff cock, his eyes fixed on my cock going into Jim's hole. He was obviously enjoying watching us.


Jim was the most passive, unresponsive man I have ever had sex with. He lay there without moving a muscle, letting me fuck him. Perhaps he did it so often that he needed to conserve his energy. I continued to fuck him with slow strokes. Paul got up from his seat and came and while my cock was still inside Jim's hole, inserted two of his fingers into the hole along with my cock. He then turned his face towards me and grinned wickedly and asked Jim, "Like that?" His own cock was really hard now.

"Don't do this", Jim said in a muffled voice. "Your friend is quite big". It made no difference to Paul who continued to push his fingers in and out of Jim's ass along with my cock. It was as if Jim was a mere object, to be used by us for our pleasure. I felt a strange sense of power which was disturbing and yet exciting. The sensation of Paul's fingers brushing against my cock was new and erotic, adding to the pleasure. After a while Paul got tired of the game and went and sat near Jim's head, turning it around and shoving his cock into his mouth. Jim just opened his mouth and let Paul face fuck him.

Watching Paul fuck Jim's mouth while I fucked him in the ass was incredibly sexy; just like watching a porno film. My cock felt like steel and I continued to fuck, pushing it in with additional force, enough to jerk Jim's body a little. I started to move faster. My cock was now going very deep into Jim. And then suddenly I sensed my balls tightening and my body going rigid. I wanted to hold on but couldn't and as I shoved for the last time, my cock gushed like a geyser and filled Jim with cum. I felt drained and wonderful and kept my cock inside Jim. Paul had withdrawn his cock from Jim's mouth and returned to his chair, watching me cum. He was nursing his hard on. My cock felt nice and warm inside Jim and I didn't really want to take it out but Jim began to stir so I withdrew my still partly stiff cock. As I did, cum started to ooze out of Jim's hole. Mine was the fourth load he had taken. I got up from Jim and lay next to him, massaging his sexy mounds. Having made use of his body, I felt warm towards the faceless man I had fucked.

Paul got up and moved towards the bed with determination. He had a monstrous hard on and signalled me to get up from the bed. I did and sat on the chair, watching the scene as Paul took my place. He turned Jim around so that they were facing each other.

"What?" Jim said sullenly.

Paul parted Jim's legs, moving between them. I could see his buttocks tightening. He was going to fuck Jim again!

"Oh no, please. I am sore and tired. Please"

"Please, just one more time", Paul said, politely and formally.

"No, no, no. Please let me go", Jim pleaded with Paul.

But Paul was determined to have his way. He had made Jim lie flat on the bed, and positioned himself between Jim's legs, spreading them and lifting them. Jim had surrendered after his feeble protest. Putting both hands under Jim's knees Paul bent the legs and pushed them till they touched Jim's shoulders. I remembered him doing this to me some days back. Jim's body was slim and flexible and he got nearly doubled. Jim mumbled something but there was no resistance left in him. I could see his already open hole offer itself like an easy target for Paul's swollen phallus. The gaping hole was still oozing cum mine mixed with Paul's. Jim looked helpless, like a trussed chicken, about to be put on a skewer.

As Paul put his rigid cock on the entrance and began to push, Jim whimpered for the last time, "Please, please, don't, I am really sore", he almost begged.

I was transfixed and felt ashamed of myself finding this near rape so exciting to watch. My cock was getting hard again. I couldn't take my eyes off the hunter and the hunted; Jim's battered pussy and Paul's hard cock that looked like an animal ready to pounce. I got up and stood near the bed to watch more closely.

"Hold his legs for me", Paul ordered and I did what I was told to do, pressing Jim's knees to his shoulders, bending over him. It was like becoming an accomplice in rape. My cock was now rock hard.


"Don't" Jim whispered for the last time. This seemed to make Paul even more determined and he began the assault on Jim's helpless, wide open pussy. In one brutal stroke, he drove the entire cock into it, his pubes brushing against the smooth flesh of Jim's ass. He used unnecessary force and Jim screamed. My heart was pounding and I was glued to the sight of Paul's cock savagely plunder Jim's already ravaged man pussy.

Paul fucked brutally. He would take out his cock entirely, move a little away and then push forward his cock aiming for the hole and burying it in one stroke. Each time he did it, Jim groaned loudly. But I was surprised to notice Jim too was getting hard and so was enjoying being subjected to the humiliation. This was all disturbing and erotic as hell. My steel hard cock was leaking pre cum. Paul continued the assault for about five minutes with the same force and brutality. Jim continued to moan.

Then Paul asked Jim a question that made me gasp, "Jim, do you want both the cocks in your ass?" and I was completely taken aback when Jim answered, "oh yeah, yeah".

Paul looked at me and grinned. I was totally flustered not knowing how this was to be achieved.

He withdrew his cock from Jim and asked me to lie in bed, on my back. My eight incher was pointing upward. It had never been harder before. Without being told what to do, Jim sat on me with his legs on either side and positioned his hole just over my hard cock. He has done this before, I told myself. Then he started to lower himself and I could feel my cock entering his hot and moist hole again. The entry was smoother. Soon I was totally inside him. He was supporting his weight on his hands which were on bed. For the first time, I saw his face clearly. It was a nice face, the eyes large and brown, nostrils flared and a full mouth. He smiled at me.

Now Paul positioned himself behind Jim and with his legs on either side of me asked Jim to lift himself a little. He put his cock next to my half buried one and with his fingers finger, stretched Jim's hole. He then pushed his thick cock really hard. Jim lifted himself a little more and gave a long howl - a mixture of pain and pleasure. Suddenly I could feel Paul's cock next to mine, rubbing it! He was home.

It was the strangest sensation. My cock was now more tightly gripped and I could feel the movement of Paul's cock as it slid in and out, rubbing against mine. In a reflex, I started raising and lowering myself slowly, trying to get into a rhythm with Paul. Jim was moaning and not just with pleasure. There was sweat on his face, his eyes were closed and his teeth were clenched in a grimace.

Both Paul and I then started to fuck Jim. Our cocks moved in and out, now in a hole that felt wonderfully tight. Paul was freer to move his body so he was fucking harder. The sensation of being gripped by a tighter hole along with that of someone's cock rubbing mine was incredible. Somehow the expression on Jim's face added to the sensation. What bastards we are!!

The double fucking didn't end quickly as I had thought. For some reason, neither of us was close to coming. But Jim was getting worn out and then he started to plead, "Please, please, stop. It hurts"

How do you think Paul reacted to this? You are right. He continued to fuck, taking me along to be a partner in crime.

Surprisingly, Paul came first and I could feel the wetness of his cum around my cock. There were obscene sounds coming from Jim's pussy. Spent, Paul clung to Jim but took out his semi hard cock almost immediately from the orifice. Jim relaxed visibly. All of a sudden, my cock was moving more freely. I started to push harder and harder into Jim's man pussy as he sat there pushing up and down on my still hard cock.

And then, without warning, I shot my cum into his ass which must have been oozing cum freely by now, getting tangled in my pubic hair. I held Jim around his waist, impaling him on my cock that had emptied itself. Jim looked like he was about to collapse.

After a few minutes, I asked Jim to lift himself. He slowly raised himself and with a plop, my cock, limp and covered in cum, came out of him.


Before anyone could do anything, Jim got out of bed and quickly started to dress just in case these crazy men got another idea! Soon we were all dressed and Jim was smoking a cigarette. "Man that was something brutal. I nearly died", he said. The way he said it, however, neither of us believed him.

"Do you want to come tomorrow?" Paul asked him. "If you like, you can bring another friend".

Jim considered and then pointed at me, "Will he be there?" he asked.

Paul looked at me and raised his eyebrows. I blushed and said, "May be"

"Yes, he will be there", Paul answered for me.

"I will call and confirm about the other guy. Okay?" He collected his sling bag and left. I wondered how he could walk after what has been done to him!

It was now my turn to get a bit tense. I was sure Paul would want me to stay longer. But he was at last hadn't any energy left after this though I could see he was tempted to make me stay. But I got to sleep in my own bed that night, alone!

A day before Paul was to go back he invited me to see "Oh Calcutta!" with him. During the intermission we came out for a drink. After a minute or so Paul whispered to me, "On your right are two men looking at you, I think they are interested". After a few seconds I turned my head in the direction and saw two young men looking towards us. One was tall and good looking, the other shorter, well built and masculine looking. They were unmistakeably gay. Both were stylishly and expensively dressed and didn't appear to be English. Paul said, "Shall we ask them to join us after the play?"

I protested, "Don't be crazy", but of course Paul went ahead to speak with them and returned smiling, "They would come with us after the play" he informed me. He had a way with men!

We met in the foyer after the play and introduced each other. They were tourists from Spain; interior decorators who lived together. Juan, the tall one was gorgeous: curly blonde hair, blue eyes with thick eyelashes, and pouting lips. He looked about 25 and was immensely fuckable. Miguel, the shorter guy was well built, and boyish. They didn't speak English. Paul spoke enough Italian to communicate with them. According to him both were game for everything. We got a taxi and on the way Paul bought a bottle of red wine. I couldn't stop staring at Juan who sat silently with his friend.

In Paul's room we had some wine. I remembered I had to give a message to a friend. I ran to his room, gave him the message and hurried back to Paul's room. It was opened by Miguel, who was shirtless. He smiled and let me in, locking the door.

Paul and Juan were already naked and in bed. "Shit", I told myself. I wanted to have the first go at him. Juan's thighs were open and Paul's finger was moving in and out of his hole. Juan's eyes were closed and he was breathing hard. There was urgency in the way Paul's mouth licked, kissed and nibbled Juan's body. Juan seemed equally eager and was clinging to Paul, one of his hands holding Paul's steel hard cock.

I got hard looking at Juan's hole being finger fucked. I wanted to fuck that hole. Miguel came behind me, turned my face and kissed my mouth. His mouth was hot and moist. I responded and he started to untie my belt. Soon my jeans were around my ankles and he was busy opening my shirt buttons. Soon we were hugging each other, naked; there was nothing boyish about his cock; it was thick and long and steel hard, glistening with pre cum. Miguel greedily kissed my nipples and then moved his hot mouth downwards towards my own hard cock that matched his in size.

In a short while we were on the floor sucking each other, oblivious of our friends in bed. But there were satisfactory sounds coming from there too. I heard an "Ahhh" from the bed in Juan's voice and looked: Juan's legs were raised, ankles gripped in Paul's hands as his thick cock invaded Juan's hole in a single forceful stroke.

Miguel was about to do the same to me. He had my legs on his shoulders and was rubbing his throbbing cock with his spit. He then proceeded to lubricate my passage with more saliva on a finger and then began rubbing the knob of his cock on my entrance. It felt wonderful. Soon he had the knob finding its way in. I winced as the thick head went in. It was thicker than Paul's. I tried not to be tense and Miguel slowly started to push in the rest of his huge cock. He was patient and did it very gently and after the first twinge, I didn't feel any pain at all; just a sensuous, delicious feeling of being entered that I was learning not to resist.


Miguel was now fully in. His tool felt really big inside. His eyes were glazed with desire and sexual bliss. We were both whispering, "aaah", followed by audible sucking in of breath. Leaning forward, his cock inside me, Miguel kissed me on my mouth. I held him tight. My cock was rubbing his stomach. He started to fuck. The strokes were slow and leisurely and created waves of pleasure in me; the rhythm of his fucking making me moan loudly. My whole body seemed to be on fire. He bit my nipples and I groaned with pleasure, holding him tightly and scratching his powerful back with my nails. My legs were now around his waist as his cock slid in and out slowly. I wanted him to fuck me hard but he continued at the same pace. I didn't know I was capable of feeling such wanton pleasure. I wanted to be dominated, to be torn apart, to be ravaged by his cock. My mouth was open and my hands were clawing his back. He was now fucking me with determination; his teeth clenched and his face sweaty. Finally he increased the pace, pulling out his rod almost completely and then ramming it in.

I suddenly remembered we were not alone! I turned and saw Paul fucking Juan. Juan was on his left side watching us, playing with his cock. His right leg was bent and raised, held by Paul behind him, who was sliding his cock in and out of Juan's hole. When I looked, Paul's glistening cock was half buried in Juan's hole. He too was looking at us. To be watched while getting screwed was both exciting and erotic. Another self discovery!

The situation was like a scene from a porn movie and reached a satisfactory climax (literally) about ten minutes later, with groans and moans; Paul shot his load into Juan's hole while Miguel pumped his cum into mine almost simultaneously.

I was still keen to fuck Juan but wasn't sure how long these guys were going to stay with us. I needn't have worried; they seemed in no hurry to put their clothes on. We all just lay around, feeling each other. After taking out his limp dick from my hole, Miguel got up, got a cigarette from his pocket and lit it. He also sipped some more wine.

Paul continued to lie in bed, with his hand around Juan's narrow waist. I got up and sat on the bed next to Juan who put his hand on my thigh and stroked it suggestively. He smelt of some musky fragrance. It was clear he was still horny despite the beating his hole had taken. My cock began to twitch. Paul was looking and smiled. He understood what I wanted. Juan's hand moved to my crotch and started playing with my half stiff cock.

Paul gave me a peck on my cheek as if to say, "He is all yours now" and got out from the bed. He went and sat on the floor next to Miguel and poured himself some wine. There was no exchange of words between the two men who had just watched each other in action.

Juan had his hot lips around my cock that was fast becoming hard. I could feel his tongue circling the tip of my cock. Soon I was rock hard and didn't want to waste any time getting sucked; I wanted to be inside Juan's hole. He was so sexy even straight men would have wanted to fuck him.

I took out my cock from his mouth, held his face in my hands and kissed him on his mouth, tasting my own salty pre cum. He kissed back, putting his tongue inside my mouth. Soon we were lying in bed, face to face, our hard cocks poking each other. I then put my hand between his legs and with my fingers found his hole and put one finger at the entrance. Juan was looking into my eyes, communicating his willingness and his pleasure. I put my finger inside the hole and he groaned with pleasure, closing his eyes.

This hole had really been used; my finger went in without meeting any resistance. Of course it was also well lubricated by Paul's semen. I tried to imagine the kind of sex life this man had had to have his hole in this condition. He couldn't have been more than 25 and so he must have started fairly early and was getting fucked fairly regularly. Miguel, I suspected was only one of his lovers.

He opened his legs and held them high with his own hands under his knees, exposing the prize. The pink and hairless hole was round, slightly raised and looked deep and inviting. It was a little red from Paul's fucking and wet with cum. I moved forward and put the tip of my cock on it and pushed a little. It slid in effortlessly and completely. Juan gripped my back with his legs in a reflex and moaned loudly, his lips parted. His cock was hard too. He gripped my back scratching it with his hands that made me go wild and I started drilling his pussy. The passage was hot and lovely and engulfed my cock. It was wonderfully moist and smooth and its feel on my cock was incredible. I kept fucking, sometimes slowly, the next moment furiously. His beautiful body that looked fragile was quite strong and took the beating well. Juan clung to me, pushing his body upwards, making my cock go further into him. He was breathing hard, his eyed closed. I drove deeper, wanting to rip him open. I bit his lips, nipples, his neck, as I fucked. He responded by closing his long shapely legs wrapped around me and gripping very tightly, breathing hard. His face was flushed and he looked gorgeous. He was the most beautiful man I had fucked.


I was now fucking him furiously, wanting to hurt him. He didn't protest at all and kept his eyes closed. I continued pounding his ass and then felt the climax building. I rammed hard, making his whole body shudder and then without warning, my cock shot huge amounts of cum into Juan's ass. I came and came, filling the hole. I then collapsed on him and he hugged me tightly. He had also come; I could feel the sticky warmth between our bodies. He opened his eyes. They seemed glazed.

I was so focused on fucking Juan that I had lost track of what was happening to the other two men. I turned my head to see and smiled; Miguel was kneeling over Paul who was lying on the floor, blowing him, while Paul fingered him. I could see the tight muscles of Miguel's ass and Paul's finger disappearing in his hole. I knew soon Paul's cock would be inside that ass and sure enough, as I lay with my cock still inside Juan, Paul mounted Miguel doggie style and started to fuck him.

Miguel then said something in Spanish to Juan who made gestures suggesting he wanted to get up. I took out my still hard cock and he got out of bed, only to lie under Miguel and take his hard cock into his mouth while Paul fucked!

This Indian from the land of Kamasutra was learning something new every minute. Anyway, I decided I was done for the evening. I was ready to sleep preferably alone.

Paul, Miguel and Juan carried on for a while and then Juan took his mouth off Miguel's cock and jerked him off with his hand. Soon, Miguel's seed spilled all over the carpet. My Polish friend however continued to fuck him a little longer, his thick cock sliding in and out of Miguel's tight hole. Eventually, he emptied himself inside Miguel and clutched his waist with both hands.

The last of the wine was poured and while I kept lying in the bed, everyone else sat around, Jose next to me, Miguel on the chair and Paul on floor with his hand on Miguel's knee. Paul then offered that everyone slept in his room. I immediately said no. Manuel and Jose looked at each other but declined. They had an early train to catch.

By then Paul had a hard on! He kept asking all of us to stay back but no one really wanted to be screwed by this insatiable Pole. After kissing everyone, the Spanish couple left.

"You will sleep here, no?" Paul pleaded with me.

"No I won't. I just don't have the energy. I need to rest".

"You rest tomorrow, my friend, after I have gone"


After a while he gave up and said, "Okay my hairy Indian friend, you go now". He was clearly disappointed. His cock was now on a half mast.

I put on my clothes, kissed him goodbye and returned to my room. I took a hot shower, changed and went to bed. But I couldn't sleep. I kept thinking of the various things I had experienced because of Paul. All the naughty things we did. The double penetration, the merry go round with the Spanish men, our own passionate love making. I found I had a hard on. I tossed and turned. Sleep wouldn't come. I lay there, my eyes wide open, in darkness and then there was a timid knock on the door. I frowned in the darkness. Who could this be? I didn't respond. The knock was repeated.

I got up and opened the door. Paul was standing there in a robe and a bottle in his hand. The sight was funny as well as sexy.

"Paul! What are you doing here?"

"I have come to say goodbye. I knew you would be awake. May I come in?

He came in and I closed the door behind him. He opened the robe. He was naked underneath with a hard-on.

"I was missing you" he said with a wicked smile.


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