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I was on my travels in the State of New South Wales in Australia very recently in my caravan on my own when the following very interesting interlude happened.


I was really going from golf course to golf course playing as many as I could of the country courses which are generally in beautiful condition and they can be a real challenge. I had settled for two nights in an exceptionally pretty caravan park where the emphasis had obviously been to make the Park horticulturally beautiful. They had suceeded. The variation in plants, shrubs, trees and flowers was truly remarkable and made you want to walk around the place -which I did in the evening, frequently.

I mean you never know what you might see !!!

One late afternoon after a round of golf when the temperatures were around the 30 degree mark I slowly walked around after having showered and cooled down a bit. I had on just a pair of shorts and no shirt. I took my towel with me over my shoulders and I had my Speedos in my hand intending to drop into the beautiful pool area and have a quiet swim.

About myself, well I am extremely tanned with a white strip, having spent a lot of time near pools and beaches in recent times and doing a lot of water aerobics which I also like doing. I am 6ft (184cm) and I am 86 kilos with good pecs and prominent and highly sensitive nipples.

As I walked aound the well laid out gardens I suddenly saw, on the other side of a hedge, a naked chest waking at an angle to me. The guy appeared to be of Asian or Middle Eastern appearance, in fact he was Pakistani, his skin colour was a sort of ligiht brown and he had a jet black head of hair and his eyes were large and black. As he came through a gap in the hedge I saw he was wearing orange 3/4 length long shorts which were loose and baggy.

As we appoached each other I could see his eyes were looking at my body and suddenly he looked up and our eyes met when we were about ten paces away from each other.

I said "Hi there, warm day." He said "Hello, yes it has been and still is."

He had no accent whatsoever and I then said "I am going for a swim to cool off hopefully."

He replied "I have never been in the pool here but it is good idea." I looked at him straight in the eye and said "Come and join me." But he said he was going for a shower as he had just come from work.

We both sort of about turned and went our separate ways but I could not get his lovely slim body and his good looks out of my head. I had also noted his very full and apparently so soft lips.

I went into the pool area, and changed into my swim togs just by the pool because it was so well protected from any wind there was almost total privacy in the area. Obviously no one else was in the pool.

I had been in the water for over 10mins when the guy walked past the fencing area looking in at me and I said "Are you coming in ?" Now in order to get to the fence he would have had to go to a bit of bother to get near the fence because of the hedge. So I guessed he was very keen to look me up.

It is a very funny thing sometimes, you just get a "feeling" about some guys and I sure had that 'feeling' here.

He came into the pool area and dressed in an open all the way down shirt and his orange lose pants he looked quite alluring ad sexy. He knelt down and he talked whilst I was still in the water.

He told me he was a semi-permanent resident amd was here for about four months whilst he did a job of work for Telecom. He asked me what I did and I said I was semi retired having been a physio and masseur and now I was more interested in being an artist painting watercolours.

He was very interested in the physio bit and asked what I actually did in my physio work. I said "I massaged sooth aching joints and generally just made a person feel good."

He smiled and said "Oooohhh that sounds wonderful I could do with a few kinks smoothed out." He then said 'But I have to go out now and see a client about videoing a company conference." He then left and said he hoped to see me later.

I then got out of the pool and wet for a shower, went back to my caravan and had a cup of tea and watched television for a bit.

About 9pm I decided to go for a walk and have another shower because the air was very humid and I felt sticky. Ater a walk around the camp in just my shorts and towel thrown over my shoulder I want to the shower block.


I stripped my shorts off and because there was no one in the block I stood admiring mysel in the full length mirror. Vanity has no bounds !!

The showers were exceptionally good and had a door on the outside leading into a seated area and then a curtain you could draw when you went into the shower box. I actually left my shorts and towel outside the shower room on a bench in the main area and I stepped into the shower box and half closed the curtain but left the door open.

I never heard anyone come in the shower block but out of the corner of my eye I saw a figure walk past my open door. They had to be going into one of the other stalls because there is no way out going this way. I then saw my dark coloured friend walk slowly past and I said "Hi there, showering are you ?"

As I said this he looked at my naked body and I could feel the blood rush to my penis and I could feel it start to rise.

He looked at my eyes and said "I might just have a shower as well."

He then dropped his khaki shorts and I saw he had a very mini pair of jockeys on which showed off a fair amount of pubic hair over the top of the band at the front of his briefs. He hooked the elastic with his thumbs and took them off. I saw he had a smattering of hair on his chest and I also saw that his penis was half hard.

I said come in here and share my shower and he stepped in and closed and locked the door.

As he came in under the water I saw his manhood was now truly hard and sticking straight out and this caused mine to harden as well. We were facing each other and I put my hands on his shoulders and pulled him towards me until his lips and mine were just millimeters apart I gently and softly touched his lips with mine. He put his arms around my waist and pulled me tight towards him and our lips crushed together.

It is the most wonderful feeling in the world to feel lovely soft lips on your own lips and your naked body melt in with another guys body, it is a feeling of pure love and understanding.

I said "You are just beautiful you know and I knew you were interested earlier today."

He said "I know and I so hoped I would be able to see you tonight."

Our tongues gradually snaked out of our months to dance and touch and fence with each other as we caressed our wet and sensuous bodies.

I kissed his eyes and nose and lips and chin and he did the same to me. Two people just enjoying gentle and wonderful love making.

I said "Let me soap you all over and I turned him around so that my cock was resting in the crease of his gorgeous very bubble butt bum. He really had a wonderful soft and smooth and highly tanned bum. I stroked it with my soaped up hands and inserted my fingers along his crack until I felt him open his legs slightly and I then stroked right down the soft skin of his inner crack. I lingered at his supple and velvety bum hole but never inserted a finger or tried to insert a finger. Later I was glad I had not done that !

In the meantime his hands were behind him and they were carressing my hard penis and his long fingers were stroking my balls and making me really extremely excited. I then brought my hands up his front and played with his nipples for ages making them like bullets. He had moved his face side ways so that we could kiss as he gradually moved me around so that my back was to him and he buried his 6 1/2 inches of solid cock between the cheeks of my bum. He caressed my front and when he discovered that my pecs were fairly large and actually looked like a teenage girls breasts in size and protrudence he got really excited and my nipples were being pulled (gently) and rubbed and caressed until I was getting really mad with excitement.

He was also shoving his solid, no his steel, cock along between the cheeks of my bum and it was so exciting and erotic. He then turned me around and whispered in my ear "I need to kiss you, you obviously like kissing as I do and you are so gentle and yet forceful." We both moved our hands to our raging hards and slowly stroked each other until we were both panting and knew I was close to cumming.

I said to him "I am getting so near and all he did was stroke me harder and move his other hand behind my head to stroke my neck. I did the same to him and suddenly I could feel something other than water hit my stomach and knew he was cumming. He had showed no real excitement or extreme panting as he cummed but his kissing had an intensity i tas hemoaned softly. I was now showing extreme passion and within seconds I moaned and I shot my little lot on to him. I shot a lot less than he did even although I was extremely excited and very much enjoying his loving.

He whispered to me "Just stand still for a minute and lets wash off."

Well we did that and both of us came out of the shower room and fortunately there was no one else in the block at that time. We kissed each other as we dried and it appeared we were both on the same wave length with regard as to what we each liked to do.

He then said to me "My name is Sar what is yours ?" I told him Steve.

He then said "Come back to my unit and lets just talk for a while."

I agreed to that and we both walked very close to each other, in fact we were holding hands most of the time. In his unit he gave me a bottle of coke and he had one and we sat and talked about how wonderful all that was which we had just done. I then said "One of the things I like doing is lying in bed naked wth a nice guy talking, caressing, sucking and kissing and more talking." He laughed and said "Goodness me that is exactly what I like."

We then stripped each other, which was not difficult because neither wore much, in fact I only had one garment on, my shorts.

We then lay in bed for about two hours just caressing and talking and sure we sucked for a bit and cuddled. It was glorious and loving.

We found out that neither of us liked anything anal and I was then glad I had not pushed my finger into him when we were showering.

We agreed to meet the next night, which we did and this time he came to my van and we once again stripped and lay in bed in the heat and eventually cummed all over ourselves and then we went to the shower block and washed each other and loved each other again.

Alas don't think I will see him again. He lives in Canberra, the Nations Capital and I live in Brisbane about 2,000 kilometers away. But what a lovely and loving guy.

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