Man for Man

Love When You Least Expect It


The night was freezing when I first arrived at my hotel. I needed this break after my breakup with Sharon. We had been together for over 5 years, and I thought I loved her, but there was always something missing. She asked me what are we going to do with our future, but the thought of spending the rest of my life with her sent me into a blind panic, and all I could think of was get out get out now and I didn't know why, ` I loved her didn't I'.


Then over the next few weeks I grew distant from her. And I asked myself the same question over and over, do I love her. It got to be such a distraction. She thought I was seeing someone else, but I wasn't. There was just this thing in the back of my mind saying that I'm not happy, and that part was true and I told her that. And we eventually split and it hurt her as well as me. But it had to end or I would have hurt her more in the long run. And I had to put myself first; I had to go out and find who I was, discover who I am, and to find the right woman for me. Sharon was great, but no firework, the sex was vanilla at best, the earth certainly didn't move. Don't get me wrong, she was a freak in bed, but it just didn't do it for me.

Ok a bit about me, my name is John Tanner, I am 23 years old and a cop from Detroit, I am 6' tall 160 soaking wet, black hair, none on my body except the usual places. I first met Sharon when I was 16, but didn't start going out until I was 18. And honestly thought we would get married someday, have a couple of kids and grow old together, but I didn't feel right. For about two years I thought it was just my job, but not like other guys in my precinct I never hit the bottle. I just felt strange so I came out to California for a break I was due some extended leave so I took it.

I woke up early on a Sunday morning the hotel was nice and clean. It was a change from the dive I stayed in after I moved out of our home. It was just what I needed. I ate my breakfast and decided to go for a walk along the beach. And in contrast to the night I arrived it was a warm day. And as I walked I saw two guys walking hand in hand, and that shocked me, as I know gay guys in Detroit but never seen them walking hand in hand. And I didn't know why but I smiled as they did look happy and they smiled back at me.

I continued along the beach and found a little nook to sit in and just think, but all I was thinking was did I want to stay a cop or just do a complete change. I sat there for about two hours just thinking when someone tapped me on the shoulder and I realised it was the guys I passed earlier "hi you ok" "you looked lost in thought" One of them asked. "no I'm ok thanks for asking" I replied "I'm Steve and this is Dillon" he said "hi I'm John, John Tanner " "well hello John, John Tanner" I laughed "no its just John Tanner, and it's a pleasure to meet you" and we chatted for a while and found out they were both 21 and have been together for 4 years, and live together and they seemed like genuine guys who looked very happy, and to be honest looking back at myself and Sharon we didn't really have that, and that's what I had to find real love that makes me sick with happiness, and that's what I am going to discover or die trying. I was invited out to a bar by Steve, and thought what the hell and agreed to meet later that night. I was opening myself up to new horizons and looking forward to it.

It was about 8pm when I met up with Steve and Dillon, and had a drink in my hotel before heading off, we went into a bar called the Pleasures reef, it was loud and brash, I had been in gay bars in the line of duty but never on a night out, it was great relaxed a lot of guys looking to hook-up and some girls trying to convert the good looking ones, and there was to be honest some great looking guys there.

And that's when my life changed, I always thought the right girl was out there waiting for me to find her, but what I saw from Steve and Dillon was love, I asked myself was I looking for what society dictated was normal, you know a wife two point five kids, a house with the white picket fence, and then I realised I just wanted to be happy, nothing more just happy,

And then everything changed when he walked into my life, Aaron... he was hot and this is coming from what I thought was a straight red blooded male but god he was awesome, but he was shy and he knew Steve from the Scene "hi Aaron this is John" hello I said he smiled a smile that just melted my heart. What was going on, am I really looking at this guy and fantasizing about him, or is it just me, but I just could not keep my eyes off him,


And then Steve suggested we move on and we left and went to a beach side bar, and we chatted for ages and the small talk between myself and Aaron was great, and I had not even realised that Steve and Dillon had left.

"Where have the guys gone" I asked "home I think" replied Aaron, and we continued talking until Aaron said something that moved me " you are a hot guy John" and I replied that he was not to bad himself and he suggested we go back to his place, and I apologised and told him I was straight "why would you tell me that, I am asking you to mine as its starting to rain, and I live less than a block away" and I nodded like an idiot and went with him, he was hot and it was making me horny just looking at him, fuck, am I attracted to him, I have never even thought of getting it on with a guy, but since my break-up, I do like what I am looking at, and if my hard-on is anything to gauge my thoughts of Aaron, the answer is ...well yeah

We arrived at his place which was small but tidy and just off the beach "want a drink John" he asked "beer would be great thanks" we chatted for about an hour, and it was getting warm in his place "I'm going to get changed, do you mind I'm starting to sweat" "no go ahead" I replied.

He came back wearing a T and a pair of shorts ` he looked great, my heart started to beat faster and faster this guy was turning me on so much if he jumped me now I would let him have me. Am I gay I thought to myself is this the something that's been missing the longing in my relationship with Sharon.

He sat closer to me and I could feel the heat between us getting hotter and I felt my dick getting excited, and I could see he was even more aroused than myself, but I was catching up and then he put his hand on my knee as he was talking to me and I almost jumped out of my skin. He apologised to me and I said" no don't apologise I'm sorry I jumped, in fact I liked your hand touching me" "but I thought you were straight " I looked at him and said "I don't know now, I look at you and you have me so turned on, I don't know what to think" "oh" he said " do you want to kiss me" I didn't hesitated and just said "Yes very much so" I leaned over and just gently kissed his soft lips and then licked softly on his bottom lip when my tongue was met by his, our tongues entwined as we entered each other's mouths, and stayed like this for ages and for the first time in my adult life this just felt so right.

He then put his hand on the front of my trousers, and I was rock hard as he rubbed me gently and I returned the attention he was giving me. I had never felt nor wanted to feel another guy's dick before, and it did feel good. He then slid his hand down my trousers and wrapped his hand around my hard and engorged cock, and sent me over the edge as I jammed my hand down his shorts and massaged his balls and then his huge cock "I want to taste you John, can I" he asked, and I nodded he slid down my chest and removed my trousers and boxers, and started licking my balls god that felt like heaven, and god he knew what he was doing to me as he looked up "Like that huh" he said with a cheeky look on his beautiful face `he then licked up my shaft and then kissed my purple helmet and licked it like a lolly pop,

he then did something I had never experienced not even with Sharon, he swallowed my whole cock and I could feel my cock go straight down his throat, and he was deep throating me and I was going blind with the pleasure, my new friend my new lover was showing me what I had been missing all my life. I had discovered what I wanted what I needed in my life its men not women I crave. And at this moment its Aaron I want and need he kept on sucking me and started fingering my welcoming hole and massaging my prostate and the moans of pleasure flowing through my body,

I didn't want this to end but I could feel my body starting to convulse and my head starting to spin and I knew this was coming to an end, I told him I'm going to cum he pulled my cock out of his mouth and said "give it to me, give me your straight boy juice" and smiled that wicked beautiful smile at me, and took my cock back in his mouth and it wasn't long before shot after shot of my cum filled his eager mouth, and he just kept on sucking me and licking me to make sure he got every last drop of what juice I had, he then licked me totally clean.


I collapsed beside him and looked at him with lust and desire, and I kissed him with more passion than I had ever kissed anyone in my entire life, he smiled at me and said "did you enjoy the attention" I couldn't speak I just nodded and kissed him and told him "I want you and need you right now" and he said "how much do you need of me" and I smiled and kissed his smooth chest and I knew what I wanted, and I was going to have it, I had no inhibitions and no panic, I wanted Aaron right now and I kissed down his navel rubbing the outside of his shorts,

And slowly removed them with my teeth, and his hard long cock hit me in the face, and I didn't think, I just repeated what Aaron had done to me, I licked his sweaty salty tasting balls and licked up his shaft and then took him into my mouth, he tasted fantastic, was this what I craved, had my sexuality been guided by society, I have had sex so many times with woman, and nothing really sent me over the edge, but now, with someone I have only known for a few hours, has taken my heart, but did he want it, was this just a quick fuck, was this his pattern, a weekend hook up, because about 5 hours ago I would have laughed at you if you told me I would be in bed having sex with a hot surfer type, and sucking his hot cock and enjoying it, and now thinking I want him to fuck me and I will ask him "Fuck me" I said "didn't think you would ask, are but sure" he added, he then moved to my waiting, wanting needing asshole, and began rimming and licking me getting my ass ready for the oncoming onslaught, he then pushed a finger into me and I felt a tinge of pain, and then soon it felt wonderful, as he pushed a second finger in, fucking me with those digits, I pushed back wanting more, he stuck in a third and eventually a fourth.

I was in heaven' he then asked me if I was ready and I said excitedly "yes do me, do me good" he then pushed his hard cock into me, and I let out a loud moan of pleasure, and he started to slowly fuck me, but getting faster and harder with each stroke "oh yeah" I shouted "oh god this is so fucking goooooooood" I yelled `he then told me to lie on my back he wanted to see my face as he fucked me, so I did.

He re-entered me, fucking me harder and smiling at me every time I moaned with pleasure, and desire and lust in my eyes "you love this don't you, straight boy" he said "yes fuck the straight out of me pleassssse " I yelled, I have missed out on so fucking much "Oh god Aaron you are fucking hot and want you so bad" he smiled and said "I am not going anywhere" he fucked me hard for over an hour and he also came in my mouth three times that night, and I twice more in his, then we collapsed into each other's arms and fell into a deep contented sleep.

I woke up first at around 8am and noticed I was not in my room, I looked around and saw Aaron lying there, and remembered all we had done and felt comfortable; not panicking not worried what people would think or my fellow officers. I had already decided to seek a transfer to California, to be near Aaron, if he wanted me,

I rolled over so I could look at this surfer god lying next to me, he was the most beautiful thing I had ever seen, and he was heaven. He woke up and looked at me "Hi" he said "sleep well" he added rubbing the sleep out of his eyes, I nodded and he leaned over and kissed me softly " I have to go" I said "why" he replied and I didn't have an answer "don't want to overstay my welcome" I said "John I've just found you don't walk away from me please" he said with feeling " I am not doing that" I said "just that this time yesterday I thought I was straight, and now" I said "now what " he replied " Aaron I have feelings for you and I don't know what they are, I have never been in love, but I think I am, and shit...Aaron we have only known each other less than twenty four hours, I have heard of love at first site, and thought it was a crock of shit, but when I look at you, it's like I have been waiting...for you" I said, with love pouring from my very soul, " Good not just me then, huh, John, I fell for you the second I lay eyes on you, but you said you were straight my heart sank, but then last night" he said with a huge smile passing across his face and pulled me into him and he kissed me again, and then hugged me and it was perfect.

We spent the next 7 days together and I didn't want it to end. The night before I was due to go back to Detroit we walked along the beach, and we held hands just like Steve and Dillon did the first day I was here, and I was deliriously happy as we came to the end of the beach he looked at me and smiled and said " stay with me John please, I don't want to lose you not now" I looked at his face this demi god this man I have fallen for, without question and no regret I looked at him and said "I want to, but what do you see happening with us" I asked " honestly I don't know just and I don't want to mess this up John, but I loved you the very first time I saw you, and only stronger since I have spent so much time with you" he said, I was shocked not scared at his openness. I just looked at him and kissed him passionately and with feeling and just said "Aaron when you walked into the bar my heart melted when you smiled at me my heart almost burst, Aaron I love you so much you are what has made me feel right, and nothing is missing anymore I'm not bi-sexual I'm gay and in love with you" I said with all my heart. "So will you stay" he asked and I cannot believe I said this and meant it, I never even got to this stage with Sharon, I never had these feelings for Sharon, I just did what was expected, and I hated it, but now I am standing with someone I have known for just over a week, and I loved him, I am in love with him so what I asked seamed natural.

"Marry me" Marry me Aaron be mine"

And he just started crying and kissed me and said "yes yes yes I will" This all happened in 1977 and we got Married by a local registrar, not legal but we didn't care, in our minds we were partners in life and love, we have been together for 33 years and we got legally married in 2009, but as far is we are concerned when friends ask we have been married 33 years not 3, and I love Aaron as much now as I did then, and I'm now 58, and we adopted a daughter 19 years ago, she is married to Liam and have a 6mth old daughter, Heather May Decker our pride and joy Granddaughter, Liam is the nicest person,

I couldn't have picked better for our daughter, and they are happy, as are we. We still live in California, I have just retired from the police force as a watch commander, and I am happy to still have so much energy, we have been lucky we are both in good health, and in fact Aaron still surfs and he still looks hot to me. And at this moment in time I would not change a thing of anything in my life, not one chapter, even my relationship with Sharon, as if I didn't have that period I couldn't have got here, and would not have met Aaron, I also have Steve and Dillon to thank, they are still together they never married, they didn't feel the need to justify their relationship, but I wanted my one true love to know how much I wanted to remain his and only his, I got lucky, with my later decisions , I chose to go back to his home, despite my initial reservations, and have never regretted it, not even once...

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