Man for Man

Little Richard, Big Dick


Any time you share a living area with 30 men, odd things are bound to happen. This particular day of Air Force Basic training was no exception. I was working on my bunk, preparing for one of the many inspections that were guaranteed to teach us to pay incredible attention to mundane details when I got to see a show that is unmatched to this day.


Our bunks were lined along the long walls of a rectangular shaped dorm. There were actually two rooms like this with a common shower and toilet area near the entry to the dorm. Each hall had a row of bunks along the longest wall. Our hall was generally quiet and well behaved, but on this particular day, someone had set off our normally good-natured guide, Dick.

Richard was the guide of our Air Force basic training flight or training group. As the guide, he was the shortest man and always marched out front. The concept was he would set the pace and the flight would never leave the short guy behind.

Richard's bunk was opposite mine so I got a first-hand, close-up view of this angry erotic show.

"You can call me little Richard, but I am sick of you small-cocked fuckwads making your sarcastic ass remarks about me as Little Dick! You see this fucking man-sized tool?" Richard stood on a chair in his tighty whiteys with his huge package grasped obscenely in his hand. "I shower with you big boys and while everyone of you is bigger than I am in height, I have seen your fucking dicks and not a one of you can match this fucking tool for size!"

Richard was a fine man to look at. He was thick and muscular. He had wide shoulders tapering to narrow hips and a beautiful bubble ass. Tanned skin with a classic basic training buzz cut of blonde hair and beautiful blue eyes. Contrasting his tan were some amazing blue eyes and a big white toothy grin.

Our Air Force flight of 30 men had a few repetitive names. There were a couple guys named David, a couple named John, and there were two Richards. Both Richards went by the nickname "Dick". Because one Dick was extremely tall and the other was our shortest member, they became Big Dick and Little Dick. The irony was that Big Dick was not at all well endowed and Little Dick looked like his father had been a stud pony. People were just having fun with the name, but Little Dick was sick of the references to his ample manhood as "Little". Having seen him naked in the showers, the concern was well justified.

When Dick's "fun-meter" pegged, we were preparing our uniforms for one of the dozens of inspections we had every week. Dick jumped up on a chair and made a public announcement in front of the entire dormitory. Grasping his ample crotch he told the whole damn dorm "You can call me little Richard, but don't any of you small-cocked fuckwads ever refer to me as Little Dick!"

One of the men said, "Show us why Dick, show us why!" Dick hesitated for just a second before catching the gaze of every man in the room. Slowly he pulled down his overstuffed briefs and inch after inch of fat prick rolled out. I am not sure how big he was, but I felt sure that he was at least five or six inches hanging there limp and was already as thick as my fat tool at his hardest. I was amazed, impressed, and found myself reaching for my groin in hopes it wouldn't pop a pup tent. Dick was hanging there grasping himself seductively in front of a room full of straight men. "Any of you smart ass fuckers want to break out your tools and we can measure. I doubt any of you smart asses has a longer piece of fucking meat swinging between your legs. I am not trying to make anyone feel small, but I am sick of fucking "Little Dick" comments. Now please, let it stop or I may catch you sleeping on your stomach and use this fucking little dick on your unsuspecting ass." With that closing comment, he threw us all a wicked grin and pulled up his briefs. We all laughed and he got plenty of congratulatory comments.

To this date, the gayest thing I had ever done was a circle jerk or some naked jogging with other guys (we called it "streaking" in the 70's). I found that his boldness and that huge dick were consuming my focus. I couldn't get my mind off it. As I shined my shoes, I would imagine I was stroking that huge piece of meat. As I folded clothes, I imagined that sexy look as Dick stood shamelessly and dropped his pants for a room of 30 men. I guess it was a cross between his looks, his body, his boldness and that huge tool that made me constantly check him out. Dick bunked right across the aisle from me and strangely enough, every time I looked up to check him out, he was checking me out. I would try to casually look away, but every time he was giving me a big toothy grin and those amazing blue eyes were sparkling as he was checking me out.


I am your average to muscled guy. Not a hunk, but decently built. Spent a fair amount of time in the gym. I have dark hair and eyes. Naturally tanned as an Italian whose stock came from the southern part of Italy. Not a bad looking guy, but not a supermodel.

His boldness was exciting me and scaring me. I was becoming obsessed with him and I sensed he was reading me like a fucking book. I was always interested in men's bodies, but I put that behind me when I got married. It was what was expected of us. I ate pussy, fucked long and hard, and enjoyed the intercourse with my wife. I really stayed satisfied and never thought of having sex elsewhere; until I was going weeks without sex and desperately wanting to get my rocks off.

Why we didn't just all jerk off in the shower, I don't know. I do know that by the time the first week of basic was done, I was hard every time the wind blew. I prayed I didn't embarrass myself with a wet dream in bed. Now I had Dick fueling my imagination. I needed release and apparently wasn't the only one needing release.

I was sleeping one night in my bunk. Suddenly I felt a hand shake me and wake me up. Looking up in the dark, I could make out Dick looking in my eyes. He must have been on dorm watch (a bogus chore where one person stayed awake for security and fire safety).

"What?" I asked. "Come with me." He whispered. I followed him to the latrines wiping sleep from my eyes. I wasn't on duty as dorm guard. Judging from the hour, he must have just come on duty and I was really confused why he was waking me up. We got to the stalls and he directed me wordlessly into the last one, following close behind. I was quickly waking up now and still unaware what he was doing.

He looked me in the eye and smiled that contagious toothy smile of his. Reaching down, he slid his tighty whiteys to his knees letting that monster tool flap out. This time it was semi hard and had to be over seven inches and growing.

"You need to get off as badly as I do?" he asked. "God...yes I do." I was now gawking at his growing tool and hadn't moved to drop my pants. "You plan on taking your pants down to do this or do I need to help you along?" "Oh...yeah. Guess I better drop them." As my pants came down I was already hard as a cedar log. My dick was screaming for attention and I was so excited being within touching distance of Dick that I was almost forgetting to breathe. Dick looked down admiringly at my rock hard crotch and said, "Sweet. Mind if I help you along?" This was like a secret fantasy beyond what I could conceive or would be willing to admit. I was so numb I didn't say a word. He took my tool in his hot calloused hand and began to slowly stroke me long and slow. All the while he was watching my face with that silly grin of his. Just waiting for a reaction from me.

"God, what if one of the training instructors comes in the dorm while you are here?" I asked. For all my fear, my dick didn't waver from its iron consistency.

"I set a book against the door. If they open it, the book falls and we hear it. I will claim you were sick and I was helping you clean up after puking."

I was amazed at his plausible plan.

"You wanna help me out? I would love to feel you stroke this big tool." I tentatively reached down. My trepidation vanished as I touched Dick's huge tool. It was so big and thick. He had to be pushing past the nine-inch mark and was as thick or thicker than I was. I had to stretch to get my hand around it. I looked up at him and smiled at how great it felt. He looked back with that silly joyous smile of his.

"I know you are straight, but have you ever helped a buddy out?"

"You mean stroking another guy's tool? I have done it a couple times." It was actually when I was in about sixth grade, but I wasn't going to admit that.

"No. Something far better and more satisfying."

"What?" I asked.

"You ever fuck?" Assuming he intended to fuck me I thought no fucking way. He was hard now and I would estimate this little man to be over nine and pushing toward ten inches. He would kill me with that third leg of his. I would never be able to take that.


Dick sensed my fear and quickly put me at ease. "No...oh no...I don't want to fuck you. I want you to really fuck my ass well."

I stared at him unbelieving.

He continued, "Buddy, I want you in my hot, tight, horny ass. You can get your rocks off and I bet I will shoot a huge load as you ride me well."

"Wow. I am flattered and that is hot, but I don't have any lube and I unless you have a seriously stretched ass, I will rip you open."

"Not to worry. I have experience and I will lube your cock with spit. It will be tight, but I am sure I can handle you. You will never experience anything like it."

"You do this often?" I asked. As I was wondering about this, he destroyed my hesitancy by dropping to his knees and sucking me down one inch at a time. His mouth was amazing. His tongue was dancing on every nerve as he swallowed one inch after another.

"Do me a favor." He had risen up and turned his tight bubble ass toward me. "I need you to spit on my hole and get me a little wet." His ass was gorgeous. He had a tight pink pucker had a light dusting of blondish hair. A few stray blond fuzzies lined that delicious crack.

I spit on my hand and rubbed him, using my middle finger to wet his hole. As my fingers rubbed the entrance, he moaned softly and pushed back against my finger. It amazed me how tight he was. I wondered if my fat dick would ever be able to penetrate. I was patiently working in more fingers and more lube when Dick stopped his moaning and said over his shoulder that he was ready for the real thing and I shouldn't use up our precious time with prep.

My dick was hard and aching. I hadn't stroked a load off in weeks and I was so turned on by this erotic episode with this muscled little stud. I aimed my dick at his anxious hole. I was being considerate and trying not to force myself too quickly. I never expected Dick to be so anxious. When my head penetrated his hole, it was so tight I figured I had killed him. He looked over his shoulder and gave me that amazing smile like everything was fine. I had never felt anything so hot. Before I could continue my onslaught, he pressed back against me until my back was flat against the stall wall. Having nowhere to go, I lost control and he took charge. His tight ass started to slowly open and with a soft grunt that might have been pain or pleasure, he took the first several inches. I was holding my breath again and clenching my teeth to keep from groaning in pleasure. I was quivering with nervousness and excitement, but was harder than I had ever been in my life. I was excited by the risk of our sleeping dorm mates waking up to find their most conservative member porking the ass of our hot little guide.

"Are you OK?" I asked with genuine concern? I couldn't bear to think I was hurting him.

"You feel amazing. Don't worry." He grunted. "I have handled much larger than you before." Now that wasn't the most flattering thing to tell a man. "You feel great. Now show me how well you can fucking satisfy this tight rocking ass."

That is all I needed to hear. I grabbed his tight muscled hips and slid into the hilt. He may have had bigger, but I was damned sure he would never have better than me. He had one foot on the toilet top and I was entering him from the back. I grabbed his hips and started rabbit stroking him short and shallow. His hips were so narrow and muscled. My hands could nearly go around his hips and meet on both sides. As he became adjusted to my size, I started pulling out until I was almost completely out and then long stroking in all the way. First straight. Next I stroked toward the left. Then I stroked to the right. I pushed his body down until his body was parallel with the ground and I entered from above him. When I discovered where his prostate was, he froze and just moaned in ecstasy. That fueled my fire. I started pounding that pleasure station with my dick. Dick's breath was getting ragged and he was moaning softly and expressively. I knew I had his weak spot and he was enjoying what I was giving him. He was getting ready to cum and I was going to make him shoot royally.

"Is this working for you?" I leaned over and whispered in his ear. As if I really needed to ask. He would never have it better.

"God yes. Please don't stop. Pound my ass big man."

I kicked it up a notch and started pounding that magic place that made him squirm in pleasure. After a few minutes of this highly focused fucking, I felt his body stiffen. I wasn't sure what was happening until he threw his head back and I realized he got his nut. Suddenly he gasped and blew more cum than I had ever seen at one time. It amazed me as he had never touched himself. Both his hands were in use supporting the weight of his body with me slamming his tight muscle ass. As he blew his load, the insides of his ass started some kind of amazing pumping process that made my balls give up their load. I wasn't sure if he wanted me to blow inside him or not, but I was buried deep in his ass and had no intention of pulling out. I shot one of the most intensive loads of my life.

My knees nearly buckled as I fell over on Dick's back in passionate exhaustion. I was gasping for air and seeing stars. This was the most amazing sex I had ever known. We quickly cleaned ourselves up and I snuck back to bed in time for Dick to wake the next dorm guard for his hourly watch.

As I laid in bed, I had to wonder if anyone else in our dorm had ever done what we did. If so, who was it? Having dumped my load and achieved a state of total relaxation, I closed my eyes and slept like a rock dreaming of other men in our dorm getting late night pleasure. Big thanks to little Richard with the big dick.

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In fictional stories it is fine to have sex without condoms, but in reality you should always use a rubber, regardless if you use Prep or not. Prep only protects for HIV, thats why other diaseases spread among Prep users that practice bareback sex.