Like Fathers Like Sons

It was so great meeting Alex, in a time when I thought I'd just about bust if I didn't get to just talk about my "other" feelings. We first met on line and I guess we typed back and forth to each other for a couple hours that night. We agreed to meet up the next day for coffee at a local cafe. It was mid-afternoon and the place was practically empty except for a few. We were off in a booth sitting across from each other talking a mile a second. Although in low voices due to the nature of our conversation which was just as intense as our typing was the night before. When the waitress came up asking if we wanted refills, I was so tempted to let an innuendo slip. Imagine my happy shock when Alex as if either reading my mind or channeling my lusts, replied. "I think we're more than ready for more than one go round."

We made a date for the movies that evening I was a giddy as a high schooler that got a date with the sexiest boy in class. Knowing my luck I laughed to myself staring in the vanity mirror shaving, I'm going to get a pimple on my forehead the size of a goose of course it didn't happen and I was soon in the shower. As the little too warm water stung my body I was lathering up between my legs. Nursing my erection fantasizing about getting Alex naked. I can just imagine what he has between his legs; I'm no stud, hell at best average. But hard enough to drive nails just over the thought of feeling those sexy lips of Alex wrapped around it.

Out of the shower, dry and throwing on a pair of loose-legged shorts to bum around in until I came time to get dressed. I settled on the couch and click on the TV. I was still channel surfing when the phone rang. "It was Alex and I could tell there was something a miss. It seems his son; Baker had called and had been in a fender bender. Baker goes to college about an hour drive from where we live so I was sure Alex was canceling our date. Instead he asked if I'd like to ride along up there with him. "Sure, I'd be glad too." I answered and agreed to be ready by the time he arrived. Hanging up the phone I quickly get dressed and it's not more than a few minutes Alex arrives and we're off.

We get to the dealership where the car was towed to and found a forlorned looking Baker sitting in the waiting area. Alex made sure he was all right and then he and I went to see the car and access the damage. The car was ok it would be out of commission for a couple days. Alex arranged for a rental, but it wouldn't be ready for a couple hours. So the three of us decided to have dinner then check back in with the dealer. The three of us piled back into Alex's car and we were off. "Where to eat?" asked Alex looking over to Baker in a lot better spirits now. "How about we stop in at the Hyper Club, I need to pick up my check." Alex laughed "Guess, I forgot to mention that my boy here is a dancer Del." Alex who as on the passenger side looked back to me grinning. "Maybe Del would like to check out the place." Had a sneaky feeling this was leading up to something, but I like surprises so I replied "Drive on!"

The place looked like a gentleman's club, meaning a titty bar. We turned the car over to valet parking and went inside. Thinking to myself, oh my god. Never expecting a place like this in a town like we were in. all the waiters were college boys around Baker's age who was nineteen, everyone of them dressed in nothing more than a thong or g-string. All cut and buffed body beautifuls each packing huge bulges in their skimpy attire. "Some place, eh Del?" remarked Alex as Baker excused himself heading for the managers office and I followed Alex to the bar. Looking around at all the fresh scrubbed faces that looked back with come smiles and winks. "Man, I never expected a place like this up here." I said amazed.

At the bar we ordered a round of vodka tonics and waited for Baker. We were sitting facing the stage. Which was silent, but soon the music and lights started to build. "We're just in time for the dinner show." Says Alex over his shoulder too me. "You're gonna love this." As I fired up a cigarette, over the loudspeakers came, "Welcome to the Hyper Club and to the first show of the evening. We have a real treat in store for you dudes. Starting off our show is our most popular dancers, so put your hands and legs together for Samson and Mighty!" there were about a half dozen other men sitting round the stage. We all applauded as the light shoe went into full gear and the music changed to a heavy Latin beat.

A flamingo style attired young Hispanic lad took the stage; he was a sight to behold. Tight, tight toreador pants that left nothing to the imagination, white lace shirt under a sequined on black waist jacket and wide brimmed flat black hat. He stomped and clapped to the pounding rhythm. It was obvious he was a trained dancer, quite alluring and sexy as hell. "That's Frederico." Says Alex. "Isn't he fine?" I nodded in agreement. "Way fine." Just then another dancer took the stage, dressed the same as Frederico except in white, it took a second to realize but I knew it was Baker. My eyes had to check him out, and I thought I heard my jaw hit the bar. Like father like son? I thought I'm no size queen and began to wonder what I was in for with Alex.

"Don't' know where he got all that from." Said Alex looking at me as I stared. "Sure didn't get it from my side of the family." He smiled. "Watch you're going to love this." Settling back on the barstool we watched the boys tear up the stage. This was a homoerotic lambda with the dancers in a mock duel. They were moving and grabbing at each other's clothes, which tore away until they were down to thongs. Big, throbbing thongs, both boys were obviously erect. I had to admit never seen a stage show like this one and the front of my pants showed my appreciation. What happened next was actually shocking, Baker reaches down and grabs the pouch covering Frederico's boner jerking it off and exposing a bobbing cock that was over nine inches long and thick as beer bottle. Dropping to his knees in front of Frederico Baker strokes the massive shaft. Staring intently at it, then bring his mouth to the crown and kissing the ripe plumb sized head.

Leaning over I whisper in Alex's ear, "This is incredible, how do they get away with a show like this?" Shrugging his shoulders Alex answers, "I have no clue, and it gets better." Well, it sure got steamier Baker begins to suck Frederico off. Still moving to the music he works the entire length of Frederico's cock into his mouth. This is hotter than any porn film I had ever seen and this was live! Frederico held Baker's head in his hands and worked his huge cock in and out of the boy's tireless mouth. Before taking it out and proceeding to dick slap Baker who took each blow with an unfurled tongue. That lashed out to savor the turgid stalk. Frederico pulls Baker to his feet and they dance over to the side of the stage. Where Baker is bent over a support beam Frederico removes Baker's thong in one swift movement. Then positions him in a position that obviously preludes the next act.

"Holy shit!" I gasp as Frederico penetrates Baker in one deep thrust. Baker's head jerks back as his body arches to accommodate the intrusion. "That's my boy." Beams Alex the perverted proud father. Noticing he is tugging at his bulging slacks as he watches his son getting fucked by the lusty Latino. The small gathering of patrons approach the stage leaving tips in a huge brandy glass sitting there. "Come on lets pay our respects." Says Alex. We head to the stage and we put forty bucks each in the glass. We're standing there watching Alex's son getting fucked and I feel Alex's hand on my crotch. It feels good too. So I reach over and run my hand over his. Well I'll be damned I think he's no more bigger than me, but I like them hard not just big. So there we are practically masturbating each other in front of the stage while Frederico drives his huge tool in and out of Bakers' hot ass. As if planned Frederico pulls out of Baker aims his massive rod towards Alex and me and with a few smooth strokes along that obscenely long shaft. Fires a load of cum that splatters on us from at least five feet away. Next thing we see Alex standing there taking aim, except this time he moves closer to us. First aiming the head of his humungous tool towards his own father then to me. Frederico motions for us to move closer together. We are literally cheek to cheek when Baker blows his wad. Shaking his cock making sure to blast both his father's and my face with his thick creamy seed.

We hear the small audiences applaud and we are both given kisses by Frederico and Baker. I feel my cock surge as I watch father and son so passionately kiss. Frederico whispers in my ear, "Isn't that the sexiest thing you've ever seen?" I nod in agreement. "Maybe we can all have some fun later." He adds and we kiss again this time is tongue snakes into my mouth, as he cups and kneads my bulging pants. "Maybe you will adopt me tonight and be my Daddy." he smiles and I am close to coming in my pants. "I'll sign the papers immediately." I grin.

Back at the bar Alex and I order drinks and start to wait for Frederico and Baker to join us. "God I need to get off." He says. "I heard that." I agreed still nursing a major bone in my pants. Turning to the bartender, "The key to the suite please." Asked Alex. The bartender smiles and takes a key ring off the side of the bar and hands it to Alex. "Come on we got time." And I follow Alex through the bar until we come to a doorway. He inserts the key and we step inside to a small room with several mattresses on the floor. "Get undressed." Says Alex slipping off his loafers and unbuttoning his shirt. We're naked in a matter of seconds, for out forties both of us are in damn good shape, nothing like the boy Adonis's but more than most our peers. We embrace and out cocks' rub against the others leg. "Oh god, I have wanted this since we talked on the computer." Moans Alex. "Me too." I sigh as we stretch out on one of the mattresses into a sixty-nine position. I gorge myself on Alex's cock with the same urgency he takes mine. I knew I wasn't going to be able to hold back for long after all I have witnessed and was now enjoying. When the vibrations round my cock from my friends groan brought me to the point of no return, I was completely taken by surprise when his cock jerked and filled my mouth with cum. Still managed not to let a salty thick drop get away. As he gulped and gobbled up my load blowing off in his talented mouth. We just had time to gather our wits, but not our clothes as the door opened and in walked Baker and Frederico hand in hand dressed only in their thongs.

"Hi honey." Calls out Alex. "This is Del." After introductions the boys climb on the bed with us. "Daddy dropped me some e-mail yesterday and went on and on about you Del. Now I can see why." Of course I was flattered and told him how Alex bragged about him. Baker is stretched out behind me and press up close I feel his thong against my ass cheeks. I squirm back a little and feel it surge. Frederico, Freddie is kissing Alex whose hands have freed Freddie's growing cock from its sling. "Daddy is such a slut for that boy." Teases Baker his hands reach around me and fondles the ring on my left areola. I almost start to purr. Turning round to face him we kiss and I run my hands along his chiseled chest and right onto his bone. Feeling what I just watched Baker sucking and fucking made my heart skip a beat. "Go down on me Daddy, please." Freddie whispers. I kiss, nibble and lick my way down. He pulls the thong to one side and I get a real close up as his cock pops out inches from my face.

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"Si, Si, yes Poppy yes." Moans Freddie as I work his magnificent cock deeper and deeper into my hungry mouth. "Oh-h-h Daddy let me fuck your face." I manage to tell him yes despite being stuffed to the gills so to speak. His long fingers running through my hair. Gently taking hold and command. I rest my jaw and work my tongue along the underside of his intruding cock. As he glides it past my gag reflex and soon has his pubic hair tickling my nose. I love the sensation of his strokes in and out slowly at first, but increasing the tempo. I want him to use my mouth, abuse it, trash it. He does just that and more.

"Oh god," I come up gasping for air. "Freddie, Freddie, Freddie, this is wonderful!" I think to myself I am going to have swollen blowjob lips for weeks. "Look over there and see some more wonderful." Says Freddie pointing past my shoulder. Rolling my head round I see Alex impaled on his sons cock. He is straddling his son's chest and is riding up and down. From where we lay Freddie and I can see that beautiful huge rod of Bakers gliding in and out of his Daddy's ass. We can hear them moaning and groaning soft obscenities spoken between them. "Oh baby, baby you make Daddy feel so good." Alex arches high over his son, whose cock almost gets away from him, I said almost. Baker lifts his hips off the mattress and spears his father. "Oh Dad oh god Daddy I love fucking you!" his voice almost boyish despite what he was saying and doing.

"Would you like my love Daddy, love like that?" asked Freddie. Looking deeply into his dark brown eyes, we kiss and I reach down and caress his pulsing cock. "Yes, son I would like that very much." Instead of getting on top Freddie takes me from behind by having me get on all fours, my favorite position. I have to admit I am a little tentative about accommodating such a huge tool. Freddie is like the gentlest lover I have ever known or felt as he penetrates me. "Oh god, I-I-I've never felt so filled. Freddie, oh god, my Freddie this is wonderful!" I slightly bite my lower lip as he his my deepest place. "Oh, Poppy, Poppy you feel so good, I want to fuck you fuck you like a Mommy." Freddie's slightly broken English is so sexy. "Then fuck Mommy honey, give your Mommy all your big love!" I moan as I grind my ass back to the perfect pumping of my new "son's" cock.

At the same time I watch as Baker and Alex reposition with Alex on all fours and facing me. They scoot in closer allowing Alex and I to kiss. As our two talented and hung sons fuck us from behind. "Are you still going to want me after being spoiled like this?" grinned Alex. If my kiss didn't convince him my reaching and stroking his stiffness stretched up along his stomach did. "I want you even more now." I answered. To prove it I pull off Freddie who gets my drift and sits back as I turn over on my back. Alex and Baker get it too. I crawl up under Alex until his cock is over my face and his mouth closing in on mine. We sixty-nine and Freddie come back in and fills me again. I have the double pleasure of not only savoring Alex's tasty cock. I can play with Bakers swinging balls and watch his beautiful big prick pump in and out of his father's hungry hole. The same way Alex can see Freddie's fine Latino Lance sliding in and out of his adopted "Poppy."

We spend the next hour or so in every possible configuration, I finally get to feel Alex up inside me, while enjoying sucking on Freddie and Baker. A little later, Alex sucking on my cock straddles me like he had his son earlier and guides my cock up into his hot worn, but still very tight ass. It was fantastic! The insatiable boys had another show to do and left Alex and me to our own devices. We kissed them goodbye and we all agreed to meet up for more fun later after the show. Alex and I cuddled up together on the mattress the room still reeking of all the sex. "Will all our times, be as wild as this?" I ask him as I lay in his arms. "Wilder." He answered kissing me on the forehead. "Starting now." With that he sat up and grabbed me. Pulled me across his lap and began rubbing my as cheeks until they were warm from his touch. "I think you have been a nasty boy." He said. " A very nasty boy." I agreed. "I think that I should get a sound spanking for being so nasty." Obviously Alex felt the same way. He raised his hand and snapped it firmly down on my ass cheeks.

"Ouch!" I exclaimed, but arched my ass a little higher as he brought on another blow. "Now, tell me a secret, something about your past and don't leave anything out." Three more swats stung by butt cheeks. " Did I tell you about Erick my black friend with the huge cock?" I asked. Alex said no and for me to continue. "Erick and I met at a club I always go too. God the second I saw him I wanted to get on my knees and beg just to see inside his pants. He has a bulge I swear was as big as a fist. When he saw the way I was worshiping him from across the room. He came over and we introduced ourselves. It wasn't five minutes later we were in the beat seat of my car. That was out in the parking lot, I was between his legs undoing his pants. God, Alex he was as big as Freddie and Baker at least! And he shaved his cock and balls so smooth, just like they do. I have always had a thing for black guys, and I was going to do whatever Erick wanted me too."

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"So, I began be giving him a through tongue bath, he really could tell I was starving for cock. When I got him in my mouth he went wild grabbed me by the back of my head and just started fucking my face. I mean really hard and fast, god I thought he was going to make me pass out, I couldn't catch my breath. At first I could only take about half of him in my mouth, he's not only long but thick too. Finally I got my bearings and just relaxed my throat and I couldn't believe it I was deep throating him! It was so crazy, my head was bobbing up and down I could actually see his cock as its slide from round my lips. He began to talk really filthy to me, calling me cocksucker, faggot all kinds of shit like that. You know Whitey, and how I was his bitch know. Oh my god, no doubt I was his lily whites cock-sucking bitch. Shit! I wanted to suck him for the rest of the night and into the next day. Just let people walk by look in and see me with my mouth wrapped round that beautiful big black cock."

Alex and I were playing with each other's cocks as I told my story. "He kept saying things like, `Bitch your sweet pink mouth is mine now. You know it I am gonna fuck up your mouth good.' He sure did. I mean I bet I sucked his cock for over an hour at least and the whole time it was, `Yeah, that's it harder suck it harder you fucking cracker whore, Ugh, bet you'd do whatever I say won't you fucking white slut.' Jesus, I was so fucking hard I was afraid to touch myself. Finally he pulled out of my mouth and began to dick slap my face. `Come on say it, you know you want it, I want to hear you beg for it!' he was reading my dirty mind. I remember looking up into his eyes, I swear I was crying my jaws were aching and I could feel how swollen my lips were. `Please, oh god, pretty please' I sounded just like a kid begging his parents for candy. `Please, fuck me, I want to feel this big black dick deep inside me.' Erick just kept slapping my face with his cock egging me on. `I'll do anything you want whenever you want it. Please Erick, please I have to feel this big black cock in my lily-white ass.' I pleaded."

"God, what did he make you do?" asked Alex, his cock oozing pre-cum all over my fingers. "He told me to strip, and I took off everything, I felt so vulnerable, so exposed, you know. I then had to bend over into the front seat and hang on to the dashboard. He got up behind me and began rubbing the head of his cock between my ass cheeks. Telling me how he was going to split me in two and fuck the shit out of me. Then he just got on top of me and tried to force it in. God! I never hurt so much in my life, back then I had been only with two other guys and neither was nearly as big as Erick was. I begged him this time for real to slow down, shit he just slapped my ass and told me to shut the fuck up. I just grit my teeth and let him do it. Finally, I sort of almost passed out, but not really, just sort of lost it and the next thing I knew he was all the way up inside me and pulling back out. By then I had one hand on the steering wheel and the other under the edge of the seat so I could push back. That's when he really started to fuck me. I still remember how it first felt, when he pulled back it was like I was empty, I needed to feel him filling me up over and over again. Started fucking back as best I could, actually got pretty good at it." At least it sure was a lot more easier for me and the way Erick moved inside it sure felt right."

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In fictional stories it is fine to have sex without condoms, but in reality you should always use a rubber.

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