Man for Man

Let's Tag Travis


This year a new kid joined our wrestling team. His name is Travis, and he's totally hot, but kind of shy, a bit of a loner. I checked him out in the gym showers and not only does he have an awesome body, he's really hung, too, and I wanted to get him alone and naked and horny and see if he'd go for guy-on-guy sex.


I had a feeling from the way he reacted when I checked him out that he would be into that scene, but he was too shy to let on. When he caught me watching him he would look away, but then look back and smile, and it seemed to me he was always where he knew I could see him when he was naked, flexing and posing and showing off for me. He knew he turned me on, all right.

But was he just a tease?

I caught him checking out my buddy Justin a couple of times, and Justin said the sexy tease had been showing off his assets for him too.

We decided to take action, so the two of us cornered Travis in the hall to chat him up, and he flirted with us shamelessly, smiling shyly, licking his lips, flexing his pecs and arms to show off, and groping himself to promote his obvious boner. He had us both drooling, until the bell rang, and we all had to get to our classes.

Justin and I made a plan to seduce Travis. We flipped a coin to see who got to be first with him, and I won.

The next day, I sauntered up to Travis in the locker room after practice and asked the sexy jock if he wanted to study with me and Justin. I was naked, fresh from my shower, and my cock was half-hard - it always is in the locker room, I get off on all the naked jock studs.

Travis was naked too, he'd just stepped out of his jockstrap and was holding it awkwardly as I walked up and stood real close to him. His body was still drenched with sweat from our team workout, and he looked sexy as hell. His big cock hung full and potent, at least five inches soft.

I flashed him my sexiest grin, and gave him a couple of playful taps on this pecs, feeling him up a little to add spice to the invitation.

"Hey, Travis," I drawled, "me and Justin are gonna study at my house. Wanta join us?"

"Gosh," he stammered, "uh, I don't know, I uh usually study alone." He was trying not to look at me, but I was so close he couldn't help it. If he looked down he could see my cock swelling, rising slowly, threatening to touch his muscular thigh.

I kept up the pressure. "Come on, man," I said, "we won't bite."

Then I leaned forward and put my mouth to his ear and murmured "Unless you want us to."

I was holding my hand pressed against his chest, and let it slide down his abs as I said that, finding his navel, digging my thumb in there. He gasped. My cock was fully hard now, and I pressed it against his hip.

"OK!" he said, blushing and stepping back, embarrassed by my hard sex. There was a wet sticky spot on his darkly tanned skin, where my cock had drooled, marking him as mine. His cock was at half-mast, rising in response to my erotic attention to his naked muscles. Yeah, this was going to be easy.

I winked and turned. "Meet us outside when you get dressed," I called over my shoulder.

Every guy in the locker room was looking at Travis, most of them envying him, knowing what was in store for him. Between us Justin and I had fucked pretty much every jock in our school, and they all knew that when we double-teamed a guy, he didn't have a chance of resisting.

Walking to my house with Travis, Justin and I kept him in the middle, and we put our arms around his shoulders, keeping him close between us, reaching out to feel him up, rubbing his pecs, poking him in the abs as we kidded around. He blushed and stammered, obviously liking the attention, but not used to the open sexual overtures.

"Dude! Awesome practice!" Justin exclaimed as he felt Travis's ass.

"Sweet!" I crowed, reaching down to grope Travis's crotch.

"Cut it out, you guys," Travis whined, slapping our hands away.

When we got to my house, we settled on the big couch in the den, with Travis in the middle.

For a while we really did study, but I had turned off the air conditioning when I was home for lunch, and told them it was broken, so it was hot, and little by little we all stripped off most of our clothes.

I started it, standing up and saying "Sorry it's so hot in here, guys, the AC's broken. Feel free to strip down and get comfortable."

Then I made sure Travis was watching as I unbuttoned my shirt and took it off, tossing it on the floor to one side. This was all part of our plan.


"No shit, dude, I'm fuckin roasting!" Justin said, standing up and taking off his shirt, too.

Travis watched both of us as if hypnotized, but didn't follow our example right away, so I knelt on the couch next to him and said "Come on, man, you need to get out of that shirt."

I reached out and started unbuttoning his shirt, and he didn't help me, but he didn't resist either, so Justin joined in, and soon the teen wrestler's shirt was on the floor with ours.

Justin reached out and felt Travis's pecs through his tee-shirt.

"Awesome pecs, dude," he said appreciatively.

I grabbed the bottom of Travis's tee shirt and pulled it up and rubbed the exposed muscles -

"And your abs, man, total six-pack!"

It was true, the sexy teen stud was totally ripped, lean and hard and muscular and sexy. I slipped my hand inside his tee shirt and felt his pecs, and my cock swelled with arousal. I wanted this kid bad, he really had me hot.

Travis gasped and pushed our hands away nervously.

"Uh, shouldn't we be studying?" he protested, his voice squeaking.

"Yeah, sure," I said, sitting back and picking up my book, making sure to reach down and grope myself. I looked at Travis and caught his eyes glued to my crotch. He looked up, catching my eyes, and I grinned, winking. Everything was working out fine. A little longer and I'd be fucking Travis's ass while he begged me to do it harder - I could tell he wanted it.

It really was hot in that room, even with all the windows open, so pretty soon all of us started to perspire, and this time Justin took the lead, kicking off his shoes and then standing to shuck off his levis.

"Shit, man," he said as he stood, "I'm burning up." He dropped his pants, and wearing just his white athletic sox, skimpy red briefs and tight white tee shirt, he was a mouth-watering sight.

I always like to look at Justin's body, and the less clothes on it the better. He's dark and smooth-skinned, and totally sexy, big muscles and lots of attitude. He grinned and posed for the two of us a little, flexing his arms and rubbing his crotch. You could see the outline of his big cock stretching against the tight knit cotton of his skivvies. He rubbed it suggestively, sticking out his tongue and wiggling it at us. Travis flushed bright red, but couldn't take his eyes off the display. My cock swelled harder.

I kicked off my own shoes, then stood to open my belt and let my chinos drop. Then I stood like that with my pants at my ankles, facing the two studs on the couch, and lifted my arms over my head and did a little dance for them, swiveling my hips and closing my eyes and acting like an A&F model at an underwear shoot, my sexy buddies clustered around me feeling me up. I had on tight knit boxers with a wild print, and a tight white tee, both of which promoted my assets perfectly. I lowered my hands to my pecs and rubbed them, opening my eyes to catch Travis staring at me with his mouth open and his hand in his crotch.

I got my pants off and flopped on the couch next to Travis.

"Your turn, bro," I drawled sexily, reaching out to undo our victim's belt.

He gave a little gasp of excitement as my hands touched him. Justin joined in, and in about a minute we had Travis's shoes and pants off, joining ours on the floor around the couch. We made sure to feel him up good, rubbing his sexy calves and thighs, complimenting him on his muscles, even groping his boner through his briefs.

Which left the three of us sitting there with nothing on but our briefs and tee shirts and sox. Travis's sox were white athletic sox like mine and Travis's - that's what all the jocks were wearing that year; his tee-shirt was pale blue, and tapered, with short arms - a muscle-tee, which was sort of lame, but with his build, who could complain? It made him look like he should have a few tattoos, though, and I pictured a red and green dragon crawling from his pecs to his shoulders. His shorts were standard-issue CK, brief enough to make his big dick - totally hard now - look like it was in danger of breaking free.


We all had obvious boners, and Justin teased Travis about his, reaching out and groping him boldly. He wrapped his hand around Travis's monster and squeezed it, and didn't take his hand away, just kept it up, rubbing Travis's erection. Then when Travis didn't protest, he pushed the boy's briefs down a little, and slipped his hand inside to grope him bare.

"Dude," Justin whistled, giving me a look that said "Score!"

That was too much for our victim, but instead of getting angry about it, Travis just got embarrassed, pushing my buddy's hands away from his crotch and saying "Sto-o-o-p!" in a petulant voice that sounded to me like he didn't want Justin to stop at all.

Justin winked at me. Our plan was working like a charm.

"What's wrong, dude," Justin crooned sexily, "not embarrassed by your boner are you?" He was feeling up Travis's juicy pecs through his tee shirt, and it was obvious Travis liked that. He had big hard pecs with nipples that jutted out through his tee, and as Justin rubbed those he gasped.

"Man, you sure have awesome pecs," Justin crooned, slipping his hands inside Travis's tee shirt and pushing it way up to feel him bare. "Nice big nipples too," as he squeezed Travis's sexy pec knobs.

"Cut it out," Travis whined, squirming with discomfort, but not pushing Justin's hands away. With his tee shirt pushed way up, and his briefs pushed so low that all his pubes and an inch of his totally hard cock showed, all but naked now, Travis was a luscious piece of teen boy-flesh - muscular, butch, total jock wrestler stud. He was leaning back, his hands planted on the couch on each side, his body arched, just begging for further attention.

"Shit man," Justin said matter-of-factly, "we've all got boners, no need to be embarrassed, show us what you've got."

And with that my sex-crazed best bud groped Travis with one hand and himself with the other, emphasizing his own impressive erection. I saw Travis's eyes go to my buddy's hard cock, and widen, and he licked his lips. He was interested, all right. I still said nothing, just pretended I was studying.

"What's wrong, buddy?" Justin asked me, leaning across Travis and groping me too. "Join us, let's have some fun."

I let Justin grope me just long enough to give Travis time to look, and see how big and hard mine was, then grabbed Justin's hand. He really knew how to get me going, and my cock throbbed and oozed as he worked it through my skimpy briefs.

"Cut it out," I growled, pushing his hand away reluctantly. "We came here to study."

Justin laughed and groped me again. "You don't mean that," he said sexily. "We're all practically naked - let's have some fun."

That was my cue to retaliate.

"OK, man, you asked for it!"

I tossed my book aside and groped Justin too, and the two of us reached across Travis and wrestled, groping and tickling each other, grabbing each other's briefs and pulling them down just far enough to almost reveal our boners, reaching inside to feel each other's bare hard sex, laughing and rolling around. Travis was caught in the middle, both of us pretending to ignore him, but giving him a good view of the action and making sure to feel him up too.

When all three of us were gasping and panting and laughing, and I could tell Travis was nearing panic from the way we were groping him and each other, I ended it abruptly.

"That's enough!" I said, falling back onto the couch and picking up my book again. "We have to study."

We were all breathing hard, and I glanced at Travis, who had his eyes closed as he leaned back and panted and tried to come back to earth. He had his hands clutched to his chest like he was tied up, and his cock was tenting his briefs so hard that the waistband was standing two inches from this abs, stretched open by the rigid sex desperate for release. There was a big wet spot where the head of his cock was pressed against the cotton fabric.

That got me even harder, I love a stud who leaks a lot when he's hard, I love licking it up as it oozes out, especially if he's uncut like Travis was, and it collects under his foreskin, waiting to be sucked clean.


I grinned at Justin. He grinned back.

"Maybe we should watch that video the teacher told us to write about," he said, as though he was really settling down.

"Great idea," I seconded. "Did you remember to bring it?"

"Duh! Of course, dickhead," Justin sneered, getting up and crossing to his backpack on the floor. He bent over with his back to us, lifting his ass to show it off. It looked awesome.

I saw Travis watching, his eyes on my buddy's firm sexy ass. I glanced down at his crotch and saw his boner twitch. That big wet spot where his cock had started to leak was getting bigger. I sure wanted to lean down and suck it through his shorts, get all that hot spoogey boy-juice. Yeah, this was going to be easy.

Justin rummaged through his pack, eventually coming up with a DVD case.

"Here it is," he said, but then as he crossed to the DVD player to load it, he said "Ooops!"

"What's wrong?" I asked innocently. This was a key move in our plan.

Justin made a big deal of looking flustered, and hiding the DVD cover from us as he stuffed it back into his backpack and pretended to look for another.

"Wrong video," he said nervously.

"Maybe it's one we want to see," I said. "Show it to me." I looked at Travis and winked.

I got up and crossed to Justin, grabbing his arm and trying to get the backpack away from him. "I bet it's porn. Come on, what is it?"

I was groping myself as I said that, and Travis's eyes flicked to my crotch and then away quickly. He flushed red and grinned nervously.

"Never mind," Justin said, still pretending to look for the other video.

Justin and I pretended to fight over his backpack, wrestling sexily with each other, straining against each other to show off our half-naked teen bodies. Travis's eyes were glued to us, and his hand was in his crotch, clutching his erection.

Justin managed to fend me off, then knelt and pretended to look in his backpack again, grumbling to himself.

"Dude," I said angrily, "you didn't leave it in your locker at school, did you?"

Justin fell back on his haunches, looking incredibly sexy, all but nude, his bare skin glistening with perspiration like he was a Greek athlete oiled and ready for a wrestling match. He hung his head as if embarrassed.

"I guess I did," he said.

Two minutes later, Justin was dressed again and had left, supposedly to get the video from his locker. Travis and I sat wearing just our tightey-whities and tees on the couch. We had both lost our boners, so the air of imminent sex had dissipated, but I could see Travis stealing looks at me as we resumed our "studying."

I was leaning back against one end of the couch, sprawled facing Travis with my legs spread wide apart to expose my crotch, and I was rubbing and squeezing my muscles, flexing and posing for him, making it look casual. I kept running my fingers gently up the inside of my thighs, back and forth, then slipping them inside the leghole of my shorts, rubbing there, then under my nuts, then pushing my tee shirt up just far enough to expose my abs, rubbing them, sliding my fingers lower, inside the waistband of my shorts, rubbing the base of my cock.

I had my eyes locked on my book, pretending to read.

Travis had moved to the other end of the couch, and was sitting there as stiffly as if he was in church.

Eventually I let my hand find my crotch and start rubbing up a boner, and when it was fully hard I looked up, and sure enough, the cute muscle-boy's eyes were glued to my crotch, and he had his hand inside his own shorts, playing with his own erection. I grinned at him.

"You, too, huh?" I asked.

He shrugged, pulling his hand out of his crotch, and pretending nothing had happened.

"Let's check out that video Justin wouldn't show us," I said, grinning nastily. I got up and crossed to Justin's backpack, still groping myself. I pulled out the video and looked at the case.

"No label," I said, holding it up. "I guess we'll have to watch it."

I put the disc into the DVD player, grabbed the remote, and flopped down next to Travis. He tried to move away, but I just grinned at him and put my arm around his shoulder to pull him closer. He squirmed uncomfortably, obviously embarrassed, so I reached out and tweaked one of his nipples through his tee shirt. He jerked and gasped like I had administered an electric shock.


"If this is what I think it is, we're gonna want to get naked," I said, stripping off my tee shirt to reveal my big hard pecs and rock hard washboard abs.

I heard Travis gasp and saw his eyes go glassy as I played with my bare chest, licking my finger, then wetting my nipples and rubbing and twisting them. I moved my hands to his body.

"Here, let me help you," I said, sliding my hands inside his tee shirt and feeling him up as I peeled it off. He didn't help, but he didn't fight me either, just docilely went along.

"Dude, nice pecs," I said admiringly, rubbing his now naked chest and squeezing his solid slabs of muscle. I thought of dispensing with the rest of the plan and kissing him right then, but decided from the scared look on his face that I was going too fast. I leaned back, my arm over his bare shoulder, and clicked the remote.

"Here we go," I said, letting my free hand roam my bare chest and abs. I could hear Travis panting, and saw his boner stretching the tight fabric of his briefs. He was totally aroused.

The title that popped up on the screen was "Getting It Hard."

"I knew it," I said, slipping my free hand inside my briefs, "It's porn."

After the brief credits, the opening scene showed an empty locker room. A young stud in sweat-soaked gym clothes entered, and slowly stripped, groping himself the whole time. His cock was rock hard as soon as he revealed it. When he was naked, he moved in front of a full-length mirror and admired himself while he stroked his cock and felt his muscles. He had a big one, too.

"Man, that dude is hung!" I said admiringly. I pulled my own erection out of my shorts and hooked the elastic waistband under my balls, and started stroking it. I was easily as big as the guy on the screen.

Travis's eyes were sliding glassily back and forth from the screen to my cock, his own hand back inside his shorts working his own boner.

"Don't be shy," I said, leaning over and pulling Travis's shorts down, exposing his huge throbbing boner. "Show me what you've got."

He tried to hide himself with his hands, but I pushed them aside easily. He was big, easily a match for me, and I whistled involuntarily. I arranged his briefs like mine, waistband hooked under his balls, promoting his sex awesomely. He had a beauty, and I wanted to go down on him right then, but made myself hold back. Let the plan play itself out.

"Dude!" I exclaimed admiringly. "Awesome!"

I grabbed his cock and stroked it a couple of times and he yelped as though I'd stuck him with a pin. I really wanted to give it a workout, milk the sexy stud, play with his cock, squeeze his balls, make him beg for release.

His foreskin still concealed the head of his monster, and I worked it back and forth to reveal the purplish knob, glistening wet and enticing. I remembered my hunger for his cock-ooze earlier, and had to hold myself back, desperate to lean down and take his big dick in my mouth, taste his sex. But I did manage to work a drop of precum out of his piss- hole and scoop it up on my finger, lifting it to my mouth and licking it off, grinning at him as he watched in shocked wonder.

I started using both hands on him, one on his cock, the other reaching down to work his balls. That was too much, he panicked.

"Cut it out," he whined, pushing my hands away. But he didn't put his boner back in his shorts.

"Shit, dude," I laughed. "Sorry, I just wanted to feel it. That's a beautiful cock!" I grabbed his hand and pushed it towards my erection. "Come on, feel mine?" He pulled his hand back as though he'd been bitten.

"What if Justin comes back?" he asked nervously.

I laughed, because he had just admitted he wanted to feel my cock.

"Don't worry," I said, pulling the sexy stud's hand to my cock again. "We have plenty of time. You act like you've never touched another dude's cock before. Have you?"

Best to get that out in the open, I decided, find out if I was dealing with a total virgin. He let me put his hand on my bare erection, but didn't grab it and stroke me the way I had him.


"Well, just once."

I figured that meant two or three times, at least. Excellent.

"That's OK, you can tell me about it later. Let's watch the porno."

He pulled his hand away from my crotch, and I decided to back off a little, let the movie do its job. I could tell he liked it, the way he was staring at the screen and rubbing his dick.

By this time the guy on screen had straddled a bench in the locker room and was beating his meat like a champ, and the view slowly expanded to reveal another jock half-hidden by the lockers, jerking off as he watched the first stud. He had his tee shirt pushed up to reveal huge hard juicy pecs, and his gym shorts and jock strap were at his knees. He too was totally hung. Travis was looking at the screen as though hypnotized.

"They're both guys," he said uncomfortably. In spite of his nervousness he was stroking his erection. He couldn't hide his arousal, his teen hormones were taking over, the action on the screen was affecting him whether he liked it or not.

"No shit, man," I said. "I think Justin may play for the other team," and I nudged Travis with my elbow. "But it's kinda sexy, dontcha think?" I rubbed my naked body against his.

We both had our briefs pushed way down now to free our cocks, and were stroking ourselves slowly as we watched the action on the screen. I had thrown one of my legs over one of Travis's, and he didn't protest when I did it. Our bodies were touching from our chests to our knees, and he was rubbing against me as much as I was against him.

I wanted to go down on Travis, but I could see he still hadn't given in to his deep inner urges.

It was time for the final assault. I looked towards the door of the room, and Justin's little brother Jeremy was there on schedule, hiding in the shadows. I nodded, and he moved forward so he could be seen. He was fully clothed, but groping himself through his baggy jeans as he watched us jerk off.

"Hey!" I shouted.

Travis jumped as though he'd been shot. I waited until I was sure he had seen Jeremy spying on us, then kicked off my briefs so I was buck naked, jumped up and strode quickly to the door and grabbed Jeremy. My big hard cock bobbed up and down as I walked, and I saw Travis watching it.

"What the fuck are you doing, you little pervert?" I growled, dragging Jeremy roughly to the couch. I knew from earlier encounters that the sexy teen liked it rough, so I twisted his arm as I shoved him down on the couch.

Jeremy cowered convincingly and whined. "Ow-w-w! Sto-o-o-p!"

He looked so young and innocent, a total deception. And in his clothes he looked skinny and underdeveloped. Travis was in for a surprise when the kid's clothes came off.

"I wasn't doin' nothin'," the sexy teen sniveled as I dominated him roughly.

I straddled him on the couch, pushing his hands back over his head to pin him there. My hard cock stuck out, poking him in the belly, leaving a trail of my cock-juice on his tee shirt. I rubbed it against him, liking the sensation.

"Nothing!?" I growled. "You were getting off on looking at us! Weren't you? You're a fuckin' Peeping Tom!"

"I was looking for my big brother," he whined. "And then I saw you two messing around. I just wanted to watch," Jeremy drawled innocently. "You both have such big cocks."

I moved away from the boy, releasing his arms, and exposing my erection. I stroked it a few times and sneered.

"You mean this, punk? You like my big cock?"

I leaned forward and rubbed it on his face, getting his cheeks wet and slippery with my ooze.

Jeremy nodded, sticking out his tongue and licking my big sausage as I wiped it over his mouth.

Travis was sprawled in the corner of the couch with his mouth wide open, his hand gliding slowly up and down his long thick pole as he watched the show Jeremy and I were putting on. The head of Travis's big cock was bright red now, big and swollen and juicy. As he pulled his foreskin back on the down stroke it glistened wetly with all the hot fuck juice that was oozing from the pisshole. Travis was milking the juice, spreading it around. His other hand was rubbing his pecs and abs, enjoying his own muscles.


"How about Travis's cock?" I asked, grabbing Jeremy's head and forcing it toward the unsuspecting muscle-boy's crotch. "Do you like his cock too?"

Jeremy nodded.

I reached out and grabbed Travis's huge boner, working it expertly. He gasped as I pulled hard to expose the bulbous head, stretching his foreskin back so far it was almost painful. He arched his back, gasping.

"Then suck it, you little faggot," I growled, forcing Jeremy to his knees on the floor between Travis's legs, pushing the boy's head into Travis's crotch.

Travis sprawled naked, hypnotized, unable to resist as Jeremy lowered his mouth to the sexy stud's hard cock. Travis's hand fell away, relinquishing control of his erection, and Jeremy quickly engulfed the giant fuck pole. Travis cried out as though he'd been stabbed, his body convulsing with shock and ecstasy as the boy easily took half his huge tool.

"Yeah, suck that cock!" I urged, pushing Jeremy down farther.

The boy made convincing choking sounds, but I knew he was faking it, the sexy little stud was a champion cock sucker, he had taken mine all the way to my crotch hairs easily the night before when he and his big brother Justin and I had planned this and then all had to get our rocks off, we were so turned on thinking about what we were going to do to Travis.

I pushed Jeremy's head harder, and soon he had Travis's entire cock buried deep in his throat, and was making happy gulping sounds as he swallowed it greedily.

I envied him, I had wanted to be the first to deep-throat that beautiful piece of meat, lap up the accumulated fuck-juice, lick and suck his dick clean, but we had decided Travis would go for it easier if Jeremy did it. Besides, I was going to be the first to fuck our prey, Travis's virgin ass would be mine to break in.

I watched as the sexy teen came up off Travis's cock and started a long, slow sexy lick, slurp, suck, gulp, swallow, up and down on the huge tool. Up and down, licking and sucking and slurping, engulfing the giant fuck-stick completely, rubbing his nose in the awesome wrestler's crotch hairs, swallowing on the big fat head, sliding his tongue inside the hood to lick it clean.

Travis had his head thrown back, his mouth wide open, his eyes tight shut as he gasped and panted.

"Fuck! Yeah! Suck it!" He grabbed Jeremy's head and held it as he fucked the sexy teen's mouth with his enormous cock.

Travis was ours.

I flopped down on the couch next to Travis and said "OK, my turn," and pulled Jeremy off the sexy muscle boy and onto my own giant dick. The cute teen went down on me just as eagerly. I reached out and wrapped my hand around Travis's slimy cock and stroked it as he opened his eyes and looked at me blearily. With my other hand I reached out and grabbed one of his big nipples, which were now swollen with arousal.

"Awesome, dude!" I drawled, grinning at him. I leaned over and planted my lips on his and kissed him, and he kissed me back. My tongue entered his mouth and his tongue responded, twining around mine, reaching into my mouth, probing, licking, sucking. His hand was on my naked pecs, then in my crotch, squeezing my balls as I squeezed his and Jeremy alternated on our cocks. I motioned for the sexy teen to focus on Travis while I worked the muscle-boy's pecs and nipples.

I got my mouth on Travis's ear and started licking and sucking there, and soon had him gasping with need.

"Oh Travis, you're so sexy," I gasped in his ear, "I want you so bad, I love your cock."

When Jeremy wasn't sucking Travis, I was stroking the sexy stud, and soon I had him licking and sucking my pecs, and then it wasn't long before he went for my cock, as I knew he would. He leaned over into my lap and went down on me like a champ while Jeremy knelt on the floor at Travis's crotch and blew him.

That was important, Travis had to suck my cock first, it proved he was ready to let me fuck him.

"Oh yeah, Travis, suck my dick, that feels great, suck it good," I urged the muscle boy. He wasn't quite as good as Jeremy, he couldn't get all eight inches of my tool down his throat, but he sure did try.


When Travis was starting to sound like he might be about to cum, Jeremy released his big cock and stood.

Travis reluctantly pulled his mouth off my cock and looked up at the cute teen adoringly. It was hard not to fall for a boy as cute as Jeremy, who could suck cock like that. The sexy teen looked down shyly, acting like he was embarrassed by the scene.

"I don't think we should be doing this," he lisped innocently. "What if Justin comes back?"

"You'll suck his cock, too," I crowed, grabbing Jeremy and dragging him down onto the couch. "Let's get you naked!"

Jeremy pretended to resist, which made it even more fun stripping his clothes off. Travis joined in eagerly, holding Jeremy while I ripped the boy's shirt off. Travis was panting like a little puppy, he wanted the kid so bad. His hands were all over the boy.

The first surprise about Jeremy was his muscles. With his baggy pants and long-sleeved shirt, he looked like a skinny kid, but when I stripped off that shirt he had an amazingly muscular body - tight bulging pecs and biceps on a small frame that would grow much bigger in a few years, but looked awesome as it was. He flexed and posed for us, and Travis was clearly in love. Jeremy still had some of the soft, rounded smooth- skinned look of a kid, which made his muscles all the sexier.

Then Jeremy showed us his second surprise. He started struggling again, so Travis pinned him while I opened his belt and pushed his baggy pants to his ankles. He wasn't wearing any underwear, so his big cock sprang out like a battering ram. The kid was hung like a horse. He kicked off his pants and straddled Travis, shoving his enormous hard cock in the shocked jock's face. Travis just stared, like he had no idea what to do.

I reached up and dragged Jeremy naked face down across my legs, his bare round ass lifted high in the air. He was in Travis's lap too, his knee poking our victim's erection. The naked boy's jeans hobbled his ankles as I started spanking him hard, slapping his luscious ass cheeks with my hand as he yelped with mock pain, squirming and kicking to rub his naked flesh against ours.

"Bad Jeremy!" I told him as I spanked the naughty teen. "No underpants! Bad boy!"

I knew Jeremy liked to be spanked, his brother Justin and I would take turns spanking him before we fucked him, dragging him bare-assed naked across our legs and paddling his cute sexy butt until it was bright red and he was yelping loudly for us to stop, then rubbing it gently to comfort him, poking our fingers up his ass to loosen it before we rammed our big hard cocks into him hard and fast to blast our hot loads of teen jism up his sexy boy hole.

Jeremy yelped and protested and kicked and fought us ineffectually, making the spanking all the sexier - it was obvious he was loving it, his giant hard cock flopping around and slinging cock ooze all over me and Travis.

I glanced over at Travis and his jaw had dropped to his knees - his eyes were wide and his huge cock was jerking and oozing - I think if I'd kept up that spanking about ten seconds longer than I did, he'd have cum without even touching himself, his boner would have erupted into a fountain of spooge that would have coated his sexy muscles from his head to his navel. He loved watching me spank the naked twink.

I really gave it to Jeremy, spanking him good and hard. His ass turned a nice bright red, and towards the end, his protests were getting real. I was loving making him yelp and squeal, but finally relented.

I flipped the naked teen onto his back on the couch between Travis and me, then went down on the kid's giant fuck pole, engulfing half of it, then worked slowly lower and lower on it until I got my mouth around the base and felt his silky crotch hairs touch my lips.

I felt hands shoving my head away, and thought at first it was Jeremy, not wanting me to make him cum, but when I released the boy's cock it turned out it was Travis, desperate for his turn. A total novice, he could barely get half of it down his throat before he started to gag, but he wouldn't stop trying, and soon had Jeremy making appreciative noises as he slurped on the big cock and rubbed his hands eagerly over the boy's soft smooth skin and hard muscles.


I urged the two of them into a sixty-nine on the couch, with Travis on his back on the bottom, his legs in the air, Jeremy's huge dick filling his mouth, and I started licking the naked wrestler's balls and asshole while Jeremy sucked his cock. Travis had lost all his inhibitions now, and resisted nothing, so I pushed his legs higher into the air and licked his hole until it was wet and loose, then worked a finger inside, then two, and when he kept making appreciative noises of encouragement, I climbed on the couch and with no further loosening or warning I shoved my cock up his ass.

Travis gasped and yelled and squealed like he was getting spanked hard as I took his cherry, driving my cock into him over and over, but he didn't try to escape the ass pounding, and kept Jeremy's cock buried in his throat, while his own big cock stayed hard as Jeremy continued to deep-throat it. I rammed him good and hard, loving the sounds I was fucking out of him, the cock-muffled gasps and grunts.

That's when Justin came back in. He'd never left the house, of course, and had been watching the scene via the web-cam I'd set up in one corner of the room.

"What the fuck!" Justin yelled as he saw us, pretending he was surprised. "What's going on? What are you guys doing to my little brother?"

"We found that porn movie in your back pack, and one thing led to another," I told him. "Get your clothes off and join us. Your little brother is a champion cock-sucker!"

I continued to fuck Travis's tight hot ass hard as I said that, and Travis was still sucking Jeremy's giant cock for all he was worth, totally oblivious to our charade.

Justin shucked his clothes off in record time, revealing a piece of rock hard fuck-meat easily the equal of his little brother's, and then stood straddling the two cock-suckers on the couch so I could suck his massive tool until it was good and wet.

I love Justin's huge pole, and gave it a good workout, licking and sucking it until I could tell from the sounds the sexy jock was making that he was getting close to cumming. I had both of my hands in the act, too, a couple of fingers of one up his asshole, and the other tugging his balls. I knew just how he liked it.

And I was still fucking the shit out of Travis, so I was in heaven, ready to cum myself.

So I pulled out of Travis to give my buddy his turn at our victim's virgin ass.

Justin's cock was bigger than mine, and wouldn't go into Travis's freshly broken hole all at once, so he pile drove it in an inch at a time, pulling it all the way out and then ramming it in farther with each new thrust, punctuated by Travis's loud grunts of shock and submission. Justin used lots of lube to ease the job, but it still took a while to get his giant dong shoved all the way up the muscle-boy's tight virgin ass.

My buddy added his own commentary to the defilement, cursing and shouting as he fucked our sexy victim.

"Take my cock, you fucking tease! Unghh! Showing off in the showers. Yeah! Getting my cock hard with your posing. Big hard cock. Awesome pecs. Fuck your ass! Big fucking muscle stud wrestler. Take it all! Unghh! Take it and like it! Yeah! Tight hot ass! Unghh!"

Finally my naked fuck-pal had his big pole all the way in, and started drilling our new victim for real. Travis's cries got louder and higher as I moved onto the couch behind Jeremy and started fucking my best friend's little brother.

I already knew from prior events that Jeremy liked it rough and raw, so I didn't bother to get his asshole wet, or loosen it with my tongue, I just let the spit and cock ooze already coating my dick serve as lube, and went hard and deep right away. Jeremy relinquished Justin's erection from his mouth to let out a long loud shout of delight as I buried my big fat sausage up his tight hot little shit-hole.

"Unghh! Oh fuck! Yeah! Yeah! Fuck me hard!"

The sexy teen's freshly-spanked ass was bright red, and I slapped it hard to make it even redder as I fucked him.

Once Travis's grunts of discomfort from having Justin's giant cock shoved up his virgin ass died down, telling us the jock stud had gotten used to Justin's big cock, Jeremy pulled his cock from the awesome stud's mouth, getting ready for the final penetration.

Able to speak again at last, Travis shouted encouragement for the ass- fucking Justin was giving him.

"Oh! Yeah! That's it, fuck me! Fuck me hard!"

That confirmed that Travis was ready for the main event. I pulled out of Jeremy to let him replace his older brother, and Jeremy moved into position and rammed his nine-incher home in Travis's tight hot ass.

I heard the air go out of Travis's lungs all in one big whoosh, and took that as my cue to shove my own cock into his wide open mouth. I engulfed his still-hard boner and tried to match the rhythm of my mouth on his cock to that of Jeremy's cock up his ass.

Travis and I sixty-nined, while Jeremy fucked the virgin stud, and Justin moved in behind me to drill my ass hard with his huge pole.

The sounds of hot male sex - mouths filled with hard cocks, asses being pounded with giant boners - filled the room, and the smell of hot teen lust was overpowering, driving us all to further heights of arousal and abandonment.

Justin, Jeremy, and I tagged Travis like that for another half hour before we finally let the sexy wrestler stud pop his nuts. He was going nuts with frustration, desperate to cum, and what finally did it was a one-on-one with Jeremy, getting fucked face to face, Travis on his back, his knees pinned to his shoulders, cute sexy little Jeremy kissing him while he drilled his ass hard.

Afterwards Travis admitted he'd been lusting after Justin and me, but his only prior experience with guy-on-guy sex had been a few furtive mutual hand-jobs, so he hadn't known any way to make the connection, and just hoped if he flirted with us hard enough, we'd make a move.

Now Travis is a regular part of the action among me and Jeremy and Justin. I think Travis is in love with Jeremy, those two really hit it off. I love to watch Travis and Jeremy fuck, Travis's dark eyes rolling back in his head as he lies on his back taking Jeremy's enormous dick all the way up his tight hot ass and then blows his wad all over his awesome pecs and six-pack abs, while I fuck Justin the same way, and he cums at the same time as Travis, pushed to orgasmic ecstasy by the sight of his little brother drilling that sexy stud.

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