Man for Man

Lemar and the Germans


T.C. Macy

I was horny. I was off for two weeks to celebrate my birthday and while I got most of the things accomplished that I wanted to, I wanted to use the time to meet some cool people, do something different and have some hot sex. I was able to meet the requirements for the first and last requirement and partially filled the second.


Is extremely hard to find quality interracial matches and/or sex in Central, Florida. You would think with all the diversity and such in the area that it would be a hot bed of activity but people tend to stick with their own and follow the herd. Those who do stand up and stick out go are much older than I tend to have in common with or are only out for one thing. Any other time I would stress about that and agonize over the social issues of it, but I wanted some sex and if I couldn't get that I wanted some porn. So, in the late afternoon, I jumped in my car and drove to the mega adult store near downtown. On my way I figured I'd stop off at one the cruising spots in town since I hadn't been in a while and see what was going on.

Back of the hotel, or lake side is what the actual term for it is. There was a sign in the window that read, "Two bottoms for extremely hard fucking." The door was open and the curtains open. The guy was dark haired, smooth and had on red swim trunks. On the first pass someone was outside the room cruising him. He was Asian muscular, no more than 5ft 10 inches and tattooed up. I didn't want to infringe on his mark so I walked by. I kept an eye on the room and the guy to see if the Asian guy was going to be invited in and whether or not I had a chance. Its a good rule of thumb to believe that if a guy likes one minority or ethnic then it is possible he would like black. Not always the case though, but a good rule of thumb. If the guy wasn't invited in by the Asian guy then I might have a chance that he was interested in me.Based on my observations the guy had been standing out there for a while and after several passes he was still there and the other guy didn't seem to be giving him the time of day.

I stopped counting the number of times I did the loop. A few people are milling about, no one really in the rooms that I would be interested in going into with and the few who are outside aren't really looking for me. There were a few people by the pool, some lookers from what I could tell while I was on the balcony but again, I'm not down there, I don't have the body so my chances of getting one of them are slim to none.

I passed by the room with the two bottoms again. The Asian guy has moved on the guy on the bed seemed to be giving me "the look" as I passed. A quick glance at the face and a prolonged look at my crotch. Its so typical of the Meat Market that you have to get use to it. The guy in the red trunks is talking to a guy in cut off army fatigue shorts. So for the first time I get to see the second bottom. I was wondering if the second guy was even around. Both of them are attractive and the one with the dark hair had more of a roman style nose. Both had their shirts off and were smooth and very doable. The blonde with the army fatigue shorts was shorter.

There wasn't anyone else remotely interesting around and I was horny. The horns had grown out of my head early this morning and knocked my halo off. I just wanted to be bad today and have someone show an interest in me. I'm not an unattractive guy but I'm not a black thug or a black fem either. Nice and preppy, if a black male can be those two things so I decided to throw caution to the wind. I slowed up and stood outside the room. They guy in red stands at the window and talks to the guy in the fatigue shorts. His back is to me while the guy in the fatigues is sitting down. He starts to play with his ass. First rubbing his hands over his ass on the outside and caressing them while looking back at me. Eventually he put his hands under his waist band and pushed them down a bit. I can't explain why a guy doing that turns me on. Putting on a show for me always gets me excited. Plus it shows that he's interested and wants me.

I was dressed in all black, including my shoes. Not intentionally. I was intending to go to the video store and buy a DVD and then head home, but decided to take a stop at the Parliament House on the way since I hadn't been in a while. I was starting to sweat as the sun was going down and the lakeside view obviously faced west. Had I planned better I would have worn something lighter and more airy because I was on the balcony, outside of this guy's room trying to wake "him" up so that he can show off. My face can get me some play but "he" can really pull them in. I'm not happy about the power "he" has over people, but it gets what we want at times. I'm always wanting that connection with people but when my horns are itching like this I have to let him do the work.


I'm gently waking "him" up by rubbing my hand on the outside of my jeans. The umbro shorts I'm wearing underneath has "him" bunched up a bit, but without looking I could tell he was impressing the guy in red who had since gotten on the bed and stretched out in his back facing me. The blonde guy in fatigues was still sitting with his back to the door and me. He never looked back or seemed to glance at me. He just kept on eating it seemed. I didn't think that bowed well for my chances since, in some circumstances, if you aren't approved by both you don't gain entry for one. Heck, I didn't know what I wanted. I should have left and found something more productive to do with my time. I prefer to control the gate and pick those I let in and those I don't. Being on the other end never bodes well for me. Its not a feeling I relish and enjoy. There were a few stops and starts because of the people walking by. Some are going by different rules than I was. Rather than respect my rules and recognize that I'm cruising someone and move on, they go after me.

All though I can't hear what is said, I can tell two things as the two of them talk back and forth to each other. One is that they aren't' speaking English (there mouths are moving differently) and, two, I can tell they are talking about me. I couldn't tell if its a good thing or bad, but I could tell the guy in the red was hard so it must have been a good thing. By this time he had his knees up and was rubbing his ass again. He was putting his fingers where his hole was but he was rubbing them through the fabric. "He" must have been doing "his" thing because the guy was obviously lusting now. It was a great affirmation for me. This guy really wanted me. Possibly for the wrong reason. In fact, I know they were for the wrong reason but I didn't care. I wanted some contact, some action and this was the best I could do that was free and not going to cost me any money or useless time on the Internet or in chat rooms.

I didn't know if he wanted me to come in. There are never any clear, overt signs to give out to say what you want without actually talking and sometimes that can ruin the mood. For all I know, he could have liked this, being outside and teasing each other or he could want more, but without communication there really wasn't any way to till. I nod and give what I hope to be a lustful smile and I got a nod back. Not a lot to go on but its something.

I lost track of the guy in the fatigue shorts. He moved from my view, presumable towards the bathroom area. He came back into view and the guy on the bed says something to him and he closes the curtains a bit. I've been to the P-house enough times to know this sign. This means come on in. Of course to some, it could just mean the sun is in my eyes, but I recognize that coming from this guy and after close to 10 mins of teasing each other this meant come on in. The fatigue guy mingles around the bed a bit but still doesn't look in my direction. If given the choice I think I would have gone for this one first even though I'm partial to dark haired guys.

I had no way of knowing what time it was or how long I was standing outside, but it was time to make a move or move on. The fatigues guy has moved to the bed and was lying next to the other guy. He was partly obstructed by the curtain. I can only see his feet and I know he can't see me because of the way he is situated and I've been inside the rooms before and know what its like. If I wanted a clear cut sign and wanted to make a move this was the time.

The coast was clear. No one was on the walk way so I stepped tentatively through the door and closed it behind me. The guy in red had his eyes glued to my crotch. I knew the blonde was there and even though he would have been my first choice, I couldn't focus on him. I guess I figured that he hadn't looked at me once until I stepped in he was going to be a non player in this little encounter so focus on the one that I was more than likely going to get action from.


I say, "How are you doing," and get an accented laced Hello back. I pulled the curtain shut the rest of the way and unbutton my pants and let him out. Without so much of a word, the guy in the red trunks pulls his trunks off. The guy in the army fatigue shorts moves behind me and closes the curtain tighter. I figure there is going to be no talking at this point, just action so I use this time to get undress. My thoughts are that this is going to be one of those screw me and leave scenarios. Which is fine, but I've always wanted more even though when I get it, It is never with the ones I want. I'm even more convinced of this being one of those scenarios when I can see again after pulling my shirt over my head and I see a sliver packaged condom in the guys teeth and him ripping it open. The sign said there were two bottoms. I wasn't sure if I was going to get them both but it was obvious that the red trunk guy is taking the lead and the other one seems to be following him so I just had to wait and see. Either way I'm horny and have an urge to do something dirty, naughty and raunchy today and I thought that his could be very well what calms me down and allows the horns to shrink back down into my head.

Without any preamble he passed me the condom. I slipped it on while he lubed up and get into the doggy style position at the edge of the bed. The guy who was wearing fatigue shorts was now naked and moved into position facing me. The dark hair guy who had on red trunks has started sucking him. I don't know if they were lovers, fuck buddies or friends. I can't tell. I would love to know the back story but doesn't seem like the right time to ask.

The blonde is talking dirty to the dark hair guy as I enter him. It was then that I knew these guys were German which made me all the more hotter. Working at one of major tourist destinations in the world can help you identify languages even if you can't speak it and international guys always turned me on. I begin pounding a way. First I just work my hips and go in a circle. Not as good as Shaikra but its more than adequate. I've had a few bottoms tell me they like it so why stop. Plus he seemed to enjoy it, he was moaning, albeit it muffled since he had his friend/lover's cock in his mouth. I then pulled out part way and slam it back in and got another positive moan in return. I look back and down and see his feet. I wanted to see if I could make those toes curl. One of my "rules" is that if you can make a guy's toes curl then your really banging it. My objective is to always leave them wanting more and make them remember me. I stared a bit and noticed that his toes weren't moving so I focused on fucking him. I climbed up onto the bed and mounted his ass. I began doing him "froggy style."

There was an old song, in the late 90's I believe, called "Froggy Style" and while I don't know what they were talking about, It describes me when I get on a guy's back and put my legs under his hips and lock them into place. Based on the moans which have gotten louder he really enjoyed that. He took his friend's dick out of his mouth and started babbling. Actually, I think he was speaking coherently but it was in German so it was all babble to me. It would have been hotter if I could understand what he was saying. I like dirty talk as much as the next person. I guess it comes from all the videos I end up watching, but it looses something when you aren't really immersed in it. Whatever he said, it causes the blond to smile and he seems to mutter some words of encouragement to the guy. Maybe something like, "shut up and take it" because the put his hands on his friend/lover's shoulders and seemed to be pushing him back onto me. I took a look to my left and down and see his feet. They are smooth, tan and nicely put together. I want to do him next, but don't know how to say that or if they even understand.

By now, I can tell the bottom is getting tired. I am too. Sweat is dripping from me and that happens very rarely for me. Most bottoms cum before I do after a few thrust but either I was really horned up (which is a possibility) or I am severely out of shape and in need of cardio (which seems the more likely scenario). Getting motivation to change and to tone up and add more muscles on my slender 145lb frame requires more motivation than I have right now. I stop. The condom has shifted and had moved up to the point that it was cutting off the blood flow so I was loosing my erection. They use the time to change postion. The blond crawled to the edge of the bed and backs his bottom up to my dick. I use the time it takes for him to get situated to stroke "him" back to life. A change in partners and condom readjustment was all that I needed to get my energy back and be fully hard again.


I enter this lubed ass and, again, start slow. I pull all the way out and back in. The image of "him" pulling out and going back in and having his hole stretch and cling to "him" as he does so was seared into my memory. I love Europeans like this. They are hot, manly and crave black men. I've always heard Germans were the best for that and my experiences have range true so far, but in general they don't look upon black people as being "thugs" and a blight on society. They see them for what they area, people and enjoy hanging out with them in and out of the bedroom. Try finding that in the states and you'll be on a never ending quest. As a rule they don't seem to have any social hang ups like their counterparts here. Sure, they like the big ones that black men tend to provide, but its not their driving focus. They seem to be into you mentally. Put all of that together with the fact that many of them are in shape and aren't Amberzombies and you could see why I get turned on.

This one isn't as vocal. A few groans here and there, but he is still enjoying it. I can tell by his body language and he actually got goose bumps on his back. I had never seen that before and that was awesome for me. I was disappointed when I looked back and down again and didn't see toes curing but I knew I was doing a good job. I could tell from how deep I was going that this wasn't his first time today or possibly on this vacation but he was still feeling it.

His partner is on my left and mumbling words of encouragement to him while looking at us from behind in the hotel mirror and stroking away. A few words I understood like, "yea" and "fuck" but the rest is in German.

After a while, I begin sweating again. After doing him "froggy style" I have to stop. I pulled out and inspect the condom. Its clean, but not tight anymore and I pulled it off and walked over to the bathroom area of the roamed hear them whisper in German to each other. Normally I would stress about what is being said and how I did, but I'm not in that mindset. I'm horny and was totally in another headspace.

I returned to the bed. My intent was to wrap this up and leave but I didn't want to leave them shortchanged and make them feel like they invited me into their room for nothing, so I began stroking "him" again and I asked, "you like?" Sure, it was broken English, but they don't seem to understand to well so why make it a complete sentence. The response I got was, "yea" and it was from the dark haired one. I did a mental sensor check and can tell that I can go again. I want them to feel like inviting me in was work their time and effort. So, hard again, I grab a condom and open it up and slip it on. I intended to go after the blonde, but the dark hair guy grabs the lube and lubes up first. So, I guess he is the first one for Round 2.

I enter him and begin pounding. Neither one had any trouble letting "him" in which tells me that they are use to this or had some earlier. There is no need to go slow at first this time. His sigh translated into, "fuck me" and so I gave it to him. There was more half pulling out and pushing it back in. More slamming it back in hard and more "froggy style" thrusting.

His partner, who was on the edge of the bed, moved up towards the head of the bed where we were and put his dick into his friends/parntner's mouth. I reached over his partner while still keeping my rhythm and use my finger to invade the blonde's hole. while he was being sucked. I expect him to gasp in pleasure and to let me know he enjoys this, but I guess something is lost in translation. He does nothing. His ass feels good and I love stretching it a bit, but I don't get a feel that he's totally into it. Its hard to read people sometimes especially people you don't know. That is why I like to build a connection first and then go from there but life never adds up that way. Especially mine it seems.

So, this guy has had me twice and the blonde hasn't. Plus, I can tell by the smell from the dark haired one that he wasn't expecting a hard fuck like me or he didn't clean out properly. More than likely it was a bit of both. I pulled out repulsed and mentally said, no more for you! I leave him feeling embarrasses more than likely and walk to the bathroom and flush the condom down the toilet and use one of the cotton rags in the room to wipe up. When I returned the dark hair guy gestured me to fuck his friend/lover. I really didn't need to be told twice. Hopefully he was cleaner!


Even before I put the condom on I knew that they will only get two fucks from me. I'm hot and sweaty and I'm not ready to let loose yet. Plus, if I couldn't get feedback on how it was I will move on. So, I felt I needed to make this good for him. This time he positioned himself doggy style with his butt towards the window. Had it been opened people would have gotten a great view of his white, hairless hole. I even got a great look and I knew that I would have enjoyed this one the entire time. I really wasn't sure why and didn't dwell on that face.

As I began pumping into him I just felt he was better suited for me. Again, he didn't say much or move like he really was enjoying it, but in pounding him I had more energy and the rate at which I was doing him and going in gave me a familiar sensation. A sensation that let me know if I kept going at the rate I was going I would end up letting loose. I wanted more encounters and more action that was as hot as this. There was another guy around that wanted me. Maybe he will be hotter and he seemed more verbal in his boots, tank top and jean shorts. A bit too "daddy" type for me, but I had the horny bug now and wanted more.

At some point the dark haired guy returned. I suppose he went to the bathroom to clean up. That gave me an excuse to slow up and save myself. I also became aware that the blonde under me was actually moaning louder and more often. Good, I thought. He needed to remember this! I was also aware that in the course of the few minutes I was in the room with these guy I had gone from excitement to nerves to self doubt and to cocky and arrogant. I really couldn't explain it and its happened before and never could explain it before so I didn't dwell on it. I just wanted to give this guy something to remember and go and see if I there was something else waiting for me. I thought maybe I would end up encountering a military guy shorter than my 5ft 11inches just back from the war zone and who wanted a handsome, professional black male and wasn't in it for the experience just to tell his friends. Or maybe a Frat Boy in town for the game against the UCF Knights who secretly feels more comfortable in a diverse environment and enjoys black men and he would want to stay in touch. Anything to keep me on this high and on the next level.

The muttering and heavy breathing from the guy who wore the red trunks brought me back to reality. I turned in his direction and actually spied myself in the mirror. I was on his friends/lover's back pumping in and out and the look on his face as priceless. His eyes were closed, faced was contorted and his arms were stretched out in front of him clutching the edge of the bed. Again, I felt energized as I thought about how hot it was. I began to wonder what would happen if I had something like this for real and on a regular basis. Could I handle it or would I want it.

The Dark haired guy breathlessly told me to fuck him. "Yea, fuck his ass," were his exact words. I tried to maintain my pace without speeding up because I didn't want to let loose, but I still needed to put on a good show. Physically and mentally I was done with these two. I wanted to see what else there was to offer. Maybe meet the person of my dreams, have hot sex, remain friends and in touch and develop a relationship. It was a fantasy but I've worked in Fantasyland before so I could dream. I needed to find a way to stop this without sounding weak, tired and appearing like I wasn't a good top.

As if on queue, the dark hair guy started breathing heavily and rushed over to the opposite side of the bed and straddled the blonde's head. The blonde ducked his head lower and allowed his friend/lover to shoot on the back of his neck while I kept plowing away.

This was my way out. As soon as he was done unloading I pulled out and without a word, unrolled the condom and went to the sink area and dumped it in the trash. Normally it is customary to say something, but we had gone this far without saying anything why should I start now? I returned to the foot of the bed and started to put on my clothes. I gave them both a thumbs up, which I hoped was a universal sign for good job and even with the language thing and signals being lost in translation I actually thought these guys were good. The hottest sex I had in a long time. I wished there was more of a mental connection with them but you can't have it all. Sex with me has never been a total knock your socks off romp from beginning to end, but this one came close.

I still felt more was in me and wanted something to push the envelop. Something to add to the excitement and take me higher. To another level so I made up my mind there to make one more loop around and then leave to Club Orlando. Even though I was broke, I just felt the need to go and freak out. Maybe there would be another International tourist there or one of those international employees at Epcot who had the day off and who I could connect with and have a year of fun with. I knew the likelihood was slim to none. Things rarely turn out the way I wanted them to, but my other option was to go home watch the Cartoon network and shoot off to a videotape.

"Thank you," I managed to say, not expecting or getting anything in return. I reached for the door and I heard the dark haired guy say, "No, thank you." I heard the shower running in the back and I knew the blonde didn't get off. I had a twinge of guilt for leaving, but I wanted to get out of there by that time. Plus, I was playing the cocky guy role and he seemed to not want to. Finally, and most importantly, he was at the P-house and there was a foam party that night. Its not like he wasn't going to find anything else later.

I left and true to my world did a loop (or two). The guy who had been cruising me earlier and who I wanted to see what he was all about had his door closed and curtains drawn. Either that meant he didn't want to be bothered or he was in there with someone.

It was time to leave and hope for better luck at the Club. Before I left I did two more laps around and walked past the two guy's room. The curtains were still closed. Which, to me, was a good sign. Had they opened their curtain and door after I left I would have felt like I didn't do my part. The fact it was closed still could mean that they needed time to regroup. Which stroked my ego and made me feel wanted and desired. If only to have that on a regular basis.

* First attempt at storytelling like this (I'm sure you guys here it all time). I accept any and all constructive feedback. The only way I can get better is learn what worked and what didn't.

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