Man for Man

Lee's Lover


Lee Williams was getting changed from his weekly workout. His strong, muscular, body was still caked with a deep layer of sweat. His heart, still beating, like the punch bag he had been working on less than ten exhausting minutes ago. Lee enjoyed the feeling he got after a long session in the gym but there was another reason he came to work out so often. He loved to watch the other men flex their muscles too. Often he would sit facing the running machines so he could watch the other fit lads' butts moving in time with each step, over and over again. Later on he would go home and masturbate with those images floating around his mind. Just thinking about what he had seen in the past couple of hours made him want to blow his load over the already, dirty, white, tiled walls.


"Hey." A voice from behind him said. Lee turned around and felt his prick getting harder at the sight of the man standing there. His short, dark, brown hair and his exotic green eyes, all attached to a magnificent, muscly, body. He turned his back trying to shield his arousal from the gorgeous man. Lee blew out a long breath he couldn't believe just how fine this guy was. He quickly picked up his tight, black, Calvin Klein underwear from the damp wooden bench. In doing so he dropped his towel that until now had been covering his most intimate areas. As rapidly as he could Lee stepped into them. The lump, that was now cooling down a little, was still visible as his prick jumped slightly, trying to be free, before softening back to its normal length.

Lee sighed - he didn't want to make any enemies here. He had once been a member of another gym but his own member let him down. Some of the other guys who worked out there had noticed his throbbing hardon once and beaten the shit out of him later that day. He shut his eyes saddened by the memory. Never had he felt so unwanted, so unloved, before. Neither was there a boyfriend to comfort him and Lee had drifted through the next couple of weeks burdened with the hurt of societies rejection.

Lee picked up his white T-Shirt and pulled it onto him, readjusting his long, parted, hair afterwards, then he sat down on the bench and tugged his worn jeans on. While he was doing this he became aware that he was being watched. The beautiful man who had given him an erection not two minutes ago was staring down at him. Fear filtered in Lee's head. Had his hard prick been noticed and was he about to feel the cruel pain of being gay again. Cautiously he picked up his black denim jacket and placed it over his shoulder. He wouldn't dare look at the sexy man, he was too afraid. Next he picked up his towel and shoved it in his bag before picking it up and making to leave.

As he walked behind the striking guy, there was little room between him and the lockers, an arm bared his way. Lee didn't dare look up from the brown tiled, concrete, floor that his eyes were rooted too. His stomach tensed and he felt sure he was going to throw up. He desperately wanted to run somewhere, anywhere, but he was trapped like an animal in a cage.

"I always promised myself that if ever I saw somebody like you I wouldn't let him get away." The hunk spoke in a deep, gritty, kind of voice. Lee glanced around the rest of the changing room - there was nobody there to save him from any fate that could occur. Then before Lee knew what was happening, and he had expected it to be bad, the sexy man was massaging his cock.

"What are you doing?" Lee inquired amazed and aroused. He wasn't prepared for this as his dick rose to attention. The man gave no answer as he placed his hands on Lee's shoulders and tore his shirt from his body. Lee closed his eyes as the man rubbed his hands over his firm pecks. Sensations that had long been absent from his body were now remerging. The man bend down and began to lick all the grooves Lee's chest had to offer. Lower and lower the mysterious stranger descended down over Lee's large six-pack to the rim of jeans before reaching both hand's round to play with Lee's arse. Then with a firm tug all that was left were Lee's black underwear with his raging cock yearning for freedom. His jeans were wrapped around his ankles. This made Lee unable to move, even if he wanted to. Although this sensation seemed familiar to Lee it was different somehow. When he had boyfriends in the past he had never had such violent or desperate urges to cum as quickly as possible.

Finally Lee's boxers were removed and he felt his prick being taken into the warm, wet, confides of the stranger's mouth. This man was an expert with a cock and knew exactly how to get quick results. Lee found himself reaching a peak very quickly and before he knew what had happened his orgasm hit him like an express train. His knees trembled as he fired all the cum he could as deep as he could whilst the man lapped up all the excess sperm he could. The stranger withdrew Lee's eight-inch hardon from his mouth. A little bit of delicious white cum dangled from the hole in his knob and the man stretched out his tongue and dragged the last drop inside him.

Lee was in a euphoric daze. He had just received the best blowjob in his life and now in the aftermath of his sexual high tried to cling onto the amazing feelings that came with his climax. Before Lee knew what was happening he was being forced onto the wooden bench behind him. His naked, firm, shaven, arse sticking up into air. Slowly his entrance was probed by one finger covered with a gooey jelly substance. Lee sighed as a second finger entered his butt hole.

Once again quicker than Lee could think or react both were removed and he felt something much thicker at the entrance to his arse. He spread his legs wider allowing greater access to his fuck hole. Without any warning the guy shoved his whole length deep into Lee's bowels. Lee yelped in surprise but as the stranger starting his rhythmic thrusts the discomfort ebbed away until all that was left was the divine pleasure of being shagged. Lee was helpless but loved every minute as the, beastly, thick cock moved inside his tight arse. The feeling of skin against his own until finally he felt warm cum cannon inside him. Lee fell to his knees as the man's dick was pulled out of his arse. He took a few deep breaths. That had been one of the best encounters he had ever had. That amazing dick had completely filled him. It would have been fair to say that Lee wanted to get to know the guy who had just fucked him, however, when he turned around the stranger was gone and Lee had been left all alone.

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In fictional stories it is fine to have sex without condoms, but in reality you should always use a rubber, regardless if you use Prep or not. Prep only protects for HIV, thats why other diaseases spread among Prep users that practice bareback sex.