Man for Man

Late For Practice


Steve had been at Pulman High for a week and had already noticed many differences between his new school in the city and his old one in the country. For starters, there were a lot more students - almost double that of his old school. However, Steve didn't have much trouble finding new friends. He was a very outgoing guy who enjoyed playing sports and had a cheerful personality. He was the star player on his old school's soccer team and had already made the team at Pulman, trying out as a midfielder.


Because he kept fit by playing soccer, Steve was a fairly good-looking guy. He had defined calves and tight abs that he liked to show off by wiping the sweat off his forehead with the bottom of his jersey. He kept his brown hair short and spiked and his face and chest were smooth. He had a 5'8" frame with 145 pounds of mostly muscle. Best of all, he had dazzling green eyes that the girls simply loved.

However, that didn't really mean much to Steve because he liked guys. That was why his favorite part of his new school was the large locker room with a wide open shower. After practices he would delight in taking peeks at his fellow teammates through the steam and water. A lot of the guys on the soccer team were hot, and many of them were sporting some massive packages of meat. Sadly, Steve suspected most of his teammates were straight and that his desires were wishful thinking. He was wrong.

On this particular day, Steve was late for practice. The coach made him run laps afterwards as punishment. This meant he couldn't spend quality time in the showers with his team, so he was naturally upset. Luckily one of the seniors, a defenseman named Bryan, volunteered to stay and run laps with him to keep him company. Steve was relieved.

Bryan had been at Pulman High since grade ten and never dated a girl. Like Steve, he preferred guys. And he suspected that Steve was gay ever since he caught him checking out other guys in the locker room. When he saw Steve running laps by himself after practice, he knew this was his chance to find out.

Although Bryan wasn't really popular, he was still damn attractice by Steve's standards. Bryan was almost six feet tall with some wild unkept brown hair that was dyed blond. After a rough practice it would get all sweaty and matted to his head. Steve especially enjoyed this. He also admired Bryan's built chest and strong arms. He longed to be in his embrace, staring into his deep brown eyes. Unlike Steve, Bryan had a little fuzzy goatee at the end of his chin and a small patch of brown hair between his pecs.

Steve and Bryan completed their laps while joking with one another about the usual things. The coach told them to hit the showers and lock up when they were done because he had to get to a dentist appointment.

Neither boy had a problem with this scenario and they eagerly headed to the change room. They slowly undressed while catching quick glances of each other in the process. When they hit the showers, Bryan made the first move by choosing a shower head unusually close to Steve while the rest of the large shower remained empty. Steve began to catch on and, a few minutes into soaping up, "accidentally" let the soap slip out of his hand towards Bryan.

"Shit," he cursed and bent over to pick it up, casually brushing against Bryan. Bryan's cock sprang to life. "Hey there. Guess you like that, eh?" Steve rose to meet Bryan's eyes. Bryan merely grinned and wrapped his fingers around Steve's head. Their lips met briefly before parting to allow their tonuges to collide. When they paused to catch their breath, Steve confessed, "I was really hoping you were gay."

Bryan blushed, "Same here."

"You know what I've always wanted to do?" Steve smiled coyly, slowly rubbing his hand against Bryan's rock abs before grabbing his stiff cock. "This." He knelt down in front of Bryan and swallowed the head of his dick. Bryan moaned.

"Shit, that feels so good. Suck me harder, Steve," he urged. His large mound of cock meat fleshed out into its full eight inches, providing Steve with a daunting but rewarding task. However, Steve had some experience in his old town where he often helped his well-endowed best friend take a load off after school. Slowly the shaft disappeared inch by blissful inch until Bryan's cock was well past the point of gag reflex and into Steve's throat. Steve could smell the sweat on the bush of pubic hair his nose now pressed against.

"Geez, you're fucking amazing," Bryan exhaled as Steve's head bobbed up and down the lenght of his cock. The water from the shower ran down Bryan's chest and dripped onto Steve's face as he grabbed Steve's head firmly and began to face fuck him. Steve leaned back and rested his head against the tile wall as Bryan assaulted his mouth with his beautiful member.

"Fuck man, I'm cumming!" Bryan exclaimed before unleashing a blast of his juice down Steve's throat. He pulled out a little for the remaining wads so Steve could enjoy his delicious salty taste. Even then, there was so much that it started dribbling down the sides of his mouth, but he recovered it all with his tongue once he swallowed.

When Bryan finally withdrew his limp cock, Steve was breathing hard. "Damn, that was great. You taste wonderful."

Bryan shrugged. "Can't help it." He looked closely at his new fuck buddy and realized his cock was still hard. "Damn. You probably want to get off too, eh?"

Steve glanced down at his swollen meat. "I guess so." He grinned. Bryan took his hand and let him out into the locker room, still dripped with water. He laid down on one of the benches and looked up at Steve pleadingly.

"I think you know what to do." He gave Steve a devilish smile. Happily, Steve knelt down at the end of the bench and began licking Bryan's asshole. He licked around the rim, taking in all the sensory pleasures before sticking his wiggling tongue inside. Bryan gasped. "Shit, you're making me hard again."

Steve took his tongue out and replaced it with two fingers, and then three. When he felt Bryan was sufficiently loose he slowly pressed his seven inch wonder into Bryan's waiting cavern. Aside from an initial gasp of pain, Bryan moaned and relaxed as Steve filled him with his meat. When he was fully in, Steve bent over Bryan's body and rubbed his pecs. "You have the tightest ass in the world." He pinched his nipples playfully. "And a damn good chest, too."

"Damn it, man, fuck me already!" Steve didn't need to take a hint. He pulled out slowly, experiencing each sensation of Bryan's tightening asshole, and then plunged in again swiftly to fill the void. His rhythm began slow but he eventually quickened his pace until his heavy balls were smacking loudly against Bryan's ass cheeks. Steve kept reaching down and rubbing Bryan's pecs and abs with one hand while the other held one of his legs in the air.

"Fuck..." Steve groaned before Bryan exploded unexpectantly in another torrent of cum. This sent Steve into overdrive as his pistoning cock unloaded in Bryan's ass. They screamed in united pleasure until Steve eventually collapsed into Bryan's waiting arms.

After a few moments Bryan whispered, "You should come late to practice more often." Steve mumbled a reply before drifting off to sleep in Bryan's warm embrace. Their affair would last through the entire soccer season, and even into the following year, before Bryan would move away for college.

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