Man for Man

Last Year At Uni


The summer between my second and third year of university, my dad had made me go to work with him on the construction site. I can't lie, I hated it with a passion, but I desperately needed the cash, and as much as the job sucked, the hard work gave me a great body and when the weather was just right, I also got a fantastic tan. I had just spent 2 long years studying business management, and I have to admit, that since I left high school, I had let myself go a little. Before I came out to work on the site, I had gained a bit of a beer belly, but after 6 weeks of lugging timber, and carrying loads of cement, my body was in the best shape it had ever been. In place of my beer gut sat a hard six pack. My leg muscles had toned up and my arms were as big as they could ever be. Yes, I hated the job, but I loved what it had done to my body and my confidence.


The summer came and went, and the work was always pouring in. It kept me busy and I made a decent amount of money but I was so happy when the time came to go back to uni. I missed my classes, I missed my friends, and I missed the laid back party lifestyle I had become accustomed to. I knew that after a few days, my routine of 5am starts and early nights would be a thing of the past, but I promised myself that I would join a gym and try to maintain the new body I had acquired over the summer.

The drive down to London was easy enough. I had done it a hundred times, and this time was as uneventful as the last. I had left most of my belongings at the apartment while I was gone over the summer, and so only had a few things to take back.

My apartment was on campus, and I shared with Dylan, a guy I could call my best friend. We met on our first day at university and instantly clicked. Unlike me being a northerner, Dylan was from Wales. He had a thick South Wales accent, which took me a while to completely understand, but after a while it became easy enough and we spent so much time with each other that we even started to pick up bits of each others accents when we spoke. He really was a lovely guy. A little older than me at 21 and he oozed wit and charm. Everyone loved him and he made lots of friends quickly. I suppose it also helped that he was totally hot. He had deep blue eyes and a killer smile, a strong jaw line and a fantastic body. I was always envious of his body. Well I was until this summer. He didn't work out, never played sports, drank like a horse and yet never gained a pound. His body remained tight and firm and in great shape. I on the other hand drank just as much, and did just as little, but didn't manage to stay just as trim.

When I got back to the apartment, Dylan was out. I dumped my things in my bedroom and headed for the kitchen to get a drink. There was a lot of beer in the fridge so I grabbed one and went to sit watching TV on the sofa. After a few hours and several beers I decided to go grab a shower before I became too drunk to stand. I headed for the bathroom and quickly undressed, stumbling a little from the effects of all the alcohol. When I got under the water I felt so relaxed. I reached for a sponge and started to soap myself. I run my hands along my stomach, loving the feel of the new muscles and shape of my torso. I rubbed the sponge into my skin and over my nipples. It felt so good and the amount I had drunk had made me feel quite horny. I dropped the sponge to the floor and started to rub my hand back over my chest, pinching my nipples as I went, before running my hand down the trail of hair from my navel and resting it on my dick. I took my semi erect manhood into my hands and started squeezing it slightly, waking it up and making it hard. I had a nice dick, so I was told. It was about 7 inches long and nice and thick. Once I was fully hard, I let my dick spring free, and reached a bit lower to feel my nuts. They felt heavy in the sack and I rolled them between my fingers, brushing over the dusting of hair that covered them.

I reached for the shelf and grabbed some shower gel, squeezing the tube and watching it drip down on to my hard shaft. The coldness of it against the warm spray of the water made my dick jerk a little, but I quickly grabbed it and rubbed the shower gel along the length of my dick. I was working up quite a lather as I pumped on my meat, slowly at first, but gradually building up to long hard thrusts. I was bucking my hips to meet my fist and was wanking furiously under the water. I spread my legs a little to get a better stance and leaned one hand against the wall. With the other I pumped wildly on my dick, enjoying the sensations washing over me. It didn't take too long for me to get that familiar feeling, and I let out a soft moan as my knees bucked and I shot a load of cum over the shower wall. Spurt after spurt of my man juice sprayed over the tiles, and I held firm onto my dick, squeezing every last drop out of my piss slit. When I regained my composure, and my dick had gone soft, I started to piss, letting it run out of my dick and down my legs. I loved the warm feeling as it ran over me, and lifted my dick slightly to let it run over the bottom of my stomach and pubes. When I was done, I rinsed off and got out of the shower.


I checked myself out in the mirror as I dried myself off. I had been doing that a lot lately. I guess it was partly vanity, but also because I was in awe of myself. Two months ago I was stood in the same room looking back at a totally different person. My gaze was shifted when I heard Dylan come home.

"Josh, you here bud?" I heard him shout in his thick Welsh accent.

"I'll be right out." I shouted back, quickly drying a little more and wrapping a towel around me. I walked half naked from the bathroom and out into the living room. I could hear Dylan moving around in the kitchen, and the familiar sound of a beer can opening. When he came into the living room he looked like he had seen a ghost.

"Fuck Josh, what happened to you? You have a waist now!" he said laughing and handed me a can. "You been putting in extra hours on your daddy's site?"

"I just didn't have much time for drinking beer" I responded, proud of the reaction I was getting.

"Well your looking good, bro. I'm proud of you" He said, finally taking a drink and sitting down on the settee.

We chatted for a while, filling each other in on all the things we had done over the summer and drinking beer. I realised how much I had missed his company. Every other summer, we had both stayed in London, and so hadn't really gone too long without seeing each other. The more I realised how much I missed him, the more I realised how much I wanted him. I had always had a bit of a crush on him I guess. Who wouldn't? He was beautiful. But after a while we became too good friends, and I didn't want to spoil that by making a move. Add to that, the fact that I had never openly admitted I was gay, and it was all just a bit too awkward. I had resigned myself to the fact long ago, that we would never be more than friends, and I was happy with that. But now, the mix of alcohol, and the feeling of missing him so much were making me want to do crazy things. Before I had a chance to do something really stupid, I excused myself to bed and left him to drink alone on the sofa.

The following morning, I woke early ready for classes to begin again. I got myself ready before heading into Dylan's room to wake him up. For as long as we had lived together, I had been his alarm. We shared all the same classes, so it didn't really bother me too much. I walked along the hallway to his room and turned the handle, letting myself in. Dylan was laying on his stomach, naked on top of the blankets. I walked over and gave his arse a gentle slap and shouted for him to wake up. He didn't respond so I did it again, harder this time, and I let my hand rest on his arse for a little longer than I probably should have. I felt the dark hairs under my fingers as they rested on his tight buns.

"Dylan, get the fuck out of bed" I shouted again, taking my hand off of his arse cheeks.

He moaned a little and rolled over, letting his morning hard on come into view. It was magnificent and I loved to see it. Dylan was never shy about showing off his cock. He had no reason to be I guess. It was nine solid inches and very thick too, resting over big hairy balls and just below a big patch of dark pubes. Dylan was quite a hairy guy and kept his body all natural. He didn't shave or wax, and it looked hot. His legs were covered in black hair, he had a smattering of it on his chest too and under his armpits. He didn't look unkempt, just perfectly natural, and I loved it.

"Come on, we have to go to class" I said, shaking his leg a little below his balls. He had no chance of touching his cock, it was still very hard and resting up near his belly button.

"I'm coming" he said yawning.

"So it would seem." I said laughing and heading out of his door, closing it behind me.

The walk over to our first class was filled with jokes and laughter. Dylan was winding me up about all the birds I would get now that I had a `killer body'. When we reached the class we went in and took our seats. The hour passed quickly enough and we were soon heading towards the cafeteria.


"Have you seen all those girls checking you out?" Dylan questioned.

"You Jealous?" I asked laughing.

"Joshua, Joshua, Joshua. You need to understand, they can all look, but I'm the one who gets to take you home every night." He joked, messing up my hair and running through the doors to the cafeteria.

I followed him through in, wishing that there was some meaning behind his comment, but knowing there wasn't. We sat and had lunch, me opting for a salad instead of the usual burger, determined to keep my new body. It didn't take long for us to finish, and through all the small talk we decided to ditch the afternoons lectures and head on home. We stopped off at the shop on the way back to the apartment, and picked up some more lagers.

"You think we should invite some of the guys over tonight? I asked as we headed up the stairs to the apartment.

"Na, I'm not really in the mood for a wild one." he responded. "lets just have a few tins, and watch a film."

I agreed, and walked through the apartment to set the bags down in the kitchen.

"I'm just going to grab a shower, fella" Dylan shouted and hurried off to the bathroom.

I carried on pottering around in the kitchen, and then made myself comfortable in the living room. I flicked through the channels on the TV to see if there were any decent films on but it was a washout, so I turned it back off and sat waiting for Dylan. When he came out of the bathroom, he was still naked. He had his towel, but instead of wrapping it around his waist, he was still drying himself off as he walked past me towards his bedroom. I managed to get another look at his lovely cock, which hung down at about 4 inches, and was still quite thick, even when soft.

"I'm just going to stick some clothes on and I will be out." he said as he walked past.

I watched his arse closely as he entered his bedroom. He didn't bother closing the door, so I could just about see him as he dried himself, then slipped on his boxers, followed by some shorts and a t-shirt. When he came back out, I shifted my gaze so he wouldn't catch me looking. I had mastered the art of hiding my eyes and averting my gaze a long time ago.

"You want to start drinking now?" he asked, walking towards the kitchen.

Never one to miss out on the chance for an afternoon of beer, I agreed and quickly starting chugging back the beer he handed me.

"Jeez, your keen" Dylan said laughing, as he sat on the couch cross legged beside me.

"Well I have a lot of catching up to do, don't I?" I laughed back, before taking another big gulp of beer.

"You want a game of cards?" Dylan asked, pointing to the deck on the shelf.

"Sure" I replied.

We got the cards from the shelf and moved ourselves to the table behind the sofa, taking our beers with us. We played a few rounds of poker, laughing and joking back and forth as we lost in equal measures. My victories were always that little bit sweeter, as I had to spend every game listening to how Dylan was going to kick my arse. We both played a good game though so the chances of him winning were pretty much equal to me, but he still bragged nonetheless.

The games continued for a couple more hours and before we knew it we were both pretty drunk. It had gotten quite dark outside and we could barely see the cards in front of us. Partly from the lack of light, but I guess partly from the fuzzy eyes the beer had given us. The drunker we got, the more adventurous with the games we got, and before long the loser of each game was guzzling down half a can at a time. We could have easily drunk a whole can at a time, but the fear of running out or passing out made us hold back a bit.

"The loser of this game gets naked" Dylan proclaimed, smiling.

I agreed and tried to play the best game I could, but ultimately lost.

"Get them off then" Dylan laughed. "You cant go back on it. Time to show off this new bod of yours"

I didn't say anything, just stood up opposite Dylan and started to undo the buckle on my jeans. I looked over to him and saw him try and fail to avert his eyes, but I knew he was waiting to check out my junk. Once I had unbuckled my belt, I stopped, and pulled my shirt off instead. I grabbed at the seam at the bottom, and took my time pulling it up over my head. I pretended that it was stuck at my neck to give him some more time to see. I knew he was watching me. When it was off, I chucked it to the floor beside me and started again at my jeans. I undid them, a button at a time and slowly opened the top of them, showing off the waistband of my Calvin's. Dylan still had his eyes on me and I could feel them undressing me before I even had my jeans off.


I pulled the denims down slowly. I tried to get them down over my calves but the muscles I had built up meant that they were a bit tighter than normal and so my boxers were slowly being edged down too. My pubes came into view first, and Dylan licked his lips at the sight. I wiggled my arse a little to bring my jeans and boxers down further, slowly letting the base of my cock show. Dylan looked like he was about to fall off his chair and I knew I was turning him on. The thought of it was causing my dick to fatten and plump up and I didn't want to risk popping wood in front of him, so I quickly pulled my denims all the way off and let my cock spring free. Dylan let out a tiny gasp, before I kicked off my jeans and sat back down again.

"Your turn to lose" I said as calmly as possible, dealing out another hand.

Dylan snapped out of his daze and picked up the hand he was dealt. Through the glass table I could see he had the beginnings of a boner in his shorts and the sight got my attention quickly. The game lasted for ages, and the drink kept flowing. Nobody seemed to be winning, but after a while, I lost again. There was nothing else I could do so we played another few rounds. Each time, I lost. Dylan seemed to be picking up his game at the thought of having to strip off, and I was sat there feeling a bit stupid about being naked.

We must have drunk at least 5 cans each in the time since I had stripped, and I knew this would have to be my last game. I could barely hold the cards but I was determined to see him naked before I went to bed to jack off. Half way through the game I seemed to have the upper hand. I didn't want to lose again, so I decided to throw him off a little. I said I needed the bathroom and so stood up and stumbled around the table. Again his eyes were all over me, and as I walked I stumbled into him. I didn't do it on purpose but it seemed to have a good effect on him. As he reached out to steady me, his hand brushed against my dick, and as I looked down I could see his dick start to grow. I pulled myself straight and walked towards the bathroom, leaving the door open as I entered. One look in the mirror on the wall told me that he was watching and listening to me as I pissed. It didn't seem like it was going to stop. When it eventually did, I headed back to the table and resumed my game. Dylan, who was as equally drunk as I was, didn't take his eyes off my dick through the glass table. He had the advantage of making it seem like he was looking at his cards, but half the time he was quite blatant about it.

I quickly won the game, and as I did, I stood up and cheered, jumping a little and letting my dick swing and get a little fuller. I knew he would watch me, and I knew it would start to get the blood pumping through his dick too. As I sat down, I demanded that he finally get as naked as I was. It had taken ages, but it would be worth the wait when I got into bed and blew a load thinking about it.

Dylan wasn't nearly as seductive in his stripping as I was, though he did have to take his time due to the amount he had drunk. He stumbled as he pulled his shirt up over his head, revealing his hairy chest and armpits. I loved how it looked so different to my own smooth chest. Next he went at his shorts. He had no buckle or buttons to contend with so he just hooked his thumbs in the waistband and yanked them down to his ankles. As he straightened up, his cock sprung forward and pointed right at me, the tip of the head poking out from under the foreskin just a little and I'm sure there was a drop of pre-cum on the end. I wanted so badly to take it my mouth, but knew I probably never would. I looked straight at it, and he followed my gaze down to his fat cock.

"How did that happen?" he laughed drunkenly, slurring his words.

"Fuck knows, but it happened to me too" I said, standing up and showing off my erection.

He stared right at it and in that instant I knew he wanted me. Just like I had always hoped but told myself could never happen. In my drunken stupor I told him that I needed to take a shower. I had no idea why I said it, and knew that I had no chance of being able to stand long enough to take one, but it seemed like a good idea at the time. I stumbled towards him and brushed his arm as I passed. As I did he grabbed me. I turned towards him, hoping that he was going to grab me and kiss me, but instead he told me he was going to come with me. He dropped my arm and followed me to the bathroom. I got in the shower and turned the water on, letting it run down my body and over my hard cock. He sat watching me from the toilet, never taking his eyes from me. I reached down and started to tug gently on my rod, and as I did, he did the same. He copied my every move, speeding up and slowing down, whenever I did. I didn't want to bust a nut just yet, so I stopped what I was doing and started to step out of the shower. As I did, Dylan stood up, reaching out his arms and pushing me back in, but this time, he stepped in with me and closed the glass door behind us.


We both stood under the water, letting it run over us. I could still feel the effects of the alcohol and I felt dizzy, but I was determined to see this through. Dylan moved first, reaching forward and lightly brushing his hand over my chest, running it down and letting it rest at my dick. His fingers wrapped around my shaft and squeezed gently. I leaned forward slightly into his grip and reached out to grab his cock. It felt amazing in my hands. I could feel it throbbing as I tightened my grip and slowly started to jack him off. With my other hand, I reached up and wrapped it around his shoulder, holding on to the back of his neck. We were both letting out little moans and gasps as the pleasure overwhelmed us. I let my hand drop a little and I took his big heavy nuts into my hand. I tugged on them gently, feeling the hair in my hands and their heaviness. The more I did this, the faster he was tugging on my meat. I was letting out sharp moans and felt like I was going to explode over his hand. I think he could tell I was close because he quickly stopped and leaned in, pulling my lips to his and kissing me hard. The water was pelting down onto us and I could feel its warmth running down my face as his tongue darted in and out of my mouth.

Dylan kissed around my mouth, down to my neck and all over my chest, flicking his tongue over my nipples as he went. He worked his way down my body slowly, licking the hairy trail that led from my bellybutton down to the base of my cock. With his right hand he grabbed hold of my shaft, pulling back my foreskin a little. He looked up at me for a second before returning his gaze to my dick and taking me into his mouth. I have no idea if it was his first time, but he was amazing. I could feel his tongue swirling around the head and flicking over the piss slit as he moved his head up and down my fat 7 inches. With his other hand he was pumping madly on his dick. Seeing him in action made my dick leak loads of pre-cum, and he seemed to be enjoying it judging by the way he was gobbling at my meat.

When I could take it no more, I pulled him off me and began to return the favour. Instead of kneeling down, I sat on the floor of the shower with my legs crossed and quickly got to work on his beautiful dick. I had my hands around him, holding onto his arse and I sat there as he fucked my face. Every now and then he would grab his dick and start wanking into my mouth as I licked and sucked the head, but then he would resume his pace and start thrusting into my mouth again. He didn't seem like he was going to cum anytime soon, so I carried on what I was doing, but slowly started to push a finger into his arse. He must have liked the feeling, because as I was doing this, he grabbed his cock and started beating fiercely into my mouth. When I thought he was about to cum, I pulled my finger out and moved my mouth from his dick. He looked down at me disappointed, but I shot a wicked smile at him, and motioned for him to turn around. He did as instructed, and rested his hands against the shower tiles. I pulled his ass cheeks apart, taking a glance at the hair surrounding his puckering hole, before moving in closer and pushing out my tongue. I licked along the inside of his arse and around the hole for a while, deliberately avoiding the target. When I heard him panting and could see him beating his meat again, I pushed 2 fingers into his hole, just up to the knuckle, but enough to make him let out a loud sigh. As I was fucking his hole with my fingers, I let my tongue start to lick around the hole a bit more. After a few seconds I pulled out completely, and as I held his cheeks apart, I let my tongue replace my fingers. I was darting in and out of his hole and licking and sucking all around it, letting Dylan moan in pleasure as I did. When my tongue was firmly in place I let go of his arse and reached around, grabbing his dick and wanking it fast as I rimmed his arse.

"Stop or I'll come" he pleaded.

I knew he was serious, so I stopped what I was doing and stood up, leaning in behind him and kissing his neck. He reached behind him with his hand and pulled my head closer to him and into a long kiss. As our tongues fought for domination, he spun around to face me, pressing his hard prick into mine. We pushed against each other, rubbing up and down, slippery from the water cascading above us. Without even thinking, or worrying about the consequences, I started to piss. I felt it running between us, over our bodies and down to the shower floor. I thought he would pull away, but instead he pulled me closer and kissed me harder, still rubbing his body against mine. I felt him jerk a little and before I could move he was pissing too. It felt warm and wonderful. By this time I was convinced it was all a dream and I had fallen asleep at the poker table, but when he pulled away and started kissing and licking at my stomach I knew that I was definitely awake. He was insatiable, he kissed at my dick and back up towards my stomach, stopping at the top of my waist and giving me a small love bite. I knew he must have been tasting a mix of our piss but he seemed to be loving it, and thought that he was, was making me crazy.


I pulled him back up and gave him a small kiss on the lips, reaching around and putting my fingers back into his arse. He leaned his head back and moaned, bucking on my fingers and playing with his cock. He grabbed my cock too and held it in his fist with his, wanking us both at the same time. This time I was sure I was going to lose my seed over him so I stopped what I was doing, pushed the shower door open and stepped out. Dylan stood there looking dumbfounded. I think he thought I was having second thoughts.

"Are you coming?" I asked, giving a sly smile and nodding towards the hallway.

I didn't need to ask twice. As soon as the words left my lips he was jumping out of the shower and following me down the hallway. My bedroom was closer, so I opened the door and led him in. As soon as the door was closed he pinned me against it and pushed his tongue into my mouth. We stayed there for a few minutes before he started pulling me towards the bed, still kissing me as we went. We crashed down on top of the sheets, still wet from the shower and continued kissing.

After a few minutes of that he spun around and got on top of me, pointing his dick towards my face. I wasted no time in taking his 9 inches to the back of my throat. I could here his moans as he sucked on my cock, and the vibrations from his mouth were driving me wild. He pulled off my dick and started licking down my balls towards my arsehole. I instinctively lifted my legs to give him better access, and gasped as his tongue went to work on my hole. I reached up and started fingering him as he did this, still sucking on his ample meat. My fingers were going wild and pushing into him as fast as my wrist would allow. I could feel his hips start to buck and I prepared myself to swallow his load. He kept lapping at my hole as the first shot hit the back of my throat. He let out a loud grunt, but his tongue didn't stop licking at my arse. I kept sucking as every shot came out of him. When I could swallow no more, I lifted his hips up and pulled his dick out of my mouth. He continued to shoot his load over my face and neck as I milked him with my hand. When he was done, he pulled his mouth from my arse and rolled over beside me.

He started to wank me off again, as I brushed his cum from my face and started rubbing into his arse crack, using my fingers to push it into his hole. With some of the cum I still hadn't swallowed, I spat onto my hand and started rubbing onto my shaft. Dylan must have known what was coming next because he instinctively sat up on his knees and straddled me. As he sat down onto my prick and I started to ease into him, I knew he had to have done this before. All thoughts were quickly dispelled though as Dylan started to lift himself up and down on my prick. He leaned forward, kissing me for a second, before sitting back and leaning on my chest with both hands. I started to lift my hips and fuck into him hard and fast. He was bobbing up and down meeting every thrust and letting out loud moans that echoed around the bedroom.

By now his dick was hard again and he started to wank himself off as I invaded his arse with my fuckpiece. The sight of my wank fantasies riding my dick and jacking himself off was driving me wild and I could feel my orgasm starting and my balls tightening. I let out a cry as I thrust into his arse and unleashed jets of hot sum into his guts. It was the most intense orgasm I had ever experienced and I couldn't stop bucking and thrusting into him. The feeling of being filled up with my cum must have had a good effect on Dylan, because seconds later he was shooting his second load all over my chest. It wasn't as much as before, but he still managed to get me soaked in his jizz. He squeezed his ass muscles around my cock, getting out every last drop of my cum, before leaning down and kissing me hard. We stayed like that for about 5 minutes before he finally rolled off and got under the blankets beside me. I followed his lead and got under the blankets too and as I did, he kissed my back and wrapped his arm around me before we both fell asleep.

We had so much fun when we woke the next morning.

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