Man for Man

Last Summer on the Fire Crew


Tom could tell that everyone in the barracks was staring at him. They'd wedged a table between the army-blanket-covered cots and started up a game of Five-Card Draw. The draw was to Tom. As his gaze rose up from his scattering of cards, he discovered everyone left in the place was staring at him, excepted for Nathan.


Nathan stood opposite his buddy Tom, inspecting the hands of the other players. He'd stopped en route to the bath house. His worn beige towel barely clung to his slim muscled figure. Nathan was built like a Greek god. Of course, all the firefighters were built like gods after digging fireline for a few months. Nathan resembled Apollo in particular: lithe, chiseled and blonde.

The air was tense; you'd think they were playing for large sums of money or strip poker with an ass-pounding final hand. As everyone else urged Tom to make a decision, Nate leaned to his right to check out another player's cards. The towel slid from his hip. He caught it easily with his right hand, while his left slung aside his large white cock and scratched his ball sack nonchalantly and casually.

Tom chuckled in response to his buddy's display. That settled it; he flashed his ace of clubs and requested four cards.

The game went long and was still going when Nathan's long frame stalked back into the barracks from the bath house. Tom smiled when his friend returned. Nathan finished drying himself off in the open doorway where the warm, pine-scented, night air wafted in occasionally. Then he approached the table, still powdering his body.

"Nathan's naked!" blurted out a newbie, a first-time forest firefighter, a summer seasonal employee, sitting to Tom's right.

The veterans all laughed without even turning to look. Tom cleared his throat and turned to the "new meat": "Maybe that's why we call him `Naked Nathan'."

Tom was the same age as Nathan, definitely not as gorgeous, but he had a certain amount of charisma: logistical skills, connections, experience. People were instinctively drawn to him as an authority figure. A six-foot frame and premature touch of gray at the temples probably helped the whole illusion.

Friday afternoon everyone else headed into town. Nathan and Tom headed out on a camping trip. When asked where they were going, Nathan replied, "Strawberry Springs." Tom didn't correct him. They actually drove Tom's burnt orange Chevy truck to a trailhead just twenty miles south of their remote fire station.

Nathan's hand was on Tom's right thigh most of the drive on the forgotten forest road. The trail led down into the confluence of the Beaver Creek and Clear Creek. They'd discovered the small canyons two weeks before while investigating a smoke report on the nearby Mogollon Rim of the vast heavily forested Colorado Plateau. They never found the lightning struck tree. But they found their camping spot. The heavy ponderosa pine forest hid any sign of the small open canyons until you were right on the edge.

It was a short hike down into the canyon, about as long back up stream to the confluence. Both men had stripped off their t-shirts and flannel shirts before heading down, leaving on their "White's" work boots and threadbare Levis. Nathan's golden body glistened in the afternoon sun. Tom revealed a narrow chest covered with fine brunette hair, in sharp contrast to the sun bleached hair on his head. They were young and flat belled. Tom still hadn't gained the final twenty pounds on his frame which would settle on his Pulaski wielding shoulders.

The area was full of washed out beaver dams and a storm wrecked sensuous sycamore forest. Northern Arizona was famous for monsoons in the summer. But it wasn't monsoon season yet; it was just summer in Arizona: hot! They were both sweating by the time they reached the pool where the two creeks met.

A five-foot water fall cascaded into the pool from the Beaver Creek. A sandbar lined the south side of the pool and another framed the north side coming out of the Clear Creek. An old rock slide had created the pool and it funneled the water through a narrow chute and on its way downstream.

The summer sun stood high in the sky and recent college graduates would have plenty of sunshine before long shadows fell across the canyons. The redrock bluffs above their heads blazed and a steady hot wind rose up canyon from the desert 2,000 feet below the nearby Rim.


Nathan came to a dead stop as he broke out of the oak brush onto the southern sandbar. Tom, gawking about, didn't see him stop and ran into his good friend. By reflex, his arms grabbed the Greek god's chest to keep them from tumbling into a pile.

"I like you too," Nathan joked. "But, first a swim."

The sweating men, dropped their "red packs", plopped their firm asses to the sand and began unlacing their boots. Nathan got barefoot and naked first and stood impatiently waiting for Tom. Perspiration ran freely down his chest, across his firm belly and fanned out across his upper thighs and glided into the fuzz on his tight round balls. He kept flipping at his thick eight-inch piece of man-meat to cool it.

"What are you looking for, Tom?"

"My shorts," answered Tom hunkered over his pack as though getting ready to fuck it.

"There will be none of that!" Nathan said grabbing his buddy and rushing him head first into a shallow dive.

The water was surprisingly pleasant. Even side by side they could take several strokes across the pool and discovered that under the small water fall the pool was just a little too deep to stand in. They explored under the waterfall, but it had no secret Playboy mansion style grotto.

"So," Tom began with a shake of his head to get the water out of his brown hair. "No bathing suits allowed?"

"No clothes allowed! This is commando camping!"

"I ain't gathering sticks for fire wood with my dick and balls hanging out."

"Your balls never hang down! Okay, but no clothes in camp! Hey, stay right here a minute."

Nathan swam to the downstream end and squatted where the water moved rapidly through the rock slide.

"What are you doing?"

"Stay there!" Nathan repeated. "Stay there. You don't want to get caught in the log jam!"

"Gross!" shouted Tom climbing unto the southern sand bar.

They lay there for a while after rubbing sunscreen into their tan trim bodies. Nathan made quite the show of rubbing his chest and muscular arms. He was also quite public about applying sunscreen in an ample amount to his round balls individually and his thick vulnerable cock. He even jokingly swiped an additional blob on Tom's dick and told his friend to rub it in.

"Thanks," Tom replied easing the open palm of his right hand onto his crotch, raising his six inches and massaging it between his hand and belly.

They lay in the sand awhile, turning like naked chickens on the roaster sticks, basting one another backs, careful not to let their hands drift to far south while applying the suntan lotion. Nathan's hips began to grind into the sand when Tom applied lotion the second time. Tom interrupted his idylls by pointing out it was time to set up camp before they fell asleep. Nathan looked up at him with dreamily glazed eyes and offered to set up the camp, if Tom would fetch the wood. Nathan wanted to stay naked.

Tom came and went with load and after load of "squaw wood": low pine branches the width of a cock broken from the dark pine boles by Tom's brute strength. He also got the fire pit arranged and started a small fire for later.

Nathan set up the plastic tarp, ground cloth and their government issued sleeping bags (which he zipped together). He also set out a small pot of water for the top ramen they'd have for supper and the bottle of Jose Cuervo they'd wash it down with. Tom found him kneeling over the small bench he'd improvised by lashing two small logs together, his ass turned up to the sun and Tom's gaze. He turned at the "clunk" of Tom's belt buckle in the dirt.

Well aware of his wide open ass, Nathan turned his head slowly with a sly grin. "Ready for a ...swim?" he asked.

Tom's tongue tapped his upper lip in thought for a moment before he answered the pause laden question. "Actually, you've give me a..." he glanced down at his semi hard dick "another idea. Let's build a diving platform."

Climbing the slight embanked above the pool, they found a spot covered in waxy, dark green vines. Nathan hunkered over the site, driving pegs with a rock. Each thrust of the stone, thrust his cock head into the sticky vegetation. Tom brought logs up the slope so Nathan could lash them together. They kept bunching up.


"Throw your ass down on these things so they don't move."

Rather than throw his tender white bubble butt on the rough bark and staubs, he sat in the glossy weeds and pinned down the logs with this fire toughened legs. He made sure to keep his nut sack and swelling rod from getting crunched in the process by squeezing his thighs together tight.

Nathan laughed as Tom's pecker bounced around each time he jerked on the lashing. Once the task was completed, Tom leaped off, cannonballing into the water. Nathan applauded loudly jumping up and down, waving his reddened cock in enthusiasm. Tom climbed the bank then performed a shallow dive. Rushing back to the platform, he paused for a Nathan to take a turn. Nathan still hesitated and then ...belly flopped.

His head rose to the surface groaning. His hands were obviously holding his sack. Tom dove in, grabbed his buddy by the hips and guided the bent man back to the beach. Nathan groaned again as Tom laid him on his back. His face was red, his chest was red, his belly, his thighs and presumably under his cupped hands his sprained balls were swollen and red. Tom tried hard not to laugh. Nathan eventually settled on his side and lay like some sensual statue, a bundle of granite like muscle and pouting passion. Tom went back to diving.

The shadows began to grow. Nathan's pain began to fade. His balls felt better but his dick was still sore and swollen. Tom pulled on his pants and boots to go find logs for them to sit on. Nathan tossed some more wood on the fire and started boiling the water for dinner.

"Don't forget," Nathan reminded him. "Naked dinner!"

Tom found some old stripped aspen rounds for them to sit their butts on. Then stripped naked for dinner. The soup went down fast. As did the sun. They started passing the bottle around. Nathan kept flicking his swollen dick. Tom scooted around on his round butt trying to get comfortable.

"You don't seem comfortable with my nudity, buddy." Nathan conceded.

"What!" Tom snorted. He sprayed a little tequila in the process and rubbed it into his chest hair and nipples. Nathan softly gasped at the performance. " I lived in Bury Hall for four years in college. Most of the guys barely wore anything on their way to the communal shower on our floor. And there was a communal shower. Same with the barracks each summer. And let's not forget showering with the muscled tattooed inmates at fire camps over the last four summers. I'm used to the sight of ...dicks swinging in the breeze." Tom wiggled in his seat to get his dick swaying back and forth.

Nathan pulled his knees apart and did the same. His rod was rigid and sticking straight out. "Damn, I'm horny," he mumbled to himself, keeping his eyes on the fire, never looking up at Tom. "Hey, isn't that roommate of yours a nudist?"

"Bill's got more to say about it than I. You should hear some of his stories. But yeah, the roommate we had last winter, wore this short little white robe around the house. Most of his hairy ass hung out most the time and if he hadn't had such a small dick that would've been hanging out the front." Tom didn't mention following his roommates into the woods one day when they went for a "hike". He got an eyeful without getting caught. He squirmed around on his log again and caught himself scratching his ass, way too deeply.

Nathan's gaze was deep into the fire now and far, far away. "I got into commando camping way back in boy scouts. I was helping an older 'real mature' guy with his eagle project; an erosion control dam.. We rode into the wilderness on horse back with two trailing pack mules. First thing he tells me is don't wear under wear when riding. It'll bunch up. First morning, he helps me into the saddle, then unbuckles my pants to check, zips down my fly, 'so I'll be more comfortable' and then flaps my shirt down in front. When we got there, he insists we work and sleep in the nude, so we don't get our clothes dirty. "

Nathan and Tom laugh out loud. Nathan takes another swing in order not to reveal the fact he'd learned a few things that first night and a few more the next night when the golden haired wilderness ranger spent the night with them.


"Hey, didn't Bill say something about the roommate's brother?"

"Oh, that guy! " Tom laughed. "He was in my college fraternity. He's a giant! All twisted steel and attitude. No one gave him any lip about walking around the fraternity house with next to nothing on. Once he got a place of his own, he was always naked. We'd go over there and he'd be sprawled out naked on the couch while his roomie was meekly making dinner. He'd be watching the news and playing with himself. I never wanted to be around when he was watching porn. I figured once he got horned up he'd be the sort of monster to plug the nearest hole regardless of who it belonged to."

"Damn!" Nathan responded. He was actually pulling on his cock as he took another swig. His tongue rolled around his mouth licking the left over tequila from his lips. "Damn!" he shouted again as he put a couple drops in his hand and applied them to his stiff man-cycle. As he handed the bottle to Tom, something made the brunette start rocking his ass against the smooth stripped log he was straddling. "Damn!" Nathan shouted again to the canyon walls. "Talking about nailing the nearest hole. I would have done it last week if I hadn't been laughing so hard."

"Does this have something to do with the shower curtain getting pulled down last week?" Tom asked, fingering his asshole unbeknownst to Nathan.

"Yeah, I was sitting on that bench in the shower room waiting my turn. There's four shower heads, but those guys were all noisy and drunk. Anyway one of them is real drunk and complaining that someone had sprayed him in the back with paint when we were painting tool handles last week. So they are trying to scrub it off his back for him. One's holding him and the other is scrubbing. But the fuck is too drunk and he passes out. As he falls, he drags them down with him, shower curtain and all. They all ended face down straddling that little retaining wall, buns up and squealing. If I'd been as horny then as now, I'd have cornholed one of them."

"Shit if their holes itch as much as mind does they'd... Fuck! Fuck!"

"What buddy?" Nathan warbled, leaning closer concernedly towards his best friend. "What's wrong?"

"We got into poison ivy!"

Nathan leaned back and roared! He flicked his rigid member extravagantly a few times. "That's why I'm so horny!"

Tom struggled to his feet, his bouncing dick right in front of Nathan's teared up eyes, rubbed his aching crack real good and plunged a satisfying finger up his ass.

Nathan grabbed him by the dick and free hand, then pulled himself drunkenly up. They'd left the tequila bottle where it lay. "I've got something in the tent that might help us. Come on! Come on!" he slurred "Let's get under the covers."

The two friends flipped the top sleeping bag back and crawled atop the other. Tom pried his ass cheeks apart and scrubbed them against the polyester bag, while Nathan rummaged around in his red pack. The blonde finally laid down with a bottle of ... not sunscreen, applied a big glob to his straining, bucking man-meat and sighed with relief.

"Give me that!" Tom snapped when he heard the sigh escape Naked Nathan's manly chest. He plopped a wad of goo on two fingers and shoved them up his ass. He too sighed "Ahh!". But...

"Damn! I'm horny!" grunted Nathan as he began stroking himself with both fists.

"Damn! I need something to scratch that itch!" Tom cursed back as he rolled on is right side and his left hand lifted his now pink ass cheek. "Fuck me buddy. Fuck me!"

Nathan didn't wait to be asked twice. As a matter of fact he did it twice that night and Tom cornholed him once. The rest of the weekend they took turns on one another asses. It was a great summer.

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