Man for Man

Landscaping and seeding for Mr. Elliott


When we were done mowing , digging and planting in Mr. Elliots yard he asked me and John in for a beer, which we eagerly accepted.

He told us we had done an exceptional job and wa thrilled with the outcome.


"I hate to see you both go without cooling off first", Mr. Elliott siad as we were picking up our gear. " Maybe you should jump into the pool".

John looked at me and I at him. I saw the look in Johns eyes and knew what he intened to do.

John is 6 feet tall with a body that makes anyone drool, and I'm 5'10" and also have a nice sculpted body. I'm hairy as hell and John is scattederd with nice fuzz here and there ( especially from his belly button down towards his large pacakage encased in his Joe Boxers ).

John has always sooooo comfortable in his own skin, which I usually have a problem with due to my 6.5" compared to his 8".

Anyway, as much as I wanted to get out of the place and get home after the job was done, John wanted me to stay and play in the pool. I saw the look in Mr. Elliots eyes as John accepted his offer to take a dip in the pool.

Mr. Elliott, was more than excited when he heard our acceptance.

Wow I thought, what a nice looking hairy man for someone in his mid 40's. Salt and pepper hair cut short framed his nice sculpted tan face. And when he smiled his nice white teeth added to the picture. Wearing cargo shorts and a tank top, his 6 foot body was hard and strong and scattered with dark hair from his chest and arms down to his muscular legs. I thought I noticed a slight rise in his shorts when we accepted his invitation and it looked to be a monster in the making.

Not more than 2 minutes later John had dived into the pool and I stripped down to my boxers and joined him. Mr. Elliott had gone in to grab a few beers and when he returned he set them on the patio table and removed his tank top then his shorts. I was right with my assupmtion when I glanced at his crotch there was a huge heavy basket behind those boxers he wore. But his body without the shirt was more than I had even hoped for. John had noticed the same thing and looked over at me raising his eyebrows and giving me a wink. At that point I knew we would be expeiencing first hand the monster I had created in my head.

John and I swam around for awhile as Mr. Elliott kicked back in a lounge chair with 1 leg resting on the chair bent at the knee and the other spread and resting on the cement patio. Reaching down he adjusted his heavy sack and told us our beers were here whenever we wanted them.

John pulled himself from the pool schucking the water off his body and strolled over towards the waiting beers. I saw Mr. Elliotts eyes follow Johns protruding basket which looked quite large in his wet briefs. I got out a minute or so later and went to the "drinking area" and had a seat at the patio table.

"Well ", Mr. Elliott said "you two did an excellent job, and finished a day before schedule, Im impressed.

Thanx John said and I said the same thing.

So I saw a rainbow flag on your work truck Mr Elliott said. I hope I'm not getting to personal and stop me if I am, but are you gay?

John piped up and said "queer as hell", and cant get enough sex most of the time to satisfy me. And Tony here is my boyfriend. We have the lanscaping business together. In fact we do most 'everything' together if you know what I mean. I just kicked back as John the talker talked.

When you say 'everything together' what do you mean by that Mr. Elliott asked.

I mean just about everything John replied.

Feeling a bit left out of the loop I just blurted out, "everthing, even down to sex".

Seeing the bone rise in Mr. Elliotts shorts I knew he was glad to hear that.

"So, then if one of you were to have sex with another guy, does that mean both of you would share the same guy?

Yep, John and I both replied.

With that said we all just kind of focused on nothing so as to act non-chalant.

Mr. Elliott pulled himself up on the lounge chair and looked at the 2 of us saying," In that case why dont you take off your underwear and have at it". I would love to see you two in some action.

John stood up and droped his shorts,letting his 1/2 hard 8 inch cock free and told Mr. Elliott that would be cool, but he had to join in the fun.


"Sounds like a plan to me" Mr Elliott said as he began fondeling the growing bulge between his legs.

John came over to me and started stroking my quickly lengthening dick, then standing in front of me he pulled his now fully erect cock and rested the swelling cock head at my lips leaving a small ammount of his pre-cum for me to lick off. My tounge eagerly lapped up the tasty goo,as I felt a big hand on the waistband of my underwear beginning to tug on them to get them off. John stepped further aside so Mr.Elliott could get to me. I lifted myself up on the chair to make it easier for him to remove my drawers. With one yank he had them down and pulled them from around my feet. I was fully erect and waiting for some action. John then stepped back in closer and put his swollen dick back in my mouth and began to face fuck me as Mr. Elliott deep throated me. I was gagging on Johns massive meat ( I usually do ) but taking all 8 inches down my throat. Oh yeah baby suck my cock, take this mother down your throat.

As I continued eating Johns dick Mr.Elliott let my own cock free and began to hungrily suck on my balls, sucking them and licking the shaft up to the engorged head then swallowing it as far as it would go. The feeling always got to me when I thought of having a cock in my mouth as another guy blows me. I had to watch it or I'd blow my wad real quick. John could go for days. Feeling as though I could loose it anytime I nudged Mr. Elliotts head off my cock and let Johns fall free of my mouth dropping a long string of his pre-cum onto my chest. This time Mr. Elliott licked the goo up.

I stood up and so did Mr. Elliott. John turned to him and began to remove the boxers from Mr. Elliott. All I could do was stare at what popped out from beneath them. Even John was quite suprised. We finally got to see the monster. He obviously noticed the looks on our faces. He smiled and asked "whats wrong boys"? Nothings wrong John replied to him its just that I dont think I've ever seen anything quite that big. How big is it? Oh he said its only 11 inches, and chuckled. It was beautiful. His cock was rock hard and as thick as my forearm and went straight out from his body and then the last 3-4 inches took a sharp curve upwards. And he had a set of hairy nuts between his legs that would make a bull proud. This is one hot MAN.

John turned to him and grabbed this piece of steel in his hands which made his big hands look small. Stroking it up and down then cupping his balls lifting them and then dropping them. I bent over and took the slippery head into my mouth as John got down and munched on those hairy balls. I was used to Johns cock but when I had maybe 1/2 of this bone down my throat I almost choked. I felt his hand on the back of my head pushing me onto him trying to get more and more of his cock into my mouth. I had tears in my eyes from the size of it and his piss slit was so big I could fell his big globs of pre-cum ooze into my mouth whenever he would tighen up his muscle to get it in further. The noises coming from John were hot as I listened to the slurp slurp of his meal and my gagging sounds were down right nasty.

C'mon baby John said, take that fuck stick down your throat, you can do it. He began to hand feed me Mr. Elliotts cock,as I now was fondeling his wet nuts. John and Mr. Elliott had their tounges down each others throat as Mr. Elliott face fucked me harder and faster. I had maybe 9" of his cock in my mouth and that was all I was gonna be able to take. I pulled off him and had to take some deep breaths to breathe normal again.

As the two of them seperated, Mr. Elliott grabbed Johns cock and worked it over hard with his mouth, sucking the living hell out of it. OOOOOH baby John cooed suck my fucking cock man oooh yeah. John had to push him away after a minute or so so he didnt shoot in his mouth.

As Mr. Elliott licked his lips he gently grabbed my wrist and led me over to the lounge chair and shoved his man tounge down my throat, then layed me onto the chair on my back. John stepped over me and straddled me with his ball sack and cock over my face. John leaned over and grabbed my ankles and pulled my legs up and spread them so Mr. elliott could have a birds eye view of my tight asshole.


As John held my legs and I chewed on his nuts, Mr. Elliott put one hand on each of my ass cheeks and pulled them apart for easier access to my quivering hole. I got goose pimples as I felt his warm tounge circling my hole,licking and sucking on it. I grabbed Johns cock and stuffed into my mouth so I could suck on it as I was being rimmed. Mr. Elliotts tounge felt like velvet as he munched away. I took most of Johns cock down my throat gagging a bit here and there until I felt his pubes on my face. I knew I had all 8 inches in my mouth. I thought I would explode when I felt Mr. Elliotts tounge enterd my hole and slowley began tounge fucking me with all he had. The sounds were incredible as he got it further and further into me, pulling it out now and then letting it wander up tracing its way to my swollen balls and then back down and straight into my hole again.

Ahhh man this tastes good he said as he raised himself up and replaced his tounge with his thick middle finger, wiggleing it from side to side and up and down in me. His fingers were as big as my entire cock. In no time he had succeded in getting three of his fingers into me and was leaning over me taking Johns entire cock shaft and sucking the hell out of it as I continued lapping up his sweaty ball sack.

John dropped my right leg and it fell to the chair making my ass muscle grip down hard on Mr. Elliotts fingers which just about shot me out of the chair.

My quick reflex kind of startled all 3 of us as my finger fucker pulled his fingers from my ass abruptly causing even more pain than before, and he dropped Johns cock from his mouth. We all just kind of froze for a second before I started laughing hard and they realized the humor as well and began to laugh.

Damn I said , Sorry guys that wasnt meant to happen but when you dropped my leg John did I clamped down hard with my ass and it sent a wave of pain through me.

Still giggling we just closed in on each other and rubbed our bodies together, ecxiting each of us to the hilt again.

Mr. Elliott asked if I was ok and I told him I was. Good he said, care to try the real thing? I was a little hesitant but was unable to pass it up and told him I would love to take his pole up my butt.

Turning away from John and I Mr. Elliott reached behind him and grabbed a towel off of the chair next to him and layed it on the ground doubling it up so my knees wouldnt get wrecked.

No words said I got onto the towel on all fours and spread my legs for him. John resumed his postiton in front of me aiming his so familiar dripping dickhead at my face. Mr. Elliott took a step to get behind me, then lowered himself to his knees as well. Eager John was in my mouth again face fucking me with all he had. I knew he was hotter than hell anticipating my fuck with Mr. Elliotts 11 inch bone. He didnt have to wait long as I winced with pleasurable pain moaning loudly as I felt the first part of Mr. Elliotts huge mushroom Cock head push its way into my sphincter. The pain ripped through me as he ever so slowly ( thank God ) began to enter me inch by loving inch. His big hands were tight around my waist to give him leverage and helped hold me from pulling away too much. I had no idea how much of his cock he had in me but I knew my asshole had NEVER been stretched so far. I wasn't giving Johns dick as much attention as I normally would as I focused hard on taking as much of this horse cock into my ass as I could. I felt a string of pre-cum fall against my leg from my now semi soft prick.

Thats it baby John cooed. Let me see that baseball bat go into you, I know you can do it you horney little fucker. I loved it when John talked to me this way and was able to back myself onto much more of Mr. Elliott. I knew I had quite a bit in me when I felt the curve of his dick head upwards into my ass brushing against my prostate. I was pounding my fists on the chair and barely able to keep Johns dick in my mouth for more than a second or two at one time.

Not getting the full on attention I wish I was able to give him, John took his cock from my mouth and stepped around to where Mr. Elliott was and they began another long deep throat tounge kiss. Nice kiss John told him. " I can Taste my babys ass on your tounge". Tastes like candy Mr. Elliott replied as I felt another portion of him grind its way far into my bowels.


John got on his back when the tounging was done between them and scooted himself up between Mr. Elliotts spread legs till his face was looking straight up at his fuck stick sliding in and out of my ass , and my swinging ball sack. Letting his generous mouth move back and forth between Mr. Elliotts giant hairy bull balls to licking all around my packed butthole as I was being impaled with this beautiful 11 incher, then he'd move up to my cock and swallow me whole. My slobbering dick returned to its rock hard stage and was drooling clear liquid for John to drink up.

"Fuck baby, this is so nice", John spoke. I've never seen anything this big ripping into your ass. Youre taking it like the fucking hot stud you are". C'mon Mr. Elliott give Tony the last couple inches you've got and shove it up his hot ass". C'mon make him moan louder than he's ever moaned, shove your swollen dickhead as far as it'll go and coat my babys guts with your hot spunk.

Johns talk obviously worked, because Mr. elliott gave 1 hard push and I felt the head of his cock go from my asshole and stop somewhere in me just short of my throat. I felt those heavy orbs he referred to as balls slap hard against my ass with each thrust.

I was barely able to hold myself up any longer as Mr. Elliott had gone from his nice slow "get used to my huge dick fuck" to a full on pounding action. Pulling his fat cock all the way to my holes entry then slamming it into me burying it as far as it would go. I was getting fucked like never before and the curve of his dick was rubbing my prostate raw and giving me a feeling that I'd never had before. He and John were talking some nasty shit as John played with our cocks, balls and my tender butthole. I had never been fist fucked but in my mind right now this is what I imagined it to be like. In and out, in and out over and over and over, knocking me forwards then pulling me back till I was engogred with hot cock. My body started to give out and began slightly shaking and I knew I was gonna lose it soon into Johns mouth. OOOOOh SHIIIIT I screamed "get ready Johnny I'm gonna cummmm, and with that John swallowed my cock just in time to get the first pump of cum and held on tight till I had filled his mouth with my juice then swallowed and licked his lips. Drinking my cum got him hotter than ever and he was soon back down where the action was. Mr. Elliotts balls began to suck up and I felt his grip on me get tighter and his dick swell inside me as he let out a low "AHHHHHHH Fuuuuuuck". Suddenly the rapid ramming of his cock into me subsided and he tensed up shoving all 11 inches further up my ass than he'd ever been and began squirting shot after shot warm gooey shot of his sperm somewhere far up into me. The feeling of his release into me was like a volcano erupting. I could feel everytime his cock pumped a load into me. After the longest orgasm I'd ever encountered was over I felt his pecker start to soften in me as he leaned over me holding me tight with his strong arms and kissed my sweaty back. I felt every movement right now as John got up and Mr. Elliott slowley pulled his spent dripping poker from my ass. When it was fully out I felt empty as hell, till John stepped up and shoved his raging hard boner straight up into the warmth that Mr. Elliott had left. John normally felt huge in me, but right now he felt just right as he rocked into me scraping the swollen mushroom head of his dick against the soaking wet walls of my guts.

"Bury that cock up his ass John", Mr. Elliottwas saying. Mix your hot spunk up his ass with mine. John listened well and was soon dumping his hot load of sperm into me mixing it with Mr. Elliotts. I had had as much as I could take after being fucked by the dick of death and then John was the icing on the cake. He pulled out of me with a slight wet popping sound and rolled me over onto my stomach, which was a nice reprieve for me at the moment.

Mr. Elliott said " Tony, you were great" and I'd like to thank you. With that he lifted one of my legs motioning to John to lift the other till my red puckered dripping asshole was revealed. Mr. Elliott was the first and then John followed as they both went down and gently sucked their own cum from my full ass. As I listened to them drinking their own spunk I realized I'd just had the best sex of my life.

After cleaning me thouroghly the two of them kissed mixing their cum one more time and then both colapsed on the ground next to me with big smiles on all of our faces.

"Well, guys thanx for the yard work"

Not a problem Mr. Elliott, John replied, it turned out much better than even I thought." What do you think Tony, do you think we'll be back for more"?

All I could muster was a "yep" Now that I've been planted with the seed I'll be back for some re- seeding as often as possible".

Damn, thats good to hear boys, said Mr. Elliott. Last one in the pools IT!


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