Man for Man

Kosher Meat


Damian checked the apartment number on his job sheet, then rapped on the door. It was shortly opened by a cute blond-haired twink. Damian looked at his clipboard, then said "Uh, you have a plumbing issue?".


The blond nodded. "Sure, let me show you." He led Damian into the kitchen, and opened the cupboard doors under the sink. "The trap is cracked, and leaking." Damian could see a slow leak dripping into a bucket from the brass trap.

"Uh yeah, easy fix", he said, opening his toolbox and pulling out a wrench and an ABS trap. He crouched down and put his wrench on the trap.

He glanced in the adjacent living room and saw a Jewish guy on the floor on his stomach playing something on Playstation. He had an embroidered yarmulke on his dark hair, and curled peyos hung down his face, though Damian didn't know the Orthodox long curly sideburns were called peyos.

"Um, can I ask you a question?", the blond boy asked. Damian grunted. The blond twink continued "Uh, I'm just curious and all. You being black. Um, is it true that you guys are all hung as hell?".

Damian stopped, sat up and laughed. He looked the long-haired twink up and down, pausing at his crotch, which the blond was rubbing. "You show me yours, I'll show you mine," he challenged. The blond boy didn't hesitate, unzipping his shorts and pulling his cock out of his red bikini briefs. He pulled the foreskin slowly off his swollen cockhead, a bead of precum leaking from his cockslit.

Damian's eyes opened wide, and he licked his lips. He slowly unbuttoned his coveralls, then pulled his semihard black cock out of his tighty whities. The blond eagerly grabbed the black fuckpole, and stroked it fast in his fist, making it swell to full size.

"O fuck, Joshua would love this thing!" he exclaimed, motioning to his Playstation-playing friend in the next room.

Thinking of his yarmulke and his peyos, Damian started "But, isn't he...".

"Religious?" finished the blond fucker. "Nah, he's a total little cock slut. You'll see." He called "Hey Josh, I got something to show you!". He grinned wickedly.

"James, what is it?", Joshua replied. He had a slight accent, having grown up in Israel.

"C'mon, you'll like it", James replied, stroking his tool.

Joshua reluctantly wandered in, but his eyes widened when he saw Damian's turgid cock spilling out of his coveralls. "Hey you little fucker, I told this guy you are a cock slut. C'mon you fucker!", James shouted at Joshua. He grabbed his friend and pulled down his shorts and briefs. He pushed him to the kitchen floor on his back, and grabbed a bottle of olive oil from the counter. He grabbed his ankles and pushed his legs back, rolling his asshole into view. He poured the olive oil over his balls, letting it stream down his ass crack, pooling in the dimple of his boycunt. He pushed an oiled finger into the Jewish twink's asshole, twisting around and making the twink writhe.

He stripped himself naked, and oiled his cock, then positioned himself between Joshua's legs and eased himself into the slut's boypussy. Damian watched in disbelief, stroking his horny cock. Joshua moaned softly, but his hard cock showed he was enjoying the hard ass-fucking his friend was giving him.

James pulled his greasy cock out of Joshua, and rolled over onto his back. Grinning at Damian, the black dude stroking his big cock in his hand, he asked "Wanna try Josh?". The Israeli twink was wide-eyed looking at Damian's meat, wishing it was deep inside him.

Damian pulled off his coveralls, and kicked off his white briefs, leaving his big black cock bouncing in front of him. He kneeled down between Joshua's legs. Taking hold of his thighs, he pulled the twink's white ass back onto his cock. Joshua was breathing deep and fast as the thick black meat slid into his boy cunt. Once he was deep inside him, he started fucking him slowly, Joshua's legs wrapped around his waist. He felt so manly, fucking this other man, felt so aroused with this man offering his ass to him. He started fucking harder, wanting to breed this pussy boy, bury his black seed deep inside.

James was stroking his meat, watching Damian fuck his friend's ass. He needed to fuck so badly. He crawled between the legs of the two fuckers, and put his cock under Damian's balls, aimed at Joshua's ass. He pushed his cock forward, and felt his foreskin pulled into Joshua'a ass by Damian's cock. He pushed in further, and felt his cockhead disappear into Joshua's pussy, dragged in by Damian's cock. He pushed deeper, and now his cock was buried inside Joshua. Damian's fuckpole was rubbing his cock, almost like jacking him off. He put his hands on Damian's shoulders, and gritted his teeth. Then suddenly he was coming, his jizz lubing Damian's cock thrusting into Joshua's ass.


Damian felt James' spooge squirting against his cock. He loved double-fucking this cum slut, and he loved the slippery feeling of sliding into Joshua's ass with James' cum. James pulled out, and Damian hammered harder and harder, turned on by thinking about his cock sliding in another man's cum.

He pulled out of Joshua, and flipped him over on his stomach, spread his legs, and slammed into him. He drove in as deep as he could, then pulled out, his cockhead popping out of the tight boyhole. Then he drove in again, driving his cherrybuster past the fuckhole, deep in again. Again and again.

James was hard again, watching the hot fucking before him. He was stroking hard, straddling the two fuckers, watching Damian's black pole plunge between Joshua's smooth white ass cheeks, listening how the Jewish boy gasped each time his ass was filled with black manmeat.

James exploded, watching Damian hammer Joshua's ass. He streamed white jizz over Damian's back, laying down long lines of boy wad on the black fucker's back. His body shook as he came, his legs suddenly feeling wobbly under him. He stood panting, his cock dripping his seed onto Damian's thrusting body.

Damian felt the hot wetness of James' spooge cascading over his back. It intensified the sensation of filling the Jewish boy's fuckpussy with his swollen black cock. He slammed harder into Joshua's hot body, wanting to fuck him harder and bigger than the sexy cock slut had ever felt.

When he came, his balls erupted, blasting hot wads of manseed up the sexy Israeli's boypussy, breeding him with black boyjuice. Joshua felt him, felt every squirt of his black cream, and now his body responded, spasming, spraying his own boyjuice on the floor, covering the carpet with juicy Jewish manseed.

It wasn't over for Damian. His black cock was still twitching, not yet sated. He lifted the cum soaked twink to his feet, and pushed him against the balcony window. Joshua's cummy cock left a greasy stain on the glass as Damian pushed him from behind, caressing his smooth buttocks. Damian fingered his asshole, and drew away with a jizzy glob of cum dripping from his hole, then fed it to the Israeli cum slut. Joshua eagerly gobbled it down, tasting the salty intermingling of James' and Damian's boyseed. Damian's cock was stiffening, turned on by the fuckslut's depravity. He curled his fingers in Joshua's peyos and ground his cock against Joshua's ass cheeks. He dropped his hands to Joshua's hips and pressed his cockhead against the Jewish boy's boycunt, and forced himself in.

James lubed his fingers with olive oil, and slid them down Damian's thrusting asscrack, then found his boyhole and pushed inside. Damian grunted and said "You better not be thinking about what I'm thinking you're thinking about!". James ignored him and pushed in further, and as his fingertips brushed past Damian's joy spot, the black fucker's body shuddered, and his cock swelled bigger than he thought it could, spreading inside Joshua's tight little ass. James was twisting his fingers deep inside Damian, and the sexy African was squirming, skewering the hot Jew in front of him, skewered by the hot blond behind him. He felt the heat of a blush thinking he wanted more than fingers inside him; he wanted that white uncut cock sliding into him, filling him like he was filling this other twink.

James poured olive oil over his throbbing shaft. Mesmerized by the sight of Damian's sweaty round black buttocks hammering into his friend Joshua, his cock was leaking precum, mixing with the oil he'd lubed his cock with. He gripped Damian's hips, and let his cock slide between his legs, his cockhead rubbing against his black balls, feeling them slam against Joshua's ass. He slid the rockhard member back along Damian's asscrack, then found the dimple that revealed Damian's black boyhole.. He pushed it in, the head breaching the black dude's hole. "No, no, no," whispered Damian. James pushed his hips forward, driving his cock deep into Damian, violating his boycunt. "Uh, yeah, yes," Damian whimpered, his black cherry busted, feeling a man inside him for the first time ever. Now every time he pulled out of Joshua, he impaled himself on James. He shivered with the exquisite pleasure of being so intimately connected with two men at the same time ? plus seeing his dark black cock sliding into a white ass, and knowing a white cock was sliding into his dark black ass.


He thrust harder and faster, loving how Joshua's silky ass massaged his cock, how James ass filled his ass, stroking his joy spot. It didn't take long before he felt another climax coming. It started in his balls, but spread instantaneously through his body. His ass clamped around James' cock, his nuts seeding the Israeli's tight boytwat. James felt the black boy's mancunt tighten on his cock, and he started shooting his seed inside Damian. Joshua felt the climaxes of the other men explode, and he closely followed, his seed painting salty streaks on the balcony window.

The sweaty trio fell apart, Joshua collapsing in an armchair, Damian and James falling on their backs on the floor. The three men couldn't believe the hot fuck they'd just had. Damian in particular couldn't believe that he'd just been fucked by a man. He stroked his soft cum slicked cock, and felt it twitch. He rolled over and looked at Joshua sitting in the chair, his legs spread. His belly was still wet with cum, his cut cock looking inviting. He moved himself over, and buried his face in Joshua's crotch, swallowing his cock. Joshua moaned, and draped his legs over Damian's shoulders. Damian sucked his Jewish cock until he was hard, then grabbed his legs and pushed them back, rotating Joshua to reveal his asshole. His pink ass was drooling cum. Damian dove in to lick up the spooge leaking from his pussy, two-thirds black manseed, one-third white jizz. Joshua moaned and rotated his hips, loving his hole being tongued. Damian felt his cock stiffening, turned on by the insatiable cock slut. He yanked the Jew forward, and kneeling pushed his cock into his drooling boy pussy. It slid in easily, lubed by three boy loads. He started swinging his hips, driving his raging black cock into the tight boyhole.

James was aroused watching the black cock penetrating Joshua's tight white boytwat. He stroked his cock to full hardness, then moved behind the black fucker. He wasn't gentle, he shoved himself into the black fuckhole. He knew he wouldn't last long, he loved how Damian's ass wrapped around his cock, massaging his boymeat. Plus he loved watching Damian fuck his friend Joshua, an ass he'd enjoyed for so long.

He lasted about ten strokes in the sexy black fucker's boypussy before he started shooting a second load in his ass. Damian gave a little gasp that let him know he knew he was breeding his black boycunt. James gasped himself, thinking this was the sexiest lay ever. He wanted more than anything to feel Damian cum beneath him, blast his load in his friend Joshua.

He didn't have to wait long. Whether it was this Jewish twink submitting totally to him, three times, or being dominated and ass-raped by this blond boy, Damian was about to have the climax of a lifetime.

Damian's whole body shuddered as his orgasm began. He kept thrusting into Joshua's cock-hungry hole, the well-lubed fuckchute massaging his spasming cock. He let out a low roar as he squirted his creamy load into the Jewish twink, filling his boycunt with a third serving of black manseed.

Joshua's pulse was racing, loving the bulk of the black cock stretching his ass. The sweat was dripping off Damian's muscular body onto him, and he felt the hot spurts in his ass as Damian's balls pumped his jizz inside him. The sight of Damian's muscles flexing as he thrust inside him, the feeling of his wiry pubes rubbing his ass, the wet shots of heat inside his boypussy, James' white hands on Damian's black hips as the spent blond's cock twitched in the black fucker's ass, all brought Joshua to the edge. His velvety ass spasmed about Damian's thrusting cock, and he busted his nut messily on his stomach and chest, thick threads of gooey jizz tracing across his body. The two men shot their final wads simultaneously, and Damian collapsed on Joshua's body, James collapsing on top of Damian, his cock still in Damian's tight black ass. The only thing keeping four loads of manjuice streaming out of Joshua's ass and down his thighs was Damian's softening cock.

Damian looped his fingers in Joshua's peyos, and stroked his face, then kissed him. He scooped Joshua's load of his belly, then tasted it. He grabbed Joshua's softening cock in his fist and said "Love that kosher meat."

James reached between Damian's legs and pulled his cock out of Joshua's ass. "We love that dark meat." Joshua nodded.

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