Man for Man

Jock Kris


Look at me. A 17 year old emo kid with jet black hair cascading over my face and neck, almost covering my stunning green eyes, long slender nose, and little red lips. All my life people have considered me to be very good looking but I always just blew them off. I stand a measely 5'8 and weigh 115 pounds yes I'm a very little dude, oh and by the way mine name is Evan. It's officially my last year at Ridgewood High School and I am very happy to finally be away from all the mean students he always made fun of me just for being an emo. But on the other hand I'm gonna miss Kris.


Kris had been my secret crush since freshmen year when he gave me the last chocoalte milk that one time at lunch. Although he was a jock and the most popular guy in school Kris never let the fame go to his head and he stayed humble. He had gorgeous brown hair, bright blue eyes, sexy full lips, stood 6'1 with muscles all over. I guess his Greek & Italian background really gave him the body of a god. All through high school I found myself constantly staring at the beautiful piece of man.

So prom is right around the corner and pretty much everyone is going except me of course. I would much rather stay home and listen to some hardcore rock music or old Whitney Houston songs. While gazing out the window during my chemistry class my stupid teacher decided to give a big project but fortunately he paired me with Kris.

At first I was quietly jumping for joy and then I saw Kris giving me one of the coldest looks ever. Why was I getting the devil's eyes? Did he hate me for some apparent reason?

Before thinking the words just escaped from my mouth. "What are you looking at?" After that phrase I froze for a second as did Kris. During school I never said any words to anybody, never started conversations, I kept to myself all the time. "You. Didn't know you could talk" he replied before walking out.

Still in shock that I talked to a jock and didn't get a negative reply I just walked out the class as it was now time to go. "Evan! Here's my number. Call me when you want me to come over to your house so we can work on this project." I gently walked past the popular girls and guys, grabbed the paper and kept on walking. Never in my life have I been so damn nervous.

When I got home I was so tired from nothing I just slipped in my bed and turned my iPod and shuffle then slowly drifted off to sleep. I woke up at around 8 and decided to call Kris. "Hello Kris? You can come over now I got a good idea for a project. I live at 487 Creedence Road" and with that I hung up. Despite being an emo who was always alone I lived a pretty good life. Nice big house in the good part of town, two parents who loved me and supported me no matter what, and I had the finacial security that ensured me 4 years at any college I chose.

"Hey Evan I'm outside come open the door." "Ok." I jumped out of my bed and ran downstairs to open the door not knowing I only had on boxers and socks. "Forgot to get dressed?" Kris asked ms with that caring smile I always liked. "Oh um excuse me, I haven't been awake all that long so my mind is in a totally differt world" I replied. "Its ok."

As he walked into my home in front of me I couldn't help but admire the nice butt he was working with. I guess Kris wanted to make some sort of small talk. "This is a nice house you got here. Why don't I ever see you outside?" he asked. "Because I prefer to stay in and keep to myself. Do you live around here or something?" "Yea I live right around the corner." Wow who wouldve thought my biggest crush lived only a few minutes away from me.

"So what would you like to do for a project?" I asked. "Hm well I have no clue but to be honest I didn't really come for the project I'm more interested in you." When he said it felt like I got hit with a bag of bricks. "Well you already know my name and personality, what else is there?" "I want to know more about you. Why are you the way you see?" Kris seemed so into my life. I was liking this talk more and more with each passing second.

"Well I been emo all my life. For as long as I could remember I always loved the color black, I always wore only black I guess I was just born an emo. And yes my parents and family do love me and accept my sexuality." It may not seem like much but I never opened up about myself to anyone.

"So you're gay?" he asked. "Yep". "Well now I can open up, I'm gay to and I kinda had a crush on you for a while." Whoa. Did Kris the most populer guy in school just come to me and tell me had a crush on me? I was definetly liking this day. "Wait a minute Kris you out of all people have a crush on me?" He didn't answer but he didn't have to seeing as how during our talk I somehow ended up on my bed with Kris laying next to me rubbing my back.


His gentle touch felt so good slowly working my back and releasing any tension I may have had. I couldn't help but get a raging hard on the more he rubbed. Without thinking I turned over with my 9 inch erect penis jutting toward his face. "Glad I'm here aren't you?" he asked.

I replied with a nervous smile. I then tried to get off the bed and just walk around my house because of this embaressment but Kris wouldn't let me. "Why do you wanna leave me?" "I don't, I'm just a bit I don't know." "Evan I'm not gonna hurt you just relax and everything is gonna be ok." And with that he leaned in to kiss me. He held me in his arms and just kissed. It was so passionate and intense I couldn't help but giggle when he moved back.

"Whats so funny?" "I don't know, but I finally had my first kiss." "So it's safe to say you're a virgin then?" That one quetion took me by surprise. "Um yea I am." My mind began to race why would he want to know such a thing. "Good maybe I can be your first?" he asked. "Maybe" I replied.

To my surprise he had already stripped off his pants and shoes while we were talking and then he quickly took off his shirt. I now had and up close and personal view and probably the best looking guy I've ever seen. The light shining in through my window hit his body in all the right places. His eyes sparkled, his hair and chest glistened. My eyes couldn't help but travel down to his penis. Despite having on briefs his cock was so big a part of his head was sticking out through the bottom and the thickness was clearly evident.

Kris lulled them off to reveal a monster 12 inch cock which looked like another arm. He gently moved up to the point where his cock was hanging directly on my lips. I opened my mouth and moved my head to suck as much cock as I could but only got a meager 4 inches before choking. His eyes were telling me to just take my time and let it flow. After about 10 minutes of just working his cock I was finally able to deepthroat the entire thing which put him in ecstasy. He then pulled out quicky for no obvious reason. "Are you sure you're a virgin?" I couldn't help but flash my million dollar smile yet again.

Kris had opened my eyes to his true personality and I was readyto give myself to him. He turned me over and slipped off my boxers revealing my pale, smooth, hairless butt. "Be gentle with that thing" I told him. And with that he parted my cheeks then slowly out his massive member inside inch by inch. Since I've never done anything sexual at all before I was tight as tight can be and his head had me in tremendous pain. He pulled out and then pushed back in, the more he did this the less pain I got and the more pleasure I got. After a while I just told to do his thing and he had no problem with that.

Before I knew it Kris was carrying me with my legs above his shoulders pounding what use to be a virgin ass. His cock was so huge I could feel it hitting my guts and spots which I never knew I had. The pleasure had me screaming and moaning, while Kris had to bite down on his lips not to let his screams come out. Whenever I would clench my ass tighter he would moan the sexiest sounds ever and that drove me wild. "Kris, Kris ohh Kris. Fuck it harder, harder!"

We then moved to my bed where I was sitting on his giant meat and that cock was ramming me to tears. It felt so amazing to have a massive penis in my rectum tearing me apart. And Kris seemed to be loving it to he couldn't out a stop to his moaning and had to take breaks every 10 minutes so he wouldn't come to soon.

After what seemed liked an eternity of Kris owning my ass I felt a rush and busted a huge load all over my chest and stomach. He seemed to had reached his climax and unleashed load after loud of creamy sperm all in my ass. We fell down on my bed and just relaxed for a few. After the feeling returned to my back we took and shower together and he prepared me for round two.

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In fictional stories it is fine to have sex without condoms, but in reality you should always use a rubber, regardless if you use Prep or not. Prep only protects for HIV, thats why other diaseases spread among Prep users that practice bareback sex.