Man for Man

Jesse's Marine


He was really excited about tonight, hopefully he would run into his new object of desire. Since his recent break up with his girl friend, he felt like a man out of prison. Her clinging, whining and demanding nature made him feel claustrophobic. Sure the sex was great, but that was it. He had to admit that she was almost as sexually driven as him. They had really experimented, and he was able to finally admit to his bisexuality. Her desire to watch two men have sex was the trigger that opened the door to all the suppressed desires he had known was there since puberty.


The loud music was deafening. The beating bass was driving the dancers on the floor. Jesse watched from the side, never comfortable dancing unless he had a few too many drinks. He scanned the crowd looking for the one he had met just two short weeks ago. There, the tall redhead across the dance floor their eyes locked, Jesse waved and started in that direction when another black haired man walked up and kissed the redhead deeply. Their arms wrapped around each other. Jesse froze in his tracks. Surely his eyes had played tricks on him, it couldn't be the same person. He had thought there seemed to be a connection. Looking over his shoulder, the tall redhead looked back at Jesse as if he didn't see him there.

Jesse turned away, his exuberant mood had evaporated. Dejectedly he headed out. He know longer was in the mood to party.

"Well" he thought "I'd rather find out now what kind of a person he is, than later." In his mind there was absolutely no excuse to be ignored like that. The least he could have done is acknowledged him there. Even if circumstances prevented more, it was not necessary to act as if he didn't exist.

"Hello Connie." Jesse said as he walked into the hotel lobby a little after midnight. Connie was the night auditor, and he didn't feel like going home to an empty house, so he stopped by to visit with her. She had been a great help to him, teaching him the ins and outs of the paperwork involved in his job. They had a great rapport.

"Do you mind watching the desk for a little while, I'm having problems balancing the restaurant tickets."

"Sure, I'd be glad to, I'm not in a hurry to get home."

"Bad night huh?" she asked.

"I don't want to talk about Connie. It's just one of those things."

He stepped behind the desk, as he watched her disappear into the office. He busied himself organizing and finishing some easy work for her that would save her some time, while he waited.

"Excuse me Sir."

He looked up as he heard the deep masculine voice. Trying to find his voice, he realized that he was acting like a complete fool. There before him stood a breathtakingly handsome, blonde hair, blue eyed specimen of a man. His eyes drank in the deep blue eyes, and then traveled down to his very muscular chest and arms, the belt buckle was as low as he could see, the desk preventing him from seeing any further down.

"Good thing" he thought, "I probably wouldn't be able to look away if I saw more."

"I'm in room 169, and I was wondering if I could cash a check."

Then it clicked in his mind, this was a marine here on extended medical training. They housed a block of rooms that was kept specifically for the military. Temporary housing on base was very limited, so they put them in the hotel for the 12 week training sessions. Check cashing for the military was very relaxed, the few bounced checks were immediately made good, the officer in charge of them would march them in front of everyone up to the desk and make sure that it was attended to promptly.

"Let me see how much cash is available, and how much did you need to cash it for?"

"Fifty dollars would be good, but anything would help."

"Sure, I'll check, be right back."

He looked in the cash register, and saw there was plenty of cash, cleared it with Connie and cashed the check. Thanking him profusely the marine quickly left with two other military types, probably marines also from the jarhead haircut, Jesse judged.

A few days later, the head of accounting was at the desk. He gave Jesse an envelope with the room #169 and a name written on it.

"Jesse, leave a message for this room, and inform him that his check was returned insufficient funds. Give him the opportunity to make it right before I contact his superior."

"Of course, I'll take care of it." Jesse's heart thumped, it was him, the marine that Jesse hadn't been able to forget after that chance meeting. He hoped he would be on duty to deliver the message.

"There was a message for me to come to the front desk?"

Looking up from his paperwork Jesse spotted him. Heart beating wildly, he tried to keep a calm demeanor.


"Yes, I have it right here." He handed the envelope over. Watching the reaction as it was opened and read, he saw the shoulders sag on this distraught marine.

"Is there a problem with the message" he asked.

The marine looked up, his face expressionless now, he had regained composure.

"Sir it will be a couple of weeks before I can take care of this, will that be a problem?"

"Actually, yes it is, I was instructed to collect it tonight. Want me to call the manager and ask if it can be delayed?"

"Please Sir, would you? I really appreciate it."

Fifteen minutes later as the marine stood motionless while he talked to the manger, Jesse wasn't able to get the manager to agree on a delayed payment. He saw the desperation in his eyes, and his heart melted.

"I'm so sorry, he wouldn't agree. Is there someone who can help you? A friend? He did say that it could be done by tomorrow evening, but that's the limit on time."

"No, Sir, I don't think so, I'll check with my buddies, but I think they are more in a bind than I am."

"Unless they have outstanding checks, I don't think so." Responded Jesse.

Dejectedly nodding, he turned to leave. Jesse couldn't resist any longer.

"I'll be here until a little after 11pm, if you don't find anyone by then let me know and ill see what I can do. I might be able to help." He offered. He couldn't be sure the marine even heard as he walked away dazed.

The clock read 10:59pm and still no marine. Hopeful that he had been able to get the funds, Jesse put him out of his mind as he attended to the final details of a busy shift. He heard the sound of a throat clearing, and looked up, there stood the marine, desperation in his eyes.

"Sir, you offered assistance if I couldn't round up the money?"

"That I did, I think I may be able to help." Jesse stated. "I'll pay the fifty dollars plus the twenty for the returned check, you write me a check, date it today, and I'll hold it for the ten days till you get paid. Then you can reimburse me, and I'll tear up your check. But I'll need the money by then or I'll have to try and cash it and you will be in the same situation you are now."

His offer was genuine, he really just wanted to help him out and the bonus would be that know they would be on good speaking terms. He had no illusions, he new the marine was straight, but it would be nice to get to know him, and who knows, they possibly may become friends

Ten days later, Jesse was to meet him at a local restaurant for him to pay up. It had been a nice ten days, they had actually enjoyed talking about many things. Even the subject of sexuality had come up, quite my accident, a fellow marine had just been dishonorably discharged for being gay. And Frank had been very upset, not only had he liked and respected the fellow marine, he thought it was a travesty that someone as qualified and capable was drummed out simply because of who had sex with. Jesse had learned his name, Franklin Weber. The check he had received from him was signed with a flourish, in a strong masculine script.

Jesse waited for Frank in front of the restaurant, he was late, over fifteen minutes late, and that was unusual, in the short time he had known him he was always early, and never late. About that time, he saw Frank rushing into the restaurant, a distraught look upon his face. It was bad news, he was sure of it, but he hoped that Frank had the money, he had really gone out on a limb financially to do this. Although he lived in his grandparents vacation home, he still didn't make a lot of money, and it took almost all he had just to pay the bills, and do what little bit of partying he could squeeze in. Over the somber lunch, Frank told him all that had happened. His fiancee had drained his bank account and left. She played it smart, she withdrew his money as soon as the automatic deposit had been credited, had not paid some of the bills and left with that money too. All in all, Frank was in another bind. Not only was he broke, but he was being hounded for past due bills, and here I was holding a check for him for more money that he didn't have. He was resourceful, he was selling everything he had to raise money, his car, furniture, stereo etc, so he would have the money, just not now.


"I'm sorry this has happened Frank, I wish I was in the position to tell you to forget the money, but I can't." Jesse regretfully explained.

"I know. Is there anything I can do to get an extension? I'd be willing to do anything, whatever you wanted or needed." Jesse took a sharp intake of breath as he heard this. Was he reading something into it that wasn't there?

"Anything?" he questioned. He looked deep into Franks eyes to see if he was sending him a message. Frank merely nodded, mute, but with a quiet desperation in his eyes.

"Come with me, to the house, where we can discuss this further. Isn't this a free weekend for you?"


All the way home, Jesse debated, should he force the issue or not. It wasn't as if Frank didn't know he was bisexual, so the offer to do anything was on the table. He thought Frank knew he found him attractive, but he didn't know how much he realized how strong that desire was. As he pulled into the garage, he felt a hand on his knee, it gripped him tightly.

"Please Sir, I will do whatever you want, if you will just allow me an extension."

This time there was no doubt that he knew what that could lead too, and he was willing to do it. Jesse's hands shook as he turned off the ignition and unlocked the door into the house, he didn't even turn to look at Frank as he quietly moved into the house.

"Please, Sir, I don't know how to tell you, but I meant anything. Whatever that entails, it will do it."

"I'm debating on how much you know what that may mean, and if you can go through with it Frank. Also these past few days I have grown to like you quite a lot, and I don't want you to regret this, or think I took advantage of a bad situation that you found yourself in."

"Please Sir, it would please me to please you however you wanted or needed, and I want to show my appreciation for all you have done for me. I am an adult, and I know the ramifications of my offer. I wouldn't have said it if I didn't mean it, and I will certainly not regret whatever happens."

"Do you have anything that you need to attend to at the hotel?"

"No Sir, I am free until early Tuesday morning, we have Monday off also."

Jesse looked him over, as he stood at attention. He walked around him checking him out as if he had just seen him for the first time. The blonde jarhead stood ramrod straight for this inspection. Jesse looked at the back of his neck, he could see his pulse beating a fast rhythm was the only movement that was noticeable. The broad shoulders, the v shape down to his hot full rounded bubble butt. As he moved on around, he looked as his square jaw, jutting out, his chest pushed out, the stomach flat, the crotch was plumped, and appeared to be growing even more. His deep blue eyes smoldered with fire.

"Well, since you are going to be my servant for the next few days, I guess I'm going to have to give you a set of rules."

Jesse fumbled around, this was new territory for him, and he needed to show he was in control.

"While you are inside the house your uniform will be your birthday suit. So strip, fold your clothes neatly and place them in the spare bedroom on the chest. Then meet me back here in the kitchen"

"Yes Sir."

While Frank was gone attending to his instructions, Jesse looked around. What could he have him do, besides just sex? He knew that would probably happen, although he was nervous about it, but he also wanted to keep that atmosphere of obedience through this weekend. He quickly inventoried all the chores that he had neglected for the past few weeks, and went to his room and picked up a pair of speedos. They were perfect, slightly too small for Frank, to display his wares properly.

When Frank returned he showed him the speedos, which he had hung beside the door, and proceeded to give him a list of all the duties expected. The kitchen was first, followed by thorough cleaning of the rest of the house. The speedos were for outdoor wear only. Anytime he went outside for whatever reason, that was all the attire he was allowed to wear. During the entire time he listed the chores, he noticed that Franks cock slowly started to grow.


"I'll be in the living room, bring me a cold beer from the fridge, then you can start your chores."

"Yes Sir."

Jesse sat down on the comfortable sofa, sighed and closed his eyes. He needed to gather his thoughts, if this was to be successful. He didn't want to overdue it, but he was beginning to enjoy the domination of this handsome macho marine.

"Excuse me Sir, here is your beer."

Jesse opened his eyes and gratefully took the cold beer, in a frosty mug from him. He had found the mugs in the freezer and poured it for him, this was going to be good he thought,

"The remote for the TV is on top of it, bring it to me."

"Yes Sir." He quickly complied.

For the next five minutes he had him changing the channels until he found something he wanted to watch. Then he ordered him back to work. Soon he smelled a wonderful scent coming from the kitchen, not only was Frank cleaning, he was also preparing dinner. His stomach growled, he hadn't realized how hungry he was until he the scents filled the house. He got up, walked into the kitchen quietly. Frank unaware that he was there worked busily, preparing a salad, steaks laid on the counter ready to be grilled, and the table was set. Jesse's eyes traveled over the nude muscular body, taking in the detail of his muscles, the rounded bubble butt, he noticed the cock had somewhat softened, but was still nicely shaped, and full. Arousal coursed through him like liquid fire. This was the first time he had permitted himself to really take in the beauty of this man. It was almost too much at once. His cock had swelled until his pants were stretched tight. Frank looked up, caught him hungrily staring, and blushed, but didn't waver in his returned gaze. He looked down and saw the bulge in Jesse's pants and couldn't seem to take his eyes off.

"Is dinner at a point where you can leave it for about 20 minutes?"

"Yes Sir."

"Follow me then."

He turned and walked directly to his bedroom. Once inside he stood at the foot of the bed, and waited for Frank to catch up.

"Undress me and put the clothes in the hamper in the laundry room, then come right back"

"Yes Sir."

As Frank undressed him he stood still, his pulse pounding in his veins, he didn't think that he could hear the phone from the volume in his ears. Carefully he was undressed, Frank would occasionally brush him with his hands, when his boxers were lowered his hard cock sprang up and slapped Franks cheek. Once he was fully nude, he watched as Frank hurriedly gathered up the clothing and left. When he returned he stood at attention in front of him.

"On your knees.'

"Yes Sir."

"Have you ever sucked a cock?"

Jesse still couldn't think of a name to call him, Frank was too informal for this.

"No Sir" Frank gulped, as he stared directly at the hard cock in front of him.

"Well I can't enjoy my dinner with a hard cock, I need release, and then I'll be able to enjoy it properly. Take it real easy, watch your teeth, and start by licking my balls, then shaft."

Without his usual yes sir response, Frank dove into Jesse's balls with determination. He slathered them with spit, sucking them one at a time into his hot wet mouth. As he worked he gathered more confidence, and used his tongue on them while he had them in his mouth. Then he slowly licked the shaft, starting at the base. He licked all around it, up to the head, and gently licked around it. A drop of precum had gathered on the tip, his tongue snaked out and licked it up. Without missing a beat, he tongued his cock like a real pro. It was as if once he started instinct had taken over. He opened his mouth wide, and took his head in. The heat enveloped the head of Jesse's cock, and it was sucked in. only able to take just a few inches, he made up for it with his hands. Massaging his balls, and stroking the base. Working feverishly, he sucked harder and faster. Jesse didn't attempt to slow him down, he wanted to cum and cum quickly, there would be more time for leisurely sex after while. Inexperienced at this Frank was totally unprepared for the first volley of cum. He nearly choked on it, but valiantly kept at it. Swallowing as fast as he could, he managed to get most if it down. Breathing heavily Jesse pumped a massive amount of cum in his mouth. A small amount dripped out the corners of his mouth. Leaving his cock in his mouth, Jesse smeared what cum was dripping out all over Franks Face. As his cock softened, he pulled back, lifted him up by his arms, and kissed him deeply his tongue wickedly fucking his mouth. He then instructed Frank to get him a pair of shorts and sandals from his closet. Once Frank had assisted him dressing, he ordered him back to the kitchen. Instructing him to call when dinner was ready, he stretched out on his bed and promptly dozed off.


"Sir, your dinner is ready" the voice seemed to come from far away, as Jesse groggily woke up from his nap, he felt a hand gently shaking him. He opened his eyes. Stared a few minutes at the handsome naked buff stud, he came to. It hadn't been a dream, there was Frank, naked, looking very sexy and available waking him. Stumbling to the restroom to rinse his face with cold water, he mumbled that he was awake. As he walked into the dining area, the table was magnificently set, a candle, a rose from his small garden, and a place setting for only one person. He quickly made a snap decision. This Dominance, submission thing had gone as far as he wanted it.

"Soldier, why did you set the table for only one?"

"Sir it's for your dinner, not mine."

"I want it set for two and you will join me."

"Yes Sir." Frank quickly complied.

The meal was outstanding, too hungry for conversation they both ate in silence. Frank seemed to anticipate every need, and had it there for him before he could even think to ask or look for it. As he pushed back from the table, he looked at him approvingly, patted his full stomach.

"That was an excellent meal soldier, I didn't know you could cook."

"Sir, I've had to cook for myself for along time and I enjoy it. I'm glad you liked it Sir."

Realizing that he had come up with a way to address him without being derogatory or humiliating him, Jesse wanted to just hug him tightly, but Frank still held his distance, as if he didn't really want that type of intimacy.

"After you clean up the kitchen, I want you to join me in the shower."

"Yes Sir" Frank gulped.

The water temp in the shower was perfect, as they stood side by side, Frank gently washing him thoroughly. Jesse reached for the soap and started to wash him in return. As his hands slid down between Franks ass cheeks, he felt him shiver. Slowly taking his time in teased and played with his ass. Frank closed his eyes and groaned in appreciation.

"Stay right here"

Jesse quickly stepped from the shower and rummaged under the sink, and pulled out an enema bag. Franks eyes widened as he saw him bring it into the shower, he filled the bag with the warm water, and hung it up. He then gently touched Frank's shoulder, turning him around facing the shower wall. The nervousness made him tremble has his hands were placed on the tile walls.

"I want us to be clean inside as well as outside. Now once I've filled you up, hold it as long as you can then go void it in the toilet."

"Yes Sir" came the soft whisper, he could see the uncertainty in his eyes, but he didn't try to object. He repeated this three times until the expelled solution was totally clear, the handed the nozzle to Frank, and turned around. Franks hands timidly pulled his cheeks apart and gently inserted it. After he was cleaned out also they soaped each other up again and made sure they were totally clean. Frank was silent throughout this, yet he didn't avoid eye contact. It was as if he taking it all in like a student. It was obvious this was totally new for him.

Once all the cleansing was completed and they dried each other with the soft luxurious towels, he led Frank into the den. He sat on the leather sofa, indicated that he wanted Frank to lay on it with his head on his lap. This was all done in silence. He wanted to keep it simple without a lot of talk or orders. As Frank placed his head in his lap face down in his crotch, expecting to orally service him, Jesse gently touched him on the shoulder, and shook his head no, motioning him to roll over. Puzzled he complied, looking up in his eyes, Frank just quietly studied him. He picked up the remote and turned on the stereo to a quiet instrumental station. He then reached over and turned the lamp off, so the only illumination was from the indirect soft lighting in the room. With one hand gently massaging the short buzz cut head, he placed Frank's hands at his sides. Then slowly began to stroke his chest, playing with his nipples.

"Close your eyes soldier" he whispered.

"Yes Sir" came the whispered reply.


He sensuously stroked his face, head chest stomach, and finally touched his fully hard throbbing cock. He continued to tease, stimulate him bringing him close to orgasm then switching back to his nipples and would start the process all over again. Frank was writhing in exquisite agony. He glanced at the time and realized he had been doing this for almost an hour.

"Sir, please, I think I'm going to burst if you don't stop or let me cum" the husky whisper hissed from Franks tight lips.

Without saying a word, he leaned down and began to kiss him deeply, this time the kiss was returned more fervently than before. He grasped his cock and began to slowly stroke, the precum slicked his hand as it slid over the extremely sensitive head. Glancing down he noticed that Frank had curled his toes, his back was arched, aching to cum. Slowly increasing his speed, he felt him lurch and tense, the jerk as his cock throbbed and cum started shooting straight up in the air, shot after shot splattered his hand and arm, covering Franks chest in the process. He stopped counting after eight huge globs landed on him. He hand sped up until it was a blur on the extremely sensitive cock, he pinned his head so that they couldn't break the kiss, and vigorously rubbed the head, causing after shocks as the stimulus became too intense for Frank.

He felt Frank's hands and arms wrapping around his neck as he hungrily kissed him back. He simply held the softening cock in his hand as they kissed feverishly his own hard cock pressed against the back of his head. As they slowly broke the kiss, he scooped up as much of the cum as he could and put it in his mouth, then leaned over and slowly shared it with him. They swapped it back and forth until it was completely gone, they both had eaten it.

Franks heaving chest was the only human sound in the room, mixed with the music, it was very erotic. Once his breathing had returned to a semi normal state, Jesse kissed him tenderly.

"Lets go rinse off, my hand and you are very sticky." He laughed. Frank simply chuckled, it was the first time since they had started this weekend he hadn't addressed him as Sir. Jesse smiled to himself, evidently he had opened a new door for him, and his mind was otherwise occupied.

Completely rinsed they stretched on the bed, facing each other. Jesse began to talk, in a low soft whisper, telling Frank what he liked about his body, and his face, his personality, using very descriptive picturesque words. Frank opened his mouth, started to say something, but Jesse placed a finger on his lips. As he talked his hands roamed his body. He finally indicated that he wanted him on his stomach. He knew it would be easier for him to accommodate him for his first time in this position. Continuing his verbal foreplay, he gently applied a large amount of lube to the tight virgin hole in front of him. The firm mounds of the sexy ass gave him inspiration, as he tenderly inserted a finger. Slowly teasingly, he stretched and probed, then as the hole relaxed he added a second finger, then a third, probing, stretching grazing that hot button inside him. Frank began to groan and raise his hips, pushing back against his fingers. Trying to get them inside him deeper, he turned and looked back, lust filled his eyes.

"Please Sir, just do it, fuck my virgin ass. It's yours, just take me." He nodded his acceptance and placed his cock at the now lubed and relaxed opening. Easing slowly in, he took it slow. Making sure that Franks hot tight hole accommodated him before he went further. When it was buried up to his pubes, he just stayed still. The heat from the tight wet hole that surrounded his cock was almost more than he could control. He almost shot his load right then, but breathing deeply he regained control. Slow deliberate thrusts, he fucked him using long strokes. The intensity of this man to man mating was reverberating through both of their bodies. They were both sweat soaked, panting like wild dogs in heat.

"Oh God, I didn't know this would feel so good." Frank moaned.


His ass was pushing back meeting him thrust for thrust.

"Fuck me Sir, Fuck me hard, Fuck me all night." He almost screamed.

Jesse complied with every bit of energy he had. Suddenly he stopped

"Please don't stop Sir, fuck me PLEASE FUCK ME."

He pulled out and rolled Frank over, placed his legs on his shoulders and swiftly entered and continued his frantic pace. Their eyes bored deeply into each others soul as they shared this bonding. It was more than just a fuck, they both felt it. It went a lot deeper into their psychic. Jesse's body contracted violently, he threw his head back and gave a primitive mating yell that shook the roof. As he rammed it shook the bed like an earthquake. He tensed thrust one last time deeper, and began to jerk with each shot of his hot cum as it filled the hungry hole. With the last tremor he collapsed on top of his conquest, gasping like he had just finished a marathon.

Coming to his senses he felt Franks arms wrapped around him tightly as if to keep him from running away.

"Please just stay inside me for a little longer. I don't want you to leave."

He panted as he nodded his agreement. His breathing slowly returned to a more manageable level as his cock softened and slid out. Frank began to smother him with kisses, this time it was Frank who initiated the kissing. He then slowly lowered Frank's legs from his shoulders, and stayed on top as the kissing changed heated passion, he felt the hard cock between them as his began to thicken again. He reached over and grabbed the lube, keeping his lips locked with him. He then pushed himself up, and straddled over the hot hard cock beneath him. Lubing his ass generously and the cock, he slowly lowered down until it was buried deep inside. He just sat still, and flexed his ass muscles, massaging Frank's cock with his ass. Adjusting his position, he raised his ass.

"You're going to have to do the fucking soldier, I'm worn out", he smiled as he whispered.

"Yes Sir" was the whispered response, through a sexy grin.

He held himself still as the man beneath him began to thrust upward into his welcoming tight hot hole. He could tell that this wasn't going to last long, even though Frank had cum earlier, he was so aroused that he was rapidly approaching his orgasm. He gripped the back of his neck, and pulled his head closer to him, and began to encourage him on. Through gritted teeth he ordered him to fuck him hard and fast, which Frank complied skillfully. As he saw his eyes widen, and felt his body tense, he sat down hard on his cock. Working his ass muscles to drain him his balls, he saw him go limp. Holding still for just a few minutes, he suggested they shower again before sleeping.

Holding Frank as he spooned up that gorgeous bubble butt, he listened to him breathing deep as he slept.

The last thing Frank had said before he fell asleep was "Thank You Sir".

As his lids drooped heavy with sleep, he made up his mind, things would change tomorrow morning.

He stretched languidly as he slowly awakened to the scent of bacon frying. His body ached, after all the sexual activity, yet his morning hard on felt ready to go again. Stumbling out of bed into his slippers only, he walked naked into the kitchen. There was Frank busily preparing breakfast, a tray on the counter. He obviously was going to bring him breakfast in bed. Silently he crept back into bed.

"Good morning Sir, here is your breakfast. I hope it's prepared to your liking."

The morning feast covered the entire tray.

"Where are you going?" he demanded as Frank turned to leave. "Get your sexy ass in bed and help me eat this."

He grinned at Frank's startled look when he yelled at him. Frank smiled brilliantly and climbed in bed right beside him. They laughed, ate, fed each other and enjoyed the feast. Jesse putjelly on Frank's nipples and licked it off, and Frank returned the favor on his cock. Jess took the tray from Frank's hands as he prepared to carry it to the kitchen and placed it on the floor. He turned to him and looked him directly in his eyes.


"Frank we need to talk." He stated, using his name instead of soldier.

"Yes Sir" he responded as he looked at him apprehensively.

"I can't do this to you any longer. I feel horrible that I've taken advantage of your situation. I know you offered, and made it clear that this is what you want to do to thank me for my help, but I'm not like this, I don't use other peoples problems to satisfy my wants or needs." Frank started to speak, but he held his hand up.

"Please hear me out. Don't interrupt. I'll admit that I've wanted to have sex with you from the moment I saw you. And that I used the loan to get closer to you. But I never intended it to be the lever I used to get you to have sex with me. And while I find you very stimulating to me sexually, I feel a lot more for you than just a physical attraction. I really like you and have enjoyed the time we spent before this weekend started. I can't continue to use you this way. You are free to go or you can stay the weekend as my guest, and you only have to pay me when you get the money. I hope that we can still be close. I feel awful as it is, but if you don't want me to be your friend, I'll feel even worse."

Frank quickly stood up, and strode from the room. Dejected, Jesse knew that he didn't want to be around him and was getting away as quickly as he could. He sighed as he stood up, picked up the tray and went into the kitchen. Listlessly he began to clean up, putting the dishes in the dishwasher. An envelope was thrust in his face as he was bent over loading the dishwasher.Puzzled he stood up turned around to see that Frank was handing it to him. Silently he nodded to him.

"Please, open it."

Confused, he tore it open and found money inside. It was the entire amount that Frank owed him. The bewilderment on his face was almost comical, yet Frank only smiled gently.

"The night you loaned me the money, I already had it to repay the bounced check. But I knew that you were interested in me and didn't know how to go about getting you to do anything about it. I felt the same way that first night we met. And when you offered I wanted to take you up on it right away, but I knew I had money in the room. I paced the floor that night, trying to decide what to do, when I made up my mind I wanted to get closer to you and if borrowing money was the way, I'd do it."

As the realization filtered through, Jesse began to comprehend the situation. They both had been attracted to each other. No wonder they had so much fun just palling around.

"I plotted this weekend, and worried that you wouldn't take me up on it, you are so damned professional with the guests at the hotel, I wasn't sure you would cross the line. But I was determined to push you as hard as I could to get you."

"But" Jesse stammered. "I felt horrible that I was degrading you, although I'll admit I was aroused by you too. Plus I thought you were straight. You told me that you had only been with two people, your high school girlfriend and then your ex fiancee."

The huge grin on Franks face eased his uncertainty.

"Yes, that's true, I'd never been with a man or wanted to, until I met you. At first I tried to play it off as just that I liked you as friend, but I knew it was more. So I hatched this plan to seduce you."

He blushed as he looked into his eyes.

"I made a pledge to myself, I'd take what ever you delivered within reason. And you didn't make me feel humiliated. I felt desired, although I don't want to be dominated, I wanted to be treated as equal, which you did by the way last night."

He leered at me. He walked over and hugged Jesse tightly.

"Can we continue to have fun this weekend? We can have fun without the role playing if you want."

He got his answer as Jesse hugged him back and kissed him more passionately than last night.

Jesse stood at the window watching the beautiful colors of the sunrise. He was looking forward to the fishing trip.

"Dad, where are you" he heard his son yell as the door slammed. He was excited about the trip also.

Jesse counted his blessings that his son wanted to spend time with him instead of running with the guys his own age and getting into trouble. When he had come into his life fifteen years ago, he knew from the moment he saw that tiny baby he was hooked. The boy's mother had been a one night stand that he regretted, until he found out she was pregnant. She wanted an abortion, but agreed to have the baby if Jesse would assume all parental responsibilities, and had even signed over her rights to him within ten minutes of his birth. She was a beautiful woman, but a free spirit type that didn't want to be tied down to a family.


"I'm in here Frank." He answered. "Do you have everything loaded in the truck."

"Yes, dad I do."

"Give me a minute, I'll be right out, just wait for me outside."

"Okay dad, but hurry up, we don't want you to make us late for our favorite spot."

He smiled at his son's impatience, patted him on his head.

"I promise, I'll be right out."

As he watched his handsome son bound outside, his mind wandered to the man he had been named after. It would be twenty years tomorrow since that eventful weekend and it was still fresh in his mind as if it had happened yesterday. He chuckled as he felt his cock growing and decided he better get going. If he didn't, he might start something that would really delay this day.

Later that afternoon as his son and his best friend dragged into the house worn out, Jesse put away the few fish that had been caught, he would clean them and freeze them later. But all he wanted now was a hot shower.

"Are you boys going to clean up before you go to his house to spend the night?"

"Yes" they chorused tiredly

"Well hop to it, Trent's dad will be here in twenty minutes" he smiled indulgently as they dragged off to the shower.

After the boys had left, he took a long shower, enjoying the soothing hot water. As he dried off he heard a noise in he kitchen. He peered around the corner.

"Is that you Hon?" he asked.

"Yes, it's me, just putting away some groceries. How did the fishing trip go?"

"Great, they caught a few crappies, and had a blast. Wore them out too." He laughed.

"Good" Came the chuckled response.

He slipped on a pair of joe boxer shorts and sandals, and walked into the kitchen. Sitting down at the bar, he was startled when a pair of deep blue eyes appeared in front of him.

"Damn" he chuckled. "You always like to startle me."

The eyes had wisdom wrinkles around them, there was a Chris Melloni bald head now. The shoulders were still as wide, but the V to the hips wasn't as defined, the washboard abs had long since disappeared. But he was even sexier to him than when they first met. They had their ups and downs like any other couple, but the years had been good to them both. The only dark time was when Jesse had that one night stand. But it had made them stronger, and now they had a son they both loved deeply. Jesse still thought that they had been on a Ross and Rachel break, but had learned to keep quiet about it.

"Do you know what tomorrow is soldier?" he asked.

"Yes Sir, I do."

They had reenacted that weekend on every anniversary since. Once Frank had given himself to Jesse he never looked back. Completed his tour and left the military as soon as possible, and now they had made a good life together. Their son called him "Pop" and Jesse "Dad".

They hugged tight.

"I love you soldier"

"I love you. Sir."

The kiss they shared was even more passionate than ever, if that was possible.

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