Man for Man

Jason's Christmas


Jason was alone; Christmas was a miserable time of the year for him, at 18 he had been told to leave the orphanage and make his own way in the world. He found the outside world to be cold and uncaring; he lived on the streets scavenging for food in the rubbish bins outside the restaurants. Now and then he would pick up a few days work labouring but it wasn't steady, he slept rough often in the large skip type bins at the shopping mall, where he could snuggle down under the rubbish. Of course he selected those bins not used for food waste so they mainly contained paper and such rubbish, he washed and cleaned himself up in the restrooms at the mall where he slept.


Christmas Eve found him asleep in the skip when the truck arrived to empty it, the noise of the arms hooking the bin awoke Jason who startled from a deep sleep was not fast on his feet before he could react the bin was being lifted on high. The rubbish moved as the bin tilted burying him as he panicked scrabbling to escape, the bin rose higher then upended tossing Jason and the rubbish into the huge container on the back of the truck. Jason's scream muffled under the rubbish was faint as he tumbled out landing under the rubbish the mechanism inside the truck, a hydraulic ram began shoving and compressing the rubbish and Jason towards the read of the container.

His body buried and battered as he endeavoured to escape gradually was compressed with the rubbish until he was unable to breath and he passed out. The truck continued on its way loading more and more rubbish until filled, the inside was a messy morass of compacted rubbish, foul smelling and disgusting. The truck made its way to the rubbish tip and waited its turn to empty its load, Jason had regained consciousness his body bent and twisted, muscles screaming, his chest constricted as he panted shallowly trying to breath the disgusting stench. The truck rumbled into movement and turned around backing up to the edge of the huge quarry being used as a dump, the hydraulics whined as it began to lift the rubbish filled container preparing to dump its load. Jason screamed in pain as a wooden box crushed his lower left leg, the pressure increased the higher the trucks body lifted. The snap of his bone unheard in the racket as was his muffled howl then he passed out from the searing pain.

The truck's rear hatch opened and our poured the stinking mess landing some feet below the rim, the rubbish tumbled and slithered bouncing towards the bottom. Jason's limp body flopped and slid over the foul morass until he was draped face upwards across a roll of old carpet. His soiled stained body was almost unrecognisable under the patina of filth, his smashed lower leg at a weird angle as blood pumped from his severed arteries. The manager of the refuse site had his dog with him and the dog sensed that there was something wrong and ran slithering and barking down the slope of garbage while his master called for him to come back.

The dog reached the unconscious Jason and turned barking up the foul hill to his owner who stood staring down trying to work out what he4 was carrying on about. Suddenly the man realised it was a body and he immediately told the truck driver to stop where he was as he pulled out his mobile phone to ring the police. Jason regained his senses and groaned in pain as the dog licked his filthy face, he struggled to lift his right arm pulling it from the rubbish piled on top of it. The movement was seen from above and the manager called to the driver of the truck and the tip's bulldozer to come and help him. The three men scrambled down the steep slope to help Jason, they pulled away the rubbish and went to lift him up to carry him back up the hill to safety. Jason screamed in pain as his snapped leg moved and blacked out once again, he came to in an ambulance on his way to hospital.

The paramedic was plugging in intravenous drips and asking him name, Jason couldn't talk just moaned in his misery as the aching stabbing pain from his leg tore through him. The medic said, "Its ok buddy the pain will stop in a minute once the pain killer sets in here suck on this it will help. He gave Jason a small plastic tube as he sucked it he felt the pain ebbing a little then the drip kicked in and his head went muzzy from the strong painkiller. The paramedic straightened Jason's broken leg and then tightened the tourniquet to stop the bleeding, Jason had lost a lot of blood and was in desperate need of a transfusion but the drip was helping keep up his blood pressure a little.

In his confused semi conscious state Jason lay there listening to the siren screaming on the ambulance and he smiled drunkenly at the man working on him. The ambulance arrived at the hospital and he was wheeled into the casualty department where the paramedic went into all the details of his injury and their actions to aid him. The male nurse wheeled Jason away into a cubical and began stripping off his filthy stinking clothes so he could begin cleaning the patient up. As he gently cut the tattered blood soaked jeans off Jason his eyes widened at the lad's beautiful cock, Jason's slim body accentuated the size of his limp tool as did the small bush of dark blond silky pubes.


Tomoya, the nurse, a 25 yo Japanese guy, began gently washing the now naked Jason removing the stink of his trauma, Jason had fouled himself in fright during the accident. The doctor appeared while he was bathing Jason and inspected the mangled leg and said, "As soon as your finished Tom can you get him up to the X-ray department so I can view his injuries. I think he'll need the surgeon to operate on that leg."

Jason washed and disinfected was taken to be X-rayed then returned to casualty where Tomoya waited eagerly to see him, as soon as he was wheeled into the cubical Tomoya moved in to ensure he was ok and comfortable. Jason groggily smiled up at the handsome guy as he puffed the pillow and gently placed it under Jason's head. He looked into Jason's greenish eyes and said, "Pardon me saying this but you are a very handsome guy."

Jason in his drugged stupor grinned lopsidedly at him and replied slurring, "You to mate, you are hot stuff."

Tomoya heard the words and his cock immediately sprang erect in his pants, this very handsome young Aussie thought he was hot; Tomoya had been searching for a boyfriend ever since coming to Australia. All through his course at university he had tried to meet mr right but no success, oh there had been plenty of guys who were attracted to the good looking well built Japanese guy but they were only one night stands or at most a few hot sexy romps then goodbye. Tomoya needed a man to love totally and who would love him back, maybe this young guy was the one, he prayed silently it was so as he stood beside the bed holding Jason's hand in his.

The doctor returned and inspected the X-rays and said, "I'll contact the surgeon he needs an immediate operation as there is danger of his lower leg dying from lack of blood circulation."

Tomoya prayed silently that Jason would be ok but even if he lost his lower leg Tomoya would be there for him come what may. He stayed with Jason comforting the lad until he was wheeled away to the operating theatre. Tomoya went about his duties attending to other patients but his mind was on Jason, he carried out his work by routine. Some hours later Jason was returned to Casualty, as no beds were available in the wards, Tomoya immediately dropped everything and went to help him. Jason was still very dopey from the anaesthetic and looked blankly at Tomoya when he appeared. It took a little time for his drugged brain to clear and then he smiled at the friendly face.

Tomoya asked, "How do you feel Jason?"

Jason cleared his throat and replied, "Pretty woozy still, how did my operation go?"

Tomoya smiled and gently rubbed his fingers across Jason's fit firm belly relishing the feel of the lad's sexy six pack as he replied, "It went well your leg has been saved by the surgeon now we have to get you back to your old self."

Jason frowned and replied, "No I don't want to go back to my old self, my life was terrible I want a new start."

Tomoya began gently questioning him about his past and was sad to hear how this beautiful lad was so down and out, so bad was his life it had ended up nearly killing him. Tomoya vowed to himself there was no way Jason was going to return to the streets, he was going to take him in once he was fit and able again. He looked into Jason's eyes, his obsidian black eyes searching those gorgeous green orbs as he whispered, "Jason there is no way you will return to that life, I guarantee you I will have a place for you when you are able to leave here."

Jason looked up at the handsome nurse and his lips trembled as his eyes teared up, He opened his mouth but only a strangled cry escaped as he began sobbing. Tomoya hugged the weeping lad gently whispering in his ear, "There, there Jason it will be ok I'll look after you if you will allow me too."

Jason nodded his head against the broad muscular chest and weakly hugged Tomoya in return, they stayed hugging until the orderly arrived with food for Jason. Tomoya warned him, "If you feel sick after eating press the button I'll come and administer an anti bilious medication."


He left Jason to eat while he checked the other patients in the ward; he became involved in dressing another patients leg badly cut in a motorbike accident. Jason ate his meal but had no after effects from the anaesthetics. Days passed and Jason's body recuperated, he developed an infection that had to be treated with very strong antibiotics but eventually his temperature dropped and he began to recover. His leg healed and he began physiotherapy Tomoya was a constant visitor and aid whenever he could be with Jason and the lad began to feel strong affection for the caring spunky nurse. He'd never had much contact with Asian guys and Tomoya's devotion to him was incredibly obvious, Jason began to get sexually excited when he saw Tomoya, something he'd not experienced since puberty when his dick got stiff if the wind blew, this was a totally new feeling for him.

Tomoya too was aroused whenever they were together and both guys knew the other was hard, their shyness kept things under control as they didn't want the rest of the staff to know of their sexual attraction. A week passed so slowly as the two lovers desperately desired to be alone together, Jason wanted to be able to experience what was involved in a relationship especially as Tomoya was so devoted to his well being. Tomoya showing his affection had purchased new clothes for Jason and other necessities he needed during his hospitalisation and the lad appreciated everything he did.

Eventually the day arrived and Jason was discharged, Tomoya had known it was due and arranged a few days off to help Jason settle in to his new life. Tomoya brought his car to the entrance and helped Jason out and into it then headed off to his apartment, Tomoya helped Jason out of the car and into the lift, it zoomed up to the tenth floor and Tomoya led the hobbling Jason into the flat. He showed Jason where everything was and particularly the master bedroom with its massive bed, Jason became shy all of a sudden now he was faced with the reality of his new life, he was worried he would be found inadequate due to his inexperience.

Tomoya noticed the change in Jason and as he sat on the bed he reached up his hands to Jason who grasped his hands and Tomoya pulled him down on top of him. The two guys felt each others' hard ons as they rubbed together, Jason was harder than he ever remembered as his briefs became wet from his oozing cock. Tomoya kissed his throat then ran his moist tongue up the side sending a shiver through him; the questing appendage moved slowly up and briefly flicked at his ear hole. Jason gasped in pleasure causing Tomoya's tongue to return and delve into his so sensitive ear. Jason squirmed about grinding his cock against his lover's, while Tomoya gripped his head swabbing his ear and driving Jason insane with delirious lust.

Tomoya whispered hoarsely, "Jason I want you to make love to me now please."

Jason excited to the max began ripping off Tomoya's tight t-shirt, peeling it off him like a second skin baring his ivory torso with its extremely developed musculature. Jason sucked Tom's aroused nipples making his lover squirm as he gasped, "Yes oh yes Jason."

Jason tossing his doubts aside began to lick and nibble down Tom's chest leaving a wet trail of saliva glistening on the smooth flesh. As he licked and nibbled his fingers fumbled at Tom's jeans undoing the stiff buttons, he felt the hard bone under the heavy denim and was eager to see what was hidden from sight. He knew it was shorter than his but still he desired to expose and investigate Tom's throbbing manhood, finally he parted the fly to find Tom's cotton briefs bulging up and the heat of his raging rod almost burning his hand.

He tugged down the jeans then kneeling he pulled on Tom's briefs, they grudgingly slid from under Tom's firm melon like arse cheeks and he pulled them to the floor to join the jeans and there bouncing in front of his face was the quarry he desired. The scent of Tom's hot genitals made him even more excited and he bent closer then rubbed his moist lips up Tom's pulsating prick. Tom grabbed his head arching his hips up into Jason's lips; Jason moved up and kissed the uncovered silky cock head tasting Tomoya's excited juice.

Tomoya groaned loudly his muscles taut and prominent as Jason sucked that hot horn, Tomoya having been celibate for weeks was ready to explode and Jason's mouth was the trigger he wailed a high pitched stream of unintelligible Japanese and his cock spewed his ball juice into Jason's inexperienced mouth. Jason gagged as the deluge flooded his mouth, cum spurted from his nostrils and from the corners of his stretched lips. Tomoya kept cumming, pumping more and more sperm as Jason now gurgled and gulped trying to clear his mouth and throat; the huge climax dwindled to a trickle then ceased leaving Tomoya gasping and shivering while Jason watery eyed swallowed the last dregs.

Tomoya sighed as he regained his equilibrium, "Oooh thank you my love that was so needed, my balls have been aching for days but I didn't want to waste my juice."

Jason lay beside him in a daze his taste buds alive with the flavour of Tom's cum, he decided it was good stuff and he grinned at his lover, "Wow it seemed like you'd saved it for longer that, maybe six months hehehe."

Tomoya now whispered, "Its time for you to find relief Jason, because you have been restricted by being in hospital so you must have a big load too."

Jason chuckled and said, "Not as much as you Tom I've been able to wank in the toilet and shower. I'd have exploded by now if I hadn't us teenagers are prone to lots of wanking don't you remember?"

Tomoya laughed and nodded, "Now my so horny Australian lover I want you to fuck me."

Jason quivering with eagerness began tearing off his own clothes watched by the recumbent Tom who was admiring the smooth taut lad's body that he knew so well from administering to his needs in the hospital. Jason sat on the bed to remove his jeans due to being unsteady on his injured leg and Tom helped him remove them along with his underpants. Tom turned and grabbed some lube from the drawer next to the bed then taking Jason's 8incher in his trembling hand began to anoint it with the slippery KY.

Jason laid back enjoying the sensation of Tom's slippery hand caressing his stiffy, the feeling of another's hand was incredibly good on his cock making it even stiffer. Tomoya next poked a goodly dollop of the gel into his tight anus then lay back and raised his legs opening himself to the horny younger Jason. He needed no further invitation and he excitedly pounced on Tom thrusting eagerly but missing the tight entrance completely. He grunted in frustration as Tom giggled then said, "Just relax Jason, take your time and ease your big bone up my bum."

Jason listened to his advice, then calming himself he grasped his stiff member and rubbed it on the slippery flesh between Tom's firm arse cheeks. This time he watched and concentrated on the task and gasped as Tom opened to him seemingly sucking his big bone into his Hades hot hole. The feeling of a tight silk glove wrapping about his plunging prick was mind blowing and Jason plunged deep until his pubes flattened against Tom's smooth flesh. He lay there shaking and gasping as Tomoya flexed his welcoming rectum on his visitor.

Jason pressed into Tomoya enjoying his first experience of anal lovemaking, he flexed his long prong in Tom's depths stimulating his lover's gland, Tomoya moaned and wriggled, his moans stimulated Jason who began rooting his ring with a vengeance until his climax arrived and he bucked and thrust delivering his hot sperm deep inside Tomoya's quivering clutching arse. Jason gasped for air as he lay on top of Tomoya; Tom kissed him softly running his fingers through Jason's sweat damp hair as the lad recovered slowly.

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