Man for Man

Japanese adventure


I once wrote to a Japanese guy who was into martial arts. We wrote a gay fantasy together. He wrote one part and I the next. I tried to edit our e-mails into a coherent story. There were some language limitations. I hope you like it.


As was his custom, sensei Bob awoke early strolled out to the courtyard to greet the morning sunrise atop the pagoda he was residing in and. He was working on his new research regarding the literary movements of Japan. In his youth, he had studied Japanese culture from an order of monks. During his stay, he was staying at the place where he had learned so much about Japanese culture. The Shinto monks welcomed this former student as their honored guest into their monastery. As he was taking his daily walk along the halls of the temple, he noticed a young man. The young man seemed lost in thought. He was slim, nice tight body, black hair and wearing the traditional student's kimono while sweeping the garden of dried leaves. Sensei walked up to the young man and introduced himself. "Konnichi wa. Anata no namae wa non desu ka." The student bowed deeply and answered "My name is Shin." The sensei placed his hands on the boy's shoulders and inhaled the essence of the lavender oils coming from the young man's silky hair. "Why don't you come and join me inside for tea?", the sensei invited. "Sure", Shin said as he put the broom away and washed his hands.

Shin was led by this learned teacher into a small simply-furnished room. They sat down on tatami mats next to an open hearth on which is a kettle of steaming water. As they were seated facing each other, they bowed to one another and Bob speaks. Calling me sensei is kind of formal, why don't you call me Bob? Shin nods in agreement. Sensei then pours the green tea, called ocha. They drink from ceramic bowls with no handles. Shin watches as sensei raises his cup and turns it two half turns towards him. By this ritual, the karma of the guest is brought to the host and then the guest turns his bowl in the same manner. His karma is sent to the host. They talked of life in the dojo and the rigorous training that novitiates go through. Off to the side of the room, sit sensei's katana. They were forged by the master craftsman, Yuriya and presented to the first shogun, Iyeyasu. He notices that Shin is eyeing them intently. Sensei asks Shin if he would like to see them. Hai, dozo (yes, please) answers Shin. Sensei goes over and picks up the katana and walks over to Shin. He tells Shin to stand in front of him and then drops to his knees, to put the katana through Shin's obi (sash). As he's fitting the katana in place, sensei's elbow moves along Shin's groin and he can feel the stiffness of Shin's erection through his yukata (light kimono). Shin, embarrassed looks away. Sensei asks Shin to draw the katana and assume a fighting stance. The stance is not correct so sensei goes behind Shin and put his hands in front of Shin's body, to show him the correct posture. As he demonstrates to Shin, sensei's chest came in contact with Shin's back. Sensei could feel the strength of Shin's body and the smell of lavender reached his nostrils every time he came close. Shin's silky hair also obscures sensei's face. The nearness of this perfect youth and the scent of his body brought sensei into the state of erection, too. When he pressed closer, Shin could feel the hardness of the erection against his butt. Once again, he was embarrassed and moved away. Sensei sensed that the young man was uncomfortable and motioned for him to sit again. Once seated sensei asked, "do you have any questions about your training or life in the dojo?" Shin replies, "yes I have never see any women here, why is that?" Sensei answered that it is their belief that a man can gain the strength of another by being intimate with him. Women are only used to create new life, not to complete the man. Then sensei asked how Shin managed without a woman. Shin mumbled something that sensei didn't understand so asked him again. And Shin said that since there is no one to pleasure him, he pleasured his self. Sensei looked into Shin's eyes and said, "tell me how you pleasure yourself, what do you do and what do you think of?"

Shin answered, "I pleasure myself every night just after I finish my bath and put my aikidogi and my hakama on. This happens every night before I proceed to practice the Bo and the actual art of aikido itself. While I'm waiting for my hair to dry, I rub some essential oils all over my body so my sweat will smell good during practice. And then, I would proceed to the groin area where I will tickle the head of my penis. At the same time, I will be playing with my nipples...making them hard and erect at the same time. And then when my penis is really hard, I would get this magnificent vision. A sensei, most likely a gaijin [foreigner], like yourself will come up to me, kiss me passionately, and penetrate his manhood deep within my youthful body. Our bodies will merge into one life force, an energy so powerful it cannot be determined. Our "ki" will be united in order to form a most powerful being as we both go into the ecstatic orgasm that we put ourselves into. After the vision, I will wake up with my seed all over my chest, balls, and sometimes all over the mat. I make sure I clean it up before any of the senseis see it."


Sensei thought about the novitiate's words. And spoke slowly and clearly. "You have a good understanding of our basic belief. That is the merging of each other's ki which is done by physical contact between males." Come sit closer to me. Shin did as instructed and sat next to sensei. As they continued to talk, sensei placed his hand on Shin's thigh and rubbed ever so gently. He moved his hand further up Shin's thigh until he touched the head of his hard penis under the garment. Sensei stopped talking and the two just stared into each other eyes. Sensei grabbed Shin's stiff rod entirely and Shin let out a small gasp. Sensei looked at him sternly and said, "you must learn discipline, you are not to show any reaction to whatever happens to you body. Wakarimasu ka (do you understand?)." Shin nodded and closed his eyes. Sensei untied his obi and opened the flaps of Shin's kimono. He only spread the flaps away from Shin's groin. He then took Shin's naked penis in his hand and bent his head down to inspect the man tool. It was beautiful, smooth and stiff surrounded by a nest of black pubes and resting on two magnificent balls. Sensei put the balls in his hand and fingered them like they were two stones. Then he leaned forward and kissed Shin's rod and licked his balls. Shin let out a groan. Sensei proceeded to open and remove Shin's kimono. Then laid Shin out on the floor, on his back. Sensei moved up to Shin's face and kissed his lips, then kissed his way down Shin's chest until he reached his nipples. He sucked on one nipple until it grew stiff like a miniature erection. Then he moved to the other and repeated his sucking. Sensei licked down Shin's body following the trail of hair leading to his groin. When he reached the pubic bush, he buried his face in it and breathed deeply of the aroma of a mixture of lavender and man scent. He then took Shin's penis into his mouth and sucked deeply. Shin groaned again at the warmth of sensei's mouth on his manhood. Sensei stopped and laid on his back, still fully clothed and ordered Shin to sit on his chest and feed his cock into his waiting mouth. Shin straddled sensei and pumped his cock in and out of the warm mouth. He was in ecstasy. Sensei fingered Shin's balls as he sucked on the cock. He then dipped his fingers of his right hand into some nearby oil and then played with Shin's anus. After running his fingers over the pucker, sensei's middle finger inserted itself up Shin's chute. The sensation of having his cock sucked and a finger up his ass was too much. With a groan, Shin shot his seed all over sensei's face and floor. Shin got off his chest and returned to his mat. He sat there naked, while sensei reached for an oshiburi and washed his face with the wet warm clothe. Then sensei spoke, "I pleasured you, now I would like you to pleasure me. You may do whatever you want."

After the novice warrior experienced what seemed to his senses to be infinite heavens, he decided to return the heavens by making a few favors that he will somehow please the gods. He knows his mortality. He is inferior to this man who gave him such lustful pleasures. He once again straddled his master's chest. He looked into his warm, dark eyes. He bent down to kiss his sensei on the lips. He probed his tongue into his sensei's mouth, flicking it back and forth, twisting it like a serpentine dragon. He wanted to discover the pleasure contained within this gaijin and this "god". He felt his sensei's hands reach behind his head and gently push closer to those warm lips. The sensei wanted this student to probe deeper within the godly mouth. The suction was broken when the sensei pulled his face away. He traced his student's features by using his fingers. Shin felt a surge of electricity as the gentle fingers glided along his lightly tanned skin. Shin grabbed one of the fingers and sucked it like a sweet, hard candy. He closed his eyes as his sensei's other hand probed and explored his chest and nipples. Shin ran his tongue along his sensei's body, tasting his salty perspiration, licking it as if it were the sweetest tea in the whole island of Honshu. Shin reached behind him and stroked the mighty phallic spear. It was stiff like iron, yet it was as soft as a cherry blossom. He glanced over his shoulder and noticed its head's reddish glow. He turned around and wrapped his mouth around the phallic spear. He decided to practice his breathing techniques, so he shoved the spear deep into within his throat and let it linger there. He sensed his sensei's satisfaction because he felt a thrust and heard a grunt coming from the godly gaijin. Shin wrapped his lips around the precious spearhead and shoved his tongue into its crevice. He saw the jewels in which the spear is embedded. He groped them in his hand and gently gobbled them into his mouth. He sucked on the jewels gently...yet firmly. He was doing his best to give whatever pleasure his sensei gave him. He felt a slight warmth coming from the spearhead. It began to secret a milky substance. This milky substance could be compared to the very essence of sweetness itself. The milky substance dripped down enough to cover the whole spear in glistening splendor. The spear now took on a glowing essence....just ready and enough for use and penetration. Shin looks into his sensei's eyes......


With his mighty phallus oozing sweet nectar, sensei lifted Shin's tan globes in his hands and guides his rosebud over his shaft. He gently lowered his student, impaling him on his shaft. When sensei saw a frown cross Shin's forehead, he replaced his hands under the student and stopped his descent on the shaft. He gave him time to adjust to the intrusion. While his right hand continued to hold up the student, sensei put the fingers of his left hand into his mouth and coated them with saliva. Then he reached up and made circles over Shin's nipples. Then he moved down to his furry jewel sac and twisted the orbs. Licking his fingers, sensei pumps Shin's raging phallus. Shin is in ecstasy again. Sensei removes his hand from Shin's buttock and let his body continue to engulf his spearhead. Slowly, Shin completely engulfed the phallus with his butt cheeks resting on sensei's jewel sac. Once Shin was accustomed to the intrusion into his body, sensei, gently rocked up and down. He placed his hands under Shin's butt cheeks again and raised his student up and then lowered him back down on his slick phallus. After a while a steady rhythm started, with each downward thrust, Shin emited a groan. After some time, sensei tried to raise up, but struggled. Shin saw his efforts and with his hands, helped his teacher to raise the upper part of his body. Once he is in position, sensei was able to take his student's hard phallus into his mouth. With each upward thrust on sensei's shaft, Shin's phallus entered deeply into sensei's throat. When Shin lowered himself on the spearhead, he withdrew, a little from the warm moist confines of this gaijin's throat and mouth. They continued this rhythm for sometime. Sensei was about to explode within his student's body. He started to moan and at the same time, Shin was ready to loose his nectar. As sensei was filling Shin's anus with his sweet nectar, Shin's man seed oozed out of the corners of sensei's mouth. Sensei tried to swallow the precious nectar, but there was so much that he could not gulp it all down. Shin withdrew his spent phallus from sensei's mouth and lowered himself to the floor. As he does, sensei's shaft plopped out of his student's rectum. Both exhausted, they lay side by side on the mat and tried to catch their breath. Their eyes were closed and when opened stared at each others; their faces were close to one another. The intense orgasm left the young warrior exhausted, yet in order to prove himself to be the greatest that he was, he must endure this painful pleasure he just experienced. However, through the eyes of his sensei, all he saw was love and caring. Shin felt that being the best should come from within. His sensei, somehow, metaphysically transported that message deep into his psyche. He reached over to the now exhausted gaijin and wrapped his arms around him. He lay his head on the mighty chest of his master and fell into a deep sleep. When he awoke after his short nap, he saw his mentor looking at him, and asked, "How is my sensei feeling after all this?"

"I am very happy, because of you. We shared each other and exchanged of vital essence. You are now part of me and I am part of you. I thank you for the gift that you gave me." Shin just smiled and laid his head once again on sensei's chest. With his student laying on his chest, sensei glided his hands over the youth's back. His fingers glided through the body sweat of Shin's back. He traced his shoulders and moved down his spine until he reached Shin's buttocks. He lightly brushed across the brownish rosebud that he entered only a short time ago. Shin winced at the touch. Concerned, sensei spoke to his pupil. "I realize that this was your first time engaging in that pleasure. I thank you for granting me the honor of making love to you, now just lay there on your stomach and let me soothe you." Then sensei laid Shin's head on the mat and moved behind him. He straddled the youth's body and sat on his buttocks. Sensei reached for a jar of scented oil and after rubbing it in his palms began to massage the prone youth. He kneaded the strong shoulders and back. Sensei then moved back and sat on Shin's thighs. Then he poured oil on the twin globes and massaged them vigorously. As he continued the massage, he spread the cheeks and poured oil down the crack between the rounded globes. Sensei raised off the thighs and spread Shin's leg, giving him better access to the pucker. He then lay on the floor with his face only inches from the winking pucker. He massaged around the tight hole, then blew his warm breath over it. When the pucker started to flinch, sensei leaned closer and began to lick all around the orifice. Then inserted his tongue and plunged it in and out of the tight hole. In between jabs, he licked Shin's jewel sack. He put each rounded receptacle of man essence into his mouth and then inserted them both. While he was washing Shin's scrotum in his mouth, Shin started to moan and buck his body off the mat. When he raised up, his spear of manhood was stiffening. When he lowered to the floor, sensei reached beneath Shin and moved his raging manhood parallel to the floor. He rolled Shin onto his back and took the rigid pole in his one hand and fondled his scrotum with the other. Then sensei wet the fingers of both hands with spittle and as he sank his mouth over Shin's mighty phallus, he reached up and took each nipple between his thumbs and forefingers. He continued to piston his mouth up and down the youthful phallus. As he was doing this, he reached between his legs and took his own throbbing phallus in his hand and pumped himself as he sucked his student. After a while, Shin began to buck off the floor and with a mighty cry, shot loads of sweet nectar down his teacher's throat. This time his master was able to swallow all of his seed. As he was gulped Shin's essence, sensei shot his man juice between Shin's legs. When they were both finished cumming, sensei moved up to Shin's face and kissed him deeply. Shin could taste the flavor of his own essence on his master's probing tongue. The two lay naked side by side and drifted off for a short nap. When he awoke, sensei's hand was on Shin's thickening shaft. Shin opened his eyes and both smiled at each other. Sensei, said sternly, enough of pleasure, it is time for you to perform you exercises. I want you to do them naked, so I can look at your body. With a wink and a smile, Shin rose off the floor.......


Shin had been a faithful student of aikido from the moment he reached his early teens. Now at twenty, he has mastered the lethal moves of aikido, but through his intense training, he has learned to give respect and to back down on a battle when necessary. He started by sitting on the floor. He winced a bit because his "soul gate" was opened and exercised by his beloved sensei. He put his legs together and started reaching for his toes. He knows he needs to do the stretches in order to minimize any form of injury. Afterwards, he spreads his legs and tries to reach his toes by crossing and countercrossing each leg. He then tucked his left leg behind his buttocks and stretched out his right leg. He then proceeded to reach his right toes. He did the same to the opposite leg. When he was done with the stretches, he sat Indian style and he proceeds to do the wrist stretches. These special stretches have special names. Ikkyo is done by clasping the back of the hand and pulling it towards the face. Nikyo is twisting the hand, making the palm face west when applying on the left hand and east when it is being applied to the right hand. The other hand then grabs the upturned palm and brings it to his face. Sankyo is done by shaking the hands together and twisting them in a mixing fashion. Kote gaeshi is done by appending the hand and grabbing the ring finger knuckle and applying pressure to it. While going through his moves, Shin observed his sensei intently. "What is going through your mind right now?"

"It should be obvious what is going through my mind. Can you not see my extended manhood between my legs? Your graceful moves and youthful body have excited my loins. I want to further share ourselves. I want you to demonstrate your moves on my body. Lie down here next to me. Good now I want to lay on your body. I want you to practice the ikkyo, by putting your hands behind my head and drawing it to your sweet mouth, so I can kiss the place where your words come from to reach my ears and I want to taste your mouth; to probe my tongue within it. Then I want us to lie side by side in reverse position, so that my head is by your groin and yours to mine. Then you may do what you wish."

The student was amazed by his sensei's unending libido. He proceeded to move his hips in an up and down motion while his manhood slips in and out of his sensei's mouth. His manhood feels like a katana blade, being shaped by fire - being shoved in and out of the flames - it is hot inside the sensei's mouth. The union between the sensei's mouth and his student's manhood climaxed in an explosion - much more than Mt. Fuji's fury. Shin's seeds erupted inside the sensei's mouth like a pot of miso soup overflowing with curds. He hopes his own mouth is warm and good enough to satisfy his sensei. For deep within his heart he knows that his journeys and his experiences are minimal compared to his master's life experiences. He feels his master's manhood pulsate inside his mouth. He could taste the sweet, creamy lava ready to explode any minute now. He didn't let go of his manhood and created a suction force stronger than any tsunami. He sucked his sensei's manhood until he has milked every drop of seed the mighty phallus had to offer.... The journey was long....orgasmic...exhausting...yet everything was worth it in order to defend and merge the code of the Ninja and the Samurai. The student falls next to the sensei...with sweet nectar glistening from the corners of his mouth. He holds his sensei in his hands.....

Sensei reached out and drew his worthy student close to his body. They both were breathing hard. With his right hand, sensei dipped his finger into the pool of his spent seed, glistening on his student's cheek. Then he brought the finger to his own cheek and adds some of his warrior's seed to his own. When both man juices are mingled he takes part of his finger into his mouth, so he can taste the combined power of both men. Then he placed the same finger to Shin's lips. The Ninja warrior opens his mouth and sucks in the finger. Now they are of one spirit, each has tasted the other's seed, separately and now mingled. There is a contentment in both men, they are at peace with the universe and in each other's arms. They drift into sleep. Sensei awakens first and see Shin's naked manly body stretched along side of him. He looks down at Shin's sleeping manhood. Sensei sits up and then lowers his face to the receptacles of his sleeping love's power. He plants a kiss on each orb and then one on the limp phallus. It starts to twitch into life. So sensei moves away to once again be near his sleeping beauty's face. He kisses Shin lightly on his cheek. Slowly the student's eyes open and his mouth turns into a smile. It is good that you are awake, my adorable student. You have bestowed upon me much happiness. I am with you in body and spirit now. But we cannot indulge in such pleasures forever, even though we may wish to. We must bathe and dress and then continue our work. Sensei stands and reaches his hand down to this beautiful youth. Shin takes his hand and pulls himself off the mat. Together, hand in hand, they walk to the bathing room.....

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