Man for Man

It Felt Good


Adrian smiled when he answered "it felt good that's why". And he returned to shoveling forks full of pancakes into his mouth. He was extra hungry that morning.


"But that's fag stuff" Eddie his buddy said as he stared at the boy.

Adrian was like alot of others in the service. He had a boyish face, the short haircut emphasized his youth. He wore a te shirt and jeans with the military black shoes.

"you know that's a giveaway" Eddie warned him as they dressed for the weekend in town.

Adrian shrugged. He had other shoes but decided to wear the polished black ones.

"Did you hear me?" Eddie pressed for a response.

"I heard you but a blow job is a blow job" Adrian said not responding to the Eddies use of the word "fag".

They had been buddies since basic training. And fate kept them together through advanced training and even assigned them to the same unit afterwards. At times they were bunk mates when crowded conditions required or on bivouc.

Adrian didn't seem to mind haveing Eddie pressed close to him in the tent they shared. Neither did Eddie. Beneath his long johns his erect cock revealed his attraction, but nothing happened that would let Adrian know about it.

They had gone on weekends together before to neary by amusement parks, tourist sites and bars as well. They had gotten into small fights, bent over puking their overindulgences and staggered back to a motel or the base together.

Each had stripped the other as they stumbled into the shower to recover a degree of sobriety.

And during some of their weekends, one or the other had disappeared reporting only that some chick had taken off before they could score.

In fact, Eddie had discovered health clubs where young guys esepcially military found anonymity in the darkness of the hallways and rooms with others. His fears of discovery were ignored as long held fantasies became experiences.

Adrian too had found bars where older men would buy him liquer and service him in some motel room.

But neither let the other one know of their adventures, until that weekend.

They were partially drunk and walking down the street when Adrian was approached by a civilian man. His haircut and age identified him as such. "Fifty dollars" he whispered. Adran told Eddie to wait for him and walked into a stairwell s some basement entrance.

It was dark, but Eddie could see the man kneeling in front of his friend. He looked away but just long enough to make sure nobody was watching. Then he peered back feelign his crotch expand as Adrian writhed in pleasure.

"Shit man, fifty bucks" Adrian said, "that's the most, " he stopped short of fineshing the sentence. "come on I'll buy us breakfast"

"So what you're saying is that anyone can get sucked off by anybody?" Eddie asked wishing he could ask the question he wanted to but dared not.

"shit yea. it's all about getting off. as long as they do it nice, no teeth, take their time, it's cool"

"but for money?" Eddie asked envious.

"whatever" Adrian said smiling as he cut into this breakfast steak "Can't afford this any other way".

"anybody on base do it?" Eddie asked.

Adrina smiled "dont' ask don't tell. I'm kidding man take my advice dont' take chances on base" He was serious.

Eddie looked down "Hell I'm not gonna - "

"Ever got a bj?" Adrian asked.

"Uh yea sure, you know girls in school" Eddie bragged unconvincingly while he remembered the older men who gave him twenty dollars at a bathroom near the beach one summer long ago.

"What about yoru buddies, you know just fooling around and stuff" Adrian asked. His blue grey eyes captivated Eddie.

"Uh I guess" Eddie wanted to be careful just in case opportunity was approaching.

"How about you?" Adrian stared and Eddie couldn't help but be transfixed for an instant.

"me what?" Eddie stammered.

"want a blow job?" Adrian smiled but he wasn't kidding.

"i guess, but not some guy, some stranger, I just couldn't" Eddie wasn't sure what to say.

"come on" Adrian said grabbing the check and moving from the booth.

They paid the bill and went to the room they had gotten for their weekend.

Adrian stripped down to his military boxers. It was earlier then normal for them to go to bed, but Eddie stripped down too thinking perhaps Adrian was tired or just wanted to go to the beach early.

The lights were turned out and they lay on their beds.

"ok buddy just relax" Adrian said quietly. Eddie didn't know what to say. Then he felt Adrian's fingers pulling his penis out of his fly.

"hey man no" Eddie said but the feeling of Adrian's wet lips on his cock made it immediately hard as a tree trunk. "shit" he sighed.

"the only rule is you do me next" Adrian said and then returned to giving Eddie the sensations that made him uncontrollably squirm, convulse, tense and explode.

"Shit man" Eddies hands rested on Adrian's head and bare shoulder. He had seen Adrian naked in his head, he had seen his buddy on his knees sucking, he had seen Adrian's hard dick waving at him. And now int he darkness, he didn't know what to say let alone thing.

Then he felt the cock rub against his lips. Despite the darkness he saw Adrian's naked body stradling him on his knees. Eddie's hands moved up the bare thighs and his fingers moved into the thick patch of pubic hair.

His lips parted letting Adrian's cock slide inside and begin to fuck his mouth and hit the back of his throat.

It was only fair that he suck the man who had just sucked him. Eddie relished the experience wishing the lights could be on and they could touch, feel, kiss, finger, fuck as well as suck. After tonight he feared they would be friends no longer. But he couldn't stop, he wouldn't stop. He swallowed the flow to have Adrian deep inside him.

"Nice" Adrian said as he lay on top of Eddie.

"Feel good?" Eddie hissed.

"Shit yea, you did good. Did you like mine?" Adrian asked.

Eddie put his arms around the bare torso of his buddy. "Shit yea" he said and sighed. And they fell asleep.

Eddie found he had nothing to fear, as he and Adrian stayed buddies. And they didn't stop with blowjobs to help each other.

In time they did everything that two buddies could do to and for each other.

"So you got a girl friend?" The man asked who had joined the two soldiers at the bar one night.

"Naw" Adrian replied "We're fuck buddies" he said nonchalantly. The man smiled knowingly. Eddie blushed.

"you guys gay?" the man asked.

"Not sure it just feels so good" Adrian replied and turned his head to kiss Eddie on the cheek.

"Yea it feels good" Eddie said.

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