Man for Man



The hotel was everything it had been described to be, cool, tastefully decorated, very small, intimate and perfectly placed, right in the heart of the city. Perfect for a relaxing holiday, in fact.


I spent the first few days exploring Marrakech on foot, visiting the famous Souk, watching the snake-charmers and rug sellers, eating street food and letting the noise and colour of the Red City invade my senses.

But the heat grew too much and so I retreated back to the cool, shady oasis of the hotel. That wasn't quite right either, I needed the sun.

The Concierge suggested their roof terrace, which was the perfect. High enough to look out over the whole city yet not overlooked and bathed in hot sun all day long.

I stretched out, feeling the heat of the sun penetrating my body, soaking into my tired muscles, as I relaxed and felt the worries of the world drift away.

For a couple of hours, I basked in the sun, retreating into the cool shade of a palm-frond shelter during the hottest hours, relishing the drinks brought to me by the attendant and eating my lunch of salad, as I lay back on the bedouin cushions spread about on the floor.

I slumbered in the shade, as the midday heat beat down all around, relaxed and just cool enough in my oasis of calm from the hubbub of the streets below.

The attendant brought me another cool drink, checked I was comfortable and then, as an after-thought, asked whether I would like a massage. The hotel occasionally used the services of an experienced masseur, he told me and he suggested that a massage would help me unwind even further.

After thinking it over for a few moments, I agreed. Perhaps a good massage was just what I needed to really banish those stresses and strains. When could he come, I asked.

The attendant vanished again and within a few minutes he had returned. The masseur would be straight over, he could fit me in right away.

I relaxed in the shade once more and within a quarter of an hour, the attendant was showing a stranger up to the roof terrace.

He was tall, dark and carried a large folding massage table, with a rucksack on his back. Clothed in a white polo shirt, white loose linen trousers and sandals, he was clearly broad and muscular. I had the feeling that this was not to be a gentle body-rub but the sort of massage that you only feel good about after it's stopped!

He introduced himself and after we settled on a price for the massage, he busied himself setting up the massage table in the shade of the lean-to, arranging towels and oils on one of the low tables. Then he beckoned to me to come over.

I was only dressed in my swimming shorts but told me to remove them and held out a soft white towel for me to wrap round my waist.

I did as he suggested, wrapping the towel round me like a short loincloth, then climbed up onto the massage table, lying face-down, as he suggested.

I watched as he poured scented oil into his hands and then he disappeared from view behind me. Moments later, I felt his big, strong hands begin to work on my shoulders.

From his first touch, I knew my suspicion had been correct; it felt like he was almost tearing my muscles from my body as he kneaded, squeezed and pummelled my shoulders and down my arms, making me moan and groan, as he forced the knots and tension from my body.

He worked my arms into positions I never knew thay could reach, almost pulled my fingers off my hands, near pulled my toes off and left my legs like jelly, as he methodically worked his way round my body.

Even with the occasional pain of his ministrations, I could feel my body totally relaxing. I wass till moaning and gasping as he beat me up but the deep inner glow of relaxation was creeping over me and I was becoming drowsier and drowsier.

He snapped me out of my reverie by telling me to roll over onto my back.

As I sat on the edge of the massage table, jelly legs hanging down, I saw that he was peeling off his shirt, his broad, muscular chest smooth and glistening with sweat from his exertions.

I looked at the muscular shoulders and arms and though to myself it was little surprise I felt so beaten up! I told him that it almost felt like he was trying to pull my arms and legs off and he just chuckled. He told me that his wrestling buddies always complained the same way when he massaged them after workouts or before competitions, so I shouldn't feel too bad!


I laughed and climbed back onto the table, lying back and looking up at the little chinks of light streaming through the palm shelter, as he once more oiled my body and set about pummeling any inch of me that had escaped punishment the first time.

Still I grunted and groaned but this time I could watch him smile a little from time to time as he worked out a particular knot or tension.

Soon, however, my eyes closed and I lay back, completely relaxed and feeling like I was almost out of my body, I was so stress-free.

His strong hands worked on my temples, scalp and face, over my neck and across my chest, along my arms and back before he took a break. More oil was applied to my legs and feet and he worked his way up from my toes, easing my muscles more and more with every minute.

As his strong hands moved up from my knees, I suddenly became aware of a hot feeling and with a shock, I realised that my cock was swelling fast, rising under the towel as blood flooded into it. Almost before I realised it, my thick dick was straining at the tiny towel.

My eyes snapped open to see whether he'd noticed but all I saw was his familiar smiling face as he worked on my thighs. I didn't know what to do. Should I ask him to stop, try to will my aching erection to disappear, or just close my eyes and pretend nothing was happening?

As my mind feverishly tried to come up with a solution, his eyes caught mine.

'Don't worry,' he said, 'that happens all the time. All the guys get like this at the end of one of my massages. It's only natural.'

'I I'm sorry about that,' I stammered.

'No, really,' he smiled. 'It's not a problem at all. I'm used to it. After all, it happens to us all, right? We all know what it feels like'

'Well I guess'

'Of course. Every man knows how good it feels to be like that,' he smiled. 'And when you're having a good massage, your body responds.'

'Well yes. That's true.'

'So you're OK for me to finish, then?'

'Um, yes. Sorry,' I smiled, lying back once more, a little more relaxed, despite my aching dick straining at the towel.

'Good,' he said and I felt his strong hand grip me dick firmly.

My eyes snapped open once more.

'Uh you don't I mean'

'It's OK,' he smiled, slowly massaging my aching msucle with his oiled fist, 'the guys on the wrestling team enjoy this most'

'No.. I don't think ohhh. Unnnhggggg' My groans interrupted my protests as his strong hand massaged my aching dick and he slowly pushed me back onto the massage table.

'Trust me,' the masseur smiled broadly, 'I know just what you need'

I was still trying to protest as he tugged my tiny towel open and released my oiled dick, which he was still gripping firmly.

His hands cupped my balls as he looked me right in the eyes and started to stroke his oiled fist up and down the whole length of my cock, making me moan and groan, as my hips rose off the table involuntarily, to match his rhythm.

I couldn't look away as he jerked me slowly but confidently, my meat growing even harder in his hands as he worked the scented oil into my cock and swollen balls, encouraging me to relax, as he massaged my muscle.

My head was swimming. I was pretty sure this wasn't what most masseurs did but he was making me feel so good that I couldn't stop him, so I relaxed a little more and lay back, watching him as if I were in a dream, seeing him jerk someone else's hard dick.

My eyes open wider suddenly, as he leaned forward and I saw him smile broadly, then open his mouth wide. Stunned, I watched my cock disappear from sight as I felt the hot wet mouth close round my aching flesh.

I gasped as he sucked on me, unable to prevent my hands from grasping his head and encouraging him to work on my throbbing muscle, moans and grunts escaping my lips as he got busy.

His head bobbed up and down slowly, his dark smiling eyes fixed on mine as he sucked me in and out, tongue and lips working on my cock in a way I'd never felt before, driving me wild as he made it harder and harder.

'You like?' He asked with a smile, gripping my throbbing shaft as he took a breath, looking deep into my eyes. He didn't need to ask, the way I was writhing and moaning as he worked on me told him I was powerless to resist.


His smiling face bobbed down into my crotch once more and he started to suck me again, his hands massaging my aching balls, then making me gasp again as his thick fingers ran down from my oily balls to my ass, rubbing over the tight ring of muscle, making my cock buck and jump in his mouth.

My groans clearly encouraged him, as in a few moments, I felt more pressure and as I groaned and writhed, he slowly but surely pushed a finger into my tight ass.

Holding it there, he looked back up at me, his mouth still full of my aching dick and smiled as he saw my startled look. Defying me to resist, he watched me closely as he pushed more firmly, and chuckled as his knuckle pushing into me forced another gasp from my lips.

Now he knew he had me and he returned to his task, sucking me as he pushed his digit right into my ass, firmly inserting it before he pulled it almost all the way out, leaving me squirming with my ass muscles clamping tight on his fingertip.

With my cock still in his mouth he pulled his finger back out, than grasped my ankles and planted my feet on the massage atble, so my knees were up in the air, my legs spread and my ass exposed.

Happy with my position, he continued to play with me, my hands still on his head, in part trying to stop him, in part trying to encourage him.

His fingers rubbed firmly over my sensitive ring of muscle once more, making me moan and twitch, as he stood up straight, one hand gasping my aching cock as his other pressed between my spread legs, fingers rubbing my oiled asshole.

Watching me closely, he gripped my cock, then pushed firmly at my asshole again. He smiled as he felt me clench the muscles involuntarily, trying to deny him access. Circling his fingertip on my oily ring, he had me writhing and moaning, raising my hips for him, then gasping out loud, as he pushed his finger into me again, this time forcing it right in all the way.

With my dick in his fist and his finger buried in my ass, I was helpless to resist and I could feel my balls tightening, as he jerked me slowly, his finger sliding in and out of my ass, just the tip remaining in me before he pushed the whole thick finger right back in, stroking me and finger-fucking me with a slow, insistent rhythm.

I moaned and groaned along with his motions, feeling myself getting closer and closer, as his hands drove me right to the brink.

Then he stopped.

He released my dick and pulled his finger out of my ass.

My eyes opened again and as I looked at him, I was shocked to see him unfastening the drawstring at the waist of his loose linen trousers. I was even more astonished to see the enormous tent in the front of them, the cause of which was quickly revealed, as he dropped the trousers to the flor and stepped out of them.

He smiled broadly at me, as he saw my staring eyes locked on the long, thick, veiny cock curving up from his ripped belly and muscular hips.

I watched, open-mouthed, as he picked up a bottle of oil and trickled a thick stream from the massive cockhead down along the thick shaft, until it was dripping from his smooth, hairless crotch and swollen balls.

I couldn't believe what I was seeing, gasping as he chuckled and started to work the oil into his monstrous dick and balls.

He stepped towards the massage table again and stood level with my waist, his glistening weapon swaying slowly before me.

'Now, it's your turn,' he smiled. 'A little massage for me'

I swallowed hard, as I looked into his smiling eyes. It was clear what he wanted and, incredibly, I found that I was as eager to massage him as he was for me to do it.

'Oh my God,' I though to myself, as I sat up and swung my legs over the side of the table, so that he was standing right in front of me.

My eyes flicked from his smiling face and twinkling eyes to his incredible manhood, oiled, angry and standing proud in front of me.

I watched my hands reach out and grasp him, smiling a little as he grunted in satisfaction, feeling my hands gripping his thick shaft. One over and one under, I slowly stroked the thick meat, revelling in the feel of it - hot and hard like my own when I jerk it but longer and thicker with a bulbous head.


With his encouragement, I began to stroke him more firmly and slipped my hand lower to cup his smooth wonderful balls, feeling their weight in my hand as I jerked his massive dick.

To my own amazement, I felt a great sense of - well, power is not the right word, but empowerment, perhaps, as I slowly jerked him, feeling him grow still harder in my hands and letting his heavy balls swing, as his hands rested on my shoulders and he watched me working on his shining flesh.

Before too long he was moaning gently, as I worked on his thick, oiled muscle, and I felt his hands firmly on my shoulders. He pulled me gently but insistently off the massage table, my feet dropping on the floor before he pushed down, easing me onto my knees in front of him.

My heart was pounding now, as I knew exactly what was on his mind. Looking up at him, I saw the glint in his dark eyes - it was time for me to pay him back.

Ever so slowly, I opened my mouth. I looked into his eyes as I felt him grasp his shaft and press it against my lips.

I opened wider.

Wider still.

Then he pushed the enormous cockhead into my open mouth, filling it completely.

He smiled as he watched my expression, holding his cock still, as I felt the heat of him and tasted the oil and pre-cum mixing on my tongue.

I felt his other hand on the back of my head, encouraging me.

I leaned forward, allowing more of the thick shaft into me, feeling his hot hard dick filling my mouth, until he was bumping against the back of my throat.

Eyes locked on his, I began to lick and suck as well as I could, moving my head slowly back and forth, as I started to try and give my first-ever blowjob.

I began to try and do to him what I love most when my cock is being sucked and it seemed to work. I bobbed up and down on him, my tongue swirling round the swollen cockhead, flicking round the sensitive underside of his circumcised glans, my hands gripping the base of his swollen dick, cupping the smooth hairless balls, as he moaned, grunted and uttered his encouragement, partly in English and partly in grunted Arabic phrases I couldn't understand.

I couldn't believe the size of him in my mouth, stretching my lips around his shaft as I sucked him in and out, licking all over the swollen head and down the thickly-veined shaft to his heavy balls, trying to pleaseure him the way he had done to me.

Remembering how good it had felt to me, I snaked my hand between his smooth, thick thighs, feeling for his asshole.

He grunted and chuckled, spreading his feet wide to help me find my target, moaning his appreciation as I pushed against the tight ring.

As my finger pressed firmly against him, he pushed down with his hips, encouraging me and I felt my finger slip easily into his oily hole, as he rewarded me by gripping my head and thrusting his cock even more deeply into my mouth, making me half gag, as he bumped against the back of my throat.

He squirmed some more and I took the hint, pushing my finger deep into his tight hot hole, as he gripped my head and kept me firmly down on his throbbing monster of a dick.

Now he took control, holding my head firmly as he bagan to slowly but deliberately fuck my mouth, making me gag as he pushed his monster dick in as far as he could, before withdrawing, grunting his approval as I pushed my finger as deep as I could into his tight asshole.

Sliding his dick in and out of my drooling mouth, he continued to face-fuck me, as I squirmed a second finger into his ass, making him gasp and smile down at me as I did so.

Now I was even more eager to please him, forcing my fingers right into his ass as he jammed as much of his cock as he could into my mouth.

I found myself sucking him desperately, hoping to make him lose all control, willing him to explode.

He groaned as I managed to force a third finger into his asshole, eyes wide open as he looked down at me, watching me drooling and slurping desperately on his pulsing dick, one hand gripping his heavy balls as they drew up and tightened.

I heard his breathing become more ragged, his ass clamping on my fingers as he gripped me tightly and pushed in and out more angrily, then suddenly, I felt him tense completely, gripping my head tight as he drove his monster dick in as deep as he could, crying out loud, as I felt his cock buck and leap in my mouth.


In a second I was choking, as he flooded my mouth with long spurts of hot thick cum. I swallowed as fast as I knew how, but it spilled from my lips, drooling down his shaft, as I tried not to drown in his cum, gulping great mouthfuls down time and again as he groaned and grunted, his cock bucking and leaping in my mouth, his asshole clamping tightly on my fingers as he emptied his heavy balls into my mouth.

It seemed to go on for ever, as he flooded me with thick, hot cum but eventually the spurts died down and I was able to gasp for breath, licking my lips as he withdrew his monstrous dick, slick with oil and his cum.

We remained there for several moments, both of us getting our breath back, him with his massive chest heaving, me kneeling in front of his muscular thighs.

I suddenly realised I still had my fingers in his ass and slowly withdrew them, bringing another gasp from his lips, as he smiled down at me once more.

We were both naked, bathed in sweat, glistening with oil and achingly hard. My own cock was fit to explode and - amazingly - his seemed to be just as hard now as it had been before he came.

He helped me to my feet and I groaned as he pressed his hard, muscular body against mine, leaning in to kiss me passionately, his tongue probing my mouth, as he tasted his cum on my tongue.

We groaned and clung to each other as he kissed me long and hard and I gradually responded, returning his lust-filled kisses. Both of us gasped for breath as he broke the kiss.

'Now you,' he smiled, gesturing down to my aching dick.

'Uh, OK,' I smiled, expecting him to sink to his knees for me. Instead, he eased me back onto the piles of bedouin cushions on the cool, tiled floor.

I smiled up at him as he knelt between my spread legs and reached out to grasp my aching manhood.

I closed my eyes and lay back as he firmly jerked my aching shaft, then dribbled more oil down it, letting it trickle slowly from the swollen cockhead, down the shaft, over my balls and down my ass crack.

I moaned softly as he used his strong hands on me, massaging my cock and balls as he had before, his fingers straying back to my ass, as he did so.

This time, I spread my thighs eagerly for him, lying back as I watched him jerking me and felt his finger probing my tight ring of muscle. I pushed own against it and gasped as I felt him push easily inside me, sliding the thick finger in as he smiled.

He spread my legs wider still, pushing my knees back against my chest as he worked on my cock, balls and ass, driving me wild with his skilful hands, pushing a second finger into my tight asshole, making me gasp, then smile up at him as I felt the wonderful sensations as he pressed against my prostate.

I was ready to cum now, wriggling my hips, trying to encourage him to suck me or jerk me off and I smiled as I felt him shift his position, feeling him slip his fingers from my ass, waiting for the feel of his hot mouth around my aching cockhead.

My eyes snapped open yet again, as I felt not a hot mouth on my cock but something thick and hot pressed against my spread ass. I gasped as I watched in horror - he was gripping his thick cock firmly in one hand and pushing it against my ass. I gasped and was horrified to see him simply smile and push forward from his hips, increasing the pressure from his cock on my ring of muscle.

I clamped down tight, trying to wriggle away but his strong hand pushed me back down as he pushed his oiled cock even more firmly against me.

Suddenly, I felt something incredible. As I cried out, his slickly-oiled cock started to force its way into my tight asshole, opening me incredibly wide, as he held me down and forced his way into me.

As I gasped at the pain, my cock jerked again, achingly hard, as it slapped against my belly and he grasped my ankles, lifting my legs high and wide, easing his enormous cockhead all the way inside my virgin ass, until my ring of muscle clamped down tight behind it, gripping his gnarly shaft and holding him tight inside.

He remained completely still, as I writhed and groaned, legs held wide and high, my ass muscles burning at the stretching they were having but clamping tightly on his shaft, holding his enormous cockhead firmly inside me.


Gasping and groaning, I squirmed, impaled by my masseur, as he knelt, impassive, at my ass, holding himself inside me until I started to relax.

It took a few moments but soon, the feeling of his cock inside me overcame the fear and shock I had felt and I opened my eyes again, seeing him still smiling peacefully down at me.

I couldn't believe it. I had his cock in my ass. And it felt good. Oh, my ass was stinging but the feeling of him inside me was far better than just having his finger in me. Jesus, is this what it feels like to have a man in you, I suddenly thought. And I love it.

I smiled back at him, broadly, encouragingly and he released my legs, letting me pull them down onto my chest, as he leaned forward, until his face was inches from mine, his powerful hands on my shoulders.

'That feels good, doesn't it,' he smiled.

'Oh fuck yessss.' I gasped.

'You never did this before?'

'God, no!'

'Well, well,' he chuckled. 'That's OK. I have' He smiled broadly.

I laughed back, then stretched up to kiss him, our lips crushing together as he kissed me back, our tongues probing and eploring each other's mouths until he forced a loud gasp from me, thrusting forward with his strong hips and driving an inch or tow of his thick cock into my ass.

Looking deep into my eyes he saw no resistance, only pure lust and he chuckled and sat back on his haunches.

I felt his strong hands grasp my hips as he began to force more of his cock into my tender ass. Every thrust drove a gasp from my lips but I just pulled my legs tighter to my chest and encouraged him until he'd driven that entire, wonderful cock of his deep inside me.

The feeling as his crotch bumped against my ass and I knew I'd taken it all was incredible - a mixture of pain, lust and pride - but he'd only just started with me and I knew I'd be learning an awful lot more about his massage techniques before he was finished.

He gripped me firmly and started to slowly withdraw his cock, letting me feel it slowly pulling out of my stretched ass until the fat cockhead was trying to tear its way out, making me whimper.

Then he pushed his way back in, beginning to fuck me long and slow, impaling me on his monster dick and pulling it almost all the way out as he drove in and out of me, training my ass to relax and take him.

His skilled hands tweaked and pulled at my hard nipples, making me moan and groan as he fucked me slow and deep, sometimes leaning in and kissing me passionately as he strust in and out of me, sometimes leaning back and jerking my aching dick as he thrust his massive manhood in and out of my straining ass, watching his shaft appearing and disappearing with a smile.

He seemed to know when I was right on the brink, as he'd release my cock and just hold himself all the way inside me, until the crisis had passed, gradually building up more speed in his rhythm, breaking me in completely, until he had me begging him to fuck me harder, faster, deeper.

After what seemed like an age of him slowly easing his cock in and out of me, I felt him start to pick up the pace, his thick shaft driving in deep and hard, his hands on my shoulders, pressing me back against the cushions, as he started to fuck me faster and faster.

I wrapped my heels round his waist, clinging to his thick arms, as he started to fuck his thick cock into me hard and fast, slamming all the way in, pulling right out occasionally, making me howl, before he plunged back into me, driving it all back in with one thrust of his powerful hips.

I moaned and groaned under him, clinging to his powerful body as he fucked me faster and harder, making me moan and beg him for more, to beg for his cum.

Faster and faster he drove into me, slamming in deeper and deeper, driving in so hard he was forcing the air from me in great gasps, as he grunted above me, pounding my ass.

He seemed able to increase the pace more and more and soon he was pistoning in and out of me like a machine, fucking me like I couldn't have ever imagined, my aching dick slapping between us, as we sweated in the Arab summer heat, rutting like animals.

Suddenly, he grasped my dick in his sweaty fist and started to jerk me furiously. In a matter of seconds, I was howling out loud, my aching dick exploding as long arcs of cum flew up between us, splattering on his chest and on mine, his wonderful monster driving in and out of me in a blur.

As I came hard and long, my asshole spasming and gripping his pounding dick even tighter, I felt him slam into me harder than ever and suddenly he was howling too, his huge cock swelling even more inside me and flooding me with heat as he exploded deep in my guts.

I arched my back and groaned as he held himself so deep inside me I almost felt he'd cum in my chest, both of us grunting like animals as he pumped blast after blast of his cum deep inside me, filling my tortured ass.

Eventually, his orgasm subsided and he lowered me to the cushions, slumping between my spread thighs, kissing me softly, as his thick dick twitched occasionally deep in my burning ass.

We panted, grunted and eventually laughed, bathed in sweat, my sticky cum squished between us as we recovered.

After several minutes, he pulled himself back from me, easing his still-swollen dick from my aching ass with a slurp.

I lay back and watched him as he washed in the rooftop shower, dried his hard, muscular body and dressed himself in his sandals, shirt and loose linen trousers.

He packed his oils in his rucksack and folded the massage table away. Ready to go, he turned.

'I am free most afternoons,' he smiled, 'in case you need another massage.'

'I'll get the hotel to call you,' I smiled, as he picked up his cash and left.

Utterly exhausted, I lay back and slept in the shade.

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