Man for Man

In the backseat


It was a really dark night, and we were all packed into Michael's car heading back to the university after driving 80 miles just to go to a wine-tasting event. We'd all spent the day out, and almost everyone in the car was either dead tired or dead drunk.


Michael was the exception. He was our "designated driver," and hadn't had more than two glasses of wine all day. He was a bit of a rich kid and drove a nice Mercedes sedan; even so, we were pretty packed in there. Up front, Jeff was asleep (or passed out) in the passenger's seat. In the back, from left to right, were Eric, Eric (yep, two of them), me, and Jonny. I couldn't see Eric #1 at all, but Eric #2 was wedged between me and Eric #1 and quietly snoring. Jonny was rotated a bit in the seat, and facing the window with his back pressed against my side.

I was the token white boy in the car; everyone else was Asian or Filipino. And as far as I knew, I was the only gay boy too. The others all knew I was gay and didn't seem to have any problems with it; in fact, they would sometimes 'flirt' with me. Of course, when Michael found out I had a thing for Asian guys, I thought I would never live it down! They all delighted in flashing me their cocks or asses when we were in the locker room or at a urinal, or 'accidently' grabbing my ass or cock through my jeans. At first, it made me feel really awkward; especially when I would be trying to take a piss and one of my hot Asian friends would slide up at the urinal next to me and pull out his cock, and make a show of *not* peeing, all while saying, "Mmm, yeah, that white cock looks good!" Of course, I would get hard, and of course, my friend would laugh and run off to tell the others to look out--I was on the prowl for some Asian flesh. Once Eric #2 snuck up behind me in the bathroom while I was pissing, yanked my pants down and groped my bare ass. He whispered in my ear, "I bet your ass would feel as good on my cock as my girlfriend's pussy!" He caught me totally off-guard, but I didn't miss a beat--I reached behind me, grabbed his hips, and pulled his still-clothed crotch into my ass while I said, "Better... wanna find out?" He startled and pulled back, completely surprised, and then we both laughed it off--but I swear he his pants looked a bit tighter in front as he walked out of the restroom!

That's when I figured out how to fight back--I could play chicken with them and win every time. After that, whenever one of them came up and groped me, I would grab their clothed cock right back and even rub my palm over the front of their pants. The next time Michael flashed me at the urinal, I turned towards him and started stroking my dick openly. And so on. Occasionally, one of them would start to get hard, but then of course my straight friends would chicken out and I would tease them myself, "Oh, poor Asian boy is afraid of the white boy's cock!" getting a huge laugh out of the others. Tonight, as we drove on, I was a bit buzzed. Michael was singing softly to the C-pop he had playing quietly on the car stereo. I really wanted to sleep like the rest of my friends, but the positioning was a bit uncomfortable with Eric #2's bony hip digging into my side and Jonny's ass pressed against my leg. And truth be told, I was more than a little horny, especially considering we were all wearing shorts and t-shirts or tank tops and I could feel Eric's and Jonny's bare skin. I was wearing athletic shorts with a tie in the front, and I undid the tie and loosened them, letting my hands momentarily brush against my own cock. I wasn't about to jerk off in the car, however, so instead I followed Jonny's lead and rolled over towards him in the seat in an attempt to get more comfortable.

I was pretty much spooning him now. I tried to get to sleep, but my boner was made worse by the situation, not better. Now, the fronts of my bare legs were bumping against the rear of his, and my cock kept bouncing against his ass. My mouth was inches from the back of his neck, just visible through his longish black hair that was cut just above his shoulders. I put my arm around his side, and for a second I let my fingers trail on his t-shirt, feeling his ribs and slim frame. Then I decided to stop once and for all, and try to ignore my aching erection before I either burst in my pants or my precum leaked through to the front.


"Mmmm, white boy likes my Asian ass," whispered Jonny, laughing so quietly I could barely hear him. I hadn't even realized he was awake! The car swayed again, and my cock throbbed through my shorts as it momentary bounced against his ass again. "Oh, so hard," Jonny breathed. "I wonder what would happen if I touched it!" His laughter was almost silent.

Everyone else was asleep except Michael, and he was oblivious to Jonny's teasing me. "Go ahead, Asian boy," I said, calling his bluff. "You know you want to feel it; reach in my shorts and pull it out."

To my surprise, Jonny upped the ante by reaching around and pulling the front of my shorts down. My cock sprang out instantly, grazing against Jonny's bare arm. Even in the darkness, I could see the glint off a bead of precum that now stretched in a line from his arm to the tip of my dick. He slid his hand up along my bare cock now, and I heard him whisper, "Oh, white boy is really excited... did you cum already white boy?"

"No," I whispered back, "That's just some special lube. Why don't you taste it, Asian boy?"

Jonny breathed a laugh, but I watched as his hand moved from my dick around towards his face. Was he actually tasting my precum? I couldn't tell.

"Oh tastes so sweet, so slick. Why all the special lube, white boy? Just for me to taste?"

The car rocked again, and my naked cock bumped against the back of his shorts, leaving a small wet spot. He responded by grinding back against me.

"You're going to get that special lube all over your shorts if you're not careful."

"Oh, what are you going to do then, white boy? You better not get all that lube on my shorts!" He grinded against me again, laughing quietly the whole time.

Fuck this, I thought. I am calling this bluff now. I quickly slid my hand down from its resting place on his chest, grabbed the front of his shorts, yanked the button out and pulled down the zipper, and as forcefully as I could, pulled them down. There was a moment of resistance as they caught on his hard cock, then his ass was exposed.

His hard cock! Jonny was fully aroused! He wasn't laughing any more, but his breathing seemed a bit heavy. The next roll of the car pressed my naked cock against the bare crack of his ass, but I wasn't done. I grabbed my cock and angled it into his crack, and started rubbing my raw cockhead against his asshole. "Asian boy's going to get some raw white cock in his ass," I growled. My precum was already making his hole moist, and the sweat from our quiet exertions was making it clear that I was close to penetrating his virgin hole. Another quiet thrust and the tip of my cockhead was just inside his pucker.

Jonny asked in a whisper, no longer laughing, "Condom?"

"Fuck the condom," I whispered back. "You want white cock in your ass don't you? You want my cock right now, and you know it." I squeezed my groin muscles, making my cock throb against his slick asshole and I felt him press back, silent answer to my question. Silent answers weren't good enough, though. My voice rose slightly, almost above the music. "Say it. Say you want my raw white cock in your ass!"

Jonny moaned and said quietly, "Yes! I want your raw white cock in me!" Jonny lifted his left leg up as far as he could in the tight seat, and reached back with his free hand and spread his left asscheek wide. My cock dove into him and I bit his neck at the same time. "Fuck!" he said, loud enough that Michael stopped singing and looked up. Michael's eyes caught mine in the rearview mirror, a questioning look in them. I held his gaze for a second, and then I turned back to Jonny. My cock was about halfway up his tight ass and I could all but feel my precum oozing inside him, making him wetter.

"Shhh... do you want Eric to wake up and find you with my cock deep in you?" I said, keeping my voice low, but not low enough the Michael couldn't hear if he tried.

"No," whimpered Jonny, "It just feels so full inside me."

"Do you want me to pull out?" I asked. After all, he was one of my friends... The car swayed a bit, and I looked and noticed that Michael had adjusted the mirror. I couldn't see his eyes any more, but it looked like he was watching us. The car swayed again, and my cock throbbed inside Jonny's butt.

"No. I want you to fuck me. Just don't cum inside me."

I slowly began penetrating deeper inside his body. His ass felt deliciously tight on my cock, and I didn't know how long I could last. He was moaning so quietly as I gently back withdrawing my cock until only the very tip of it was inside his backdoor, and then burying it balls-deep back into him. I saw movement out of the corner of my eye, and I could see Michael's arm moving up and down surreptitiously, as he jerked himself off while I fucked Jonny. I could feel the cum churning in my balls, and I knew I was getting close. I was wondering whether to breed Jonny or not, when he shifted position slightly just as I thrusted inside him. "Oh!" he said aloud. "Right there! Fuck me!"

I started pounding him faster, harder. My cock felt like it was going to burst. "Jonny," I breathed, "I have to pull out or I'm going to shoot."

"No!" he said, a bit quieter than before. And then he suddenly got loud again as I resumed pounding him. "Fuck me, right like that! It feels so good! Fuck me Alex! Oh my god I'm cumming!"

Without ever having been touched, Jonny's cock erupted like a volcano, and I could see the cum forcefully splattering against the car door and smell its scent. His ass, which was already tight, began spasming and clenching my cock, pulling me deep into him as I also shot my load. I grabbed him and rocked him backward, impaling him on my cock as I drench the inside of his virgin ass with my seed. His moans were still audible, so I silenced him by locking my mouth against his, and he leaned into the kiss. His cock was still pulsing from the orgasm, and I kept slowly thrusting, knowing I was driving my jizz deeper into his guts. He was well and thoroughly bred.

We kept kissing until it seemed his breathing had returned to normal. I started to pull out of him but he said, "No" and reached behind me, grabbing my hip and pulling me back into him. We lay like that, awkwardly twisted in the seat, but strangely comfortable, until finally my cock softened and popped out of him. "I feel empty now, white boy" whispered Jonny.

I could feel my own cum leaking from his well-fucked hole. I laughed very quietly. "Asian boy, you are anything but empty--you have white boy seed planted deep in you." I noticed that Michael had returned the rearview mirror to its normal position. Jonny and I lay together, my naked cock nestled in between the cheeks of his bare ass, for most of the ride home. Only after we were near campus did we pull our shorts back up. As Michael began dropping us all off, Eric #1 was the only one to seem to notice anything. "Fuck! This car smells like sex! Did you jerk off, white boy? Too many hot Asian guys for you?" he laughed.

Jonny shot me a worried glance, but he needn't have worried. "Why, Asian boy, are you horny? Want some white boy cum?" He laughed and left.

Michael dropped Jeff, Eric #2, and then Jonny off, but I stayed since we lived near each other. He parked, and we started walking back to where we lived. "You know," he said, breaking the silence, "you'll have to pay to get my car detailed, white boy."

"Sure, Asian boy, but you can clean the front seat and steering wheel yourself. Oh, and you got some cum on the front of your jeans." Michael startled, looked down. There was nothing there, of course, but that wasn't the point.

He laughed. "That was fucking hot, Alex. For a white boy, you sure know how to fuck!" We both laughed, said goodnight, and went our separate ways.

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