In the Army

Actually they're right. Gays do look around. And there's plenty of opportunity to look. Life in the barracks is quite communal with naked men walking around, going to the latrine, group showers, sleeping on top of the bunk covers naked.

Of course nobody touches or does anything else. And that means guys are comfortable to let it all hang out like that.

I think some know they're being looked at. Even straight guys look at each other to compare bodies, endowments, ballsacs, pecs, butts, overall fitness. And those guys who have classic builds get examined you can be sure.

As for erections, there are plenty of them too in the barracks. We pulled firewatch shifts at night and the number of tented blankets I saw almost matched the number of guys silently stroking under those blankets.

Weekends things got a bit more liberated. With more then half of the barracks on leave or in town on those sacred no work days, guys would find places to relax. Some would exercise naked, others would sneak into the supply rooms and jack off, others would take 3 am showers. That was the only time I saw and sometimes participated, soaping backs for my buddies. And they didnt' object when my soapy hands covered more then just their backs. But alas few times did hands, theirs or mine stray to each others boners to "help out a buddy".

In town was different. Guys would chip in and get a motel room where more then the number allowed could crash and puke. Dressed in our civilian clothes it wasn't as hot for me as being in uniform. But there, nobody paid attention to the wandering hands or the willing lips in the bathrooms. What happened in town stayed in town (pardon me Vegas).

The gay guys who did tresspass got talked to privately by some of the rest of they were more careful. We even had one or two Sargeants that spoke to em. Nobody wanted trouble. And we all got horny as hell. So nobody thought it odd that male to male satisfaction went on.

"Man what a butt" could be often heard when one of the guys with an attractive butt was laughingly admired by others. Of course everyone was straight..but you knew the butt jokes were stated for more then humor reasons.

That's how fun started. We were in advanced infantry training. Another 6 months in group barracks just like basic training. Only the newer billets divided guys into rooms and even those rooms housed 6 guys.

Anyway, we had been doing training for about 3 hard months before we got our first three day pass. We all knew where we were going after training. So perhaps guys had that in the back of their minds.

Casey suggested a bunch of us get a motel room in a town nearby and just spend the weekend swimming, sunning, eating pizza and "having fun" as he put it. He made sure I was involved. We were friends but not especially close.

Adams, McArthur and Charlie Russ nodded in agreement. But four wasn't enough to get the price of our weekend down. So we got others to pitch in and we'd sneak em into the motel once we checked in.

It turned out the motel clerk was happy to have us and put us in a motel room in the back "that way you guys can have fun and nobody will complain" he smiled. The twinkle in his eye as well as my developing gadar told me he liked us for lots of reasons.

"Just don't do anything that makes the other guests complain, And use swimsuits even late at night" he smiled.

I wondered what groups of soldiers had been there in the past skinny dipping drunk at 4 am.

We checked into the room which had no other rooms next to it. Only the machine room was downstairs and we were on the end of the row facing away from the street.

We stripped naked and put on our various swim suits. Casey put on a black pair of speedos that got my interest. I wore my skin tight civilian shorts and ther other guys had an array of gym shorts, speedos, jams and McArthur put on his bikini underwear.

All of us, all six were soon in the pool, splashing, jumping off the sides, sunning and talking to guests. The weekend had begun.

By mid afternoon we slept. I chuckled as I walked to the coke machine. With all our bravado and masculine predictions of looking for pussy, we had collapsed in the sun catching up on sleep, which is what we did back in the barracks on weekends.

Monty, the motel clerk was at the machine and we talked awhile. He said we were a fine looking group of guys but he knew I knew that. I smiled. We connected.

"Which one do you like best?" I asked as if I could give him the body of his choice.

"Besides you?" he smiled. I laughed but was pleased he was being that polite or perhaps serious.

He liked Casey, he said. "that boy has a butt made for those speedos" he said. I had to agree. "of course I'd like to see you in a pair" his eyes were surveying my lower half.

I grabbed my basket and hitched it a bit. "thanks, been a long time since a guy could openly fliert with me" he patted my butt saying he had to get back to work. But he invited me to come to the office that night during one of his breaks.

My cock was half hard. I wished it had gotten full hard just to entertain Monty more. But I walked back to my lounge.

"Hey where's Russ?" Casey asked "I thought he was with you" he said. His eyes were on my crotch "better adjust yourself" he added.

I moved the growing boner to the side and sat down. "Dunno, where did he go?"

Casey looked towards out room "think he went back I guess. He asked me if I wanted to go but I wanted to get rid of this white skin"

"Better lotion up, you're getting red" I said and offered.

Again, none of us touched each other back on least other then wrestling, hand to hand combat or patting each other on the back or arms in greetings.

Here was different. I took my time letting my hands examine Casey's back under the edge of his speedos at his waist and at the top of his thighs. My hands moved down each thigh and over his calfs.

He could have spread the lotion on many of those areas but Casey didn't object.

"Turn over and I'll get the rest of you" I said.

To my surprise Casey turned over adjusting his crotch.

I lotio9ned his chest, stomach and legs..and again under the edges of his speedos. After I finished his arms he thanked me without opening his eyes.

"I owe you" he said "probably get you tonight" he said and chuckled.

Russ was in the room. I went upstairs to shower and cool off from my lotioning of Casey. He was sitting on the bed watching porn. And to my delight he was naked. So I stripped off my shorts once I was inside.

"Gotta cool off" i said.

"Yea I see" Russ said without looking at me. But I knew he meant my erection.

I showered and started to stroke but decided to wait. I had thoughts of laying on the other bed and napping a bit thanks to the afternoon sun.

I lay on the bed with a towel around me.

"Want me to change it?" Russ asked referring to the hetrosecual pornography on the tv.

"Naw" I said

I lay flat ignoring prolonged watching of the hot looking man on the TV getting a blowjob from a surgically enlarged chested woman.

"Shit I'm horny, looks like you are too" he said.

"Sun" I said

"Maybe playing with Casey too" he said.

I opened my eyes and looked at him. "Relax man it's cool" he said moving to sit on the bed where I lay.

I let him move his hand under my towel and work my cock until I exploded.

"Wow thanks" I said adding the word "buddy". We had been preached to by our training offices that buddies help buddies. I agreed with that policy.

"Want me to?" I started to ask.

"I've pumped twice" he said.

Russ could have fooled me, as his cock was still half hard.

I slept. In my slumber I heard voices, doors open and close, and was awakened when I was asked what kind of pizza I wanted.

By the time the pizzas were delivered all six of us were in the room drinking beer. I didn't know who acquired the beer..and didn't care. It was cool, alcoholic and there was plenty of it.

We drank, made comments about TV news and some of the girls the guys saw by the pool earlier.

"Shit man we've got two more days of this, do you believe it? No guns"

Everyone yelled at him the chant we had learned in basic, "THIS IS MY RIFLE THIS IS MY GUN, THIS IS FOR KILLING AND THIS IS FOR FUN".

The only difference was everyone was waving their penis this time. Those of us in towels or underwear as well as the guys wearing jeans.

When the pizza guy arrived, nobody put our cocks away. He knew were all drunk and I suspect he'd seen far more bawdy behavior. He was young....I wondered how many of those pizza delivery boy stories were true I had heard.

Pizza was everywhere, beer flowed, boys holding their cocks dispelled processed beer into the toilet and we laughed at anything anyone said.

It was midnight when we all hit the pool again. Some of the other guests came out of their rooms hearing our laughter and splashing. Monty came out of the office just to make sure we were clothed..probaby hoping we weren't.

I trotted over to the office just to make sure things were cool. He looked up and smiled.

"You guys having a good time?" He asked

"Yea we bothering anyone?" I asked.

"Nobody's complained yet. With the base so close, everyone knows you guys need to blow off steam."

I nodded. For some reason I wanted to see if Monty was still interested in me.

"Where's that guy, the one in the black speedos?" he asked which disappointed me.

"Pool I guess, you're stuck with me" I said laughing.

"Cool" he said.

The blowjob was too fast and basic pluming style. Yet it was the first one I had had since going home after basic training.

"Boy you cum like you haven't done it in weeks" he said wiping the sperm off his lips.

"Yea it's been awhile" I said pulling my wet swimsuit back up over my hips and crotch.

"Bet you'll get some tonight too" He said.

I went out to the pool but he guys weren't there so I headed to the room. The lights were out and the TV was off. I heard some snoring and after pissing went back into the room to figure out where I could sleep.

Hands guided me to the floor between the wall and the bed. I didn't ask who it was. I let them paw me, remove the towel I had put on and felt their finger enter me. I was goign to get fucked I realized. I imagined Casey or McArthur or some other men I knew back home as I remained on my hands and knees letting whoever it was pump me until their noises told me they were cumming.

"Shit you guys were goin at it" a whispered vocie said. I moved to the bathroom and pissed some more without turning on the lights. I knew that was the number one rule that night.

The noises had expanded when I returned to the room. There was no straight or gay, no right or wrong, nothing but horny men.

I sat on the edge of the other bed and felt the bodies that were engaged in mutual satisfaction. I found a way to participate and soon tasted cock, tongue, cum, sweat and felt fingers, cocks, mouths as well.

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I wasn't sure if all six of us were on the same bed or not. None of us seemed to care.

The beautiful sight was the morning when I awoke with Russ's head on my leg, McArthur and Casey intertwined on the floor and Adams lay beside me on the bed.

Mark was by himself on the other bed. I moved over to him and pulled him close and fell asleep again.

Later, I wasn't sure how much later one of the guys yelled "who want's to go to IHOP?" and that made us stir, awaken, ignore the morning erections just as we did on the base. Showers later, we trooped down the highway to ihop where we tried to set the record for amount of food consumed.

And that's how the rest of the weekend went. We walked back into the barracks late Monday night, falling into our bunks as we returned to the hetrosexual machismo world we had each volunteered to be a part of.

Each of us still could taste each other, feel each other in our butts, sigh contentedly at the unquestioning exchange of sensations and satisfactions.

For the rest of my time in the Army, I got into many other sexual situations with civilians and soldiers alike. Even a Brig General had fun with me one weekend. But for some reason that weekend during advanced infantry training, meant more to me.

As far as I was concerned the Army had more then a few good men..and do did I.

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