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Home Invasion Fuck


At the closed door he paused, and then gingerly turned the handle, and opened it. Daniel smirked as he looked in the bedroom. A corn-rowed young black man lay on the bed, his shorts pushed to its knees, his yellow bikini briefs tucked under his balls, his rigid uncut cock in his right hand. His eyes were closed, and his cock jumped as he imagined whatever scene that had swollen his black manmeat in the first place. Daniel watched for a moment as the twink stroked his cock, the black foreskin sliding back and forth over the precum leaking head. He reached down to squeeze his own swelling cock. Then he cleared his throat.


The black stud jumped as he opened his eyes. He had no idea what the young brown-haired man was doing in his bedroom, but the gun in his hand told him he would do whatever he wanted to do. He let go of his cock and made to pull up his shorts, but Daniel ordered him not to move. He was frightened, but also mortified that his cock was not subsiding.

A commotion down the hall briefly commanded Daniel's attention. His brother appeared, pushing a naked Asian twink ahead of them. He was slimly built, with soft brown eyes and a dark complexion, part of his Cambodian heritage. His black hair was thrust up in jagged spikes. Rivulets of water ran down his smooth torso, suddenly finding themselves in the thick black hair that lay in a tight crescent above his uncut cock. "Look what I found in the shower", he said.

"Ty!", the Cambodian twink shouted as he spotted his friend, his eyes drawn despite his efforts to the throbbing slab of black meat lying against Ty's taut belly. "Rith!", Ty shouted back as he avoided meeting his friend's eyes. As Rith gawked at Ty, he felt his own cock begin to swell and rise. Matthew noticed at once, and reached down to stroke the Asian's lengthening fuckpole.

"You like what you see?" Matthew asked. "Maybe you should feed that snake to your homey", he suggested. He noticed his brother lay down his gun on the dresser and push a hand down his pants. He walked Rith over to the bed, and guided his turgid twinkmeat to his black buddy's mouth. Neither Rith nor Ty could believe what was happening, but the two white twinks had the guns, not them.

Rith gasped as Ty's mouth enveloped his cock. Daniel came over. "Don't be shy", he said, grabbing Rith's smooth Asian ass cheeks and pushing his pubes into Ty's face. Ty grunted as his friend's cock, now rock-hard, stabbed down his throat. As Rith began to rhythmically fuck Ty's face, Daniel stripped off his shirt and pants, revealing his smooth toned body. A furry trail ran up his belly from inside his tighty whities, which themselves were tented in front of him by his rigid fuckstick. He wrapped a hand around his cock, fucking the fabric tube made by his tented briefs, as he watched the black twink blow the Asian.

Matthew followed his older brother's lead and stripped. His cock had slipped out the leg opening of his briefs, and sprang up as his shorts fell to the floor. He stripped the briefs off, then stroked his long cut cock, smearing precum over the head and shaft. He reached over and grabbed a handful of Rith's hair, and pushed him down to 69 with his black roommate. Both he and Daniel were getting hot watching the black and Asian boys fuck each other's faces. He pulled Rith off Ty's cock, and pushed the black's legs forward to roll his virgin hole up to Rith's tongue. The black man squirmed as Rith hungrily tongue-fucked his boyhole.

Meanwhile, Daniel stripped off his briefs. Precum was leaking in a steady stream from the head of his cock. He climbed on the bed behind Rith, and placed his cockhead above Rith's asscrack. He squeezed his fuckmeat, and a stream of clear precum poured down into the smooth Asian crack, running down to the twink's tight hole. The Cambodian shivered as the slippery liquid pooled at his hole. Daniel used his cockhead to smear the precum around the virgin fuckhole and over his cockshaft. Then he positioned his cherrybuster, and in one smooth motion drove his cock to full depth in Rith's boypussy. Rith gasped. But it was the only start, as Daniel placed his hands on Rith's shoulders and started riding his ass.

Matthew brought Ty's throbbing black pole back to Rith's lips, and admired Ty's quivering tongue-soaked manhole. He moved his fuckpole to it, and with short but persistent strokes pushed himself inside. His eyes rolled back as the black mancunt closed around his rigid tool. The blond twink's milky skin stood in sharp contrast to Ty's deep ebony. He started fucking the black stud with passion, Rith's hair caressing his stomach each time he drove deep inside.


Matthew knew even before he heard Ty's muffled moan that the black stud was about to cum. He felt Ty's sphincter tighten about his cock, so he started to fuck the horny cocksucker faster and deeper to stimulate his lovehole. He wrapped his hands in Rith's spiky black hair, determined that the Cambodian stud should enjoy the creamy treat building in Ty's balls. And then Ty moaned, and his ass spasmed around Matthew's cock, and a moment later Rith let out a yelp of surprise, muffled by the spurting black manpole filling his throat. He instinctively tried to pull away, but Matthew held him in place, waiting until the powerful contractions of Ty's balls finally stopped. When Matthew let go of Rith's hair, he didn't pull away, but kept sucking his friend's spent cock, creamy cum running from his mouth down the length of Ty's cock.

Daniel pulled Rith by his shoulders away from Ty, a stream of the black twink's jizz bubbling from the corner of the spiky-haired Asian's mouth. His arm around Rith's slim waist, he manoeuvred the Cambodian down the bed, the young stud's hard throbbing cock jumping up and slapping his belly as it was pulled free from Ty's throat. Daniel licked the fresh manjuice from Rith's face, and positioned him beside his brother, still deep-dicking Ty's raw black fuckhole. He put his hands on Matthew's hips and gently pulled him backwards. "Time to change things up", he said. Rith's eyes widened and cock twitched at the thought of fucking his hot friend Ty. He moved to where Matthew had been standing, and put the head of his fuckpole at the winking black hole. Closing his eyes, he slowly pushed forward, savouring the sensation of being swallowed by Ty's boypussy. Ty breathed noisily as his ass was topped by a second fucker - his heart was pounding watching Rith's smooth slim body between his spread legs, feeling Rith's uncut Asian boymeat turn his asshole into a pussy for his pleasure. Then Rith's pubes were pressed against his balls, and the Asian twink was bottomed out in black ass.

Rith started slowly fucking his friend. Matthew stood behind him, his hands cupping and caressing the Asian twink's smooth ass cheeks, feeling them flex as he thrust his hips, pumping Ty's black ass. Matthew dropped his hand between Rith's legs, running them forward over his balls, and then wrapping it around his cock as it pistoned in and out of Ty's boycunt. He dropped to his knees and spread Rith's ass cheeks, and started tonguing the hole his brother's cock had just recently been fucking. Rith moaned at the rich sensation of having his ass rimmed by the cute blond.

Daniel meanwhile lay on the bed, lapping up with his tongue the spooge that had run down Ty's ebony shaft from Rith's mouth. Ty reached for Daniel's aching cock. Precum welled up from the head and flowed down the rigid meat. The brown-haired twink swung himself around so that his cock met Ty's lips, and then shivered as the black stud swallowed his cut fuckpole. He kept licking Ty's pubes, admiring the view - Ty's half-erect fucktool twitching on his belly, his crinkly pubic hair wet and matted with his own manjuice, Rith's pubes mashing against Ty's splayed balls, the Asian's smooth dark complexion surprisingly ghostly pale against Ty's darker skin.

Matthew was becoming hotter and hotter as he drilled Rith's ass with his tongue. Now, unable to bear anymore, he stood up and eased himself into the hot Asian boypussy. He let Rith do the work, bracing himself and waiting for Rith to impale himself bit by bit on his swollen cut cockmeat. Finally the Cambodian twink accepted the full length of Matthew's manpole, and the two fuckers started to work in unison.

Daniel had untangled himself from Ty, anxious to watch the three men fuck - his blond brother's cock disappearing in that tight Asian ass, Rith's own cock buried between black ass cheeks. He walked behind his brother, admiring his taut physique and rounded ass cheeks. He licked a finger and pushed it between those rounded ass cheeks, walking it down his crack until it found the dimpled entrance of his fuckpussy.


"O, you know what I want, baby bro", Daniel whispered in his brother's ear while fingering his tight boypussy. Matthew nodded. "Can I have it, Matt?", he begged, twisting his finger deeper into his brother. In response, Matthew pushed back abruptly, bottoming his brother's finger in his ass. Daniel smiled, gently caressing the inside of his velvety lovechute with his finger, before standing directly behind his brother and pulling his finger free. He lined up the head of his cherrybuster with his younger brother's fuckhole, and pushed in, gently but firmly. As soon as he was in, he started pumping Matthew's ass, gyrating his hips to corkscrew his cock around his brother's soft love canal. He caressed his shoulders and kissed his ears and neck, making love to his sibling.

Ty's eyes widened with astonishment. Before him these two brothers were connecting in the most intimate way possible. And in a way he could feel it, for every time Daniel's cock bottomed in his baby brother's manhole, he could feel Rith's cock driven deep into him. He felt his ass tighten around Rith's Asian fuckstick as he watched the brothers fuck, wishing to feel more perfectly what they felt.

Rith was the first to come. The warm tightness of Ty's nearly virgin boyhole, the heat of the blond boy's cock frictioning in his ass, Daniel's arms wrapped around his chest playing with his nipples - he gasped with the suddenness of the orgasm which swept over him. Suddenly his balls were contracted, and he was spilling his hot wet load into his friend's ass. He hadn't busted Ty's cherry, but he was the first to bust a nut inside him.

He was still spurting in Ty's black manhole when Matthew came, driven to the edge by the contractions of Rith's boypussy as he ejaculated, and the tender brotherfuck Daniel was giving him.

Daniel had felt Rith's and his brother's climaxes, and it almost brought him to orgasm himself. But he was determined to bust his nut in the black twink's cum-filled hole. An exhausted Rith pulled out of Ty's ravaged ass, and Matthew pulled his cock from Rith's well-fucked mancunt, both their cocks dripping with fresh spunk. Daniel kept fucking Matthew, enjoying too much the sensation of filling his little brother's manhole with his cock to move into Ty just yet.

Daniel worked his brother's ass until he was close to cumming, and then pulled out. He turned to Ty and seized his legs, pushing the black twink's thighs back to his chest and spreading them far apart to expose his ebony lovehole. As Ty gaped in surprise, Daniel plunged his rock-hard cock into the cum-lubed black manpussy. He pinned the hot stud to his bed with his weight, urgently pumping his meat in the hot tight hole. With Ty's velvety boycunt massaging his cock towards orgasm, he brought his mouth to Ty's and forced his tongue inside. Another couple of long deep thrusts in Ty's cherry-busted hole, and Daniel was at the edge. His balls stirred, and he felt a thick geyser of jizz burst from his cock to spatter deep inside the twink's fuckhole. He kept pounding the tight boyhole as jets of hot cream spurted from his throbbing pole, while he clenched his eyes shut as if he were blinded by a white hot light.

Under him, Ty knew he was about to nut for the second time. The unexpected fury of Daniel's assault on his ass, the feeling of Daniel's thick cock sliding in Rith's balljuice, the grinding of the white fucker's pubes against his balls, the image of the two brothers fucking above him - they were all about to make him cream without even touching his cock. The uncut black snake swelled and twitched while Ty moaned, and then he was shooting wads of hot cum over his body. They looked like pools of molten silver on his jet black skin. Daniel, his cock at rest now inside Ty, leaned down and scooped up a thick drop of spunk with his tongue, before turning back to kiss Ty. The manjizz slid from his tongue to the eager tongue of the black bottom.

He collapsed on the stud's cum streaked chest, and lay there until he could feel Ty's hammering heart against his chest slow to normal. Then he stood up and pulled his cock free from the cummy black boypussy. His brother Matthew and the Cambodian twink Rith were already on their knees, eager to compete in cleaning Daniel's jizz-smeared tool. His final ass churning of Ty's manhole had mixed his load with Rith's, and the Asian eagerly slurped the fusion-spunk from Daniel's cock.

Daniel picked up Ty's discarded bikini briefs, and wiped the black fuckstud's spooge from his chest. "C'mon Matt", he gestured to his little brother, "we should go now, I think it's safe". Sometime during their fuck session the police sirens had faded into the distance. The brothers dressed, and left the room. Rith and Ty, naked and sweat covered, cum seeping from their cherry-busted holes, sat silently. Suddenly Daniel reappeared in the doorway and strode to the dresser, scooping up the handgun he'd left there and tucking it into his waistband. As he left this time, he turned and winked at the two studs he'd fucked. They heard the back door downstairs open and shut, and then there was silence.

"Wanna grab a shower?" Rith asked. "Sure", Ty responded. Rith grabbed his stiffening cock and smiled.

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