Man for Man

Hill Street Blacks


My home needed painting and I had contracted out the job to a local firm in town. The job was supposed to take four days. I was able to schedule vacation time for the duration of the work. There were four guys, the foreman, Dave, and three younger guys, Paul, Ricky and Dennis. When I met them all, Ricky and Dennis immediately took my interest. They were two very muscular black studs that seemed to enjoy showing off their hot bodies. Dave and Paul seemed all business like and rigid. Ricky and Dennis seemed less serious and more laid back. I soon found myself ogling over those two black studs. The painters were all wearing white overalls with t-shirts underneath. Ricky and Dennis had on overalls that fit rather snugly over their muscular frames.


I began to lust over what obviously was packed beneath those huge bulging crotches. As the day progressed they had both loosened the tops of those overalls and removed their t-shirts. My cock began to stir as they both had massive chests; six pack abs, bulging biceps and broad shoulders. "They had to lift weights." I thought. But, I was just left with my fantasies as the day came and went and the guys packed up and left by 4:00 p.m.

On the third day, Dave came up to the door before they left and said Ricky and Dennis would finish up tomorrow as he and Paul were going to start at another job site. "That's fine with me." I immediately thought, but said, "Well, I guess that's gonna have to do."

I slept fitfully that night dreaming of those two black studs. The next morning I was putting in a load of laundry when I heard their truck pull into the driveway. As I peeked out a side window, I saw Dennis and Ricky getting ready to unload their equipment. My jaw dropped, as they were both wearing cut off shorts and clinging tank tops. I continued watching them as their huge muscles bulged and rippled while they unloaded the truck and moved some of the scaffolding.

I finally returned to my laundry as they prepared to paint the last side of my home. About fifteen minutes later I went upstairs to change the bedding. As I began to strip off the sheets, I heard Ricky talking to Dennis. I looked toward the window and saw that Ricky was standing on the scaffolding there. His upper torso was hidden, but I got a great, close up look at his lower body. He had some bulging calves and very thick thighs, but my eyes clung onto that huge bulge in his tight shorts.

"Yeah, I saw him staring, too. You think he's interested?" Ricky was saying as I stood there and gawked.

"Damn straight, he's interested. Did you see the way he watched us up on this scaffolding yesterday?" I heard Dennis respond. "I'm sure he wants to get into our pants. There's no doubt about it."

"Well, if he wants it, I'm sure gonna give it to him," Ricky said as he grabbed his crotch and humped his hips while they both laughed. "My cock just loves fucking a pretty white ass."

My jaw dropped as I realized they were probably talking about me. The bait was laid and now I was determined to do something about it. Taking a long, lingering look at Ricky's fabulous crotch, I grabbed the sheets and headed downstairs to the laundry room. After about two more hours spent cleaning around the house, and several more peeks out the window, I went outside to the garage to head to the grocery store. As I went out the back door I had to navigate through their scaffolding. Looking up at both their finely chiseled bodies, I yelled up that I was going to the store and asked if they had any preference if I were to get some lunchmeat.

"That's not necessary," Ricky answered. Then quickly put in, "But, if you insist, we'll have whatever you're having," he smiled.

I rushed through my chores and was back home in just under two hours. I must admit my house was looking a whole lot better. I then told Ricky and Dennis I had some sandwich fixings when they were ready to take a break for lunch. "Give us about twenty minutes," Dennis said as he consulted his watch. "We should just about be finished with this side by then."

I went inside, put away my groceries, then put in a final load of laundry. My cock began to stir as I thought about those hot studs outside. I returned to some household chores as a slight distraction. As I finished with vacuuming the living room, I heard a knock at the back door.

"Anybody home?" I heard a voice asking. I went through the dining room and cut through the kitchen. As I got to the door of the laundry room, there was Dennis and Ricky.

"You still springing for lunch?" Dennis said as he and Ricky stood there. "Yeah, come on in," I quickly answered. "Have a seat at the counter," I directed as I walked toward the refrigerator and got out the lunchmeat and some condiments. Ricky and Dennis sat in the barstools at the counter and I laid out the food telling them to call me Dave. I stood on the other side of the counter over the inlaid kitchen sink. We were all soon fixing our sandwiches, preparing to eat our lunch.


"Wow, this is great," Ricky said enthusiastically. "You didn't really have to do this. Thanks. Thanks a lot."

"Yeah this can be a little celebration of finishing this job," Dennis added. "We should be done in about another hour or so."

We enjoyed our meal as I was again soon lusting after these two, black studs. I eyed them both longingly as we ate and shared some small talk. I learned that they were both just started painting for their company about three months ago.

"Well, I must say you guys do some good work," I said as we were just finishing our lunch. "My house is looking great."

"Well, we pride ourselves in keeping the customer satisfied, Dave," Ricky said with a slight gleam in his eye.

"Yeah, anything to make sure they're happy," Dennis quickly added with a broad smile.

As they finished their food, I began to clean up. I went around the counter and stood between them to pick up the paper plates and napkins for the trash. As I reached for Ricky's plate, he grabbed my arm with his strong hand. "No need to do that now," he smiled as he spun around in the barstool to face me. "We got it, don't we Dennis?"

"Yeah, Dave, let us do that," Dennis said as he spun his barstool around facing me. His strong, muscular legs and thighs were wrapped around my body as he smiled. "We can clean this mess up, man." For a few seconds we all just stood there, caught in an awkward silence.

"Where's the trash kept?" Dennis then asked as he picked up his paper plate, leaned forward and slid up and out of the barstool. His huge, muscular frame pressed tightly against me as he squeezed into that tight space. His strong body pushed me backward between Ricky's massive thighs. My hands rested on those muscular thighs to steady myself as Dennis squeezed through.

"Here, Dave back up a minute and let Dennis by," Ricky soon said. He then boldly wrapped his strong arms around my waist and pulled my body back firmly against him. I was almost sitting in his lap now as I felt that huge bulge in his crotch pressing hard against my ass. "Can you make it through there now?" he asked. I felt his warm breath on the nape of my neck and his huge bulge pressing hard into my ass.

"Yeah, but hold on a minute while I get your things, too." Dennis answered. He then pushed back into me as he leaned over to grab Ricky's plate and napkin. My cock began to stir as I was now pinned tightly between these two hot, black studs. Dennis seemed to deliberately push in tighter and linger there longer than necessary, but I wasn't going to complain.

"Well, what have we here?" Ricky said as his hand slipped down to grab my now hardening cock through the front of my jeans. "Someone seems to like being in this position," he continued.

"I knew we were right about you, Dave. You've been eyeing us these last two days, haven't you?" Dennis said as he stayed in position. "Uh, yeah, I guess so." I stammered. "You guys got some hot bodies and I have been wondering..."

"Well, that's great," Ricky cut in. His hand began to rub and fondle me through my jeans. "We've been wondering, too. I guess we know now, don't we Dennis?"

By now my cock was rock hard, both from the attention Ricky was giving it and the feel of these two hot studs pressing up against me. Suddenly, Dennis leaned down and planted a kiss on my mouth. As his strong hand caressed my neck, he jammed a luscious tongue into my greedy mouth. While that passionate embrace continued, Ricky slipped his other hand up under my shirt. He was soon pinching and fondling my nipples. He then slowly stood upright and pressed his full body hard against me.

"Why don't we get more comfortable?" I soon suggested.

"Well, we've got to finish up outside first and get the equipment back. How about if we come back later this evening and finish this job?" Dennis answered as he grabbed my cock through my pants.

We all separated and they were soon back outside. As Ricky began to dismantle the scaffolding, Dennis finished the trim around the first floor windows. About an hour and a half later the painting was done and they were both loading up the truck. Dennis came back in and announced that they would take the truck back, go home, clean up, and come back later if that was okay. "Then we can get much better acquainted," he finished. We quickly agreed that they should return around 8:00 p.m. As their truck pulled away I immediately began to fantasize about the coming night's activities.


My doorbell sounded shortly after 8:00 p.m. I slipped a peek out a front window and saw Dennis and Ricky. They were cleaned up and dressed in clinging knit shirts and deliciously snug jeans. Their huge, muscular bodies were displayed to the max. I opened the door and invited them in as they greeted me with broad smiles.

We settled into the living room with a few beers and passed the next several minutes with some talk about their job. I was sitting on the couch with Ricky and Dennis opted for the large lounge chair. I again commented on how good my house now looked.

"Well, like I said before," Ricky said, "we like to keep the customer satisfied." As he leaned his head back to gulp down the remainder of his beer, Ricky seductively grabbed his bulging crotch.

Licking my lips at that sight, I added, "Well, I could use a little more satisfaction."

Dennis also finished off his beer then stood up and approached the couch. He walked toward me as he, too, grabbed his crotch with a leering smile.

"Yeah, I could use a little satisfaction, too," he said, as he stood right in front of me.

I quickly reached up, grabbed his hips, and pulled him close. Dennis pulled his hand away as I undid his belt unzipped his jeans. Reaching inside I was pleased to find a thick, huge cock. I grabbed around its huge girth and pulled it free as Dennis slid his jeans down his thighs. I was in awe. That massive black cock had to be about ten inches long and my hand could just barely wrap around the thickness of that baby. It had a delicious, purple hued head at its tip and was darker than the rest of Dennis' black skin.

"Go ahead and have a taste," Dennis said encouragingly as he pulled his shirt off.

As I leaned forward and began to lick that thick, black shaft, Ricky got up from the couch and quickly stripped his clothes off. As he slipped out of his jeans another huge black cock plopped free. He, too, was very well endowed. He wasn't as thick as Dennis, but his cock had to be another inch or two longer.

"Boy, that looks good," Ricky said as I engulfed the head of Dennis' cock between my lips.

"Feels good," Dennis sighed as his delicious cock melted into my hungry mouth.

Grabbing the base of his monster cock with one hand and fondling his huge balls with the other, I began to suck furiously on that baby. It was luscious! I was soon slobbering wildly over Dennis' cock. It tasted so good. In a few seconds, it began to slowly grow.

"Oh, yeah, suck my cock, man. That feels so good," Dennis moaned. My mouth was now sucking him in deep. I was almost gagging as I sucked him in fully now. That huge cock head jammed down my throat as my nose pressed into his pubic hair. The musk scent of his crotch invaded my nostrils. "Oh yeah. Take it deep, man. Take it all!" Dennis was groaning as I continued sucking him in fully.

"Hey, can I get some of that?" Ricky asked several minutes later.

"Yeah, get on in here and get you some of this," Dennis responded as he pulled away. "You're gonna love that moist, sweet mouth, man."

Ricky pushed his huge black cock in my face as Dennis stepped out of his jeans. Ricky and I both moaned lowly as he sunk that baby between my anxious lips. His massive cock felt silky smooth and I breathed in deep as I forced my mouth and throat to suck that baby in deep. My nose was again planted into a bush of tightly curled pubic hair.

"Oh, yeah, Dennis. This is a hot, sweet mouth," Ricky moaned as I began to furiously work the full length of his massive cock. "Yeah, suck me, baby. Suck my big, black cock!" Ricky demanded as his hands massaged my shoulders.

Dennis was soon on the couch beside me pulling at my clothes. He got my shirt off and was soon working on my shorts. Ricky suddenly pulled away and moved over to the end of the couch. As I got up on my knees, Dennis was able to work my shorts over my ass and down to my knees. I again continued sucking furiously on Ricky's thick, black shaft as Dennis deftly pulled my shorts and underwear off.

"Oh yeah, you got a nice ass, Dave, Dennis said as his strong hands began to massage my ass cheeks. Soon his lips and tongue roamed all over my now exposed ass cheeks. He then reached between my legs and began gently squeezing and stroking my cock. Ricky bent forward and spread my ass cheeks wide open with his large, strong hands, Dennis then quickly centered in on my aching asshole. He lapped at my love hole with his talented tongue. It felt wonderful! I was doing my best to concentrate on Ricky's massive meat. But, when Dennis jammed his tongue past my puckered ass hole, I had to pull away.


"Oh, yeah, that feels good," I said, pushing my ass backward into Dennis' face while stroking Ricky's throbbing cock.

As Dennis' talented tongue continued probing my anxious ass hole, I returned my lips and mouth to Ricky's big, black cock. As I began to suck hard and deep on that massive cock, Dennis pulled away. He grabbed a packet of lube from his pants pocket then began lubing my ass. He plunged his finger past my puckered opening, massaged my prostate, and then dug in deep.

"Oh, yeah, this is one tight ass, Ricky," Dennis said as his finger probed deeply inside of me. "It's gonna make for some sweet fucking."

Ricky continued holding onto my ass cheeks as Dennis finally withdrew his finger and climbed up on the couch behind me. I soon felt the hot flesh of his massive cock rubbing the crack of my ass.

"Tell me you want it, Dave. Tell me you want my big, black cock fucking your pretty white ass," Dennis commanded.

"Oh yeah, I said as I pulled away from Ricky and looked back over my shoulder. "Fuck me, Dennis. Fuck my ass good."

As his huge cock head zeroed in on my ass hole, I engulfed Ricky's cock back into my mouth. Dennis shoved that huge head inside of me as a burst of pain shot up my spine. Even if I would have, I could not yell out as Ricky's massive cock was shoved deep down my throat. Dennis pushed in an inch or two then held onto my hips.

"Relax, Dave. Relax, man. Feel my cock fill your sweet ass hole. It's so hot and tight up in here," Dennis was saying as my aching ass hole slowly began to accept that huge intruder.

With a real slow motion, Dennis began to pull in and push back in again. My ass hole gripped tightly around his big cock. With every entry, he began to insert a little more of his throbbing meat. He must have been about halfway inside of me when Ricky finally released his hold on my ass cheeks and grabbed the back of my head.

"Oh yeah, suck that cock, man. Suck it good," he commanded. "Get my cock nice and hard, baby. I want to shoot my load down your throat," Ricky continued as his hips began to thrust that thick cock in and out of my hungry mouth. I now had two big, black cocks penetrating me from both ends. I was in heaven. It got even better when Ricky began to syncopate his thrusts so that when Dennis was puling out he was shoving his cock into my mouth. This seesaw action continued for a good ten minutes. I couldn't believe the sensation. My head was spinning and my cock was again rock hard.

"Oh, yeah, I'm gonna cum, baby. I'm gonna shoot my load!" Ricky began to grunt. I reached up and squeezed gently on his balls. "Oh, yeah, take my cum, Dave. Take it down your throat!" Ricky then wailed as he pushed his throbbing cock deep inside, almost gagging me. A huge load of cum was soon spurting down my throat. I struggled, but was able to hungrily gobble it all down.

"Ah, yeah. That was hot, man. You're one hot little cock sucker, Dave." Ricky moaned as he pulled his spent member from between my lips. Then to Dennis, he said, "Come on now, ride that ass, buddy. Fuck that pretty white ass."

Dennis was now beginning to pick up his pace and grabbed tightly onto my hips. His beautiful cock was fucking my ass deeper and deeper as I squirmed to meet every thrust. He was moaning and grunting in pleasure. With a tremendous slam, Dennis plunged his huge, throbbing cock to the hilt. He held it in firmly as his hips ground hard against my backside.

"Oh, yeah, feel my cock, Dave. Feel what your tight white ass does for my big black cock, baby," Dennis moaned while continuing to gyrate his hips hard against me. "God, this is such a tight, hot fuck. Ricky, you are going to love this ass, buddy. Now get ready, Dave, cause I'm gonna fuck this baby. My cock is gonna fuck this baby good."

With that Dennis began to pound away at my ass. His body was soon slamming into me with a powerful and deeply penetrating force. His huge cock was firing in and out of my stretched ass hole with wild abandon. I held on tight while Dennis continued to fuck me hard and deep. The couch was shaking below us as his whole body seemed to concentrate on that monster cock ripping in and out of me like some wild steam engine of hot, hard flesh. Ricky had begun to jerk my stiff cock after unloading his cum in my gullet. By now my balls built up their heavy load and in seconds I groaned as they unleashed a heavy load of cum.


"Come on, Dennis, tear that ass up!" Ricky added to his friend as he slapped my ass. "Get it nice and hot for me."

For several more minutes, Dennis kept up that furious fucking pace. My head began to spin as his cock drove into the deepest recesses of my asshole. Like a crazed animal, Dennis kept plowing into my ass. His huge balls were slapping up against my ass with every plunge of his massive shaft.

"Oh, yeah, I'm gonna come, Dave. I'm gonna fill this sweet white ass with my cum, baby," Dennis panted.

Then with a hard, body quaking slam, Dennis plunged his huge cock deep inside of me. Pulling my hips hard against him, he forced his entire cock deep inside my ass. He began to sigh and groan as his big, black cock jerked inside my strained asshole, unleashing his heavy load of warm, creamy fluid deep into my bowels.

"Oh, God, what a hot fucking ass!" Dennis groaned when his cock's spasms finally subsided. He kept that baby planted deep inside me as he ground his hips hard against me. "My cock just ain't ever gonna get enough of a hot, tight ass like this one, baby."

"Well, it's my turn now. So, get on out of there, buddy," Ricky said, as Dennis finally pulled free. "Why don't we go to the bedroom?" he then suggested. In no time Ricky and I were in bed on top of the quilt. As he pushed me onto my back and knelt between my knees, he quickly had a finger planted up my ass hole. We heard a beer tab pop as Dennis had obviously got himself a beer. "Bring some more lube in here with you," Ricky said as he smiled at me.

Dennis soon appeared carrying a handful of lubricant packets. "Here you go, Ricky," he said as he tossed one to his friend.

Ricky tore open the packet and began to spread a film of the lube all over his huge, black cock. He then grabbed my legs and hoisted them up onto his broad shoulders and moved in toward his target. With a shudder I steadied myself to be entered by that massive cock. Ricky grabbed his mighty tool with both hands and directed it toward my anxious opening. As his huge cock head quickly penetrated my puckered asshole I grimaced and braced myself for another hot fucking.

"Oh, yeah, you were so right, Dennis. This is one tight asshole," Ricky moaned as he slid more of his huge cock inside. "It's gonna make for one great fuck."

"Yeah, fuck me stud. Fuck me good," I groaned. My ass hole began to stretch to the limit again to accommodate his huge cock.

With a slow, steady motion, Ricky shoved in more and more of his mighty shaft. His eyes closed and he smiled in pleasure as his cock dug in deeper and deeper. When he was about halfway in, he pulled away his right hand and leaned forward, placing that hand beside my chest for leverage. His other hand kept a hold on the base of his cock. He looked into my eyes as he slowly began to pull that baby in and out.

"You're gonna love this, Dave. You're gonna love what my big, black cock can do to your pretty white ass, man," Ricky sighed.

For several minutes he slowly fucked my strained ass hole. Dennis reached over and began to fondle and pinch my already erect nipples. He then planted his lips on mine. I opened my mouth and his moist, warm tongue probed inside. My own cock began to stir again at the sight and feel of these two black studs using my body for their pleasure. It was so hot! We were all soon moaning in ecstasy again.

Suddenly, Ricky plowed fully up my ass causing me to grunt at the initial pain. I held back some tears as his cock fully invaded my aching ass. Dennis pulled away and Ricky soon planted his left hand on the other side of my chest and began to grind his hips hard against my upturned ass.

"Oh, yeah," he moaned. "This is white ass was just made for fucking, man. And I'm gonna get me every last inch of this baby."

I could feel his pubic hair pressing into me as that huge, black cock was buried up my ass to the hilt. With a slow gyration of his hips, Ricky dug himself fully inside of me. I thought my ass would rip apart as his monster cock continued to probe deep into my bowels. Finally, Ricky began to slowly pull out. My ass gripped his massive cock tightly as it slowly began to fuck me. My head was spinning again from the exquisite feel of such a huge slab of rock hard cock sliding in and out of my ass.

"Man, that looks so hot," Dennis said as he gulped down a last swig of beer. He then scooted over on the bed, lifted my head up and rested it on the hot, hard flesh of his upper thigh. He then grabbed his monster cock and began to rub it all over my face. Finally he wiped it across my lips and I opened wide and licked it. He playfully slapped my protruding tongue a couple of times with that sweet cock then continued to rub it across my face. After a few more minutes of that hot facial massage, Dennis returned his cock to my lips. As I opened my hungry mouth this time Dennis pushed that luscious cock inside. I then quickly clasped my lips firmly around that baby, and sucked it into my mouth. His delicious cock was still soft and tender. I munched and sucked on it gently as we both sighed.

Meanwhile Ricky's pace began to pick up. His hot, hard shaft of pleasure was increasing the speed of its assault on my ass. It was hard to concentrate on that delicious cock in my mouth as Ricky's body started slamming hard against me. Each fast, hard thrust drove his huge, black cock deep into my anal cavity. The low tone of his voice was almost a growl as he kept up that furious pace for a good twenty minutes. It was hard to believe that stud's stamina or the pounding my ass was getting. I was sure I'd be sore as hell later. Suddenly, Ricky grunted and plunged his massive meat deep inside my straining ass.

"Arrggghhh." he wailed as his huge cock began to bury a load of warm, creamy cum deep into my bowels. His thick, rock hard cock was so tightly crammed up my as I could actually feel that luscious meat go into its spasms as it unleashed his heavy load.

"Man, what a tight, fucking ass," he finally moaned as his cock emptied its last drops of cum inside my aching ass. "Me and Dennis are gonna want to have some more of this baby," he smiled down at me. "Mind if we hang out a little while?"

Needless to say I readily agreed and my mouth and ass received a lot more of those hot black cocks all night long.

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