Man for Man

Highschool Cocksucker


Thanks to everyone that liked my previous exploits. Through out my freshman year of highschool I had one cock to suck and I sucked it almost daily and a lot of the time I sucked it more then once a day. So I had no reason to think about other people then Steve because he had a nice hard cock that I could suck when ever I want but that all ended in July where his father was being transfered to another state. They were leaving on a Tuesday so the prior Friday afternoon I went to Steve's house and was going to stay till Sunday. So Friday afternoon about 2pm I got to Steve's house and of course we immediately went to his bedroom and closed the door.


We really didn't need to close his bedroom door because his mom and dad were at work and would be there for a more couple hours but did it out of habit. Steve immediately dropped his pants and sat down on his bed and I was there on my knees and sliding his semi-hard cock into my mouth. It wasn't long that I felt his cock lengthen and swollen as he became fully erect in my mouth. He put both hands on the side of my head so he could control the pace of the blow job. I allowed his the controls and I was sliding my lips up and down his hard shaft as I sucked his cock.

Just then the door opened, "Steve," his father said and then fell silent for a moment. Steve stayed there with his hands on my head holding my sucking mouth on his cock. "Dad, you should have knocked," Steve piped in. "I guess so. Are you a qweer?" his dad asked. "No, but Frank likes to suck cock and since we're moving Frank was going to suck and let me fuck him all I wanted for the next couple of days," Steve replied still holding my head on his cock. "Is this true," his father asked? At which Steve let go of my head and even though it was not exactly true, I went along and as I pulled my mouth off Steve's cock and looked back at his dad and told him it was true that I liked sucking Steve's cock and I usually jack off during or after the blow job. I could tell that there was a bulg in his pants. "Ok then," Steve's father said and I turned back around and looked at Steve and saw a big smile as he once again grabed my head and pushed it down to his crotch. Just lick the hungry cocksucker I was I opened my mouth and engulfed his hardening cock. As I began sliding my mouth up and down on his cock I looked up at him and he was looking at his dad as I sucked his cock.

Steve really started fucking my mouth and breathing heavy as he continued to slam his cock down my throat and back out. I knew he was ready to blast and I was ready for it. "O fuck," he moaned as he started shooting his salty delicious man juices into my mouth, I wanted it and knew that this was the beginning of the next couple of day that I was goiing to be his bitch. I swallowed as much as I could and the rest seeped out the side of my lips. When he was done he pulled my head off his still hard cock, "That was good," he moaned still staring at his dad, so I turned my head and there his dad stood slowly stoking the largest cock I had ever seem. It was almost 10" and looked kind of like a bat as thick as it was, I crawled over to to him staring at his hard cock and as I got in front of him I looked up at his face and as he let go of his cock he told me to go for it. I grabbed the base of his cock pointed it to my mouth and engulfed the his cockhead and at that same time Steve was reaching around my waste to undo my pantsand jerked them down. I knew what was coming I was sucking on Chuck, Steve's fathers, cockhead and Steve was going to fuck my ass.

After lubing my ass with some vasiline Steve rammed his cock up my ass, which in turn forced me to take at least half of Chuck's cock down my throat. Now I knew how a whore felt with a cock in both ends. Just as I started to get confortable with two cocks in my Chuck grabbed my head and Steve grabbed my wasted and began to give me my first double fuck. There we were breathing heavy moan and me making slurping and gagging noices as the father and son fucked me. Steve reached around and grabbed my cock as he told his father that I liked to have him shoot all over his face like the whores in the porno movies. Chuck just grunted and continued his assalt of my throat skull fucking me for all it was worth and as Steve fucked my ass and stroked my cock. I was the first to go shooing a mind boggling orgasm all over the floor and finding it hard to breath and it wasn't too much longer when Steve screamed "Here you go bitch," and rammed his cock up my ass one more time and and began to shoot wave after wave of seaman up my ass. And then not too much later Chuck with a hand full of hair pulled my head off his cock and soaked my face and shirt with his cumm. I was licking his cumm off my face, his cumm tasted stronger then Steve's cumm. I said thank you Chuck and then pulled his pants up and said, "Keep him lubed, I'm going to fuck that ass soon." Then he left the room as Steve was just pulling his soft cock out of my ass.


Steve asked me if I was alright and and I told him I was and that it was fun but wasn't sure if I would survive the next couple of days since his dad was done working till the new place but his mom was gong to be at work all day tomorrow leaving me to the both of their cocks. We fucked around for about an an hour when his Chuck yelled for me. Steve and I headed for the living room but his dad told Steve to go back to his room. So I walked into the living room and there was Chuck standing there with a bulge in his pants and as soon as I got close to him he grabbed me by the scruf of my neck and ruffly pulled me over to the couch. I told him that he was hurting me and he slapped my head and said, "Shut the fuck up you fagget, I'm going to rape you as and you're going to like." "You currupted my son and your going to get punished!" He said as he bent me over the couch and ripping my pants down and holding me down. I was scared but I was going to let him have his way with me. My ass was already lube but I knew his big cock was going to hurt. I heard his pants unzip and I knew it was coming.

As soon as his cockhead touched my asshole he grabbed my sholders and rammed his hard cock up my ass, I screamed in pain as he began his rape of my ass. Part of me did not want this but another part of me wanted his cock up my ass. He knew his wife was going to be home soon so he fucked me hard and fast. My sreams soon turned to moans as the pain subsided and I began to enjoy his cock sliding in and out of my ass. He was the man and I was his bitch. With a great moan his cock began shooting his seed into me and as soon as he was done he let go of me and told me to get back into the bedroom. I grabbed my pants in my hands and walked back into Steve's bedroom and he was sitting on his bed stoking his cock and I closed the door and walked onver to him dropped to my knees and with his dad's cumm leaking from my ass and started sucking his cock. It didn't take long and he was filling my mouth with his come and as I swallowed it I stood up and said, "It's my turn fucker." And grabbed his head and started fucking his mouth. It didn't take long and I pulled my cock out of his mouth and exploded all over his face.

A couple hour later Chuck, Steve and I were watching TV and Steve's mom was in the kitchen cooking dinner. I got up and went to the bathroom and had just finished peeing when Chuck came into the bathroom and put his finger up that I should be quiet he closed the door and wispered that I should take my pants off I did as he asked and he lifted me onto the sink and then shoved his cock up my ass again. Once his cock was in me and he started fucking me for all it was worth. He wispered in my ear that he needed a quicky before dinner and that he was happy that I was his son's girlfriend because for a slut I had a real tight pussy. He fucked me hard and fast. I was kind of surprised that he would do this with his wife in the kitchen but that was part of the excitment the facked to he was fucking be and could get caught. As soon as he came up my ass he pulled his pants up and left. I used some toilet paper to wipe up some of the cumm dripping out of my ass before puting my pants back on and going back out to the living room. Steve asked me what happened and I told him that his father was horny and fucked me again.

Then about 9pm Steve's mom said that she was going to bed because she had to work in the morning. Chuck said he would be right in as soon as the program was over and then about 10 minutes later went and made sure that the his bedroom was close. Then as he came back into the living room he was undoing his pants and walking to me. By the time he got to me his hard cock was in one hand and with the other grabbed the back of my head and guided his cock to my mouth as he started to face fuck me he looked at Steve and said, "You really picked a real slut for a girl friend, toobad we can't take her with us." I felt pride at the fact that he was happy with the way I was preforming for him. It made me suck even harder on his cock wanting his tangy juices and sure enough it wasn't long and he was shooting into my mouth. When he was done he grabbed my shirt and wiped his cock off and as he was putting his cock away he told us not to stay up too late and he left to go to bed with his wife.

Before we wen't to bed I sucked Steve off before retiring to bed and jerking off. The next morning my ass was sore from the fucking I receive so I spent the day sucking Chuck and Steve's cock when ever they wanted me to. Sometime the shot their wad in my mouth and other times they would shoot it all over my face. I went home the next morning with a sore asshole and a sore throat and I never saw or heard from Steve after they left town. But that was all right because my during my sophmore year of highschool I found an adult bookstore/arcade that gave me all the hard cocks to suck that I wanted and being the early 80's I didn't worry about things like aids yet.

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In fictional stories it is fine to have sex without condoms, but in reality you should always use a rubber, regardless if you use Prep or not. Prep only protects for HIV, thats why other diaseases spread among Prep users that practice bareback sex.