Man for Man

Helping My Roommate Relax


"I fucking hate typing papers!" my roommate Seth yelled from his room.

I walk back into his room to find him sitting there in an old wife beater and some gym shorts. "Dude, I told you to stop putting them off until the day before they are due. How many more pages do you have to go?"


"Fucking five, Jonah!"

"Isn't your paper only six pages?" I ask.


"So what have you been doing all this time? You have been in here for like two hours!"

"I know but I just don't get this english shit." My roommate is criminal justice major; he is kind of a dumb ass. But he is one of the coolest guys you will ever meet. I have known him for about three years now, and what he doesn't have in book smarts he makes up for in other things. He is a wiz with cars, so thanks to him I have never had to go to a mechanic and he also helped me pick out my last car since I don't know anything about them. For someone with a Staten island/Spanish accent and with bad grammar he is also a really smooth talker and gets lots of girls. He usually has a steady girl (not girlfriend) that does everything for him, including all of his homework. When he doesn't have someone to do his papers for him he gets really stressed out about it. "Do you think you can do this for me, please?"

"Nope." I always proof read his stuff because usually the girls are dumb too... I mean he can convince them to do his work on top of their own, pretty fucking stupid if you ask me. I would never do his work though.

"Come on Johnny-boy, I will pay you! I will give you fifty bucks if you do it for me." He likes to call me Johnny-boy sometimes, as a nick name. it never made sense to me since it is longer to say then my actual name.

"Nope. I told you not to put it of"

"This shit has got me stressed out, I wont be able to get it done." He looks up at me with his puppy dog eyes. Not going to lie, Seth is fucking hot. He is half Italian half Brazilian so he has got a great tan, a fit body and you know he is well endowed... well, I know.

"You know I love you like a brother, but I can't do your work. I will help you focus though." I walked over to his computer and took his mouse from him and closed his web browser, game of solitaire and the 3 IMs he had going. "Now focus. Your paper is on Robert Frost, right?"

"Yeah, and it's got me so stressed I cant even think strait." I stand behind him and start to massage his temples. I guess I should make this clear, I am gay. Seth knows, but he would never tell anyone else. I am also pretty strait so not many people know about it. I am 6'2 so I am a bit taller then him at 6' and I have brown hair and green eyes as opposed to his spiky black hair and light brown eyes.

Massages are one of my specialties; all of my friends beg me for them because I am awesome at using pressure points and making them very effective. He sighs as he starts to enjoy the massage and I start to work down to his neck. I start to really dig in deep to his neck and shoulders to help him relax a bit and as his head starts to droop down I can tell its working. "That feels so good." he sighs.

"I know it does." I laugh; I know what my hands can do to people.

After a minute or two he picks his head up a bit "Fuck Jonah, you are starting to get me riled up!"

I start to laugh, "What do you mean dude."

"I am getting hard." This is not the first time I have given someone a massage and they have gotten an erection from it, so I didn't mind. I like knowing my hands can do that to guys, even strait ones.

"Do you want me to stop?" I ask already knowing his answer.

"Naw, keep going."

"How far do you want me to go?" I ask with a wicked grin on my face. Seth has let me suck him off before when he was between girls. The guy needs to get off like 20 times a week.

He looked back at me and smiled "As far as you want to help me relax." I didn't need anything else, I was already leaning over to start to kiss the back of his neck and lick the back of his ear. He sighed and closed his eyes and let his head start to roll back a bit.

I kneeled behind him and as I kissed his shoulder and the top of his arm I let my arms reach under his. I started to massage his chest and cares his stomach through the fabric of his wife beater. his heavy breathing was such a big turn on in my ear. then I let my hands slip through his arm holes in his shirt and I started to massage his bear chest and play with his nipples.


"Stand up dude" I said as I stood up myself. when he got up I pulled his chair out so when he sat back down I could get between his legs. Then I got around him so I was in front of him and got on my knees. He wasn't joking; Seth looked like he had a mountain growing in his shorts. I pulled them down and was greeted by his beautiful manhood, this was the reason he practically made girls his slave. He was definitely bigger then me, I would say about 8-9 inches and really thick with a sexy pair of low hangers that went perfectly with his big tool. I sat him back down and went to work on him.

I started by lightly licking the head of his cock, and sucking on it gently like it was a lollypop. My tongue lightly flicking at his slit and then tracing circles around his head. Then I start to lick the shaft up and down enjoying the taste and smell, I don't think he showered today. At that thought I slide down his shaft to get a taste of his balls, kind of salty and sweaty, yep didn't shower. They taste amazing and I start to suck them gently into my mouth and lick them up and down. I let each one roll around in my mouth on my tongue before I make my way back up his cock. By this time I am drooling like a dog with a bone and as I lick my way up his shaft this time I start to get his cock nice and wet with saliva. When I make my way back to the top I take the head back into my mouth and look up into his face. He has his eyes closed; I bet he is thinking about a girl. Oh well... I start to massage his balls with one hand as I feed myself his cock with the other. I fit a few inches in my mouth and start to suck on it, slurping up my own saliva. The sounds I am making must be ridiculous, like a kid trying to eat his ice pop as it melts in the summer. I start to bob up and down a bit on his cock and his heavy breathing turns into soft grunts and moans.

"That feels so fucking good dude. You love that cock, don't you?" I nodded my head in agreement; there is no way I am taking it out of my mouth to verbally respond. I started to let his cock slide in and out in a steady rhythm as I massaged the under side of his dick with my hot tongue "Yeah, suck my big dick. You want me to cum in your mouth? Want to taste my cum, bro?" I nod again. Him starting to talk shit was really getting me into it and I started to hum with delight. The vibrations of my hot warm mouth around his cock drove him crazy. "Holy fuck bro!" he shouted as he grabbed the back of my head to slow me down. I had to take it out of my mouth at that point to laugh a bit.

When I went back to his cock this time I slid it all the way in my mouth and started to let it slide in my throat as I relaxed my jaw. Continuing to hum and relax my throat I managed to slide his entire cock in my throat until my nose was buried in his trimmed pubes. His musky smell was awesome, so was all his grunting and moaning. The saliva was still flowing and I had to slurp at his big cock to keep it under control. He started to rock his hips back and forth to my rhythm. I guess he couldn't take it anymore because he grabbed the back of my head and started to fuck my face. "Oh shit, take that dick, bro." he yelled as he went at me.

From the way his breathing sped up I knew he was close so at his bodies protest I pulled off of him. "what the fuck bro! I am about to cum."

"Yeah Seth, I know... and I really want you too, but do you mind if..." I looked into his eyes. "I kind of want to get off too, and I need to get fucked really bad."

"Mother fucker!" he laughed; I started to laugh too at the irony of what he called me. He looked down at me and he must have been weighing his options. He ran his hands through his hare, "If you think you can handle this dick then let's go." I smiled and stood up and started to run out of his room. "Where are you going!?" he shouted after me.

"To grab a condom, dude. Blow jobs are one thing, but I know where you have been." I start to laugh as I run to my room and grab a condom and some lube. When I run back he has taken his shirt of and thrown it on the floor with his shorts, damn he is fucking hot. He has some body hair naturally but he shaves everything because he is a swimmer for our school. I quickly pull my shirt off and get back on my knees again to but the condom on his swollen cock and I start to lube it up. then I slipped my sweatpants and boxers off and sat on his cock facing him. It must have taken me at least two minutes to get his entire cock wedged in my ass, and it really hurt to as he spread me open. Once he was balls deep in my ass he instantly got into it and wanted to start fucking me but I had to stop him. "You are really big dude, give me a sec to get used to it before you fuck the shit out of me." He nodded and I started to ease myself up and down on his pole. I slowly started to get into a very slow rhythm. It felt so amazing to have him filling me up like that, and since I was controlling it he the ridge on his big dick kept rubbing my prostate. I started to sweat and pant as my muscles strained to raise me and lower me on his body.

He was obviously enjoying the feel of my tight hole on his pulsing cock... a big change from the whores he is used to. He started to grunt as I collided into him, and I think he sensed that I was getting used to his size. He grabbed my ass and started to guide me down on him deeper and harder and started to get me to pick up speed. Then when our pace was getting a bit more frantic and we were both grunting he started to meet my thrusts with his cock and started to fuck up into my ass. "Fuck bro, your tight ass feels so good around my cock."

"Yeah Seth, fuck me dude... oh shit." I panted.

"Yeah Johnny-boy, take that dick." It started to get rough as we both were trying to fuck each others brains out, and I could feel his big balls slapping against my ass. We were both sweating and grunting with his every thrust into me. With my dick rubbing against his stomach and his cocks constant pressure un my prostate I couldn't help it and I came first. My body started to stiffen up as my cock throbbed and shot my load onto both of our stomachs, all I could do was throw my head back and moan in pleasure. He wasn't done with me yet though; he just grabbed my ass and kept fucking away as fast as he could. Finally he couldn't take it anymore and slammed his head into my chest and grunted as he shot his load into me. I reached back and massaged his balls as he came.

His cock started to soften in my ass and I stood up slowly. It kind of hurt because at this point my legs were a bit strained and my ass was just stretched open. "will you write my paper for me now, Jonah?" he said with a grin of triumph on his face.

"Nope." I replied as I grabbed my clothes and walked out his room.

"Fuck you then, bro." he shouted and again I laughed at the irony.

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