Man for Man

Hanging with Friends


OK we were all stoned. Some more drunk then stoned. But as for me, kind of both.

And when you're hanging out with friends you've known for years, no adults are around and it's raining..I mean COLD rain outside, the only thing to do is get stoned, drunk and crazy.


So we were all laying around Jeff's basement, watching TV and making stupid jokes about each other.

And Truth or Dare became one of our games. Later on we would all dance in our underwear for the camera. Darren said something about you tube but after Jeff and I did some naked hip thrusts I think that idea ended...or I hope it did.

Anyway, I took a Dare. I had to say what part of each of the other guys I had fantasized about licking.

No we weren't gay or not so you'd notice. I, being stoned as I said, stared at each one and replied. We were all half naked by then by the way, one or two wearing only jockey shorts, Clyde in his favoriate jock strap, he always wore it.

So I admitted to wanting lick Clydes bubble butt. That was no surprise. We'd all eyed his bubble butt thanks to his jock strap habit.

But they laughed at me anyway. I looked at Bob, doing a few bad shirtless muscle builder poses.

Bob's armpits. It was true I had thought about that the first time I saw his newly appeared armpit hair back in junior high.

Shelly was easy. His nut sac. But it was a surprise to them all or the fact I said it so casually. His package was always pronounced.

Jeff's wasn't bad either. Despire his loose fitting boxers his bulge tempted me to want to see what was inside.

So I admitted to wanting to lick Jeff's cock. Again everyone hooted.

But I added, I had wanted to lick my own ever since puberty. Amidst allot of jokes and cursing, most in the room admitted to or even trying to lick their own dicks as kids too.

We were all drunk and stoned..oh yea I mentioned that.

And I guess my state was so obvious, I couldn't do anything when they held me tight so Bob could shove his armpits in my face. It smelled but they held me until Bob said he felt my tongue.

Hairy armpits were replaced by smooth buttcheeks and yes I licked them, both of them. They didn't hold me down too much, they didn't have to. I smaked one of the salava wet butt cheeks when I was done.

But Clyde grabbed me and with Bob held me so tight I thought I was in trouble. When Shelly pulled his shorts off and grabbed his nut sac, I knew I was. But amidst the odor of his crotch, I stuck out my tongue and he moved his testicles all over it. I protested, though secretly I didn't mind.

The group began to chant and I knew what was next. My cock had already tented my shorts and seemed to get harder as Jeff approached. He was naked now too.

And the sight of his hard cock was all I could see. I didn't know if I should protest and pretend I hated what was going on or just go for it and explain later how stoned I was.

He pushed it against my lips. I tried not to open my mouth. Someone held my nose so I couldn't breathe through it. I gasped openign my mouth and Jeff pushed his cock inside.

They told me to lick it. I moved my tongue under the cock meat I had finally gotten inside. I thought he'd pull it out saying I had licked it and the dare was over. But instead he moved it sliding his meat over my tongue.

The others laughed and I heard things like "fuck his throat", "suck it suck it" and "fag wants it".

Someone grabbed my cock through my cloth declaring my shorts wet spot was caused by my boner. The hand didn't let go but worked on it. Someone was jacking me off, I realized. I wasn't the only horny boy in the basement.

I sucked Jeff's cock and he responded. The hands that had grasped me held on while others were pullin on my nipples and boner.

I swallowed each stream Jeff released just about the time my own cock expanded the wet spot on my shorts with it's own gushing.

Everyone laughed at me. Jeff was gasping and smiling and I cursed just to make sure they all knew I was still a guy. They laughed at me all night about it and I found ways to joke back.

The odor of Bill's armpits, Shelly's crotch, and the taste of Clyde's buttocks and Jeff's cock remained in my brain as the TV was turned off and the lights too were dimmed and then darkened.

It was dark. The silhouettes of my four friends sleeping on the fold out couch and floor surrounded me.

I stood at the toilet pissing into the water in the dark. I had taken off my shorts and felt naughty standing in the dark naked with my friends nearby.

I shook the last drops and returned to the living room not sure if I would curl up inside my sleeping bag or lay on the lazeeboy instead.

"Hey" the whispered voice led me to the couch.

Which ever one it was, reached for me and brought me on the mattress. I tried to remember which one or two were there earlier. My stoned state was deminishing and I was tired.

I felt his hands all over me and my cock responded. Hell at my age my cock hardens when I see someone handle a cucomber in the grocery store.

The finger moved inside me and I automatically pushed down until it was knuckle deep inside me. Nobody had done that before except myself when jacking off. But this was better.

And I could feel the tip of my penis emitting liquid. It tickled.

The fingers worked me inside. I knew what I wanted but didn't know if I could say "fuck me" in the quiet room without being heard.

The fingers were replaced by a cock. I wasn't sure which one. I fantasized it was Jeff but it could have been any of them. I took it trying to keep my whimpering and moaning quiet.

A cock found my lips. It wasn't Jeff. I still had the memory of his cock to compare it too. I sucked until I had to swallow.

I wasn't sure if a second cock had replaced the first one in my butt or if the first one just pulled out and went back. It didn't matter.

Someone's fingers opened my lips and they almost immediately shot their stuff on my face and into my mouth.

There were four of them.

We ate pancakes Jeff made the next morning. He shot coconut syrup on my pancakes and everyone laughed so he squeezed the bottle on my face too.

The rain had stopped and we played football on the wet grass. It was supposed to be a game of tough but it turned into tackle and I seemed to get tackled allot. Under the pile of my friends, I felt hands on my crotch, balls, nipples.

We ate pizza and watched the Sci Fi channel. Jeff's parents would be home that night.

"So what are we gonna do next?" Jeff asked reminding everyone we all had to split in a couple of hours.

"I know" It was Bill who said it as he stood. I was a bit stoned as we had shared a pipe during the movie..which explains why I just sat there watching as everyone stripped naked.

"Get the syrup" someone said to Jeff. I'm not a midget but I guess I was a bit smaller then the rest of them, so it was easy for them to lift me from the floor and put me on the fold out couch where they wanted me.

I was sucking a cock while the others stripped me. A familiar fintger gbegan to loosen my butthole up. I didn't care. There wasn't any secrets to protect anymore.

Besides I was with friends.

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