Greyhound men's room

It was a hot day in the summer. I don't remember why I was in the state capital, but I was now in the Greyhound station. Maybe I was on my way to visit the college I was planning to enter in the fall. I was certainly a senior in high school - a slender youth, young for my age, hardly shaving yet, but excited to be on my own. I had about an hour to kill waiting to catch another bus.

Like I said, it was hot. I was really a little too dressed - not a suit or anything, but I'd have been more comfortable in jeans and a T-shirt instead of khakis and a starched sport-shirt. But I had to look respectable.

God knows why. I was anonymous here. It was a new feeling. The small town I'd grown up in was so small, everybody knew you by sight. Here there was nobody I knew.

I got a coke and read a little of the newspaper.

The lobby was huge and nearly empty, and the chairs were not really comfortable.

The coke went down fast - soon I was looking for the men's room - which was not too big, about the size of the "boys' basement" at our high school. Urinals against the far wall, stalls along the side, with coin- operated locks.

I noticed somebody washing his hands; he was out the door by the time I reached the urinal. I heard the door close and then the outer door squeezed shut - it had one of those automatic close-things.

I was half through pissing when I noticed a man at a urinal to my right shaking his dick a long time. I realized it was a really long one, and he probably had to squeeze it a lot to get the last drops of pee out of it. That was cool. And then I noticed he was still squeezing it, and realized I had been taking such timid, quick glances out of the corner of my eye that I hadn't really seen it. But now I could tell, it was a really big cock.

And it was hard.

And it was black - very very black. (I was white.)

And uncircumcised, and he was slowly milking it for me to see, and sliding the foreskin back and forth, sheathing and unsheathing the glans, which was huge and juicy and dark, like a plum. He lifted his fingers away from it when he could tell I was really looking, and I could see a fantastic network of veins playing over the surface - and it was rapidly getting bigger, the sheen on its surface getting silkier. He unbuttoned his pants button and let his jockey underwear show, and pulled the cloth back to show the root, the hair growing around the base, and let me see the thick vein running underneath, all the way out to the head, seven or eight inches, and then ran the foreskin out along the whole so it covered the glans again, and teased me with the way the swollen shape of the head stretched the skin silky and showed its form through the sheath, with just a hit of gleaming rosy cockhead showing through.

He was two units over from me. He smiled. His face was not as dark as his cock - beautiful white smile, coffee-colored face, sweet dark eyes. He was not much older than I was - but he had an athlete's build, not too big, lean like a quarterback, was the impression I got before I dropped my eyes to the floor.. and back to his cock.

So fucking exciting. My cock twitched. Suddenly it was huge.

My secret source of pride was my huge cock. I was a delicate guy, would I EVER put on muscles, I could run, and I could really dance, but MUSCLES, I was aching to get some.

But I had this one. And he liked it.

Suddenly he was standing next to me.

"You want to touch it?"

"Sure you do - go ahead. If you want to .I don't mind." And he swung it my direction.

There was nobody else in there. And we'd hear if anyone came in.

The foreskin slid back and forth.

"Man, that's beautiful."

"So's yours," he said, reaching over and taking mine in his hand.

"Oh, God..'

"Feels nice, huh?"

"God yes.."

"Feel mine. Feel the foreskin.. Ever felt one of those?'

"NO, I haven't."

"Feels so fine... Feel how it slides... MMMMMMM yours is real nice"

My cock was jumping, leaping under his touch - he'd squeezed me at first, then just feathered it lightly with his fingers..

'You like that, huh?"


"I like the way it jumps. it's exciting."


"Oh yeah. Have you ever done this before?"

'Well. never with a..... colored person."

"So I'm not a nigger, huh? "

His smile was real sweet. I liked him.


"Well, then, why don't you touch it"

He played his fingers softly along the vein under my dick. I reached out to feel him.

Suddenly he was on his knees, his wet hot mouth sliding around the head of my cock, his tongue sliding down the vein.

And just as suddenly I was down under him, with my lips on the head of his cock.

I licked my lips, my mouth was so dry, I couldn't wet anything. But the tip of his dick was moist - a drop of salty thick precum was already there, it tasted like gravy, I loved it, I ran my tongue under the head of his cock, down the vein, and a light spasm passed through his cock, and another drop of precum came onto my tongue, and I pushed my mouth a little onto his cock. I could feel his thick glans enter me, even though I had not slid down his skin - the foreskin was sliding back, and his glans was sliding onto my tongue and into my mouth, and another shudder went through him, and his cock thickened, and another gout of precum slipped onto my tongue and began to spread around the inside of my mouth.

THis was fantastic.

He was moaning, and his cock jumped again - the vein itself thickened, and I stroked it with my tongue, sliding my tongue out of my mouth and a like an inch down his cock. He rode my tongue into my mouth, and soon he was sliding comfortably into and out of me. And I loved it. It was wonderful feeling his foreskin re-surround his head, and then feel it uncover and slide his slippery, silky meat back into my mouth.

He was huge, but I could hold him and I kept up stroking that thick bottom vein with my tongue - and it kept jerking, the cock itself jumped, thickened, pressed against my lower lip. I'd feel the vein swell and subside, and taste another flow of the sweet salty custard into my mouth.

I kept reaching farther along his dick with my tongue and noticed soon that his glans was stroking the back of my mouth, which felt fantastic - the more I reached with my tongue, the more intoxicating his foreskin and glans felt against the soft muscles at the back of my mouth, and before I knew it I was trying to swallow his dick down my throat.

"Oh God" he was moaning, and pressing his cock-head against those soft muscles in a sweet rhythm that had me so hot I was about to come.

I was kissing his shaft with my lower lip. Pressing against that vein, which again and again would spasm, swelling up against me, lifting the glans against me - and after a spasm, as his dick subsided for a second, I softened my tongue and slid his glans into my throat.

"Fuck!!!!!!" he cried, and held it there, and rocked against me gently, and I slid further onto him, feeling his knob enter , really now entering my throat, sliding close to my Adam's apple. I reached with my lips for the base of his cock, and took the pressure onto my Adam's' apple. It felt fucking fantastic, he pulled back a little, and then gently thrust back some more, retreat, thrust, again, again, deeper and deeper, till my lips reached the root of his cock. I felt his foreskin cloak and unsheathe his head deep in my throat, it was incredible.

But then I had to breathe, and pulled off him all the way to the tip, tasting precum in my rush but not stopping. Tears were streaming out of my eyes.

"Fuck! Fuck!!! Man o fuck, I'm gonna cum!!!'

But he held still, and gradually it let him go..

"Man, o h man, can you suck cock."

And I was right back on him, milking the base of his shaft with my hand and bathing his glans with my lips and my tongue.

"Oh fuck,' he's moaning, as I pull his foreskin over his cockhead and slide my tongue up inside it, and weak his piss slit with the point of my tongue. And then take his glans into my mouth and ride his first couple of inches, raking his head with the rough of my tongue

"Fuck man, fuck!!! Stop that!!! You're gonna a make me come!!!"

And I slid down on him working that eurethra with my tongue, squeezing him hard with that tongue, muscling him in waves, which made his cock jerk and thicken and spasm some more, which is my favorite thing on earth, especially because it kept bring me new floods of that sweet-salty precum, fucking loved the feel of that spreading out in my mouth, like gravy.

"Oh fuck man hat feels SOOOOOOO good!! I can't take this much longer."

My tongue went to work reaching out down the underside of his cock as he slid in and out of me. I loved the feel of his cock riding on the waves my tongue was setting up, and next thing I knew his glans was knocking against the soft tissue at the back of my mouth again.

"O God man!!!! Fuck!!!"

And he began fucking his dick into my mouth all the way. So his foreskin resheathed him as he withdrew and then slid back and released the incredibly sensitive silky skin underneath, and his glans kissed my throat over and over, the vein thickening in involuntary spasms that got me so high I took him back into my throat.

"Fuck man, I'm so close!" He took my head in his hands and began fucking me in my throat. My hands on his butt felt those big muscles contracting. I stroked his beautiful ass. His legs separated, and he really started rocking it into me, so sweet.

My lips and tongue milked the base of his shaft, as he'd pull out to the entrance of my throat, and then shove it back in, again, and again, and again.


I wet a finger and put it on his asshole

"I'm COMING, O FUCK MAN I'M COMING, O FUCK MAN, I'M GIVING IT TO YOU, HERE IT COMES MAN O FUCK, FUCK, FUCK YOU MAN, JESUS, GOD, I'M FUCKING YOU MAN, OHHHHHH FUCK, FUCK, FUCK as his cock thickened and hardened into the hot rod of love, the glans swelled up and the cum shot up that vein, under my tongue, I could feel it convulsing. He pulled his glans back to the base of my tongue, I could taste the cum, God it tasted good. Then a spasm shook him and he buried himself back in me to the root, almost to his asshole, seizing my finger, fucking spasms. His spurts kept coming as he backed out just to my lips. I milked his shaft, ate his juicy cockhead, it was bursting like a ripe plum, juice coming out of it in bursts. I shoved my tongue into his piss-slit, and he seized up and shot some more, the thick silky cum surrounding my tongue on all sides, tasting salty like ocean and sticky with protein, and he pressed his glans back into the middle of my mouth as his spasms subsided and he began to whimper.

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"Oh man that was so sweet, I've never felt that good in my whole life, that was so , o fuck that was so, you have no idea, man how close I feel to you, so good, oh man, oh God, man, that was so tight."

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