Man for Man

Gorgeous In Glasses


We met at the gym. Working out with free weights, I noticed, midway through my bicep routine, a big strong tanned guy appear and start working out on a nearby pec deck. His presence hit me immediately, as I watched his body pump and flex. He wore a pair of light brown cargo-style trousers, slightly unusual for workout wear, and a grey muscle vest with a nice loose, low cut. Broad, powerful shoulders stood out atop a triangular torso. Thick arms gripped the pec deck's padded rests, the forearms hairy and shot with veins. The pectorals themselves were neartly defined, hard, and covered in a fine layer of dark hair, meeting in the middle in delicious pec cleavage that I wanted to lick. As if in contrast to all this, he had a simple short brown haircut and also wore a pair of stylish thin spectacles that gave him quite the business professional look. I was instantly hooked. I began to get quite distracted as I stole a furtive glance every so often. My heart then skipped a beat as he go out of the machine and wandered over. He settled onto the adjustable bench next to mine and nodded to me.


"Are you done with those?" he asked, referring to the two larger dumbells lying next to my bench.

His voice was deep, smooth-sounding, and deliciously seductive. Closer to I could see he had a little stubble all around his jaw. His eyes were a deep dark brown and gazed at me unflinchingly.

"Huh? Oh...sure"

He reached down, his tanned hairy arms a poetry of thick rippling muscle, and grasped one in each hand. Giving me a quick grin, he settled onto his seat and began lifting. I also began my next set.

As he finished his set he began asking me about my own programme, how long I'd been coming, where I was from, the usual friendly stuff. All the while he flashed his wide grin and I felt like I was sinking into those deep brown eyes.

We continued working out, moving from one piece of equipment to another as he showed me his particular workout routine. I confess that I asked about it purely to spend more time with this deliciously cute guy. Finally, after much sweating and grunting, we returned to the changing rooms. My new friend (Jonathan) donned a padded khaki jacket and, after waiting for me to change, followed me to the lounge. We had a few soft drinks and chatted some more.

After some more chatting about weights and workouts, Jonathan began to look uncomfortable.

"Are you alright?" I asked.

"Er...I'm sorry, I feel like I've been a little...dishonest with you..."

"How do you mean?"

"Mind if I whisper?"

I looked into this bulging sexgod's eyes and saw more than a little anxiety.

"Well, it's just..." he said, really quietly.

"What?" I asked. Just tell me, I thought. You can tell me anything, man. Anything you want.

"Okay...well...I'm gay," he whispered.

" know...I'm gay too."

"I thought you might be! I know...thought you might think I had a woman waiting for me or something..." he said, looking immensely relieved. The worry lines on his brow smoothed.

"Oh God, does it show that much?" I asked, half laughing.

" was just the way you looked at me. I saw you eyeing me up."

"Oh, this is so embarrassing..."

"No, it's okay," he whispered urgently. "You see...I...I like you...I was enjoying spending time with I was kinda lining you up to ask you for-"

" want a date?"


"Well I'm not doing anything right now. How about dinner at the pub here?"

We went outside and got dinner and drinks at the pub near the gym and chatted some more. We quietly talked about our coming out experiences, smirking as we thought back to how awkward it had all been at the time. Every time I saw Jonathan flash his smile, my heart fluttered. Finally I glanced at my watch. After what felt like mere minutes, several hours had gone by. Jonathan also noticed the time on his own watch. We gave each other a sort of needy, anxious look. It was pretty obvious to both of us that we didn't want to part just yet.



"Do you want to go back to my place?" I blurted.

Jonathan gave his big, wide grin.

"I thought you'd never ask!"

I closed the door of my house behind Jonathan with my heart hammering.

"Do you want anything to drink?" I asked.

"Do you have any protein shakes?"

"Yeah, what do you want in it? I've got some berries and stuff..."

"Just milk is fine."

I mixed the shakes in the kitchen as he nosed around and checked out the nutritional information on my cannister of protein powder. Having mixed two, I handed him his drink, shaking a little. He grasped the glass and then reached up with his other hand and grasped the hand I held the glass with. I looked up into his dark eyes.

"Thanks," was all he said.

He took the glass from my slightly-trembling fingers and released my hand. Still giving me his very direct stare, he took a long gulp. I watched him lower the glass and slowly lick milk from his perfect soft lips, his deep eyes still fixed on mine.

"Are you gonna drink that?" he asked, tilting his glass towards the other I had left on the counter.

"Oh! Oh...yeah..." I mumbled.

I drank a long gulp, then he did. We gulped and licked our lips repeatedly, not taking our eyes off each other. Finally Jonathan drained his glass, closing his eyes sensuously and tilting his head right back, the glass held to his lips. I watched the play of muscle in his neck and arm as he did so, my heart pounding. He set the glass down on the counter next to us with a click and fixed me with his gaze again. I drained my glass in the same manner. He took it from my hand and sat it down with another click, touching his own glass.


"Two together," he smirked shyly.

He slid one arm slowly around my waist. Our gazes locked again.

"Take me," he said. "I know you want to lead. Just do it. Just do ME."

I pulled his arm from around my waist and put it down at his side.

"Get the jacket off," I commanded, quietly.

Without a word, he shrugged it off, hung it off a finger, and extended his arm towards me, tilting his head sideways a little. His face remained dead serious. I took his jacket and draped it over a nearby kitchen chair. He stood watching me, his thickly muscled brown shoulders protruding from his loose vest, his heavy arms hanging by his sides, his hard, defined pecs visible under the material of his top. I examined him close up, letting my eyes satisfy themselves as they took in the hard forearms with their armour of brown fuzz, the fur extending up his bulging upper arms and thinning and disappearing as it climbed his triceps. I took in the rounded, bulging tightness of his broad shoulders, the musculature around his collar, the thick arteries on either side of his neck that I wanted to nibble. That would wait though...until later. I always did like it slow and seductive.

Finally I let my eyes explore his upper pectorals. My hands itched to help but I refused to be drawn. I took in the beginnings of delicious curls of medium brown chest hair right at the top of his pecs, letting my eyes drop and taking in how the hair became more dense as it progressed down the face of those massive hard muscles. I followed the trail down his pec cleavage, almost drooling.

Abruptly he reached out and grasped me by the chin. He tilted my head up, lifting my eyes to his, and whispered, "You really enjoy taking it slow, don't you?"

I gazed into those deep brown eyes and saw need welling up within them. He could wait, though.

"It's a weakness of mine," I said, smirking.

"You're torturing me. You know that, don't you?" he whispered.

"That's half the fun," I said, my face becoming deadly serious.

He released me and I reached down to grasp the material of his vest at its bottom. Slowly, very slowly, I lifted it. I gently revealed about an inch of taut brown skin. The hair on his lower abs spread out widely, covering the entire width of the abdominal muscles. As I teased the material of his vest upwards, the hairs caught on it, pulled upwards a little, then as the material was lifted clear they slipped back into position against his skin. I continued tugging until a couple of inches were visible, then I dropped to my knees and very slowly ran my tongue along the groove between his lower abs, up into his navel.

I heard him very quietly sigh and I stood up again. Once again I started inching the material of his vest up, until I reached his nipples. The hair on his abdomen narrowed in to a thin trail just underneath the centre of his pecs, then abruptly widened out again to stretch right across the two huge slabs of flesh. I reached underneath the vest and felt for his nipples. They were tight to the touch and clearly begging for attention. As I brushed the sensitive skin he sighed again, then bent down and gave me a slow sensual kiss.

For a second I thought he would try to force the pace a little, but he straightened up again and let me continue my slow, gentle exploration. Once again I put my hands on his nipples and began to tweak and stroke them. He was surprisingly sensitive and began to sigh gently again. I continued to tweak and touch, gently pinching and twisting, making him moan more and more insistently. As I worked he slowly closed his eyes and tilted his head back. The flesh around his nipples was rock hard and furry to the touch, making it all the more enjoyable.

He reached up and grasped my right hand, pushing it harder against his chest.

"Harder," he murmured.

In response, I slapped his hand away.

"Patience," I said.

Just for that shocking attempt at taking control, I punished him by slowing further and touching more gently. I felt his pecs tensing and relaxing repeatedly under my touch, and began to notice he was twisting a little, beginning to writhe with enjoyment. Once again, a long drawn-out sigh escaped his lips. He opened his eyes and gave me his direct stare again.


"Please. Harder. Please?" he whispered.

"What's it worth? You said you wanted me to take you. Don't want to rush it, do you?"

"You're driving me crazy..."

"That's the idea."

"Just a little harder...just a bit...please.I need it.ohhh do I need it..."

Giving in, I began to toy with his nipples more vigorously. The response was immediate, a long low groan of pleasure. By now I could quite clearly see his bulging erection straining in his trousers.

"Oh yeah..." he murmured.

It was time to fully reveal this guy's upper body. I pulled the vest off completely and threw it to one side, and for a moment I lost control, wrapped my arms around his huge chest, and buried my face in his hard hairy pec muscles.

"Oh are gorgeous..." I said, somewhat muffled.

Regaining my composure, I began once again to fiddle with his nipples with one hand, while the other stroked and smoothed the hairs on his immense upper body. Finally I bent my head a little and began to nibble his hard nipples. In response to this stimulation, he threw his head back and moaned loudly. I bit gently and nuzzled and nibbled to my heart's content. He, in return, moaned, groaned, and mewled with pleasure.

I reached down and stroked his rock hard shaft through his trousers, before unfastening them and sliding them down. Crouched down, my eyes level with his groin, I inspected his thighs carefully. I could feel the heat radiating off them, and pressed my cheek to one. The muscle I felt was, unsurprisingly, very hard, and covered in hairs. I backed off and grasped each thigh around the back, stroking up and down, and finally reaching his tight buttocks. The sweet hardness of his rounded bubble butt was simply delicious. Unable to resist any longer, I grabbed his thong and pulled it down, making his aching hard-on bounce out of its lair.

I peeled back the foreskin and immediately slid it into my mouth, tasting him. His hot cockflesh was as soft as rose petals against my tongue, covering a shaft as hard as steel. A few drops of sweet precum dribbled onto my tongue. I began a slow up-and-down motion, sliding my mouth along the rigid shaft.

After several minutes of this stimulation he was groaning and gasping, reaching up and tweaking his own nipples, and generally enjoying himself immensely. His hands wandered through his chest hair, stroking and caressing himself now that I was applying my skills lower down. I began to gently fondle and stroke his large, low-hanging ball sac and had a good feel of the impressive size of his testicles, which evoked another long gasp of enjoyment from him.

I took his cock out of my mouth and began to nibble very gently around the base, then began to lick it along its underside, sliding my tongue against the thick veins. All the while I continued massaging his balls. Finally I released them and stood again. Looking into those deep dark eyes I began to slowly undress until I stood stark naked in front of him. He stepped out of his own trousers and underwear and I took his hand in mine and dragged him to my bedroom.

I got onto the bed on all fours.

"Now it's your turn to take me," I said. "Condoms and lube are in the drawer. Give it to me."

"With pleasure," he breathed.

Slipping open the drawer, he pulled out my tube of lube. Lubing two of his fingers, he wasted no time in sliding them into my extremely-relaxed ass. I was so eager for him that I felt totally relaxed and he could have happily inserted his whole arm up my ass without me complaining. The sensation of his fingers penetrating me was delicious and I sighed with enjoyment. My cock twitched in anticipation.

I watched as he unwrapped a condom and slid it over his achingly beautiful erect cock, then covered it in more lube.

"Ready?" he asked, flirtaciously, tilting his head to one side in that same manner that he had earlier.

"Oh yeah."


Without further ado he got onto the bed behind me and guided his throbbing cock to the opening of my backside. He pushed its hard head gently against my asshole, teasing me. I gasped with enjoyment as he pushed a little harder and slid it part way into me, my ass and the backs of my thighs feeling the heat of his hugely muscled thighs and hot groin. I savoured the moment and closed my eyes in pleasure.


He began to very slowly, very gently push in and out of me, making me groan. I pushed backwards and forced his cock further into me. The feeling was ecstacy itself. I felt the rock-hard shaft slide deep into my backside, sliding between my glutes and nudging against my prostate. He upped the pace a little, but the action was still agonisingly slow, with him apparently deciding to get his own back on me for teasing him so badly earlier.

"Oh that's goooood," I blurted, my voice shaking slightly.

"Good. I want this to be slow and gentle to start with."

"That's fine by me," I groaned, reaching back and pulling my ass cheeks wider.

His rhythm increased a little, but was still very slow. I could feel the fantastic sensation of his hard cock sliding deep inside me and then pulling slowly back, almost all the way out. It was deliciously thick and filled my ass nicely, giving me an intense feeling of satisfaction as it worked in and out. Gradually he increased the pace, sliding in deeper and deeper until he was pushing me forwards with each stroke. I began to moan as his cock repeatedly hit home and slammed me forwards.

After a few minutes of this he slowed again.

"Don't slow it down!" I cried.

"I have to. We've got to change position."

With that, he pulled out completely, and all but threw me over onto my back, his strength enabling him to effortlessly flip me over and position me as he desired. Lifting my ass up into the air, he slid himself easily in again. He positioned himself over me, treating me to a view of his huge tensed-up chest and shoulders as he supported himself on his thick arms. I watched his abs bunch and flex as he pushed himself in again and again, making me cry out shrilly as the pleasure mounted.

"Ah! Ahh! Ahhhh!" I cried.

He leaned back again, then grasped my thighs and began physically pulling me onto his cock again and again, the entire bed shaking and vibrating with as he impaled me over and over.

"Oh fuck yeah!" I shouted.

Bang! Bang! Bang! The bed slammed repeatedly against the wall as his cock slammed repeatedly into my ass, making my prostate ache with pleasure. Each stroke increased the feeling of a valve getting ready to burst, and my cock began to freely drool pre-cum all over my stomach. I looked down at its familiar tight cockhead, watching the fluid spilling slowly out of it and sliding down to my lower abs as Jonathan pounded away. I watched him begin to sweat and his muscles begin to tense harder and harder as he slowly approached orgasm.

"Uhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!" I moaned.

I knew I couldn't take much more, and I was guessing Jonathan couldn't either. My dick was aching with the urge to come, and although I was holding back as hard as I could, I could tell he was slowly taking me over the edge and past the point of no return.

"Oh FUCK!" he screamed, throwing his head back and howling with lust.

"Uh...Uhhhhh...Uhhhhhh...Uhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!" he moaned. "I'm gonna come! I'm gonna come! I'm gonna COME! Oh fuck YEAH!"

His muscles tightened up still further until they felt like steel. Abruptly he began to twitch and his face twisted up in sheer enjoyment as he lost control and began to slowly and satisfyingly empty his balls. The feeling sent my over the edge. Without even touching my raging hard-on, I felt it let rip. The sensation of come flowing up inside my aching shaft occurred a split second before I sprayed a long jet of thick white sperm very very hard all over my own chest and right shoulder. A second later and a second jet followed, then a third, a fourth, a fifth. Finally the sprays began to slow and the volume of juice dropped to a trickle.

Jonathan slid out of me, panting and sweating, looking as if he'd spent a few hours on the treadmill at the gym.

"Oh man..." he said. "Oh man...oh man.oh man..."

He closed his eyes and shuddered with pleasure. I grabbed for the tissues by the side of the bed and wiped myself off as he pulled off his condom, now full of white fluid, and threw it in the bin.

"I am shattered," he said, grinning his special grin at me once more.

"That was incredible," I groaned. "Goddammit, please be my boyfriend!"

"You serious?"

"Am I ever. At least consider it."

"OK...well...we can have another date..." he said, giving me his delicious smirk.

Jonathan and I got to know each other an awful lot more over the next few months...

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