Going to the Bushveld

On my way to my apartment my phone rang. It was Peter, "Hey, what's up man, why so late a call"? "Ralph, I need a favor please". Oh no, last time I did Peter a favor I spent three nights in Durban with a huge hang over. "Peter this time you are not going to get me drunk, laid or any such funny stuff". "No man, this is huge. A client hunting with me is bringing his son over since he enjoys it so much here and I need you to pick him up from the airport". "You must be joking, I must baby sit one of your rich client's children for you while you are having the time of your life near Bella-Bella in the bush". "No way man, I'm not going to fall for this".

"Ralph, please, I need this hunt. And besides you need to bring the son here so you can spend the whole week at the camp. Just think of it, sipping wine by the fire, the nice big pool for yourself, the peace and quiet, while we are out hunting, please man please"? He was starting to plead and I was starting to enjoy it. More, I was thinking of the nice camp and spending a week alone there. Eventually I gave in making him promise me more favors I know he would never be able to repay.

"This boy, how old is he and when does his plane arrives, do I need to buy him ice-cream and stuff like that and tell bed time stories too?" "No man, I don't think he is that young, all you need to do is to bring him to the camp, make sure he eats everyday and sometimes take him on a bush ride and show him a bit of Africa." "He arrives tomorrow at 10am. at O R Tambo."

So I packed the basics, hiking boots, a water bottle, a spare set of clothes and very little else. I love going to the bush. Not the hunting part. But walking, watching the birds and the peace and tranquil

The next day I left early for the air port. With some time to spare I bought a few magazines to read while there. It was 10am and the people arriving from Miami were coming through the gates. I had a cardboard with Tom Broughton printed on it and hold it high in the air. Waiting and expecting a teenage boy with long hair and an ear phone in his ears heading my direction.

Wrong, coming straight towards me was a stunning young man with short blond hair, broad shoulders, narrow hips strong long brown legs. A young Adonis, he was wearing a pair of short khaki pants and a T shirt. White teeth a beautiful warm friendly smile and blue, blue eyes. "Hi, I am Tom, and you must be my baby sitter, Ralph". I was almost speechless and recover just in time.

"Hallo Tom, welcome to South Africa, did you had a good flight?" "It was great, and I am so excited to be here, my dad think this is heaven. Do we have to drive far to the bush?" "No, it is about 2 hours, may be a bit more". Soon we were on the N1 heading north. We stopped at the pit stop just outside Pretoria and got a Coke and a pie and was on our way soon again. He had an unstoppable flow of questions and I answered readily. It was nice listening to his Texas drawl.

Just after half past two we stopped at the camp on the game farm North of Bella-Bella. We got out of the car and I showed him the tent camp site between the trees. It was a luxury camp with big tents, bathrooms with showers and a comfortable stoep to sit and watch the beautiful landscape.

Since we had the pies, I made some coffee and we unpacked. We were sharing one of the camp tents. I asked him if he would like to go swimming and then take a nap afterwards since he might be tired after the flight and drive. He agreed and we slipped into our swimming trunks. It was my first time to see him naked. He was standing with is back to me while undressing but when he had done and turned around with his blue speedo on I could not help but to look a bit longer than that I was suppose to. He was huge I could clearly see the outlines of his big penis and balls through the material. He wrapped a towel around his waist and took some sun block, it was so nice looking at this well build man. We walked chatting to the swimming pool not far from the tents and throw our big sun-towels open on the green inviting grass. He was the first to dive into the cool bright water.

We swam for about twenty minutes before Tom got out, and lay down on his towel. I got out and stretched out next to him. "Do you think I can take my speedo off and give my whole body a tan" he asked. I laughed and reply, "sure there is nobody but us here and I would certainly appreciate your body, however this is the African sun and I think you should apply some sun block". "Would you mind" he asked while handing me the bottle. "It would be a pleasure" I said while unscrewing the cap and staring at his naked butt lying on the blue towel. I started with is shoulders and worked my way down slowly to his waist and buttocks. By now my cock was starting to grow in my pants and I had to shift my body. My legs rubbed against his and he glanced over his shoulder to me. "I hope you don't mind but I think you need to do my buttocks as well." I did not reply, I only poured the thick cream out over his well rounded cheeks and slowly started to rub the cream in. My hands moved lower and deeper in the crack that was slowly but surely being lifted higher and higher. I touched his cherry and a small moan escaped his lips. Slowly I moved in behind him and moved my hands over his buttocks and down deep into the crack opening wide for me. His thick penis hanging lose between two huge balls that would make a blue bull blush.

Since he did not shy away or did not try to stop me I bushed my fingers over his balls and touched the head of his penis lightly. He moaned more and lifted his ass higher. "More please, rub it more... it feels so good". I did as I was requested to do. After all the client is always right.

I started milking him like a cow. At the same time fingering him and moving my tongue closer to his big swelling balls. Eventually I took him in my mouth from behind. I used my shoulder to push him over on his back and took his cock in my mouth again. It was sweet and wet with pre-cum. I moved my head up to his and took his mouth in mine. He pulled me close and our penises rubbed against each other. Now I moved down over his torso and took his nipples in my mouth while cubing his balls in my hand. His moans became more urgent. I slowly moved down to his throbbing penis and took him in my mouth again.

Taking my time I moved my tongue down his shaft and at the same time enter him with my finger. My tempo started to race a bit as my excitement grew. I took his whole penis in my mouth and sucked hard and deep. He arched and moaned with joy and pleasure. Eventually he could not keep it back and started shooting his warm cum in me. I swallowed deep and he kept cumming. I turned him over slowly and took him from behind. He was tight willing and we both had a second cumming soon.

Washing each other off in the swimming pool later he looked at me with at me with a twinkle in his eyes. "I am a bit scared of lions at night, do you think I can share your bed tonight?".

You need not guess what I replied...

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In fictional stories it is fine to have sex without condoms, but in reality you should always use a rubber.

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