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It has never been easy meeting other men to play with, except if you go to an adult bookstore. Sure its anonymous, but sometimes that more thrilling. The fantasy is all yours, the excitement of the instant connection, the cock, the ass, and the sweat!


When I was growing up in Maryland, there was an adult bookstore not more than 10 minutes from my house. Being a military town, you can only imagine the numbers of hot, uniformed guys that would come in on a regular basis to get their rocks off. I have always been attracted to men in uniform, and the chance to suck their cocks, lick their holes, fuck or be fucked by them has always been a thrill.

I can remember one particular day that stands out in my mind. It was a lazy summer day, and I was just itching to meet some new guys. Was hornier than I had been in a long time (less than 24 hours usually), and just wanted the excitement of sucking some good dick. So I pulled on my most comfortable gym shorts, tank top, sneakers, and a ball cap. Almost never go out with out a cap. There is something just sexy about a man in a well-formed baseball cap. I guess it would help if you knew what I looked like too. I'm 5'10", about 180, smooth, tight ass, goatee, and short cropped hair. Not extremely muscular, but not a slug either.

In any case I got in the car and drove down. When I pulled into the parking lot I could see that the store wasn't particularly busy, only about 5 other cars in the lot. I knew the one was the working manager's and the other's was not sure, but probably regulars. I went in, chatted with the clerk, got my tokens, and headed for the back. The back area was where they had the video booths. Some of the booths had glory holes cut into the walls, while they left a couple alone for those who were shy. I wandered around checking out the clientele, and noticed that there were a few military guys nervously looking at the selections. You can always tell they are military because of the haircuts, and their reactions.

The one that caught my eye, and me his, was a guy about my height, but about 30 pounds heavier, broad shoulders, short cropped light brown hair, and one hell of a nice ass. The running shorts he wore left little to the imagination, and my dick was getting harder by the moment. He walked past me and made just brief eye contact. I smiled, moved out of his way so he could check out the videos playing in the booth in front of me, and I watched. He instinctively went into the very last booth at the end. That was notoriously the busiest as the glory hole in the wall was much larger than the rest. I waited just until he latched the door, and I went into the adjacent booth.

I heard him drop a few tokens, and I did the same. I bent down and peered through the hole to see what his intensions were. Some guys go in and just jerk off and never let you suck on their cocks, others are primed before you even shut the door. I squatted down and let my index finger run the edge of the glory hole. He was massaging the front of his running shorts, and I could tell his cock was getting harder. He then slipped the cock out the right leg of his shorts and continued to build it up. He maneuvered just enough to ensure he knew who was on the other side and then came closer. He slipped his cock into the hole and into my waiting mouth. I took his cock in only so far, and licked the piss slit. There was the faint taste of precum, and it made me shiver. I then went full tilt down his cock shaft to let him know I meant business. He pulled out slightly, I feared he was too nervous, but when I looked back through the hole, he had pulled his running shorts down to his ankles. Positioned again, I went to work.

His cock was thicker than most, and about 6 1/2 inches long. It tasted of a fresh shower, with just a hint of sweat behind the balls. I deep throated his cock a couple of times and run my tongue up the underside of the shaft. He pushed further into the hole, and I keep sucking that hot meat. He started to breath heavier, and softly say things like, "Fuck man take my cock", "Oh yeah, that's it, lick that Army dick!" All of which made my cock twitch. I went on for some time, and then he pulled back again. This time he leaned down to the hole, and whispered for me to join him in his booth. To seconds later I was pushing the door in.

He stood there in the dim light, tee shirt over his head exposing a well formed, and hairy chest. As I suspected the rest of the package was just as nice. I started to lick and lightly bite his nipples, and then work my way over to his arm pits. They too smelled of soap, but being in this small, hot booth, the perspiration had begun and it tasted slightly salty and tangy. He moaned softly as I kept up my eager journey down his body. I worked my back down to his cock and gulped down. He held my head down into his crotch, and made certain I had the whole of his dick in my throat. The Army Drill Instructor ( I found out later), then started to pump his weapon into my mouth. Holding my head still he pistoned his hips in and out of my face hole.

I could tell he was getting close, but he wasn't ready to blow just yet. He pulled his slick cock out of my mouth and turned around. He presented me with a full muscled, and furried ass. I love a man's ass, and enjoy eating that pungent hole just about more than anything. He pushed back and let me spread those globes. I bent in, and took a long hard whiff of the smell. The musk from his ass was intoxicating. I then eagerly pushed my face into that sweaty crack and started to tongue wash his hole. The lips of his sphincter pulsed with my every touch. I spread the cheeks wider so that I could go deeper inside. I buried my tongue as far into that tender tunnel as I could. He moaned and writhed in pleasure as I continued to eat that fucking Army butt.

All this time he continued to stroke his cock, and I knew if he kept this up much longer he would shoot. He then turned back around and ordered me to stand up, turn around, and drop trou. I was hoping to get fucked by that meat, but sometimes in these situations you never know. I did as I was ordered and pushed back slightly to open up my hole. He positioned his cock head at the entrance and pushed into me. The sheer shock of having his cock push past my hole raw, gave me just a bit of pain, but that lasted briefly as I became accustomed to his tool. He then grabbed my hips, and started thrusting deep into my cavity. He was a bull in a china shop and determined to break every dish. I tried not to cry out, and instead just bit my arm. I met his every move with a hard response. I whispered that I loved his cock, that I wanted him to make my hole his, and to keep fucking me. He complied, and followed up with a litany of barked orders to take his cock, be the fucking fag whore that I was, and that he was going to drown my hole with his spunk.

The faster his pace, the more I knew he meant every word. I could feel his cock tense inside me, swell just a bit more with each thrust and then suddenly he held me close up against him, buried his head into my shoulder and shot his load. He bit my shoulder in the process, trying for the life of him to keep the noise down. He thrust a bit more to ensure that every drop of his Army seed was deposited into my hole. We stood there for what seemed like hours, exhausted, euphoric, and hot. I quickly pulled myself off his love muscle and began to get dressed again. He did the same.

He kissed me gently on the lips and thanked me for the good time. He said he would look for me again the next time he needed to unload. I was more than happy to hear I had served him well. We got together a number of times after that. I found out that he was a drill instructor, married with two small kids. He said he loved his family, but that a man's butt just had something he needed.

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In fictional stories it is fine to have sex without condoms, but in reality you should always use a rubber, regardless if you use Prep or not. Prep only protects for HIV, thats why other diaseases spread among Prep users that practice bareback sex.