Man for Man

Getting with Kelly


Kelly wasn't really one of Brian's friends, at least not when they were kids.

But he was in the same group that hung around each other. Hot afternoons the group would lay around one of the groups houses playing video games or watching TV while they recovered from their midday baseball games.


Brian knew Kelly. He was hard to miss. Kelly was always getting the group to play baseball, basketball, volleyball and then get them to go places like the mall, movies, bowling alley. He was always on the move.

One other thing Brian noticed about Kelly, he was always takling off his clothes. He was always shirtless as a kid. Even during recess he'd take off his shirt he wore to classes.

During the summer, Kelly would wear shorts and nothing else. Hanging around those hot afternoons, Brian and the others often saw Kelly's balls hang out the leg of his shorts.

And there were those humid nights during junior high, when the group would gather and climb the fence into Marc's backyard when he and his family were away. Kelly would be the first to strip off his clothes leading the group to imitate him and dive into Marc's swimming pool.

Brian remembered getting yelled at by his parents when the security camera taped them one weekend. The tape revealed the naked group running around the yard and diving into the pool while they yelled at him.

Brian thought it was funny despite being embarassed at his parents seeing him naked on the TV screen.

Kelly's habit continued as they all matriculated through high school. The hair in his armpits and his pubic hair peeking above his low slung jeans reflected all the groups travels through puberty.

"Hey" Kelly stopped at Brian's locker. They were in Community College by then. The members of their group had gone separate ways. Some were in the Marines, others went to colleges far away, one even had to get married at a young age.

"Guess you and I are the only ones left" Kelly said as he leaned his elbow against wall pulling his open shirt further open. His chest was still smooth. Brian saw the metal ring that pierced his nipple.

"Shit man, when did you get that?" Brian asked. He had reached towards the metal but stopped.

"Go ahead and tug on it" Kelly smiled

Brian touched the metal and gave it a gentle tug, then looked at Kelly's face when he tugged a second time.

"Shit man you can pull it harder then that" Kelly said using his own hand to grab Brians hand still on the nipple. He pulled it hard.

"Oooo yea that turns me on. Nothing better then pulling it just as you shoot you know?" Kelly said.

Brian felt his own cock harded in his cargo shorts at the same time his face reddened. Kelly's openness about his body was a turn on. It had always been. Brian felt ashamed knowing that during his early years maturbating, images of Kelly were among the others that heightened his self guided trip to ejaculation.

"Shit, doesn't it hurt?" Brian asked. He had moved his hand to Kelly's other nipple then realized there wasn't a ring on it and that they were still standing in public view in the hallway.

"Yea but good you know. Hell Marc used to pull on it while I jacked off all the time this summer before he went to Boston".

Brian didn't remember Kelly having the ring this past summer, but his job kind of kept him away from the group. And again, most of them had gone different places so there wasn't much of a group that summer.

It didn't sink in what Kelly was actually saying. He said it so casually.

"Before that he had to use clothespins" Kelly said as he tugged on his own nipple ring.

"So since you and I are the only ones left from the old gang, maybe we should uh hang out sometime" Kelly stood straight letting his open shirt cover his revealed nipple jewelry.

"Uh yea sure. I uh work but maybe later at night" Brian's cock was rock hard. The image of Marc and Kelly naked, Marc playing with Kelly's nipples while he jacked off had flooded his mind by then.

"Good, I'll call you." Kelly held up his cell phone as he turned to walk away. Looking over his shoulder he added the words that made no mistake what he had in mind "Just don't jack off till then". he laughed as he threw his back pack over a shoulder and trotted down the hall.

As Kelly ran, his shirt flapped in the breeze of his movements. It reminded Brian of the guy when they were kids, when they skinny dipped, when he saw Kelly in the gym shower and the times the image of him helped Brian achieve new heights of pleasure alone in his bedroom.


It was time, Brian knew, to experience what he had fantasized about for years. There was no question why he was attracted to Kelly. And there was no relunctance to share his closeted identity to the last friend from the group.

Brian stripped in his bedroom, letting his erection breathe as it popped out of his shorts. His hand felt it's hard, throbbing nearly pained skin. But he remembered Kelly's joking words and he put on his clothes for work.

"You ok?" Samantha asked him at work. The record store was busy. Her eyes looked at his face and his crotch. "You should go to the john to uh, adjust" She smiled.

Brian blushed. It wasn't the first time someone noticed his erection. But saw the other guys now and then with their cloth covered boners, so despite being embarassed upon occasion, Brian knew it was normal for teens.

And Sam, as he called her, was like a sister. "Uh yea I uh" he told her about Kelly. It felt good to tell someone. Customers would interupt them but they'd move close after their questions were answered and Brian continued.

"All I can say is finally" she said.

The walk home seemed longer then the other nights. Brian had a paper to write, though he had the weekend to finish it.

Standing naked in his darkened bedroom, Brian began to spread his spit covered hand on his still erect penis.

"You coming?" Kelly's voice on the phone had interupted him. "Yea" Brian answered and pulled on a pair of shorts and flip flops. He wore nothing else as he walked the blocks to Kelly's house.

The group had gathered there before over the years so Brian knew to walk around to the back of his house.

"In here" Kelly's naked torso was sticking out of his bedroom window. He held out a hand. Brian took it and jumped up to the window. He felt Kelly's hand on his back and his butt pulling him inside.

"Wow you're hard as hell" Kelly said. His hand had felt Brian's boner as he helped him crawl in.

"Yea all the time" Brian said as he stood up. He saw Kelly too was hard, which was easy to see since he was naked.

"don't you ever weary pajamas or shorts?" Brian asked.

"Hell no, haven't worn that stuff since I was a kid. None of us do" Kelly was referring to his brothers with whom he had shared a bedroom for years.

"Where are they now" Brian asked as he allowed Kelly to remove his shorts.

"Gone, married, Army, been on my own since 11th grade" Kelly said.

Brian sucked in air feeling Kelly's hand on his erection and balls.

"Man we should have done this before" Kelly said

"Yea" Brian sighed. His head felt numb as if he were in a trance or dream or one of his fantasies.

His own hands moved across Kelly's torso, stomach, thighs and finally his curved hard penis and tight ballsac.

"Well we can make up for it all weekend, nobody's home" Kelly said.

The exporation almost made Brian explode several times, but he held back and it hurt.

"Let's go for it" Kelly said as he began to jack Brian's cock "tug on my ring and jack me with the other hand" he instructed.

There was a mixture of sensations Brian felt as someone else was masturbating him for the first time.

At the same time his excitement was enuhanced by the feeling of another guys throbbing penis him his own hand for the first time.

"God I'm gonna cum, pull it hard" Kelly said and Brian pulled on the nipple ring hard as Kelly grunted.

Brian felt the fluid on his hot skins as the streams shot all over him. His own gut released the painful held back sperm that needed to get out of him.

"Shit nice" Brian said

"If you think that was fun, " Kelly didn't finish the sentence as he lowered his head enveloping Brian's half hard cock. It hardened almost immediately.

"Do me at the same time" Kelly instructed the first of his many instructions that weekend.

"So you want the same kind?" the gruff man asked.

Brian wasn't really sure but he nodded. Kelly, shirtless as always had taken Brian's shirt off and held him in place.

The man put an ice cube on Brian's nipple before stabbing the flesh and inserting the nipple ring.

"Cool, as soon as it heals, we're gonna have alot more fun"

The two boys walked down the street, shirtless, the sun warming the metal rings in their nipples.

Brian and Kelly were together, finally.

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