Man for Man

Gay for Pay Job Decision


"Off again" Randy asked as he watched his roommate fold and roll clothing before putting them into his overnight bag. It was an expensive one. Jason had returned from one of his "working weekends" with it in the fall.


"Yep, won't be back till Wednesday this time. Got my lectures covered, even taking some work" he held up two books that were on his reading list.

"Good for you, not all fun huh?" Randy said feeling jealous of Jason's apparent popularity.

"Hell it's all work, you gotta be careful what you say, do, it's like performing all the time" Jason said.

"At least you get laid" Randy laughed. He eyed his naked roommate wondering if his girlfriend knew what he was doing.

"Man you know those trips?" a stoned Jason admitted to him what he was doing just before Thanksgiving. They had been talking, drinking and smoking for hours.

After the holidays, Jason was gone almost every weekend. Each time he bragged about where he had been but didn't give any other details. There was skiing in Aspen, surfing in Hawaii, some fancy hotel in San Diego and now, he wondered where Jason was off to for the extended weekend.

"I don't know how you do it" Randy said

"Hell it's sex, I just think of Karen each time or someone else" Jason said "Johnny gets hard and that's it" he clutched and waved his penis.

Randy laughed. "And you get to go great places, get gifts" he pointed at the gold chain Jason wore "and you get boned" he clutched his own crotch "when is it my turn to sample that cute boy butt of yours?"

Jason turned and wiggled his buttocks at Randy "You pay you get it just like the others. Otherwise it belongs to Karen."

Randy eyed the shaking buttocks. They were round, firm, cute and he'd fantasized about fucking them but hadn't admitted it to Jason.

"What is she going to do with it? A finger maybe or do you make her wear a strap on?"

"Fuck off" Jason said reacting to the accurate words Randy spoke. He reached for his snorkeling mask and fins.

"OH snorkeling again?" Randy said

Jason turned and smiled. His half hard cock was noticeable. "Yea Bahamas if you must know, nude snorkeling too. He likes me staying naked so no tan line for me"

"Yea I can see you're excited so how are you going to get any class work in?" Randy eyed his roommate's growing cock.

"He likes it when I'm on the floor, reading, you know bareass and everything. If he leaves me alone long enough I actually get some reading done" Jason was revealing more about his activities then he had in the past. And with each word, his cock seemed to be getting harder.

"You ever swim nude? It's hot" Jason said absent mindedly touching his erection.

"Yea done it" Randy said "Looks like you can't wait"

"Shit yea, I guess, he's supposed to pick me up in 30, better get this thing down before he gets here." Jason explained

"You wish" Randy said as he stripped his shirt off and then stood to unbuckle his shorts.

"What are you doing?" Jason watched his roommate strip naked in front of him. Randy's cock was hard, almost as hard as his.

"Don't want to get your stuff on my clothes" Randy stepped forward and knelt. He reached for Jason's balls. To his delight Jason didn't move away.

"Shit, why not?" Jason said feeling Randy's tongue touched his cock. "He already thinks we're lovers".

They didn't speak. Both had thoughts of each other naked, hard, sucking and fucking. Most guys do but never reveal it. Randy even thought of Jason when he was having sex with Lindabelle back home. At first it alarmed him but then he dismissed it as hearing about Jason's gay for pay weekends.

It didn't take long for his mouth to fill up with Jason's sperm load. "Shit you're good at that. Hell you could make some money." Jason backed away squeezing his drooling cock. Then to Randy's surprise, Jason bent over and kissed him on the lips.

"We could make a fortune; you know the two of us. I know guys that would watch us do it."

Randy still tasted Jason's cum. He liked sucking the boy's cock as much as kissing him. He watched Jason's bare buttocks disappear into the shorts he was putting on wondering how far he would go to fuck the hole between them.

"Yea I bet" Randy's cock was rock hard. "You better go before I force you to the floor and fuck that cute ass for real" he said

Jason looked back at him as he put the overnight bag shoulder strap on.

"Think about it. We could have fun and get paid for it" He said "See in a week, think about me and these" he slapped his ass as he disappeared into the hallway.

Randy watched out the dormitory window. The red Fierri made allot of noise as it arrived. Jason tossed his bag in the back seat and sat next to the driver, an older man, not especially handsome but not a troll either.

Randy stroked his cock. Jason must have known he was watching because he waved as the convertible squealed departing the area.

Randy couldn't hold back, he jumped on Jason's bed. He inhaled the scent and generated saliva in his mouth to mix with the taste of his roommate's cum. His back tightened and arched as his cum sprayed his overheating body and the surrounding bed.

"Oh shit" he said then laughed "fuck it, if he finds out, he does"

Randy had made a decision. Where he and Jason would go the next weekend, he couldn't anticipate. But he knew what they'd be doing and getting paid to do.

"What the hell?" He held the half hard cock wondering what it would feel like buried inside Jason's gay for pay butt.

Maybe after midnight he'd go across campus where the stories said guys went to encounter other guys in the darkness. He better practice so he won't disappoint Jason or their customers.

It was time.

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