Man for Man

Gay Bulls


"About time you got up." Mom grumbled as I made it to the breakfast table.

"Aw, come on, Ma!" I said as I sat down. "It's only nine-fifteen."

"I've been up since seven." Mom replied virtuously, making it sound like the crack of dawn. "Got to keep busy if you want to keep a farm."


"I thought that was why you hired Bull." I pointed out.

"Bull can't do everything." Mom said. "And I expect you to pitch in and help, you know."

"I know." I said. "And I'm up, aren't I?"

"I swear, ever since you turned thirteen, you've been completely unmanageable." Mom grumped as she fixed my eggs and heated up the bacon for me. I didn't argue with her; an old argument. There was toast already on the table, cold but I wasn't fussy. She set the plate on the table before me and I dug in. Mom kept gabbling as I ate and ended with the same lament she started with about my having had the gall to turn into a teenager on her, and thus destroying the innocent infant I used to be by going through puberty on her.

"I'll be eighteen next February." I said. "Another year, I'll be out of here and you won't have to manage me any more."

"Don't remind me." Mom said as she took my plate. "Now go make yourself useful and help Bull. He's out by the cattle pens, I think."

"So I'll go help him." I agreed and took off, more to get away from her than anything else. Mom's not a bad person, but her idea of handling me is to nag, nag, nag. It gets old, you know?

Bull was hanging on the fence of the smaller cattle pen. We had two, one held like a hundred or so cows and we only used it for when we had to vaccinate them or something. The other was where Bull was, about fifty feet by fifty feet. It held two cows, a cow and a bull, I should say. They weren't doing much, and neither was Bull.

I climbed up on the fence beside him. "Morning, Bull." I said to him.

"Morning, Jack." Bull was in many ways the stereotypical cowboy. Large, strong, lean-hipped, with brawny arms tanned brown by the sun, sharp cheeks lined with the sun and wind and snow and rain of many years outdoors in all weathers, wearing a battered white cowboy hat, a weathered white cowboy shirt, and faded pale-blue Wranglers, the only new things on him were his shiny-silver buckle on his belt (he'd won it at a rodeo the month before) and his boots, cowboy boots of course, tipped with silver and decorated with holes and curlicues all over it. He'd spent the money he won along with that buckle on those boots, I think.

"What you doing here?"

He gestured. "Millie's ready to be freshened." he said. Millie was the female cow in the pen. "So I brought in Chester to freshen her." Chester was the bull, a new bull barely past puberty, like me.

"Why not Hugo?" I asked. Hugo was our prize bull, we'd had him for about three years and a large, beautiful animal he was. Chester was one of his calves, by another cow than Millie, of course.

"I wanted to find out something about Chester." Bull said.

I looked at them. "He doesn't seem interested in Millie." I said.

"He isn't. But he's able to. I seen him in the pasture the other day in fact, mounting one of the others."

"Oh." I said. "So, what are you trying to find out."

He looked at me, and grinned, a rough, impudent sort of grin. "To find out if he'd mount a cow that was female."

" you saw him in the pasture mounting...."

"One of the other young bulls." Bull agreed.

"So Chester is a...a gay bull?"

Bull nodded, still grinning a little too much. "Sometimes a bull is gay. Same as people, you know."

"I know." I said. "So what do we do about Chester?"

"We sell him." Bull said. "Let some other poor sucker find out the bull doesn't bat for the right team."

"Says you." I said without thinking. I was thinking, Chester wasn't the only gay mammal in this area. Like I said to Mom, another three or four years, I'd clear out and never, never come back. No reason to declare yourself an openly gay teenage boy in a place like this. In the city, I'd find other gay men to be with, to help me out, to help out, to love.... On a ranch in the middle of a sparsely populated valley, it was suicide, you'd be all alone.

I looked at Bull, to see him looking at me with a look that, well, that said it all. He'd heard, he'd understood, he'd figured it out. "You don't say."

"Say what?" I prayed for ignorance despite the evidence.


"Say you got yourself a bit in common with young Chester?"

And something inside me just got tired. You know, you pretend to look at girls, you pretend to stare at the pictures of naked women the other boys show you, and you pretend to think you want to stick it in her. Pretend, pretend, pretend, and it goes on and on and you just...get tired. "So what if I do?" I said, looking right back at him, straight in the eye. "Sometimes, you just turn out that way, you know?"

And Bull looked away from me. "Let's go into the barn."

"What for?" I wanted to know.

"Something I need to show you."

Puzzled, I followed him around the cattle pen to the barn on the other side of it. Not much in there, this time of year. Our hay barn was on the other side of the farm, this was a smaller, older barn we used to keep bags of feed and harnesses and plows and the tractor and a riding lawn mower, stuff like that. I went inside, but didn't see anything out of the ordinary. "Okay, so what did you want to show me?"

Bull closed the door, which left us in shadow but no worse, this old barn wasn't all that weatherproof. Small spaces had been left in all the boards of the walls, leaving sharp lines of gold sunlight reaching through the eastern wall and covering half the floor. He walked over to me. "This is what I wanted to show you." And while I stood there, dumbfounded, he took me in his arms and he gave me a kiss.

I don't mean he gave me a peck on the cheek, or a quick smack on the lips. I mean he took me in his arms, his lips pressed up against mine and they held! One hand held my back firmly, the other one roamed down the small of my back onto my butt and he pulled me to him with that huge paw and my groin collided with his, and the bump I felt in there wasn't his jeans' buttons!

I struggled a bit at first, then I kind of melted into them. Hell, Bull had been the main player in my fantasies for two years, and can you blame me? The only reason he hadn't starred in them earlier was that he'd only been working for us for two years! I was like a foot shorter than him and about half his mass, but I felt every inch a man in that moment! I'd dreamed of kissing another man, kissing a hunk like Bull, for years, now I was doing it! And it felt just as great as I'd always figured it would!

It went on a while, but it still stopped before I wanted it to. He released me, and he said, "That was what I wanted to show you. So, what do you think of it?"

I lunged at him and this time I kissed him and he chuckled through our mashed lips and both hands went to my butt-cheeks and he nearly lifted me off the ground, and that salami in his pants was bigger and harder than ever. I rubbed that salami with my own erection while we kissed and he lowered me after a time, and I let him go, partially, just our arms held with each other's hands.

"I take it that means yes?" Bull asked me.

"You bet!" I enthused and he smiled again. "But...I don't know how."

"I know that." Bull said. "I was the same way when I was your age. Then, when I was sixteen, the man on the neighboring ranch taught me what to do."

"So teach me!" I begged him.

He pulled me to him but instead of another kiss, this time his hand went up to my hair. "I reckon the first thing is to teach you how to suck a cock."

"Yeah!" I agreed. "So what do I do first?"

"I'll show you."

He guided me to the bags of feed piled against one wall and I figured when he had me sit down on them that he'd want me to suck him. But instead, he pushed me back to where I was semi-lying and proceeded to unfasten and unzip my pants. I got a heck of a hardon when he did that, but he peeled down my pants and then lifted my briefs out over my erection and skinned them down after them. My t-shirt was down to just above my navel and I'd left my long-sleeve shirt unbuttoned (you don't wear short-sleeved shirts much on a ranch; you may have to do some dirty work that requires sleeves), so my body was exposed from waist to below my knees, and my cock with its light dusting of pubic hair was free for his taking. I didn't have much of a cock, frankly, five inches when hard, not enough to be ashamed of, exactly, but nothing to brag about, either.


But Bull knelt down on one knee, making him look like some kind of marble sculpture come to life (I'd spent a lot of time in the library looking at Greek statuary of nude men, the closest thing to gay porn I'd yet found), a crouch a lot like the top one of those Greek wrestlers in that one statue, with his slender waist and lithe legs and broad-chested torso, and when he leaned on over and his tongue snaked out and touched the tip of my cockhead, I just about passed out! At last, at last! A touch of soft wetness on my glans and I was in ecstasy! Bull followed it with the rest of his mouth, and it was like the light of dawn being followed by the sun and full daylight! My whole cock was covered, swallowed up in moist delight, my body shook and shivered in near-climactic bliss, and I moaned.

"Whoa, now, slow down, partner." Bull drawled to me. "You want this to last a little while, don't you?"

"Yeah!" I whimpered. "It just feels so good, though!"

He smiled. "I know. But I got to teach you how it's done. You get your mouth full of saliva, so it'll slide up and down smoothly, and your lips are what you use, that and a little of your tongue and you take it as far down as you can comfortably. Try to learn to swallow it all down, then grip with your lips as you pull back up again. Like this." And Bull devoured me again to the base (no major feat with our respective sizes and my own cock size), and with me moaning the entire time, he held onto my cockbase and slid his head back up. My cock-skin slithered up and over my glans as he rose, delight traveling in its wake and when he rose all the way up to my glans' flare, he stopped, released his hold and the skin fell back and he sunk down to the base again.

Up and down, up and down, slowly at first and then faster, faster. I was on the very drink of orgasm, moaning and writhing under him, but a part of me wanted it to last and that part somehow held me back, letting me stay in my ecstatic state, worming and grunting. My hips started thrusting upwards like it was on automatic, but Bull seemed to expect that, he let them do part of the work for him, matching my thrusts and using his tongue more as he was freed from the effort of bobbing up and down, and I was thrown into a new level of delight, one that overwhelmed that bit of control I'd found entirely, I was lost and I moaned out, "Oh, oh, Bull, I'm coming, I'm coming, UH, UH-HUH-HUH-UH, GUH-HUH!"

I sprayed my wads in what felt like the biggest load I'd ever creamed, like I was emptying my entire ballsac with the spurts, and Bull grunted, sucked at me hungrily, drinking me down as fast as I could blow it into him. I bucked like a wild stallion being ridden for the first time with fireworks exploding in my brain and when I finally slumped down after, deliriously exhausted, Bull sucked the final few pearls of jizz out of my cock and rose up, wiped his lips with the back of one sleeve as I looked at him, still looking incredibly macho and male, even though he'd just sucked my cock, and I knew then that there was nothing feminine about sucking another man's cock, it was the most totally male thing you could do, matching another man in the complete sharing of each other's bodies. All my fears and ambiguities about myself vanished like so much mist in the sunlight of that dawning experience, and I felt at peace in a way I hadn't since my first sexual stirrings had come along, and I had realized that they didn't aim the way they were supposedly supposed to aim, at women. Bull had entered my life a year later and formed the focus and now...he was with me.

"That's what you do." Bull said to me. "You want to try it for yourself now?"

I panted, gulped hard to catch my breath and said, "Yeah, I do."

Bull smiled in that so-male way he had, and rose to his feet, his hands went to his pants, undid that huge rodeo-winner buckle and then worked the metal buttons on his fly. Those pants knew his body so well they were like painted on him, but as he undid them, the white cotton of his jockstrap showed under it. Until that moment, I'd never known he wore jockstraps, even. Never seen enough of him unclothed to see that. He shucked his jeans down to mid-thigh and then snaffled his jock down after them.


His cock uncoiled from that nest of jockstrap like a cobra uncoiled from its nest in a fakir's basket, first stretching down after its former home, then when it was at full length, nearly to his knees, it seemed to my virgin eyes (I realized later it feel short by several inches in doing that), then it jerked and rose upwards, filling slowly like a balloon on a helium tank, rising to form an arc of raw, naked maleness, a human scimitar of lustful flesh, thicker than a banana if shaped in the same basic form and proportions.

I got up and he lay down where I'd been, the only seatable position on that pile of feed. His cock bobbed over to point at his face, dancing over the thick bush of his pubic hair, the same brown as was on his head, but even darker and heavily kinked, above this brushy pile of hair, his glans hissed its dance of seduction as it released a tongue of clear precome that slid out and formed a rope with a globe on its end that drooped down to splash into the tangle of fur at its base.

"What are you waiting for?" Bull asked and I realized I'd been just standing there, staring at it. I shook myself, and knelt down like he had, only realizing then I hadn't even pulled my own pants back up. Too late, don't worry about it. Bull's cock waited.

I took it in one hand and bent it down towards me. The glans was shaped like the tip of a mushroom, the tip much smaller than the flare, and that strand of clear precome was shining like an arrow pointing the way to the slit. I reached out with my tongue like Bull had, tasted the glans, and the hot saltiness of the precome was nectar to my tastebuds. Bull sighed when I touched his cockhead, and that emboldened me to try to stuff it into my mouth. I pushed it in, found it hot, spongy and dry.

"Spit, kid, you need spit on it." Bull reminded me.

"Oh!" I backed up and worked up my mouth best I could. I wasn't notably successful. No experience, but I got some in my mouth and went back down.

"Watch the teeth, use your lips and only take what you're ready to take." Bull reminded me of my lessons. I did as he said, my lips formed a shield for my teeth as I slid the huge prod into my mouth and my spit began to form naturally at the meaty, male taste of the cock on my tongue. I got a good bit of it into my mouth, it was pushing against the back of my throat and making me gag, when I stopped. I started to pull off, remembered what else he'd said, gripped the cock tight with my lips and resuming pulling. The skin of his shaft wrinkled and bulged in my mouth as I slid up on the prong, and Bull sighed again, the total sigh of contentment of a hot man enjoying himself in his pleasure. I went down again, forgetting to let go, but Bull didn't complain as I moved my head up and down, taking his shaft-skin with me on the trip. His cock wept a lot more and I had the heavy, salty fluid flowing on my tongue, making my mouth ever more moist, the result was that I could fit the cock further and further down my mouth and throat, and my gag reflex was relaxing with the repeated insertions/withdrawals, and Bull was grunting and moaning in a very flattering way. In fact, I was doing pretty well and only had one problem.

I was getting awfully tired! I was using muscles in ways I never had before, and the speed that made Bull moan was just too hectic to keep up. I tried, but I was losing the initial smooth tempo I'd had and it was showing. Bull finally ended my agony by grasping my head and lifting my eyes up to meet his. "Getting tired?"

"A little."

"Don't worry, you get better at it. Want to try another lesson, then?"

"What's that?"

"I could teach you how to fuck."

"Sure!" I beamed widely.

Bull cocked his head to one side. "You sure? I mean, it can hurt a lot the first few times. And I'm not exactly tiny down there, you know."

"I don't care." I said blithely. "What do we do?"

"First, you need to get my cock lubed up and I mean good." Bull cautioned me. "We ought to have something to grease me up, but your spit will do if you'll use a lot of it."


"Okay." Licking his cock wasn't as painful as the rest of it, my tongue hadn't worked as much as the rest of my head. I lathered him up with all the eagerness of a novice with no clue as to what they were getting into, for I certainly hadn't. When your only experience with gay sex is a few bad jokes, a few sexual innuendos and a lot of fantasizing, there's lots of room for misunderstanding.

But I greased him up until his entire shaft was a solid, gleaming, vaguely grayish mass of saliva-coated dong, and Buck gasped, panting hard in his ardor (having a teenaged boy licking hungrily at his pud must have been driving him wild in its own way), said, "That ought to do it. Now let's change places, and quickly, before it all dries out on us."

So we did, and I was scooted down and my shoes and jeans were stripped from me, leaving me with only socks below the waist. And then he pressed the head of his cock in between my legs and I felt it contact my asshole. I gasped. The slight pressure he was putting on it was enough to make it feel tender!

Bull stopped and looked at me, his face contorted with his desire but his humanity winning out over the passion. "You change your mind?"

"No." I gasped. "But take it easy."

"I take it too easy, it'll dry out on us." Bull said. "But I'll try."

He pushed into me, gently as he promised, but it was still an awful lot to take. "You have to relax." he panted. "It's going to hurt, but try to relax, okay?" And he pushed at me some more.

All of a sudden, the head of it popped into me. I gasped, it felt like he'd shoved an apple in there! Bull held still while I wiggled, letting me get the feel of it. After a time, my ass kind of...gurgled...and there was a relaxation. I felt it, and so did Bull. "That's the way." he said to me. "Now just keep doing like that while I push it on in."

What I did? I had no idea what I'd done and how to do it again! But his cock was pushing into me and the worst of it was over. I think he was still ripping me some, but the nerves in your body that give you pain were past, there was nothing to feel in that. There was a sense of tightness, each time, Bull stopped and let me relax, it did each time, and he pushed in more.

"You got it, kid." he panted after a time. "That's all I need to work with. You can try for the rest of it the next time if you want."

More? There was more?

"I'll just fuck you with this much." Bull continued. "I'll go easy at first." He did, slow, gentle motions of his hips sent his cock in and out of me. I winced at first, but that ended soon. And there was of me that his cock was making feel awful good.

I held onto his broad back as he pushed in and pulled out of me. Looked up into his face, softened by passion, reddened by his ecstasy, he was sweating but even that was exciting to me. I had this big, strong, handsome, passionate man on top of me and he was thrusting his manhood, his virility, his COCK, into me. At last, at last! I had it at last! All the pain was gone, I felt only pleasure at his plunges of his dong into my body. My own cock rose up again, the unending horniness of young manhood, it can't be extinguished, it can only be released, the level of need diminished enough to allow more to enter. And my cock was more than ready to blow another load, especially when brought on by the thrusts of the horny man on top of me, my first, my very first, and it was the object of my desire, not some nameless pickup in a bar like I'd expected, but Bull, the very one, yeah, yeah, YEAH!

"Yeah, yeah, good, yeah, uh, yeah, uh!" I began to moan. "Faster, yeah, faster!" I'd read that in a book in a bookstore, the adult rack, just a couple of pages before I got caught and chased out, barely able to keep the owner from seeing which book I'd gotten (if I had, I amended, I'd never gone back in there), and it was what I wanted to say, I wanted more of this, more, all of it, I wanted his entire cock in me! "Give it to me, give it all to me, please, Bull, harder, harder, yeah, uh, ah, ah, ah!"

"Yeah, Jack, yeah!" Bull grunted. "Hot kid, I knew you were hot for me when I saw you, you know, that first day I saw you, only thirteen but you wanted me, I knew it, all I had to do was wait, God, yeah, yeah!"

"Yes, ever since then!" I sobbed. "All that time, I wanted you, want you now, come on, fuck me now, fuck me!"

"Yeah, oh, God, yeah, I'm about to come, Jack, I'm about to come! Fill you full of my come, Jack, how do you feel about that, huh?"

"I want it, all of it, come on, shoot it in me, shoot it in me, hard, hard, hard!"

"Uh, yeah, uh, ah, AH, AH, AH, AH, AH!"

"Shoot it, Bull, shoot it, shoot it!"

"AH-AH-AH-AH-GAH-HNNNNNNHHHH!" Bull threw back his head, his teeth clenched tight, and that moan was all that came out as he thrust in deep and there he blew his load! I felt it, even deep inside me, felt the hot, stinging juiciness of it, looking at the hot, red flush that had flooded Bull's face, and I knew I'd brought this huge bull of man to his climax and I moaned myself, threw my own head back, closed my eyes, and sprayed Bull's stomach and shirt with my own second load of jizz. It splattered him, splashed back down onto me, and we were locked together in our ecstasy, our cocks ejaculating hard and I felt his pulsing inside of me, my own jerking as it unloaded onto both of us, and then Bull was done, and he slumped onto me, his weight pressing us tight, and my last dregs of spunk were squirped into the narrow slot between my cockhead and our bodies, and my sperm cemented us together, Bull's sweat pouring out and dripping onto me like the hot rain of the jungle where the human race first sprang. And he sleepily, groggily kissed my neck and raised his weight off of me, and I stroked his back and felt a kinship with him, with all of mankind, gay and straight, for no matter how we reached this moment, we had the sameness that bound us inexoriably and imperviously together.

"Man, that was hot." I said when my own breath came back. "So hot!"

"You were hot, kid." Bull agreed. "I knew you would be, but even so...damn! Like to wore me out!"

"You weren't so bad yourself." I said. "And we can do it again soon as you're ready."

"Kid, kid, I got to get some work done, you know?" Bull pulled off of me, and I regretfully felt him yank his pud out of my ass, a rush of his jism flowed after it.

"I'll help you, you'll get done quicker." I said as I got to my own feet and retrieved my pants. Bull only had to pull up and fasten, he was done much quicker than I was.

"First, I got to do something about Chester." Bull said. "A gay bull is just not of any use to a farmer, you know. Either we cut him up for the dinner table or sell him to someone who will."

"Yeah." I said. "Besides, one gay Bull on this farm is all I think I could handle."

Bull chuckled and used his fingers to comb my hair back into place. "So let's get to work so we can get back to fun."

"Yeah." And I followed him out of the barn. Maybe I wouldn't take off for the big city in three or four more years after all!

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