Man for Man

Fulfilling Discovery


Will heard him. He turned his head away from the three friends he was joking with. "Yea?"

"Um I'm Mickey, uh Mick" the freckled, strawberry blonde, 5 ft 9 inch interuptor stuck out his hand.


Will took the hand and shook it. His friends watched. "OK uh Will Marks" he replied.

"Yes I know. I uh wondered if you wanted to get together" Mick said.

There was a second of silence. To Will it seemed like an hour. He didn't know Mike although he had seen him around school. He was confused and felt as if he were in some strange place.

"You know" Mick said. He wasn't embarassed. He had planned this for many weeks.

"Uh talk to me later ok?" Will smiled and turned back to his friends with a shrug.

"When?" Mick was persistant. He was determined at this as he had been with other things his entire life.

It was his stubborn determination that turned his short scrawny body into a well proportioned, albeit still short, gymnast type body. In fact the damn stubborness got him on the school gym team.

"He's got heart" The coach had said watching Mick tumbling on the mat. "He'll never be a champ but hell he puts everyone to shame trying"

"Hey, I'm talking to these guys, another time ok?" Will responded more angry then he intended to. But there was no way to recover. He couldn't apologize to the guy without his friends seeing.

Mick didn't sulk, or comment. He just smiled "OK" and turned away. Will looked at Mick noticing the round buttocks flex as the guy didn't just walk but almost strutted as he departed.

Mick had done it. He made the decision months ago while watching himself in the mirror. He was gasping and building towards the inevitable explosion that had become a regular part of his existance since his body sprouted the first pubic hair.

And it dawned on him what he had to do. His mental images had already included the people he knew at school along with Olympic Gymnasts, platform divers, models, actors and even his neighbor.

By the time his mirror caught the streams his hardness spout, he had a plan. He cleaned the mirror as he had done thousands of times before and eyed his still nude body's reflection.

"Not bad" he said. Using the small mirror he was able to examine his stance, rounded shoulders arching into the small of his back and jutting outwards over the round buttocks he already knew had attracted eyes and patting hands since he was a child.

"No reason why not" He said. Stuffing the magainzes that had begun that day's sex, under his mattress his mind went over the plan.

"First, look around. Be patient, examine the bodies, appraise the faces. Nobody mean. Nobody that's too obvious. Huge penis? No not huge. Impressive but not huge. It would be his first time and he wanted it to go well. He wanted to feel relaxed so it wouldn't hurt too much."

Mick knew it would hurt but that was natural. He wanted to get to the point where it felt so good his face showed pleasure like those videso in the booths at the Adult Store.

"Hey kid I told you before get out of here" the old man had chased him away from the magazines more then a few times. Mick snuck in the rear door so it was easy if the clerk wasn't looking into the store's mirrors.

Armed with a pocket full of quarters he could also sneak into the furthest back video booth. It was there he watched young faces, not unlike his, show pain and pleasure as some large penis was pushed into their butts.

At first it seemed a pain worth avoiding and he clicked on other videos where manual and oral satisfaction demonstrations aroused him until his pants became wet.

Mike started to finger himself in the shower, then found other things that he could easily slide into his rear. It didn't hurt at all. In fact it felt good when he orgasm'd.

He felt guilty when he grabbed a dildo in its package from the store. He lathered it with vasoline from the medicine chest and tried to insert it. It didn't fit.

Each time he jacked off afterwards, he thought about the dildo stuffed in the false bottom he made in shop for his bedside chest.

Then one Friday night after returning from a party where his eyes had measured desirable classmates, he tried again. He was determined as always and slowly the dildo became a part of him.

>From that moment on, it frequently filled him up, sometimes fucked him, sometimes just stayed in place while his body squeezed it with passion as he stroked his erection.


He watched the videos in the booth after that, looking for technique, variety and pleasure. How wanted to have the expressions the guys had who were willingly assaulted.

There was Terrance, a redhead with a huge dick and no body hair. The guy had extremly muscled arms which enabled him to hang from the rings for amazing minutes. But he decided to stay away from his fellow teammates. The risk was too easy and from the comments the coach made about "queers, fags, sissies" he didn't want that label or to be kicked off the team.

"You have such a sweet touche" Auntie Marla said many times as he grew up. Once, he remembered her adding "The girls are gonna love that...maybe the boys too" she laughed. Her sparkling eyes and smile looked at him. "She knows" he thought.

There was Chuck Chinosky, a tall farm boy looking guy whose mohawk haircut prompted the school to send him home one year. He refused to leave. Mick admired the boys 6th grade rebellious actions.

Now he was still a bit rebellious but also a baseball star. His arms swung wood so hard, scouts from pro teams watched him play. Everyone rumored he would go right from graduation to spring training camp.

He was a possibility. But there was something about him, Mick couldn't tell what it was, that hinted he wouldn't be willing or maybe understand at all. He wasn't the sharpest tool in the shed.

Mick had the opportunity to examine the naked bodies of many of his classmates. The phys ed locker room and the after classes gym practice shared the locker room with wrestlers, baseball players and even the golf team.

He tried not to be too blatant but his eyes darted from one pair of bare legs to another, examined the dangling penis that was as varied as the faces, the variety of soapy wet bodies , the smiles, armpit hair, ass cracks and attitudes.

There were so many possibilities. Will Miner was impressive in his school letter sweater, addressing the entire school body. He was the Class President and seemed natural in the roll. Not too arrogant, but yet appeared intelligent.

He looked hot in a suit and desirable in his tank top and shorts he wore on the volleyball team. Mick had watched them practice in the other end of the gym now and then. Will was as graceful as the sport required but not a super athlete.

Shirtless, the line of hair from between his pecs down into his shorts was enticing. Mick thought about what he would do given the chance to trace that line to the ultimate goal. Will was definitely a possibility he thought.

"You can tell" Aunt Marla, once again, helped him unwittingly. "Just look at their faces" she patted Claires hand. They were friends Mick knew. Claire lived with her. He didn't think much of it until later in life when he realized their relationship was more then friendship.

"Look at little Mickey there" She called attention to him making him nervous. She didnt say more. Her face changed when she saw Mick's expression that said "please don't".

"She knows" Mick said to himself.

And during the hug they shared she whispered "it's ok honey it's ok" she patted his butt. And he knew he had a place to go and someone to talk to if he needed it.

Will's face when he talked to friends seemed sincere, sensative and masculne. Occasionally, Mick thought the classmates eyes locked on his. He even seemed to smile. Mick tried to be near him gathering the strength to talk to the guy.

Time passed since he was able to speak to the guy. Mick hadn't even hesitated from interupting the conversation that Will was having with others. It just felt like the time to "go for it" or else he would loose his nerve.

But it didn't go well. The guy didn't seem to know who he was at all. Hearing "another time" response, Mick sighed assuming he had made the wrong choice. Since there was no rebuke or name calling or ugliness of any kind, Mick tried to shrug the incident off blaming his own stubborness or horniness. His search must proceed, he thought. Mick was resigned to keep looking until he found the one.

When Aunt Marla died, he went to the funeral alone. There were few family members there. Even his own were absent. Claire stood alone by the preacher. Mick moved next to her without a word and took her hand. She walked away after kissing his cheek. To where, Mick didn't know.


He decided to stop his search. Being gay promised to be a lonely life and he didn't want that. "Perhaps" he thought "if he ignored his feelings, they would diminish and he would end up talking about girl's breasts like the other kids". A life of dating women, having kids, growing old and retiring might be a better option.

"OH hi" Mick discovered Will standing next to him at his locker. "Hey" Will replied. "I uh wanted to apologize for the other day".

Before he stopped his search, Will kept coming back to him as the possible candidate.

"Oh that's ok, I get too agressive sometimes" Mick said.

"Yea I know, I've seen you" Will said smiling.

It was more then a pleasant smile. There was something else. Mick stopped stuffing books in his backpack. Will had seen him? He didn't know what that meant.

Will had left his friends after the encounter. He went into the gym on his way home and watched. There was something envious about the way the team members ran, jumped, pulled themselves, tumbled or tossed. It was if they disregarded the grasp of gravity and were determined to fly.

He watched one on the matt who jumped higher then he thought was imaginable. The boy's outstretched arms looked like unfeathered wings, his pointed toes, rigid legs and perfectly rounded firm buttocks were like a work of art flying through the air.

Will realized it was the same one who had interupted his friends earlier. The kid, Mick, was there in the air catching his breath.

"I uh well, what did you uh want, I mean you were asking me..." Will stammered as his eyes looked around.

"Oh that? Uh nothing I guess" Mick looked away. He had decided to ignore his plan. Now someone else was trying to change that or at least that's what it felt like.

"Oh uh ok" Will turned to leave. He felt disappointed but wasn't sure why.

"It's just that" Mike blurted "Can I tell you something?"

"I guess, sure, it's our secret" Will said.

Mick hadn't mentioned the word "secret" but he smiled "Good. I uh well you know have feelings and I think" he paused "I think I might be bi or even" he didn't finish the sentence.

Will didn't react.

"I mean sometimes it's so frustrating, just my hand you know"

Will knew and nodded. "We all do that stuff man don't worry about it" he said feeling like he suddenly had a little brother to advise.

"No it's uh more. I see uh you know guys on TV, the team here, you" Mick said "you" in a quieter whisper "and I just want to "

Will didn't know what to say. He didnt' want to admit that when he masturbated he too recalled faces and bodies of guys, let alone the vision of shirtless Mick flying through the air.

Mick took a deep breat "I just decided there was no escaping the truth. And I wanted to get past the first time. So I thought maybe you'd do it".

"Do what?" Will was indeed confused.

"Fuck me" Mick said and waited for the reaction for a few second "I thought you'd be uh gentle, strong of course, manly, but uh you know..and keep it our secret."

There was a silence that followed tha tmade Mick wish he hadn't spoke at all, that he hadn't gone up to Will that time or even thought about what he always thought about.

"Uh, let me think about that" Will said.

"Hey no insult, I mean I know you're not, uh like me, I just figured..." Mick worried.

"No problem. I gotta think" Will said trying to end the conversation and move away before his erectional excitement became too visable.

Mick worried about the conversation so much he couldn't concentrate during homework, his usual masturabtion session or family dinner. As he lay in bed Mick imagined Will on the bed pressing himself into flesh. The image of Will's naked body above him seemed so real, no natural, so perfet...but Mick slowly went to sleep despire his begging erection.

Will had indeed watched Mick. After that day seeing him in the gym, Mick seemed to pop up everywhere. Will saw him in the hallways, at the school carnival, in stores and at the gym meet.

Will never went to gym meets. But for reasons he didn't identify, he found himself convincing a friend to drive to the next town where their school was competing.


Will looked around the neighboring town's school gym. Mick wasn't there. He wondered why, then as if in slow motion, he was the smooth shirtless boy move across the floor.

A teammate was rubbing his shoudlers and back. Will wanted to be that guy. The desire came from somewhere inside him he wasn't sure where. He watched as Mick pulled on his gymnast tank.

He applauded as Mick jumped, rolled and finished his routine.

"The kids good" he explained to an inquisitive glance from his friend "Can you do that?"

He pumped that night twice gladly replaying the image of Mick in his mind. But Mick wasn't wearing his uniform this time. Will saw him naked flying through the air, jumping and posing his smooth freckled body open, posing and waiting for his orgasm.

Mick stretched standing by his locker and adjusting his jockstrap. Practice hadn't started yet. His mind was full of worry about the conversation with Will and he had to try to ignore it in time for the coaches usual demands to try harder, go faster, try it again.

"Hey" he turned to see Will standing there in the locker room.

Mick felt like he wanted to feel, naked and available for Will. He was the one, Mick knew.

"I uh think we might get together Saturday if you still want"

"I have a meet" Mick said adjusting the pouch of his jockstrap which had begun to tent.

Will's eyes darted down to see the adjustment and fleshy tent pole that remained.

"Cool, maybe after then, I could uh pick you up" Will said "Nobody's home" His breathing felt suddenly shallow. He was revealing things he couldn't say to a practical stranger.

"That's good" Mick always left meets, exhausted but horny as hell. Multiple self exhausting manipulations would occur before he could sleep each time.

Saturday would be different.

"Uh good then, see you Saturday" Will's face was red. He had asked another guy on a date and beyond that to have sex, gay sex. It was far more then he had ever thought he'd be doing.

"Saturday" Mick said turning away.

Will looked back at the bare back, buttocks and legs with only white straps visable.

"Oh yea, you uh look good" Will said as if he was obligated to compliment his future date.

Will turned and smiled "So do you" he said.

Will couldn't concentrate. In fact he was so distracted the coach told him to "hit the showers".

He jacked off so many times that evening and night, Mick got little sleep. Even a morning session coudlnt' completely calm him down.

"Kid you're so bad I'm thinking you shouldn't go tomorrow, you'll embarss yourself" The coach said in that day's practice.

Mick panicked. "Oh no please coach, I'll do better, I gotta be in the meet" he said not thinking if he didn't compete he'd be able to be with Will earlier. Rather he wanted to show off while Will watched, go home with him and be turned into the peak of pleasure he knew he wanted and needed.

He concentrated, exhaled and performed. "Shit kid that was an amazing routine. If you do that tomorrow you'll end up getting a schoo letter"

Mick sighed. Saturday would happen the way he hoped.

Mick stayed in his jockstrap for a longer time then normal. He hoped Will would appear and wish him luck or just make it known he was there. "Come on dude" his teammates urged him.

"What are you doing in here, jacking off? " the coach looked at Mick. It was obvious his eyes had seen the tented pouch. "Hey save that for later, you'll need all your energy for out there, come on" he slapped the bare round smooth buns he had secretly admired on Mick and his other team members.

Mick followed him into the gym holding his shirt in his hands so it dangled in front of his still telltale crotch growth.

The crowed was noisy as usual. The opposing team's crowd was applauding one of their own team's members. Mick looked to see the boy now finished his ring routine and pose had stripped his tank down..leaving his bulging pectorals and biceps clearly visable. That seemed to stimulate a crowd reaction.

Mick wanted to touch the guy in front of everyone, to kiss his lips while feeling the chest pressed against his. His cock ached, hurt, pulsed.


He tore his eyes away to look at his own school's fans. Banners waved, students laughed, some stil found their seats. He searched for familiar faces and saw some.

There was Will looking at him. Mick's heart increased its pace, his cock pushed out, there was even a tingle in his butthole. His skin tingled. He tried not to show his excitement but waved casually.

Will smiled and waved back. It was going to happen "Shit I'm gonna get fucked" Mick said outloud.

"What? What did you say?" The coach responded.

"No uh I said I gotta get pumped" Mick felt his face reddon.

He stopped as close to where Will sat as he could. Mick fell to the floor doing a few hard crunches, then rolled over to do power push-ups returning to sit on the floor again and stretch his legs further apart then needed. He wanted Will to see he was ready.

"Come on calm down" Coach said "You'll pull something"

He stood and felt the Coach smooth oil on his bare shoulders, back and chest. Usually he'd look down during this process not to reveal the enjoyment he always felt when a team mate did this oiling. It wasn't really needed, it was just an excuse to get a short massage and help calm down.

Mick looked up as the Coaches hands moved over his chest and stomach. Will's eyes locked on his. How he wanted Will to be where the Coach was. Then Mick's eye darted to the Coachs.

The Coach rarely did this chore. In fact he usually avoided touching any of the team having them rub, massage or oil each other instead.

His lips moved. Mick couldn't hear his words. His eyes glowed. His hands, finished with their task patted Mick's stomach and buns at the same time.

"Do it kid" his words hit Mick's ears.

Mick's sense of reality seemed to be lost. His head could only hear his own prompting, relax, concentrate, enjoy, fly, go..but then "Will is watching you" suddenly broadcast through his brain and traveled down his neck, across his shoulders, down each arm, down into his gut which knotted, shivered his hips and shot down his thighs. His cock was hard but not hurting.

Stripping off his warmup pants, Mick almost forgot to put his shirt on. The coach handed it to him as Mick approached the matt. Mick nodded and let is slide over his oiled body into place. He looked good. It wasn't pride or ego, he just knew he did.

The crowd quieted as it usually did at the beginning of each new routine. Mick posed, ran, jumped twisted realizing he had exceeded usual two turns, landed and heard the applause. He was having fun, he was in air, he flew feeling air flow over him. He ran and tumbled in air again and landed with full balance. His arms were in the air feeling the air on his armpits.

Then as if someone turned up the volume, the crowds applause filled his ears. He was finished. He would wait for the score, strip naked, shower, and look for Will outside.

"Good job, fantastic" he was in the arms of the Coach. The man's hand was grasping his buttocks as he lifted and shook the boy.

"Shit where did that come from?" a teammate asked. Mick didnt' answer he just shook hands, butt patts and stripped down to his jockstrap ignoring he was still in public. A few wolf whistles later he pulled on his warm up pants.

The hot water felt good brining Mick back to reality as the team yelled, cheered and slammed locker doors excited about their win. He got a few bare butt slaps in the shower for his surprising score adding to their total win.

And then the fog that had claimed his mind lifted. The air was chilly as he huddled in his jacket, holding his gym bag and looking.

"Ready to go?" Will appeared as if by magic.

"Yea more then ready" Mick revealed his enthusiasm.

"You were really good out there" Will kept a running dialog during the ride to his house "I've uh seen you before you know doing that stuff, but wow today it was beautiful"

Mick didn't know if the guy meant what he said or was as nervous as he having to talk.

"Thanks man, it did feel good"

"And then when you stripped naked in front of everyone, I mean I almost ran down there" Will said.


"I wished you had" Mick smiled. He hadn't been naked of course but close. He didn't really remember doing it but knew he had.

"Ok there's the john, kitchen, parents bedroom, don't worry they're gone till tomorrow" Will paused knowing what he was saying.

"I mean you can if you want to" he stopped and stared.

Mick stood there totally naked. His body looked fit, tight and his cock stuck out in front of him.

"I uh never done stuff like uh this, I mean I jack , hell we all do this" Will stumbled in his nervousness.

Mick moved close and began to undress the other boy. His hands felt the body under the clothing. His own heart was beating so loud he figured Will could hear the pounding.

Will stopped talking. He let the guy remove his tshirt, feel his torso, sniff his armpits, unbuckle his belt and unbutton his fly. He hadn't worn underwear. The feelign of levis rubbing against his bare skin always made him feel sexy. And that day he felt sexy.

"wheeeeew" escaped from Mick's lips as he held the hardness that popped out when he peeled the levis back.

Will looked down at the boys bare back as he crouched pulling the levis down. He stepped out of each leg and waited for Mick to stand again.

There in front of him the naked gymnast classmate stood. Their cocks touched. He reached over and felt the still bulked shoulders. He lost worries about what to say or do.

Will wanted to feel the skin, measure the pulse, trace the smoothness over the nipples down to the stomach and hold the erection that begged for attention.

They both could feel the heat for the others body. Will had never thought about touching another guy. He had bragged about second base dates with girls, but that was typical fabricated teenage bragging.

He moved his hands to Mick's sides which were even softer then his chest and stomach. He saw the boy shiver from his touch and smiled. There was pleasure giving another guy pleasure.

Will moved around to the back and down to the smallness that grew into the round firm muscles of his buttocks. His touch brought Mick closer to him.

Their chests touched each other lightly. Mick had encircled Will and wondered what he should do first. He wanted to use his fingers, his mouth, his butt. There was time he knew, this wasn't a 20 minute porn video.

Then Mick unexpectedly felt the lips against his. The Class President, who he had asked to be the first man to fuck him, who he suspected was probably straight but horny, was kissing him.

Their two bodies became one. Mick felt Will and Will felt Mick head to toe...their bodies kept moving trying to have legs touch legs, belly touch belly, nipples find nipples, lips open, tongues stroke tongues.

Their hands and arms pulled each other thighter as if hoping they could mesh into one organism.

"Shit" Mick gasped. He just thought about getting on his belly and feeling the boy stab his cock into his virgin butthole.

But more was happening and it felt natural. No plan, not ploy, no question and answer. Will seemed to need what Mick offered too.

They lay on the bed rubbing legs like insects, petting hot skin as if to start a fire, their mouths intent on echanging tongue exploration.

Mick licked the neck, kissed the skin and moved his head to the nipples that Will displayed erect. He sucked each one and found the line of hair he fantasized about. Kissing it's path, Mick moved side to side kissing skin, titilating organs and muscles that were underneath.

He fetl Will's hands on his head and shoulders. He felt the boys legs encircling him as if to trap him from escape.

Mick inhaled the aroma of the boys crotch. It wasn't musky like the gym air. Will had washed and perfumed himself somehow. The guy was considerate as well as sexy. Mick almost wished he wasn't. He liked the musky smell. But in time the body he craved would sweat and if Will's guarded suggestion they could be like this till tomorrow was true, he knew he could inhale sweaty armpits and pubic hair eventualy.

The ball sac moved as he approached. Mick's tongue felt it tighten. He held it and squeezed so it would relax as he kissed the skin and hair. The cock waited. There was time.


Will couldn't believe this was happening. He couldnt' believe he agreed. And he coudln't believe the senstations his body was having to another guys fingers, tongue and lips. He wanted it there was no question even before he was stripped by Mick.

He had fantasized about it ever since the guy had blurted out what he wanted. Fucking a guy was gay but then again, he didn't approach the guy. Mick had approached him. Surely that didn't mean he was gay, just a horny guy wanting to fuck anything.

Countless times he lay face down on his bed moving his hips to rub his cock between his body and the sheets. He had rubbed it on the wall, mirror and of course with his hands. Watching his father's tapes he had stroked wondering what it would feel like to have a woman's mouth against his balls and cock or to feel the warmth of her vagina.

He used a thawed pile of hamburger once after a friend said it was like a pussy. He was normal..he wanted to fuck for the first time. This way if he didn't do it right, the girls wouldn't gossip about it. And another guy wouldn't admit being fucked for fear of being called queer. So he could fuck Mick's ass and if it didn't go well, no harm, no foul.

"Ohhh yea" the feeling of the wet tongue on his cock head was better then the time he put peanut butter on it and let their cousin's dog lick it. That was his cousins suggestion saying how great it felt.

"You can put it on your butthole too" the guy said smiling. Will didn't try that. Fingering himself many times alater while masturbating he wished he had tried that. "hell man try stuff, it feels good and nobody cares" his naked cousin began to put peanut butter on his own butt. Will left the room so the dog could each and his cousin could jack off.

He grimaced. Mick's finger was at his butthole. Will reached to push the hand away but Mick just wet his finger and put it back, this time inserting it while he sucked Will's cock.

"Shit man you're gonna make me cum too soon" he said.

Mick stopped and moved back to let himself lay on Will's chest. "We don't want that. But I be you can cum several times. Hell I once jacked off five times".

"Five? Wow" Will said. Both of them laughed. They were saying things to each other neither had dared say out loud let alone to another person.

"This is going to be fun" Mick promised and moved his mouth to he familiar and still erect nipples.

Will moved his head to his own and their lips parted again.

"Your turn" Mick said pushing Will's head. He wasn't sure the boy would do what he had done. He had only wanted to feel the cock stretch his ass open and fill him up. If the guy did it more then once, that would be great, but Mick was prepared to be fucked and have to leave. Perhaps they'd play video games or talk about school or something else. He'd dress and say "thanks" and leave. Their afternoon a secret pleasure they kept secret forever.

Will moved his head. He had never sucked a dick not even his adventurous cousin's. He had tried to throw his own legs over his head and stretch his tongue in attempts to touch hiw own cock. A few very horny times he almost succeeded.

Now his tongue easily touched the egorged fleshy cock of another guy. It felt the shape, the ridges, the bumps and the shape of the shaft. He couldn't stop. It was something hat felt right. He wanted to explore. The scent of Mick's crotch excited him.

Hearing Mick moan and giggle made Will want to find more ways to make the amazing guy respond. His mind saw the nearly naked in the gym figure. He figured Mick did that just for him, an antic, a joke or maybe he was flirting. Will didn't know. But he did know the sight of Mick doing that made his cock hard.

He felt the ball sac. All guys had them. Each was different, Will knew. He had touched his cousins once when they compared newly grown pubic hair. He squeezed Micks just the way Mick had squeezed his, then he knew what he must do.

The cock moved deep into his warm mouth. Will moved his tongue and mouth as if to suck on it while his finger found the virgin butthole Mick had asked him to fun. Will didn't want to rush, there was time and this was a kind of fun he hadn't even fantasized about.


"OH fuck yea" Mick let out a full voice response as Will's finger slid all the way inside. It was soft there, warm, like his own. Will moved another finger inside. He had stuck as many as three inside himself and wondered how many Mick wanted.

The cock oozed in his mouth. Will stopped. He didn't want Mick to cum yet either, though the guy said he could cum many times. Maybe he should make him cum now and see if he could do it a second time.

There wasn't time to consider. He felt the cum gushing out the corners of his mouth. Mick's ass flexed on the fucking fingers inside him.

"Oh shit oh shit..." Mick kept saying. Will knew each time he spoke matched another pulsating flesh pushed spurt of sperm into his mouth.

He swallowed. Will wasn't planning to do it, he just swallowed and felt the fluid down down his throat.

"Shit I don't believe you ate my cum" Mick said as he stroked Will's back. "Have you done that before?"

Will shook his head as Mick wiped his sperm from Will's face and stuck it in his own mouth.

"I've never done any of this before" he sighed. His words were punctuated by Mick's lips. They kissed and held each other for minutes without measure.

Something was happening neither had planned on or even thought about. Mick hadn't thought he'd find a lover or even a fuck buddy. It was a way to find out if he liked being fucked. He knew he was gay, that was never the question.

And Will didn't quite know why he agreed to fuck the other guy. He knew that every since Mick told him what he wanted, there were times he got turned on seeing him but that was when he was doing gymnast things. Will suspected he wasn't the only one who got aroused seeing him perform.

Even wrestlers he saw compete got hard while wrestling. Every one saw it but nobody laughed or reacted.

"You ready?" Mick asked "I mean you haven't cum yet so I thought"

Will was on his knees. he grabbed the boys ankles and positioned himself.

"Wait wait" Mick said as he reached for his backpack.

"What are you doin?" Will asked

"Being safe" Mick said.

"Hell you're avirgin and I've never fucked anything but hamburger before" Will said and seeing the questioning expression "Tell you later" he plunged forward surprised that Will's butthole practically swallowed his cock.

He figured the guy's butt would be tight but then realized he had stretched his hole with his fingers.

"Shit go fuck it go hard" Mick said looking up at the sweaty body. It was happening finally. He felt the cock stab into him, hurt him then fill his body. He watched as the effects of his asses warmth and clutch made Will's expressions go through a range of pain, pleasure, stress and other reactions he couldn't define.

"Want me to go slow or fast?" Will asked remembering books he had read on how to have sex.

"Whatever you want, this is just the first one and I want you to fuck me all afternoon, night and morning" Mick was convinced this was what he wanted and needed.

"Shit man I'm your bitch" he blurted out pushing his butt agains the invading cock.

Will fucked. He closed his eyes as planned but there were no images girls from school or playboy models from his father's collection. There were other images, Mick flying and twisting, Mick shaking his hand that first time, Mick's levis over his round butt, Mick standing in his jockstrap in the gym, Mick standing naked in his bedroom.

Will's body spurted, streamed and flooded Mick's guts again and again and again.

He panted heavier then the hotest day on the beach after a volleyball match.

"Stay there" Mick said stimulating Will to open his eyes watching Mick jacking his hard cock. As he watched blood flowed back into his own cock. He began to move it.

"Shit yea do that, fuck me again" Mick said and time and effort went unmeasured as each sought the pleasure they wanted again.

When Mick shot his sperm across his own body, Will's responded to the sight as he orgasmed again...falling to on top of Mick afterwards exhausted.

"Shit this is so right" Mick said. "You ok?" he asked.

Will didn't know how to answer.

"It's ok, thanks man" Mick said presuming it was time to leave. "Can I shower first?" he asked.

"Why, we're not done" Will said moving to his knees. "You said you could go five times and I want to see how many I can do" he smiled.

Being naked with another guy like that made Mick feel freeer then he ever had. He had trusted his gut and approached someone he had never thought about let alone suspected would enjoy what they were doing.

Will didn't know if this was a part of being a horny teenager or something more. He didn't care. There was only the two of them giving and getting pleasure without limitation of time, opinions, parents or anyone.

Mick sat at the kitchen table eating the warmed pizza his naked friend had prepared. They'd eat, joke and fine more ways to discover how to make their bodies do what they needed and wanted to do.

For Mick it was more then fulfilling.

For Will it was discovery.

"So does this make us fuck buddies?" Will asked after the midnight fuck that made his dick hurt.

He lay next to Mick encircling his body bringing his ass close agasint him waiting for time and energy to return.

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