Man for Man

Fucked her, then him


All the usual jazz applies, don't read this if you are under 18, blah blah blah

This is a true story about last year, with some artistic add-ins (like time frames and stuff, but the sex happened), but all the names were changed...really...I swear.


So here I was, a freshman in college, my first roommate had been a real jerk, and had moved out within the first week, leaving me all alone in my room. Now I have always had a room to myself so I was really happy that no one had been assigned to my room yet. At the time, I had been experimenting with sex for a few years, mostly with some girls in high school, and a few jack off and oral experiences with some buds. At this point I considered myself mostly straight, after all, a blowjob is just a blowjob, right?

Well, two or three months into school, I was dating a few girls, getting laid about once every other week, but with tests and things, that was the only action I was getting. I was pretty attractive at about 6 feet tall, with brown curly hair, and green eyes, plus a nice tight body and a good 7.5 inches of cut THICK cock,. I was well into the groove of studying, rehearsing for the performance I had coming up and fucking a few girls around school when it happened. HE showed up. I was sitting at my desk, reading some internet porn and jerking my dick for the first time in weeks, when I heard a key in the lock. Shit! Someone is coming in! I thought it must be maintenance coming to fix the heat (it was ten degrees hotter in my room than any others in the hall). But no, big surprise, it was someone else. I just had time to get my pants on when he came in, weighed down by at least ten bags, all slung from different parts of his body.

"Hey, you must be Ryan. I'm Greg. Your mew roommate." When he extended his had to me, three bags fell to the floor. I quickly went to my knees, collecting clothing that was all over the entryway. Kyle looked red in the face and quickly dumped his stuff on to the nearby bed and dropped to his knees to help me. As I picked up his socks and shorts and things, I noticed two things, one, he had no underwear except a single jock strap, and two, he had the most amazing smile. I had never been attracted to a guy before, but Kyle was, for lack of a better word, HOT! He stood about 6 feet tall, had brown hair with light blonde natural highlights that stood spiked an inch above his forehead. He was thin, with slim muscle shape showing through his tight shirt and shorts, had an awesome smile, and the deepest blue eyes I have ever seen.

It took me a second to realize I was clinging to his jock, while staring at him. "Ryan...dude, you ok?"

"Uh, yeah, um, sorry, there's underwear here." As I said that, I realized how stupid it sounded, but Kyle smiled and played it off.

"Yeah, I hope it is okay with you that I go commando, I have never been comfortable with underwear, the jock is just a...precaution." He laughed and I did too, it really was infectious. Kyle was soon unpacked and we were off to dinner. I like him right off. He was smart and charming and had a way with all the girls on our floor. By the time we were crawling into our respective beds that night, we were laughing and talking like we had been best friends since grade school, and I was thoroughly smitten.

Over the next three weeks Kyle and I got closer and closer, spending almost every waking minute together when not in class or at rehearsal. We even started double dating and everything was going great. The second week in, Kyle had suggested something that made me weak in the knees. The dorms were equipped with twin beds, which were not conducive to getting laid as the girl there was barely enough room for one person in them, let alone two. Kyle suggested that on nights that we had girls over, we could push the beds together and have a much bigger play area. We had a couch in the room, and I assumed that this meant the other person would crash on it, but this was an idea that Kyle soon dispelled. With the amount of Girls Kyle and I were getting, the beds ended up almost permanently together, and finally Kyle and I just accepted we could sleep together in one big bed. This was fine for him, but I was just plain horny all the time. As I found out, Kyle slept in the nude...and was a cuddler. Each morning, I would awake firmly entwined with Kyle, usually, with both of us stiff as could be and ready to blow a load.


I always got up first so I could change shorts without Kyle seeing my tent, but quite often as I got out of bed, I would see Kyle is his full glory. When I had seen him soft, he looked respectable, with a nice cut cock hanging 4 inches over medium sized balls, hairless by nature(he had a lil patch above his cock, but his balls just didn't grow any). But when he was hard, he was IMPRESSIVE. His cock was at least 8 inches long, not too thick, but curved perfectly. When girls would come over, I could hear them for hours moaning beneath him, but always at the end, he would kick them out and call me back to bed. As he had more pussy, I desired it less, starting to picture him fucking whichever girl he had most recently screwed when I was fucking my girlfriends. I thought at first this was normal until one night, right as I came, I saw Kyle below me, instead of the most recent co-ed conquest. That incident scared me away from most of the girls I was dating to the point that Kyle was worried, asking me if there was something wrong.

"I'm fine" became my motto, but I wasn't, Kyle was filling my mind more and more, and girls less and less. After a few weeks of avoiding women, I started to avoid Kyle too. It was too hard hearing him fuck a different girl every other night, so I went out a lot. It was while I was out that I met Sarah. Sarah was hot, blonde, short hair, tall, around 5'10", slim build, tight body, and a great smile. I began sleeping in her room every night, and after two weeks of this, Kyle and Sarah's question of when they were going to meet each other finally got me so annoyed they had to meet.

Sarah came over 6 o'clock that Friday, with plans on finally staying at my place for once. I thought Kyle would do what he usually did when a girl I had over spend the night, which was call a random girl he knew, and go over to her room and fuck her all night long. But this day was different, he was really in the mood to stay and meet Sarah and thus would be staying, all night. Sarah came over and seemed to really like Kyle right off, and while Kyle was nice to Sarah, he didn't seem to really open up to her as I thought he would. Throughout the dinner, and movie after wards, Kyle and Sarah joked and played and chatted like friends, but whenever he thought we weren't looking he seemed a bit sad. After the movie (and a lil alcohol) Sarah and I were getting very amorous on the bed and Kyle was sulking in the corner. Sarah noticed, and while I was angry he was being such a jerk, she felt like there was something she could do to make him feel better. Sarah was only in a bra and her shorts about now, and walked over to Kyle, He was surprised when suddenly her bra was gone and she was making out with him on his lap. I was shocked, I was surprised, and I was extremely turned on! With Sarah around, I hadn't thought about Kyle this way in awhile, but with her grinding into his now hard cock, barely held back by his SHORT shorts, I could barely contain mine. The next thing I knew, she had pulled him from his seat and he was on the bed with us. Some where along the way he had lost his shirt and now all three of us were topless.

Sarah quickly engaged us is some fun feeling of her breast while she went from feeling us up to undoing all three of our pants. With a cock in each hand, Sarah had total control of the two of us when she did something even less expected than kissing Kyle.

"I want you two to kiss"

"What?" Kyle and I had the same response at the same time making us laugh, until we realized...Sarah was serious.

Part 2

Kyle and I were both a lil nervous, our laughing made Sarah giggle, but her fingering herself while we sat staring at her turned us both on enough that I started to wonder. I was still wondering when Kyle moved closer put his hand behind my head and kissed me. I expected a peck, but got the full tongue. All of my pent up emotions for Kyle came spilling out and I returned the kiss with passion, forgetting the brutally hot girl lying next to us. I reached to Kyle's Ass and squeezed the bubble buns until my finger rubbed his hole. A moan escaped his lips into my mouth and I smiled as we pulled back.


"That was fucking awesome," Sarah exclaimed as she climbed into my lap. She quickly had us both suited up in condoms, and was riding my cock while jacking on Kyle. The entire time I was in her I kept my eyes locked with Kyle's. Watching his face and body and lips as I fucked a girl most men would kill to fuck. Sarah soon had me on my back riding away, and the next thing I knew, Kyle was entering her too. The two of us were double fucking my girlfriend, and all I could think is how I wished she would leave so Kyle and I could have fun alone. When I finally came that night, it was at the same time Kyle did. All over her breasts and face.

the next day

Sarah and Kyle and I got Breakfast the next morning and Sarah left to drive home for the rest of the weekend. I was on cloud nine after the three of us had fucked and sucked and slept in the same bed, me holding Kyle's hand all night long. I was so caught up in the idea of us being together it wasn't until Sarah was leaving and Kyle gave her a long French kiss that I realized, he was only interested in her. My heart sank deep into my chest, and I started to feel as big as a flea. I proceeded to walk into the dorm and flop down on the bed, almost crying. Kyle didn't like ME, he liked fucking my girlfriend. Kyle came strolling in a second later and flopped down next to me.

"I know how you feel man, that was awesome. I knew your girlfriend would have to be hot to keep a stud like you, but she was awesome. I do think it is funny though."

"What's so funny?" I replied, now angry that he would so callously throw off the fact he had gotten to fuck a girl I was exclusively dating, which was big for me.

"How much she looks like me, I mean, you gotta admit, the blond short hair, the height, the skin tone. She was the one that pointed it out to me just now, she even said our smiles were the same, it is like we are twins!" It hit me, Sarah's actions, her voice, her humor, her body, her smile, the only thing missing (other than the obvious 8 inch part) was the blue eyes that mesmerized me so much. I looked now into those eyes and saw that he truly was the one I had been with all along, sarah was just a distraction. I quickly climbed up and mumbled something about taking a walk.

A few hours later, after lunch alone and a few hours online in the library, I had come to a decision. I had to face Kyle, see if I was really in love with him or if I was just being an idiot. I made my way back to the room, to find Kyle on the phone.

"...6 feet, greenish eyes, brown hai...oh god, he is here, never mind, thanks." He slammed down the phone and started yelling at me. "Where the fuck were you, I was really worried, you were gone for almost 12 hours and no one knew where you were. I was even calling the police! Never run out like that again." Kyle pulled me into his arms and hugged me with a warmth I had never felt before from anyone.

"Thank God you are alright, I don't know what I would do without you." His arms felt so right on me and I hugged him back, pulling him closer. His breath on my neck made me shiver and my semi go fully hard on his hip, the strange thing was, I could feel his cock on me too! He was either just horny from last night or My rubbing against him had produced the effect I wanted. We both pulled back and took a step apart. I told him I had simply went for a walk and lost track of time and we both laughed. I wanted to hug him again, but I knew it was not ok for me to grope my roommate, just love him secretly.

Kyle and I got back from dinner that night and both were so tired that we fell into bed, only stopping to get naked. Kyle pulled into bed next to me and did something I had never felt before, he put his arms around me. We fell asleep for a few hours until it was about midnight, which is when we would have usually gotten to bed. I felt kyle stir a little and awoke. I opened my eyes, and he was looking at me, with what looked like tears on his face. He was looking at me and without a thought, I wiped his cheek.


"What's wrong?"

"Today, when I thought you were gone... I mean really gone... I found myself thinking about you...differently from before. And about last night..."

"Yeah I know, it was pretty awesome, the three of us-" he interrupted me.

"No, not the three of us, you and me Ryan. I was thinking about you and me, and how I wished it was just you and me...tonight, and tomorrow night and always." Without letting me speak, he was suddenly kissing me, hard. I was so happy that I didn't even think. I was with Kyle, finally with him, and just him and he was the one who wanted it. I kissed him passionately back and grabbed his hard cock. It felt so good in my hand, natural, like I was meant to feel it, taste it, touch it. He was hard as a rock and so was I. In the next few seconds we were turned around, his cock in my virgin mouth and mine in his. He managed to get my entire cock in his mouth and throat, while I had a lil trouble. His mouth was the best thing I had ever felt, and I had my fair share of head and pussy before, just nothing like this, all sex, but no real love making until now.

I pulled off Kyle when I felt myself getting close and crawled up next to him, he stared at me and we smiled.

"I want to you to have it Ryan."

"What do you mean Kyle?"

"My anal virginity. I want you to make love to my ass. I have seen you fuck those girls and Sarah, and when I am with a girl, all I can do is picture that it is you fucking me. I want you in me." I kissed Kyle and gave him an ecstatic yes!

I sheathed my myself and lowered my lips to Kyle's previously unentered ass. My tongue lapped at the was salty sweet, he kept it very clean and only the slight taste of sweat was there. My lubed fingers joined my mouth's work and I soon had Kyle moaning like crazy with three fingers in his butt and my tongue on his balls

"Fuck me Ryan, now, please, it is sooo good it hurts, please enter me." I crawled up to Kyle's face, my dick pressed against his hole. He winced in pain as I entered him. I had never felt anything so warm and tight, so fulfilling. I plunged all the way in without pause, then waited for him to adjust. He screamed a little at first but was soon breathing normally. He opened the eyes I loved and smiled at me and I knew it was time. I kissed him again and started thrusting hard into his tight hole. His hard cock was rubbing between us and I could tell Kyle was getting close to cuming by his repeat moans of "fuck me" and "Oh god, I'm close". I felt myself getting close too, but Kyle stopped me.

"Ryan, I know you have never fucked a girl without a condom, and I have never fucked a girl without a condom, and both of us are clean...I want you to cum inside me."

"Are you sure Kyle?"

"Yes, I need you to shoot in me, I need a part of you in me. " I pulled out of his ass with a plop that we both laughed at, and rolled off the pre-cum filled condom. I looked at Kyle for any second thoughts but all I could see was love. I slid my cock back into him and felt nothing but the warmth he felt for me. Within five minutes, Kyle screamed he was going to cum and covered us in cum. His ass tightened when he did and I came inside him, filling him with ten shots of my love.

The next morning, I awoke to find Kyle watching me rest, while he stroked his morning wood. I laughed at him as we repeated last nights action, and I saw him laying beneath me with the most smitten look on his face. We spent the weekend together and when Sarah came back, she told me that she couldn't see me anymore, winking over at Kyle when she did it. Apparently as soon as she met him, she understood how I'd felt for him all along, and had told him after I'd gone inside. Smarter than we were, she is still a good friend of mine.

Kyle and I love to have other people over to play once in awhile, but none of our friends seem to be able to figure out why it that we keep our beds together even though we never have girls over anymore...hmm, go figure.

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In fictional stories it is fine to have sex without condoms, but in reality you should always use a rubber, regardless if you use Prep or not. Prep only protects for HIV, thats why other diaseases spread among Prep users that practice bareback sex.