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Football Team Fantasy


I had often fantasized about dressing up in football gear and having some fun; but my thoughts were pale compared to what would soon happen. Seeing young men in football gear was an instant turn on for me. Separately but never in the same thoughts I would often find myself aroused by pictures of men in rubber, wetsuits, hockey gear and bondage. Pain, torture and anything unsafe just isn't my ball of wax, however being in gear....oh yeah.


For as long as I can remember the thought of being in the locker room made me hot and yet a little scared. Scared that my most secret of desires would come out in the open to those that couldn't accept it. My high school locker room during my senior year was of particular interest to me.

There were rows of lockers with a bench down the middle of each row, your typical locker room. Except for one main open section which was caged off with a square steel section. You could see through the mesh like steel structure revealing individual lockers each stuffed with football gear. Now the site of this was always a real turn on!

Now being in the closet P.E. class was not fun for me. I was not too athletically active and being smaller (in height!) that most in my class, I was a bit intimidated to partake in P.E. activities with my classmates. Now some of the football team had heard rumors about me. In fact I think they may have been jealous in a way; because I was getting some and they were not.

Each day after P.E. class, which was the last period, I always was kind of slow to change back into my street clothes. I kind of just wanted to stay apart from any trouble. I knew that some number of the coaches were gone for some teachers activity and the football team started coming in to change for practice about the time I was done changing. I was kind of slow on one particular day, I am not sure why.

Two of the players came into the locker room. One acknowledged my presence and I nodded in reply. I didn't notice anything more until I realized that they had come around the locker room and were standing right behind me, too close for comfort. I immediately proclaimed, "What's up?" to which they responded with a grin and took a strong hold of me from behind. Being pointless to struggle and petrified with fear they quickly shuffled me along into the inner cage releasing me and closing the steel mesh gate locking me in the cage by myself.

T.J. (one of the two who was in several of my classes) told me that the rest of the team would be there soon, so I had better listen and follow their instructions. He told me that they knew how I liked to watch them and that I was a fag. If I did what they said, they would let me out. I said ok, not having any idea what they were talking about. I did notice that two of the lockers were open each with complete uniforms and gear inside. T.J. told me to strip to which I immediately refused and they said fine, they would deal with me when the rest of the team was there.

Thinking that I was better of complying, I took off my shirt, socks and pants. The other player told me to keep going, so I did. Much to my surprise in hindsight, my dick was not aroused, probably due to fear. They instructed me to put on the jock with the hard cup. They went on to have me put on the football girdle from one of the lockers. It was obvious that it had not been washed since a previous practice and already had the firm hip pads and butt/tail pad securely in the girdle. Now the cup and the girdle securely held my dick in place over it. I was feeling kind of happy in a way. I ran my hand over it, which they both saw and watched closely.

T.J. told me to take the shoulder pads from the locker on the left and put them on. I complied and secured both straps on each side. The pads where big for me. They were very bulky defensive style pads and it had a kind of built on neck roll which really restricted my head movement.

In the back of the pads there was a connected rib protector which wrapped around abdomen and secured in the front. I was really protected from the oversized gear from my neck all the way to my belly button.

I continued to dress as instructed. The game pants where shinny dark blue and had knee pads and thigh pads in place. Suddenly I knew I was in trouble, my dick was getting hard pressing against the jock and against the hard cup. I laced up the pants and continued on placing an elbow & forearm pad on each arm. They felt GREAT!

My heart was pounding so loud I could hear it. I was hot, my dick was and mind was racing. And then, in walked two more players. I knew their faces, and they were both fucking hot! I felt a large lump in my stomach, as I was a bit scared.


As instructed I put on the cleated shoes without socks after being told to smell them. The odor was strong and had a small hint of dirt too. I tied them normally. They never said anything about putting on a jersey and at that point it was ok, since I really liked the concept of seeing the bulky pads. I put on two gloves with open fingers. To complete the uniform I placed one of the helmets on my head securing the soft cup chinstrap. T.J. said that I was doing great and now to eat that mouthpiece which I did.

So there I stood in front of four players separated only by a gate that they controlled. One of the players began to whisper to T.J. as the others grouped around in a huddle like fashion listening. After such a moment T.J. told me that if I wanted out, all that I had to do was pull my dick out and beat off into jock cup.

Fearful of more players appearing, I reached down and pulled the lace from the game pants, relaxing them a bit. I moved my left hand down under the girdle and under the jock and tried to remove the cup. It was very difficult to do. I had to pull the pants down in the front, pulling down even harder on the girdle so I could remove the cup. With my right hand I took the cup out and my dick was at full attention.

Just as I was about to release my left hand which was pushing the game pants, girdle and the strap from the jock down, I was told to stay just like that and beat off. So I held my left hand in place leaving about 75% of my dick peeping out. I put the cup down on the bench in the middle of the cage and grabbed my dick with my right hand. I was stroking pretty hard and fast, almost enough not to notice that T.J. and one of the other players had hard ons. T.J. wasn't wearing any shirt and fuck he had a great upper body.

I worked my dick as quickly as I could really enjoying every minute of it, yet overwhelmed by fear my heart was racing and I was sweating. I moved closer to the cup on the bench and as I moved the gear made that 'gear-rub' noise which just sent me shooting into the cup. I had behaved myself for about two weeks so the load was impressive; and I had no reason to be shy about my dick size or performance.

I was spent, and on my knees. T.J. and the other players came into the cage rather quickly and forcibly moved me onto the bench lying on my back. Before I had collected myself from my explosion of satisfaction they were taping my helmet using duct tape securely to the bench. My feet were secured by rope along with at least eight other points along my torso, hips, chest, and arms. I wasn't moving much.

They stuck a sock or two down under the helmet face bars at the point of my eyes blocking not all light but all my vision. My sense of sound immediately began to enhance, as I was aware of them moving around. I felt a drop of something on my upper lip as a hand also reached in a removed my mouthpiece. Almost at the same time, a gentle hand pinched my nostrils and as soon as I opened my mouth, I could taste cum flowing into it. Based on the temperature of it and in no small part my direct knowledge of it, I knew that it was my cum. As soon as the majority of the load was dripped in, the mouthpiece went back into my mouth and my nose was free.

Now I could feel the presence and warmth of those around me; but I wasn't sure what they were doing. Based on a few moans I knew they had to have their dicks outs. The socks were removed revealing the four standing two by two on either side of me. One by one each moved close to my helmet and shot their load on my face. By this time, I was almost shaking a bit in fear of the unknown. Mind you my dick was hard again.

They left me in there bound to the bench with their white jizz all over my face and some down my chest. I lay there and pondered what just happened. Why had I been so scared? One of my fantasies had come true. I kept my eyes shut as other players came in to dress for practice. Each looking at me in amazement and great detail.

The next couple of weeks were a bit rough. News travels fast in a high school and is sometimes not pleasant. Funny thing though, the football team was always nice to me not saying much of anything and even defending me to a degree with other classmates. Now, T.J. obviously had enjoyed it a lot. But that is another fantasy.

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