Man for Man

First Night in Juvie


Kyle walked timidly behind the guards as they led him into the cell block of the juvenile detention center. He had good reason to be tense. With his ginger hair, green eyes, and freckled face, he was one of the few white boys at that particular center. Guys called to him as he walked by, shouting what they would do with his pasty white ass. The seventeen-year-old steeled himself as he approached the cell that would be his home for the next year.


Inside, a black boy sat reading a book. He looked to be Kyle's age. He had a dark complexion, light-brown eyes, and his hair was braided almost to shoulder length. He studied the white boy as the cell door slammed shut and the lock clicked. He placed the book beside him and stood up.

"Name's Jerome," he said, walking towards Kyle, his hand extended. Kyle returned the gesture and felt Jerome's strong grip. After they made introductions, Kyle took his bed, which was across from Jerome's in the small cell, and lay down.

"So...what you in for?" Jerome asked.

"Robbery. And you?"

"Same but armed. I'll be moving to the big house soon."

"Yeah, me too. In a year's time." There was silence between them for a while then Jerome spoke again, checking his bedside clock.

"Soon lights out. Good night, celly."

"Yeah," Kyle sighed, rolling onto his side. After about a minute, the lights went out, drowning the boys in darkness but for the light of the moon shining in through the window. It was full, casting a bright glow through the bars. Kyle felt Jerome was safe enough to be around, and quickly fell asleep.

Kyle was brutally awakened as he was dragged out of bed and knocked a few times across the head. In his dazed state he lashed out, only to have his defensive strikes blocked and more punches rained down on him. Strong hands ripped at his shirt and yanked it off him. He shook his head into full consciousness and saw Jerome, standing naked before him. Despite the situation he was in, he took in the magnificence of the black boy's body, outlined by the moonlight. Lean but well-toned with defined arms, tight washboard abs, elegant thighs, bulging calves, and the dangling manhood between his legs.

"You like what you see, whitey?" he smiled.

"Wha...I don't get down like that," Kyle protested.

"Don't give me that bull. I knew from the moment you walked in that you were sweet...come suck my dick," he continued, wagging his hardening dick in Kyle's face.


"Suck it, or you get another beat down."

Kyle didn't think twice after that threat. It was obvious who was the stronger and more experienced fighter. Plus, his hard dick was threatening to burst through his pants. Jerome had read him in those few seconds when he first entered the cell so it made no sense pretending. He submitted to Jerome's demand, taking the hard uncut dick between his lips. He toyed with the foreskin then pushed it back with his lips, exposing the glistening head. He sunk past the helmet and engulfed half the thick shaft.

"That's great," Jerome moaned, "take as much as you can." Kyle did his best to please, letting the head touch the back of his mouth.

"Yeah that's almost all of it. Take the rest, all ten inches," Jerome encouraged, running his hand through Kyle's straw-textured hair. Kyle gagged and gurked as he tried to open his throat for the insistent head. Jerome grew frustrated and decided to force his throat open. He grabbed a fistful of Kyle's hair and shoved his dick down the white boy's esophagus.

"GURK-K-K!" Kyle gagged and pulled back. Jerome quickly restrained his head and forced himself down Kyle's throat again.

"GAKK-AK!" Thick spit drooled down Kyle's chin and his eyes watered. Jerome smashed Kyle's head to his pubes, keeping him there even as the white boy's fingers dug into his thighs, begging for mercy. He pulled out and Kyle gulped precious air.

"You got skill, but you gotta learn to deep-throat," Jerome critiqued, "Turn around."

Kyle knew what was next, and he was ready for it. He was skilled in taking cock and was sure he could take Jerome's dick with ease. That was until he realized there was no lube. Jerome didn't want to waste time but he could not help but press his face between Kyle's spread cheeks and suck on the pink pucker. Kyle sighed, feeling Jerome's tongue massage his hole. However, it was over almost as soon as it had started. Kyle grimaced as Jerome's thick fuck tool opened his sphincter.

"Wait, wait! Go slow!" Kyle begged, reaching back. Jerome brushed his hand away.

"Shut up! This ass is mine and I'll take it how I want to!" He lunged forward, quickly cupping his hand over Kyle's mouth as a yell burst from his lips. He shoved all the way in and started to fuck, his thick black cock stretching the pink-rimmed tunnel.

"Oh yeah! Now this is some ass!" Jerome cooed, enjoying the sensation of Kyle's warm, silky chute massaging his pole. He leisurely slid in and out, gradually pressing Kyle's body flat on the floor then he began pounding the hot tunnel; his round, athletic buttocks rising and falling with force, slamming his dick deep into Kyle's bowels.

"Uh-uh-uh-fuck-ohhh-fu-uck!" Kyle grunted with every hammering blow into his guts. His ass tingled and his rectum felt like it was on fire from the friction. Despite the discomfort, his hard dick strained beneath him, oozing precum as his prostate was stimulated by the constant pounding. Kyle moaned satisfaction and backed into the thrusts. Jerome was fucking him just the way he liked to be fucked.

"Oh you like this," Jerome snickered.

"Yea, man. Gimme that dick!" Jerome gladly obliged, hammering even harder and faster, his dick coated in Kyle's slimy assjuice.

"This boypussy wet!" Jerome hissed. He kissed Kyle full on the lips and the white boy returned the gesture with equal passion. He growled into Kyle's mouth, slamming increasingly more vicious strokes through his rectum as his dick pulsed and rocketed hot cum up Kyle's bowels.

"Yeah, white boy! Fuck! That's some good ass," Jerome sighed, "I'll make you my number one boypussy for the next year."

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