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"Exchange student"

Hi there my name is Chad I am 18 yrs old 6ft 1 mousy brown hair a bit floppy and I have been told very sexy blue eyes I live at home with my parents both very conservative and well you know you have to be excused when leaving the room that sort of thing. Well let tell you what happened to me over the last few weeks. It all started when my mom called me into the living room and informed me that they were taking in a lodger. " why " I asked her and she told me it was going to be an exchange student from Malaysia and that "the student going over there his parents are away and he had to stay somewhere and well your dad is on the board of governors at your college and well that's that" she replied.


So the day came when Ti Lee came to stay with us mind as Asians go he was a cut above he was well he looked more well tanned than dark skinned he had very cute features he stood about 5'7 and he was gorgeous. Ti would be sharing my room while he was here and we got on very well I showed him the college and the rest of the campus he liked what he saw we walked around for a while meeting a few of the guys Along the way and some of my dearest friends the ones that are a bit more than friends. I bumped into Stan and introduced him to Ti we went for a drink and a bite to eat and just chatted then Stan said he had to go he stood up came over to me an kissed me on the cheek and said goodbye. The look on Ti's face was a picture he did not say anything for a while and then after my parents had went out to dinner with the neighbours he asked me if I kissed all the boys in College ( I Wished ) and I replied "why do you ask ?? " "well you seem to get on well with the guys in your college and well you seemed to get on very well with your friend Stan" he replied back

So I told him that I was gay and very open about it and my parents both know and so does my college and I told him I took some shit when I first came out to my friends and to my dad but that was two years ago and well I am happy now that its all in the open I am not going to lie I lost a couple of friend's and my dad took a while before we talked about it "so are you allowed friends over you know for sex" he enquired and I told him that my parents except that I am gay but that only goes so far and well as I keep getting told its my dads house and while I live under his roof and all that Crap " so how do you get by" he asked " well I told him that I sometimes go over to Stans house when his parents are out and well we fuck and suck each other all day and that gets me through the nights" "cool way of getting by" he replied with a smile " you cool with sharing a room with a queer" I said he just laughed and then he told me that he was also gay but unlike me he could not be open about it as the society he lives in back home hates everything gay and does not allow the idea to be mentioned in public so it is very hard to meet other guys so my best friend has been the Internet and the Nifty Archive's and my best friend Benny five fingers if I knew what I mean I just laughed and smiled and told him that we could help each other out and that our summer could be very interesting

So I went over and sat next to him and we looked into each others eyes and he touched the side if my cheek and I touched his and then he leaned forward and gently kissed my lips and then he kissed me a bit harder and I just glowed with passion for this guy who I had only met 5 hours ago " do you want to go upstairs " I asked and he just nodded .

We walked upstairs hand in hand and went into my room and he just stood there never taking his eyes off me so I just walked over to him and started taking off his shirt and he started undoing my shirt he reached down and undid my belt and I did his and before long we were standing there in front of each other with just my boxers on and his very revealing briefs. I reached down and started massaging his crotch and he let out a slight moan and touched my hand so I reached into his briefs and stroked his hardening cock he moaned a bit more and he then reached down and did the same to me so then I moved onto the next stage and got down onto my knees and pulled off his briefs releasing his very long stiff cock and he told me that he had only dreamed of this and had never done this before

I stuck out my tongue and licked his cock head and tasted his pre cum that was oozing from his cock slit and his body just juddered with the touch of my tongue and I loved the reaction I was getting from my Asian Virgin lover so I started to suck his cock and he almost collapsed as his legs started to buckle with pleasure as I took more of his cock into my mouth and worked my tongue over the whole length and he just kept on moaning with pleasure.

Then I pulled off him and told him to reciprocate and he got down on his knees and took down my shorts and stroked the length of my straining cock and he did as I did And licked the sticky pre cum off my cock head and he loved the taste of it as he could not get enough of it then he started sucking down on my cock and he was very good at it he knew how to suck a cock no teeth. He sucked me for what seemed like ages but I wanted to show him more so I pulled out of his mouth and told him to lay face down on the bed and he did

I started licking up his legs and got to the place I was heading for I started to lightly tease his ass hole and then I started licking his rose bud like ass hole he shuddered again with each stroke of my tongue and then I started rimming his hole and he screamed with pleasure and started yelling at me not to stop and well I was enjoying giving this guy a s much pleasure as possible. I did this for about fifteen minutes And then it was his turn to do me and I showed him how now its your turn to do I told him and he could not wait to get started I lay down and he gently licked the back of my legs teasing at my ass hole and he didn't hesitate he went straight in with his tongue and I was in heaven this cute Asian kid was licking my ass and I was loving every minute of this and then he did something I haddent showed him he inserted a finger then two and then three and he was massaging my insides and I was screaming out aloud in extreme pleasure " The internet " he yelled at me that explains it I thought after about ten minutes of this I told him to stop and he did I was getting exhausted and we rested for about 5 minutes and he looked at me and spoke gently and asked if I would fuck him I looked into his eyes asking him if he was sure and he replied that he was 18 yrs old and a virgin before today and that he wanted me to be his first and I looked at him and could not resist him so he lay down on the bed and I went back for his ass hole and started licking him and fingering him to get him ready

Then I got some K Y out of the bathroom and rubbed it over his ass hole and covered my dick and then got behind him and told him to get ready as this would hurt a bit but relax and the pain would go away. I pushed my way in I could feel his body tense under me and he grimaced and I told him to relax and soon I could feel his body relax and then I proceeded to push a bit more of my cock deep into him and he moaned and told me to go for it and I started to pick up the pace and he was screaming but not in pain he was loving my 8" cock reaming at his insides and he was pushing back as I was pushing forward and I was loving the attention his ass was giving my cock and I was not far off filling his ass and I told him this and he begged me to let him finish me off with his mouth as he wanted to taste me as he had tasted my pre cum earlier and he could not get enough of it. I pulled out and he swung around and licked the shit off my cock and started giving me a first class blowjob and soon I was getting ready to unload into his eager mouth and soon I was there "aaaaaaahhhhhhh yyyyyyeeeeeehh" I shot the first down into his stomach "yyyyyyyyeeeeeeeeeeehhhhhh" the second filled his mouth and he savored the taste of my young cum and he kept milking my cock for every drop and then he licked my dick clean of every sense of spunk he could find and I loved the enthusiasm of my new Asian lover and we looked into each others eyes and kissed and said we would not tell my parents that he was gay as they would send him somewhere else and well we did not want that as my parents go out most nights and what a way to pass a night away and I told him I want him to fuck me next time we kissed each other again and fell asleep in each others arms.

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