Man for Man

Eric in England


At the start of my sophomore year in college, I knew the major I picked was not what I wanted to do for the rest of my life. While I knew I was happy, I was still not sure what I truly wanted to do. While walking down the corridor that led to the bookstore, I noticed a poster hanging on the wall. Covered in images of England it peaked my interest.


The interview and selection process for the program lasted 2 months. It was a nerve wracking process, because with each set of the interviews the group was growing smaller. Finally, after the 2 months, I received an email notifying me I had been selected for the program.

After gathering our luggage, the 50 of us that were selected for the program gathered in the pick-up area of the airport, waiting for our coach bus. We loaded up quickly, as we had an hour long coach ride to Birmingham.

Settling into my seat on the coach watching my fellow students load onto the bus. After several minutes I noticed a tall, blond, muscle bound beauty board the bus. Making his way down the aisle, he stopped next to me, "Mind if I sit here?" he asked. Breaking myself out of my trance, I nodded, "Sure." Gracefully he slid down into the seat next to me. The minute he sat down, I could feel the heat radiating from his body. Turning toward me he thrusts out a hand, "I'm Eric." Taking his hand I introduce myself, "Mikey, nice to meet you Eric."

We made small talk as the bus cruised down the interstate. I learned that Eric was from a small farming town, and worked hard on the farm during his time off school. All the while, I couldn't help but be drawn in by the deep bass of his voice. Which came as a shock to me given his boyish, yet chiseled, good looks. This man next to me made me nervous, just the sound of his voice was making my whole body tingle, addint that to the heat radiating from him I was in lust.

The quick, easy conversation made the bus trip pass quickly. Soon we were turning down a winding drive, leading up to what appeared to be a castle. From a distance the building was imposing, but as we drew closer the building was immense. Looping around the drive, the coach came to a stop outside the front doors. A slight, middle aged man stepped out the door and greeted us, advising of the process for room check-in. We were to be living in this beautiful building for the year. Each student was meant to have their own living space, however, there would be two students who were randomly selected to share one of the larger rooms of the manor.

We queued up to get our check-in completed, Eric and I stepping into line together. However, before the line began moving the man called out, "Would Michael Witt and Eric Bloom please come up to the registration table?" Eric and I looked at each other, slightly nervous, and stepped out of line moving toward where the man stood.

Handing us our keys the man said, "You two have been selected to share room A201. Here are your keys. I should mention that the room is somewhat away from the others, as it is in the front of the house and the others are in the east and west wings. That won't be a problem will it?" Eric and I looked at each other and shook our heads. Stepping away from the table, we gathered our bags and moved in through the main entrance. As we walked in the door, the true beauty of this manor house was revealed. Directly in front of us was a grand, sweeping staircase, to the right was a large library, and to the left was what appeared to be a dining hall. There were signs posted indicating the direction of various rooms and wings. As we walked further in we saw a sign with our room number, the only room number on it, pointing up the stairs.

As we began climbing the stairs Eric said, "What are the odds that we would sit together on the bus, and then be the only 2 selected to share a room?" I looked at him and smiled, "I am pretty the odds are pretty slim, but it's alright with me." Eric looked back at me and winked, "Me too Mike."

The room we were assigned was truly remarkable. It was a large room with enough space to have a couch, two desks, two armoires, a bathroom, and two beds. Walking over to the window, we had a view of the gardens that graced the grounds. I felt someone walk up behind me and heard the deep, resonating voice of Eric, "Looks like we lucked out buddy. Great view, great room, great roommate." I turned my head and realized that he was much closer than I thought, my face planted into his chest. Chuckling he said, "Up here Mike." I looked up, I am not sure how I didn't realize it before, but Eric towered over me. Being 5'9" I have never really been a tall man, but with Eric standing at 6'4" I felt like a runt.


After unpacking our suitcases and putting our clothes away Eric says, "Well Mike, traveling all night and all day makes me feel like a grease ball. I am going to jump in the shower." I just simply nodded and agreed, stating I felt the same. Turning back to my things I pulled out a towel and began rummaging through my bag to find my toiletry bag. As I turned around, I gasped audibly. The sight before me was Eric, sliding a jockstrap down his legs. The hair covering his ass was tantalizing. I couldn't breathe for a minute and was lost in the site before me.

Breaking me from my gaze was the sound of a clearing throat. "Earth to Mike." Eric said, waving a hand in front of me. "What planet did you just go to buddy, you were lost for a second there." he said chuckling. I blushed a deep shade of red and just said, "I must be more tired that I thought. I think I fell asleep with my eyes open." The only response to my explanation was a wink. I sat there in a daze, hearing the water turn on and the sound of Eric humming in the shower. His rich, full sounding voice, vibrating off the walls.

In the shower no more than 10 minutes, I hear the water cut off but the humming continue. Still sitting on my bed, Eric walks out of the bathroom drying his hair. I gasped again after seeing the massive meat between his legs. It had to be about 7inches soft and as thick as a can of red bull, and it was soft. This time my trance was broken when my view of his cock was obstructed by the towel being used to dry his balls. Looking up, I made eye contact with Eric and again the heat of embarrassment coursed through my face. Eric just grinned and said, "Sorry Mike, I grew up on a farm, between my brothers and the guys that worked for my dad, being naked around guys was never an issue. It's not a problem is it." I squeaked out my response, shaking my head no.

I stood up and began to undress getting ready for the shower. Turning my back to him, praying he didn't see my throbbing hard-on. I wrapped my towel around my waist and quickly walked to the bathroom. Stepping into the shower, I let the hot water cascade down my body. As I soaped up, my hand brushed down my cock and sent a shiver through my body. I gave in to the desire and gripped my cock, stroking it with a slight moan. I was getting lost in my feelings and could feel the pressure rising in my balls. Reaching behind me I slid my hand down the crack of my ass until my finger came in contact with my tight hole. My finger broke through the tight entrance and slid into my ass. As my body accepted my finger, I felt myself fire my load. Shooting all over the wall of the shower, I groaned.

Moving the showerhead to rinse the wall, there was a soft knock at the door. Eric's voice floated in over the drone of the water, "You ok in there Mike, you didn't wash down the drain did ya?" I could hear the deep chuckle that followed. I said, "Just about finished." I could feel the heat burn across my chest and face, knowing that I was caught.

Stepping out of the shower, I dried off in the bathroom. Once dry I realized that I hadn't brought clean clothes into the bathroom with me. Walking out into the room with a towel around my waist, Eric looked over and his eyes traveled up and down my body. He blushed slightly when our eyes met and said, "Damn Mike, you've got a tight little body." I laughed nervously, saying, "It's nothing like yours Eric." It wasn't until that moment that I realized that Eric was standing there in just his boxer briefs. The bulge in his crotch was obscenely showing his incredible manhood.

Turning toward my bed, I bent to get my underwear I set out before my shower. As I reached for them my towel slid off my hips. Deciding that I was not going to be the shy one, I continued to reach for my underwear despite my nakedness. I heard a groan from behind me, and looked over my shoulder. For the briefest of seconds Eric's eyes were glued to my ass. Throwing caution to the wind, I bent a little further than necessary and could feel the air hit my tight puckered hole. I heard, "Fuck" almost as a whisper from across the room. Finally grabbing my boxer briefs, I step into them and again flash my tight hole, before pulling them up. Turning around I look at Eric and take note of the fact his cock is showing much fuller than before. Eric's eyes travel up my stomach, to my chest and then our eyes meet. We stand there for a minute, staring into each others eyes. Eric begins to blush and finally he says, "What are we going to do for the rest of the afternoon? Do you want to go into the city?" With a shrug, I agree, and we dressed for the trip.


As we made our way down the drive that led into the manor, Eric's hand brushed mine several times. Eric turned his head my way and said, "Keep trying to hold my hand, and I might get the wrong idea." I was completely taken aback, unsure of what to say. No sooner had he said it his hand grabbed mine and our fingers interlocked. Looking at our connected hand and then up at his face I said, "You keep holding my hand and I might get the wrong idea." He winks and says, "Maybe it's not wrong at all Mike."

We stepped up to the bus stop and only after we reached the stop did Eric let go of my hand. We didn't have to wait long before the bus arrived. We boarded the bus and moved toward the back on the bottom level. Sitting down, Eric's hand rested on my thigh. I moved my hand over to his leg, however, I didn't realize that he was sitting as low as he was. As I slid my hand over I realized my hand was much higher than expected. Sliding across his hip bone, where his leg met his thigh. Instead of pulling my hand away, I simply ran my hand down onto his leg.

After an afternoon full of shopping we each had picked up mobile phones, school bags, and some clothes. The sun was beginning to set, as we made our way back to the bus. Again, the wait for the bus was short. Sitting on the bus with our bags in our laps, I felt Eric's hand slide over and pull my hand toward him. Leaning close to me, he took my ear between his teeth and huskily whispered, "Mike, I want you to feel what today has done to me." As he said that my hand slid over what was obviously his erection. Closing my hand around it I stroked up and down it's length. With his forehead pressed to the side of my head and asks, "You like that Mike, you want that?" I sighed out a yes, barely audible.

It was dark by the time we reached our stop. I was still thankful for the bags we were carrying, because of us were tenting our pants. Just out of sight of the road, Eric pulled me against his body, pressing his lips against mine. His tongue forced its way into my mouth. We were kissing each other hungrily. Grabbing my hand Eric practically sprinted up to the manor house. Bursting through the door to our room he grabbed our bags and tossed them on the floor and pressed me to the wall. We devoured each others mouths, our tongues fighting for dominance.

Within minutes our clothes were heaped on the floor by the door and we had fallen to the closest bed. Laying on top of this big, buff, blond stud I was in heaven. The heat I felt earlier in the day was ever present. Pulling back from our passionate kissing, I began to kiss my way down Eric's hair covered body. Stopping at his nipples to nibble, then moving lower. If I thought his cock was impressive soft, it was amazing hard. Taking the head into my mouth Eric let out a deep, rumbling groan. Continuing down the shaft until I couldn't accommodate anymore, I knew I had to have at least 8 inches in my mouth. Looking up and locking eyes with this Scandinavian god, he gently pushed me off his cock.

Pulling me up and spinning me at the same time I was soon straddling Eric's face. Taking his cock back in my mouth, I felt my cheeks being pulled apart. Knowing what was coming I braced myself for the shock of the initial feeling. I was glad I did, as his tongue made contact with my tight hole my body exploded with feeling. Every nerve ending was on high alert. Bucking back into his tongue I began to fuck myself on it. Sensing my increased desire and the continued relaxation of my ass, I felt one of Eric's fingers begin to caress me. His finger began to play with my ass, working inside me.

After several minutes and several fingers, Eric pulled me up and turned so we were face to face. Pecking my lips he says, "Are you ready Mike?" I bit my lip and nodded. Raising up on my knees, I gripped his cock and guided him to my tight ass. Staring into his eyes, I began to lower myself onto his amazing cock. Feeling the head break through, I grabbed Eric's shoulders and yelled out. Eric said, "It's ok baby, take it slow." The feeling was an amazing combination of pleasure and pain.

Once the pain had passed, I started moving up and down, riding his cock hard. Our fingers, interlaced, and we were both moaning loudly. Eric grabbed my hips and began thrusting up into me faster. Gripping my hips harder Eric rolled us together. I was now under him on the bed, my legs wrapped tightly around his waist. Gripping him tightly, Eric began thrusting hard into me. The bed was creaking and groaning under our weight. The feeling of Eric's sweat dripping on my already sweat covered body only heightened the sensations. Sinking all the way into my ass, he collapsed on top of me, letting out an animalistic howl as I felt load after load fire inside me. My cock let loose at the same time, my cum coated our stomachs as he lay on top of me.

Raising himself up on his elbows, Eric pulled my chin up and placed soft kisses on my lips. Slow, light thrusts of his cock inside me kept us both hard. Grinning at me he said, "You think you can handle another round?" "Bring it on, stud." I said.

Raising to his knees, Eric re-positioned me effortlessly. Now on my side, he raised on of my legs to his should and began thrusting into me. This position allow for maximum penetration and my hole was being stretched to the max. His thrusts were slow and deliberate. Pressing deep into me with each inward motion, grinding against my ass, then sliding back out. We were reaching sensory overload. Eric flipped me again, with me ending up on all fours. I was amazed that he could maneuver my body without withdrawing from inside me. Instinctively, I raised myself up on my hand and knees, as Eric's hands slid up my back. Being taller than I am, his lips made contact with the back of my neck. I screamed out, reaching my peak. My load fired out of my cock, coating the bed below us. As my ass clamped down on his cock, I could feel it pulsing. Soon the feeling of hot, wet, cum began to fill me again.

As we untangled ourselves, Eric pulled me to him and covered me with kisses. Rising off the bed, he grabbed my hand and led me to the bathroom and into the shower. The heat from our love making made the, at first cool water, bearable. Standing behind me, Eric's hands began to move up and down my body, caressing me sensually. Sinking to his knees behind me, his hands ran over my ass, laying kisses across my ass cheeks before moving back up. Once standing he grabbed a bar of soap and began to wash our bodies. Once we were clean and dry, we returned to the room, it was obvious one of the beds was out of commission for now. It was rumpled and covered in sweat and cum from our sex.

Moving to the second bed, Eric climbed into bed first pressing his back against the wall, holding up the covers. Needing no other invitation, I climbed into bed next to him, sliding up against his body. Before long our breathing slowed, and sleep took us. I knew, as I fell into a deep sleep, the year ahead was going to be amazing. When I signed up for this year abroad, I was not expecting to find the man of my dreams. But after just one day, I realize my dreams have nothing on Eric.

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