Man for Man

Dream Five


I suddenly came awake covered in sweat, shaking and absolutely terrified at the dream I had just broken away from it was that frightening. My heart was pounding away inside my chest and I turned to see if Kristof was still beside me in bed instead of being dead. Thankfully he was there, lying on his back gently snoring and I couldn't stop myself from running my hand down his body to clarify the fact that my eyes were not deceiving me.


My eye caught the bedside clock and saw that it was only just after three a.m., so I'd only been asleep for an hour. My stomach was churning and felt a little sick and wondered if it was the lobster thermidor that I'd had for dinner caused my bodily feeling and maybe the cause of the dream that I had. But we were both safe here in bed and my hand now was down at his groin and felt that he had a semi erection that I stroked and brought it up to its full strength. It was less than two hours since I had it up as hard as it was now and did what I loved to do and moved down the bed and took the head into my mouth to suck and tease with my tongue.

He gave out a groan and moved his body slightly, his legs moving apart a little more as I sucked on the reason of me loving this man in bed with me and mused at how we came to be together.


We had first met at the Art College we both attended and I can only say that it was a mutual attraction that we had for each other from the outset. It didn't take long to find out that he was a homosexual whereas I was bi-sexual, but as he said, he fell in love with me at our very first meeting. I too was strongly attracted to him and didn't object to the advances he made towards our becoming a couple. We were able to get put together in our room at college and that first night there, we made love to each other, as we did for the whole two years that we stayed there.

His family had known that he had turned out to be a homosexual and being Swedish, they were more liberal in his orientation than an English family would have been. When he said that he wanted to become a fashion designer and have his own boutique in London, his father, with the agreement of the rest of the family, decided to fund him in this endeavour for they were not short of money.

I too went to this college with the same idea in mind of being a designer and with us becoming lovers, agreed to work with him in creating our own designs to be sold through this boutique he wanted to open when we graduated. This came to pass and with having learned an awful lot, we set out to create dresses that women would die for. With almost unlimited funding, we found a small place that suited us as a workshop, with, a godsend, accommodation above in Chelsea.

It took us a year to really get things off the ground by doing our designing in our small workshop, slowly employing staff, females, to cut and stitch our creations for the boutique which we finally opened in Chelsea. We worked many hours at the beginning and our sex life suffered a little but not too greatly, still after dinner, going to bed and fucking each other and finishing off by sucking on each other till we fell asleep.

After several years and now really into the business employing just over twenty people in both the workplace and the boutique we felt it time for us to take some time off for a holiday of sorts.

Whilst we had been at college, we made a close friend, Manfred von Graf, whose family owned many car showrooms throughout Switzerland and had given us carte blanche to contact him at anytime if we felt let visiting him. We thought it would be nice to spend our little holiday at his place if possible, having seen photos of his place along the banks of Lake Constance.

We had his phone number and gave him a ring, but to our dismay, found he was out of the country, but the butler we spoke to promised to pass on the fact that we had phoned. Both of us were surprised for him to ring us the following day and found out that he was at that moment on a radio phone from the families yacht in Kuwait.

He was most adamant that we came direct to Kuwait and spend some time cruising on the yacht which we were not averse to and so set a date and we set everything up and would be leaving in a couple of days time. We decided to have a good night out as it being the start of our holiday. It was a decent restaurant that we went to and I had Lobster Thermidor as my main course while Kristof had a fillet steak.

With having two bottles of wine too, we were quite happy when we left to go home, where, it wasn't long before we were in bed together, kissing and stroking each other's erection, knowing that we both wanted it inside us in both ends. So it was lovely to once again have him smoothly slide into my backside to give me that same thrill of having his throbbing cock massaging my canal as he fucked me.


But as usual, the pleasure was of a short duration with having a hard male penis excite and my internal nerves as he moved himself backwards and forwards inside my back passage, and gave out my usual cry of dismay when he'd finished and pulled out of me. It was the same for him with me not having been that long moving my rampant cock inside him as I fucked that lovely tight orifice before coming, holding his hips tight up to my thighs as I jerked away in my coming into that hated condom. We only used these rubbers when we knew that we would be sucking on each other afterwards for we both did rather prefer having sex this way bare backed. This was without the rubber gave us an extra thrill of actually feeling the semen spray our insides.

With us having fucked each other, it was now that we went into the sixty nine position to be able to suck on each other till we once again, had a hard upright cock that we could gently chew on as we sucked and teased with our tongues until we came for the second time to now be able to taste and savour the emission that we took into our mouths before we swallowed it.

After pleasuring ourselves, we settled down after a goodnight kiss and slowly drifted off to sleep and for me, thinking of the forthcoming cruising on a yacht slipped into dream world.

Part Two.

Kris and I had flown out to Kuwait and having known in advance where to go exactly, were soon on the quayside to get aboard a launch to take us out to the yacht. It had been a lovely flight but we still felt rather drained but bucked up when we met once again Manfred and was introduced to his mother and father.

Now Manfred knew of our tendencies and in front of his parents apologised in saying due to those already aboard the yacht, we would have to share a cabin, mind you, he gave us a secret smile when he said this. We thanked him and said that it wasn't a problem and were just delighted to be able to be on his yacht for this short cruise and having remade our acquaintance again.

It was a delightful cabin though a bit on the small side, but at least it was a double bed that it held plus its own bathroom, and when Kris and I were finally alone in there, we kissed and looked forward to the night when we could have our usual sex between us.

The yacht sailed the next morning and we became acquainted with the other guests, finding out that there was a total, with us, sixteen, not counting the crew which numbered twelve. All of these crewmen were Kuwaitis except the captain who was English but spoke Arabic.

It was an idyllic ten days travelling down the Gulf of Oman and into the Arabian Sea and the Indian Ocean, only going as far as the Gulf of Aden where we would reverse our course for the trip back to Kuwait.

Only this didn't happen!

It was when the island of Socotra was sighted was it deemed that this was when we would begin the voyage back towards Kuwait. But it didn't happen, for that night, we were boarded by twenty Somalis sporting many different types of gun power as well as very sharp long knives.

Kris and I were in bed together after a lovely session of sucking on each other's cock and taking the emission that issued out after having the balls excited enough and after a rest, fucked each other to our mutual satisfaction and pleasure and were sound asleep when the cabin door crashed open.

You don't argue when a gun barrel is stuck up under your chin and though the thug that held this gun spoke in Arabic, it was quite clear that he wanted us out of bed. He wouldn't let us get dressed but threw two dressing gowns at us to put on before being herded out and up to the saloon where we found other guests were being herded.

It was a scruffy lot that we found there, the boarders, not the passengers, with what looked like sub machine guns in their hands as we were hustled and pushed along to join the others. It appeared a short while later that the other members aboard, the crew, being Moslems, were excluded from our group and only the captain, not being one, was included in our group of very frightened people.


At this point we didn't know how many of these villains were aboard for we only had eight at this time covering us with their guns and learnt later that there were twenty of them now aboard. The Moslem crew were kept separate down below while our cabins were ransacked, which we guessed was the case when some of these invaders came into the lounge with all our passports.

These were handed to one man who turned out to be their leader and found that he spoke perfect English. This we found out after he had counted the passports and found that it tallied with the total of us gathered in the lounge.

`You are now hostages of the Suma!' He said. `That is the Somalian United Moslem Army, and will be taken ashore until ransom money is paid for your release.'

He then sat down and had everyone in turn, stand before him to identify himself against the passport photograph and asked pertinent questions. When my name was called out, I went over and stood there in my dressing gown as he checked my face with the picture he was looking at from the passport. It was a short and pithy question and answer.

`What is your occupation?' he asked.

`Dress designer,' I replied and he gave a snort and put my passport onto the smaller of the two piles on the table he was sitting at. That was it, and I noticed that Kris' passport was added to this small pile also during the questioning of this hijacking leader until daylight dawned.

It was during this questioning that other members of this invading group began coming into the lounge and kept talking amongst themselves, pointing out at some of the female members of us gathered there and some pointing at us males. The captain overheard some of the comments of these men, him knowing Arabic and went forward with a loud speaking voice and was greeted by a punch in the face which made him stagger back.

`No you can't' he cried, suffering another punch.

`What my men want, they will get,' this leader said and then, to many gasps of horror from us all, watched as this leader pulled out a long knife from his belt and ram it into the captain's stomach.

He gave out a scream and doubled over holding his stomach as we saw the bloodied blade being pulled out as he fell to the floor, both hands clutched tight to his abdomen. A few words were said to others of his crew and they moved forward and lifted the captain half up from the floor and dragged him out of the saloon door to the deck and we watched in horror as he was then thrown over the side into the sea.

We were speechless at this vicious murder of the captain, being stick with this knife and then cast over into the sea to drown, for there was no way he was going to survive with that wound.

`Anymore objections from you and you will suffer the same fate,' this leader said and stood back as many of his men moved forward and grabbed women as well as men, me and Kris included, and had our dressing gowns pulled off to have us all naked there in the lounge.

There were more of them than us and having seen what had happened to the captain, didn't fight back and it was only when all of us were naked did we know what was going to happen to us.

It was the women first who were thrown down onto the carpeted lounge on their backs and had some of the men drop down between their legs and fuck them. I looked wildly around and saw many pricks out of their grubby pantaloon type of trousers at a full erection and guessed that we were going to get the same as the women, and this was proven a few minutes later.

There were more of them than us in the lounge and those that came towards us men, came in pairs and grabbed us rather forcibly and pushed us down onto our knees and while one man held our heads in a vice like grip, we were fucked up the arse by those that were now controlling us.

I like to think that it wasn't as bad for Kris and myself at being used to having sex in this fashion and it being far much worse for those men that had never ever had sex in this way. Even so, it was still a brutal thrust that I received when one cock was rammed up my backside and had him really pulling me back onto him as he moved himself in and out of my backside. But his need of release must have been great for he didn't last long and soon pulled out, having splashed my insides with his sperm.

I saw that Kris was going through the same process of being fucked by these hijackers and we both had the second man bat on a sticky wicket, though because of the first man coming inside us, it wasn't as bad as the first time, getting our back passage reamed and sprayed with more Arabic semen.

There were many cries of pain and agony from the other men as they were forcibly raped before getting kicked to once side after they had been really fucked. I hadn't paid much attention to the women as they were raped too, hearing their screams at the forcible entry of an unwanted male sexual organ being rammed up into them. Hope they were on the pill was my irrelevant thought as I was being fucked, not really minding it except for the initial force used at the entry.

There was lots of sobbing afterwards from both males and females after being raped and wondered what else was in store for us. This became apparent a little while later. We had been denied breakfast and knew that we were being taken to Somalia to be held as hostages until a ransom was paid, or so we thought. For it was then that the leader of this pack brandished six passports in front of us.

`I want these six people to come forward,' he said and then reeled off the names, Kris and myself were among those named. We moved, slowly forward in our naked state until we were now a group apart for the others and we didn't know why us until we were grabbed rather hard and had our arms pulled back behind and had our wrists tied together. In response to the way we were being handled and treated, those of us that spoke out received a fist in the face. The reason we had been separated soon became apparent.

`You six are of no value to us,' the leader said, and we were pushed and pulled until we were out of the saloon and onto the outside deck where we began to see the fate that awaited us. I was fourth in the line with Kris in front of me as another member of these hijackers came up to the first in line and scored the front of his chest with his knife so that blood started to flow down his chest and two other men of these thugs then threw him over the side.

We watched in horror at this and now knew why we had been separated from the rest. We struggled with our captors as the next in line, a woman had her chest and tits slashed with the knife before being heaved overboard to her screams. Struggle as we might, they were too strong for us as the third in line was cut and thrown over to his screaming that only stopped when he went below the surface of the sea. Being tied with our hands behind our backs, we had no chance, and what with the blood coming from our chests would soon attract the sharks that abounded in these waters.

Kris screamed out my name as his chest was slashed and it was still ringing in my ears till I heard it cut off when his body went below the surface of the water and it was my turn and it was just as I saw the knife being raised up to cut my chest that I woke up.


I don't know how I stopped myself from screaming out as I came upright in our bed, shaking, covered in sweat at the horrific scene I had witnessed of those, plus my darling Kris being cut and thrown to the sharks and me about to follow him. As I've already said, my heart was pounding fit to bust and almost cried out in relief that what I had envisaged had only been a dream.

A dream! It was a fucking nightmare.

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