Man for Man

Dont't look at me like that


"Yeah, right. No way." I said as sneeringly as I could, trying not to show how hungry I was for his cock.

"Hey! I won't tell nobody. It would be just between you and me. I don't want anybody to know I let a dude swing on my meat, either."


I hesitated. Yeah, it could be almost as bad for his rep as for mine.

"Come on. Suck my meat." he said, his voice low and sultry and seductive. "I've seen the way you watch me when you think I don't know it. I've known you wanted me ever since you got on the team."

"Before that." I said quietly. "Ever since the first time I saw you last year. But you've got Gina."

" I don't."

He said this quietly and not in the arrogant way he'd been talking. He even looked down at his cock as he said it.

"What happened? Did she finally say 'no' to something?"

"Nah. I dumped her. I got tired of it. I didn't even like her. She was just another dumb cunt. When we weren't having sex, I couldn't talk to her, couldn't even be myself around her. It was like she wanted me to play this role and I got sick of it. I knew I wanted something else, somebody else but I just couldn't figure out who."

"So you want me to take Gina's place so you have somebody to degrade. No, thank you." I said as I turned to go.

"No! That ain't it. I don't want to do that to you. You're not Gina. You're not anything like Gina. I got the feeling with her that I was just another charm on her charm bracelet. That it didn't matter who I was. I was the quarterback of the football team so she had to be my girlfriend because she was head cheerleader so she got first choice of the team. You're not like that. When you look at me, I get the feeling that you want ME. Not the quarterback. Not some fuckin' image that I have to play to for you. You want the real me."

That stopped me in my tracks. Yeah, I did want Kyle. Wanted him just as him. He'd gotten that right - but how he had, I had no idea.

"Can I tell you something without you tellin' anybody?" he asked quietly.

"Kyle, you could tell me anything and I'd never breathe a word to anyone, not even if somebody beat the shit out of me, tryin' to get me to tell them." I said, earnestly.

He looked at me kind of funny for a moment, and then smiled this kind of gentle smile. One I'd never seen before.

"Yeah, I don't guess you wouldn't, would you? Anyway, the truth is, I never did any of that stuff I talked about to Gina. Shit! She would have told everybody in the fuckin' school what a fuckin' perv I was if I so much as mentioned anything like that."

"So, if you never did any of them, you must have at least thought about doing them."

"Yeah. I did. I guess I am a perv. But I didn't even consider doing them to Gina. What I really wanted was for the person I did them with to really want me to do them - not have to force them into it."

I noticed his use of an indefinite pronoun (Okay, I'm in AP English, all right?!). So I got the feeling that he was trying to tell me something or maybe he was afraid to admit something.

"I don't think you're a perv. I thought those things sounded pretty cool. 'Course, maybe I'm a perv to think that."

"Well, then, welcome to the club." he said, grinning at me and starting to slowly stroke his still hard cock again.

I couldn't tear my eyes away from what he was doing. My cock was boned hard, I was sweating and more saliva was filling up my mouth. I think my hands - Fuck! My whole body! - was trembling.

"You don't have to just watch. You could strip down and join me."

That lazy, deep seductive voice, now with a slight growl in it of horniness, caressed me and I was inexorably drawn to the bench where he sat. I just stood there, however, not able to move once I was standing over him.

"Come on. Let's get these off."

He let go of his cock, leaned forward and grabbed the sides of my t-shirt and began pulling it out of my jeans. I leaned over and raised my arms so he could pull it off me. He then went for the button and zipper of my jeans and soon had those open. It was then I remembered that I was cammo. I hate underwear and, except for a jock, never wore any. When Kyle opened my zipper my hard cock popped right out. He slid my jeans down until they dropped around my ankles. Then he did something that I would never have imagined Kyle doing in a million years. He took hold of my sack of balls with his hand and hefted them, like he was weighing them, or something.


"Nice sized cock for a sophomore." he said, almost to himself.

I was quite proud of my seven and a half, thick inches - even if it didn't come anywhere close to Kyle's size.

Kyle leaned back and looked up at me with a grin.

"Sit down. Join me." he said, nodding over to the empty bench on his right.

I hobbled around, my jeans around my ankles, until I could sit down on the bench next to him. I took my hard cock in my hand and started stroking it slowly, like he was doing. I noticed that he was as intent at watching me jack off as I was watching him.

After a few minutes of watching, Kyle shocked me again by reaching over, pushing my hand off my dick, and grabbing onto it himself. The feel of his hand stroking me, the first hand other than my own to ever touch my hard dick, was the most erotic thing I'd ever felt. His stroke, the pressure and tightness of his hand were totally different than what I used but it was WAY more exciting. I got so caught up in what he was doing, I had forgotten about him, but not for long. He grabbed my hand and put it on his cock, letting me know he expected equal service. Service I was more than happy to provide.

Having another guy jack you off while you do him is an amazing thing. Kyle's cock felt completely different in my hand than mine did. It was bigger, thicker, longer than mine. I could neither grip it or stroke it the same way I did my own. I also didn't really know, even having watched him do it, how Kyle did it so I had to experiment with different lengths of strokes, different pressure of my grip, and different rhythms until I could feel which one got Kyle's dick hardest. Kyle helped with that.

"Oh, yeah. That's it. Just like that." Told me all I needed to know.

We jacked each other for a little while and then Kyle stopped and took his hand off my dick. He also reached down and took my hand off his. I looked up at him in confusion.

"I don't want to cum like this. I want you to suck me. Please?" he said, almost pleadingly.

How in the fuck could I ever say 'no' to him?

"Are you still sweaty from practice or did you take a shower?" I asked.

"Uhh...I worked out after practice so I'm even sweatier and, no, I didn't take a shower."

He said this grinning at me.

"Good. Because I want to lick the sweat off your balls and out of your ass if you want me to."

"Oh, yeah! Fuck, yeah!"

I pushed my shoes and my jeans off my feet and got up off the bench. I moved around so that I was standing between his spread legs and then knelt between them, leaning back on my heels. He looked down at me, kneeling there, waiting to service him, and he got this soft, gentle look on his face. He leaned forward and took my face between his hands. He then leaned further down and gently kissed me. He then pulled back just and inch or so and said, very quietly.

"I want you to lick my balls and my ass. I want you to suck my cock and drink my fuckin' sperm. I want to piss all over you and mark you as mine and then I want to fuck you up the ass and plant my fuckin' seed in you. You want that?"

"Oh, yeah! Fuck, yeah!" I echoed him.

He smiled and then kissed me again, only this time, not on the lips alone. This time his tongue forced it's way inside my mouth and I was sucking on it and moaning loudly at the effect his kiss was having on me. He finally pulled away at the point where I thought I was going to faint for lack of oxygen. He leaned back on the bench so that his back was resting against the door to his locker. He grabbed under his knees and pulled back so that his balls and ass crack were completely open to me and right before my eyes. He looked strong, vulnerable and utterly delicious!

I leaned forward and made one of the momentous discoveries of my life. I always known that there was something about the locker room that turned me on. I'd always thought it was the half- naked or naked guys. Getting close to Kyle's balls, I discovered there was something I'd never even thought about - the smells of the locker room. The sweaty, musky, testosterone laden smells. Because that's what hit me from Kyle's balls, his scent. His sweaty, musky, testosterone laden, personal scent. A scent like every other sweaty, horny teenage boy, but unique to him just the same. I groaned at the scent.


"Yeah! You like that? You like my stinkin' balls?"

"Oh, fuck, yeah! I love your smell, Kyle." I answered.

"Well snort up all you want. There's plenty of stink there for you. Try tastin' it. I bet that's even better."

I took his advice and licked his sack with my eager tongue. He was right. The salty, tangy taste of his nuts was every bit as good if not better than their smell. I was soon making his ball-sack drip with my saliva as I licked and sucked at it. I tried desperately at one point to get both his nuts in my mouth at the same time but they were just too big. I had to settle for sucking on them one at a time while Kyle keened like a banshee and his dick dripped dick-honey all over his abs.

I hadn't forgotten his ass, however. I moved down, licking further and further 'south' until my nose caught the scent of male butt for the first time. It was a dark, pungent scent. It went up my nose and down straight to my cock. I thought I'd cum, just breathing it in! It was the raunchiest, most erotic scent I'd ever smelled in my life. I truly wanted to just spend the rest of my life on my knees, my face buried in Kyle's butt-crack, snorting his ass. But then Kyle's words came back to me, 'Try tastin' it. I bet it's even better'.

I stuck out my tongue and dragged it thought the almost hairless, warm, moist trench. The taste was as dark and pungent as the scent. It was tangy and salty with a certain flavor I couldn't describe having never tasted anything like it before. I just thought of it as 'Kyle'.

Kyle, at this point, suddenly became very vocal.

"Oh, fuck! Yeah! Lick my fuckin' ass! Oh, fuck! It feels so good! Better than I ever dreamed!"

In his mindless babbling, he confirmed the truthfulness of his statement. He'd never done this with Gina. In fact, obviously he'd never done it with anyone. This was as much a new experience for him as it was for me.

I buried my face deeper into his ass and began to lick up and down, stopping to lick around his wrinkly hole. Each time I did, it seem to blossom out like it wanted the attention. Finally, I locked my lips around it and gave it all the attention it seemed to crave. I licked and pushed at his hole which gradually pushed out further and softened so that more and more of my tongue was able to slip past the opening and go up inside him. It took a while, but eventually about half my tongue was buried up inside Kyle's hole and I was tasting the even darker, tangier inside of his body. It truly blew my mind that my tongue was inside Kyle's body - a body I had lusted after for so long.

All this time, Kyle had been babbling things like: "Eat my butt!", "Suck my hole!" and the ever popular "Yeah! Shove your tongue up my ass!", but he suddenly took his hand, put it on my forehead and pushed my face right out of his ass-crack. I looked up at him in consternation and not a small amount of anger - probably like a baby who's pacifier you just stole.

"Stop, please, dear God! I'm gonna cum if you don't and I want you to suck me." Kyle explained, panting.

Oh...okay. That was a good enough reason, I guessed. I would have preferred to just keep eating out his hole but I could understand. He wanted everything he'd told me about and I was certainly more than willing to give them to him. After all, licking his balls and eating his ass were so good, I was betting that sucking his cock was at least as wonderful.

He lowered his legs so that his feet were once again resting on the locker room floor and his hard cock was hugging tightly to his six-pac abs. I could see the smear of cock-snot on his stomach from where his cock was leaking on it. I guess he had been close to cumming. I leaned forward and licked at the dick-honey, learning that it was a sweet as it's name implied. I must have made a sound of tasty satisfaction after tasting it because I heard Kyle's voice come from above me.

"You like the taste of my stuff?" he asked.

I looked up into his smiling face and gave him a wide grin of my own.

"I love the taste of every part of you." I swore to him.


"Then go down on me and tell me how much you love the taste of my cock."

Keeping my eyes locked with his, I pulled up his cock from his abs and slowly slid about three inches of it in my mouth, tonguing and tasting it as I slowly let it enter me. Kyle groaned and closed his eyes as my mouth locked around his cock. I don't think he was really prepared for what I was able to do to him.

I continued to slurp on his cock for quite a while enjoying the taste of his skin and of his pre-cum as it continued to flow from the head of his cock and directly into my mouth. I also loved the scent of his sweaty crotch as it rose to my nose as I worked on him. My own cock was leaking cock-snot at such a rate, I was sure that there was a puddle under me on the locker room floor. I didn't dare touch my cock because I stayed right on the edge of cumming the whole time, particularly when the head of Kyle's cock tickled the back of my throat and tried to go down it. I wished more than anything I could accommodate it but I just couldn't. Kyle, however, had other ideas. He pulled his cock from my mouth and looked down into my disappointed face.

"Lay down on the bench on your back with you head hanging over the edge." he said, standing up and clearing the way for me.

I did as he said, not really knowing what he had in mind. That quickly became clear, however, when he stood at the end of the bench over me and then leaned over, putting his hands under my hips and grabbing hold of the bench. He bent his legs until his cock moved down and touched my lips. Kyle was going to literally "fuck my face" with his dick. He slowly lowered his cock as I took more and more of him into my mouth. He kept pushing more and more of his dick into my face and finally I gagged on it. He stopped then and pulled back slightly.

He began to fuck my mouth - fast strokes, slow strokes, some strokes that stopped right where his cock would enter my throat. I would almost gag and then he would pull away again. Each time, the time that I could take his cock resting against the opening to my throat became longer without me gagging until I discovered that I could fight down my gag-reflex completely. Since my head was laid back, my throat was a straight shot for his thick, straight cock.

Finally the point came where his cock was resting against my throat when the build up of his leaking cock-honey became too much and I had to swallow. That movement by my throat did something else, however. It opened enough that the head of Kyle's cock slipped inside. At first I was paralyzed in fear. I was afraid of choking or asphyxiation. Neither happened because, by reflex I took a breath through my nose and found out that I could still breathe. So I was breathing with Kyle's cock in my throat. However, he wasn't for a few seconds yet. He'd evidently sucked in breath when his cock slid into my throat and he still hadn't let go of it. When he did, it came out in a groan of obvious pleasure. If being in my throat could be that pleasurable for him, I had to find a way to let him fuck my throat for real.

He pulled back and my throat emptied. He then pushed back in and I again swallowed and even more of his cock moved into my throat. We kept at this until my throat was wide open and he was shoving what felt like two or three inches of his cock into my throat on each thrust. He was groaning and carrying on, evidently lost in the pleasure my mouth, throat and tongue were giving him.

He was not as lost, however, as I thought he was - or maybe he was. At any rate, I felt him lean way over me as he continued to fuck my mouth and suddenly my dick was wrapped in the warmest, wettest feeling I had ever felt. At first my mind just refused to believe what was happening but it quickly became obvious to even me that Kyle was sucking my dick! Kyle Prescott, walking wet-dream and heartthrob of every freshman, sophomore, junior (and even some senior) girl and not a few boys - was sucking my cock!

We stayed that way, Kyle leaned over me, my cock in his mouth, his cock reaming out my throat, for quite a while. Then I felt Kyle grabbing my legs and pulling them up and back. I couldn't imagine what the fuck he was doing until I felt something wet and raspy dragging itself through my ass-crack. HOLY MOTHER OF GOD! Kyle was LICKING MY ASS!


That was it. I didn't think I could take any more. I started sucking in earnest on his cock as my balls drew up and got prepared to shoot their load. Kyle must have either noticed that or my intense groaning around his cock because he quickly let my legs down and went back down on my cock, sucking as if his life depended on it.

That's evidently all it took for both of us. I'm not clear to this day who's orgasm triggered who's but we were quickly shooting our loads into each other's mouths and drinking deeply of each other's spurting cocks. I loved what little taste I got of Kyle's cum. Not that there wasn't a lot of it but he shot most of it down my throat, straight into my stomach so that I never got a taste of it until he finally pulled back and I got to taste the last couple of squirts. Kyle evidently liked mine because he took it all. At least I thought he did. I'd no more stopped cumming and Kyle pulled his cock out of my mouth and turned around and straddled the bench so that his whole body was over me and his face was over mine.

At this, he leaned down and put his mouth to mine. Expecting his tongue, I opened to him only to feel something wet and slimy dripping into my mouth from Kyle's. He'd saved part of my load and was sharing it with me! (He later told me this was called 'snowballing'.) I loved the taste of my own cum, especially from his mouth because, you see, when I jack off I eat my own cum afterwards. It makes it way easier to clean up and there's no tell-tale evidence of what you've done. For the last two years, every time I'd eaten my own cum, I'd dreamed it was Kyle's I was eating. His tasted stronger than mine, I guess because he was older. He also shot way more than I did but that just gave me more to love.

When all of my cum was gone and Kyle pulled away ending the kiss, he still didn't get up off me. He smiled down into my face.

"I can't believe you swallowed my cock like that. Shit! Gina only licked my cock one time. Didn't even take it in her mouth. Said it was 'dirty'."

"It is. That's the way I like it." I grinned.

"You really gonna let me piss on you and fuck you?"

"Yeah. Might as well try everything just this once."

"Once? What do you mean? This ain't just once. I want to make it with you all the time!" Kyle insisted.

"Oh, yeah. Until the next Gina comes along. I ain't waiting around for that. I figure it would hurt too much. No, this one time will give me enough memories." I said, dejectedly.

"You just don't get it, do you?!" he was getting red in the face and exasperated. "There ain't gonna be no Gina. Ever. Do you think I would have sucked your fuckin' dick or licked you're fuckin' ass if I wasn't fuckin' gone on you?"

"But Kyle..." I fumbled. "You''re straight."

"Ahh, the fuck I am! I been jacking off with other guys since I was six or seven. I just ain't ever had the guts to go all the way with another guy. Hadn't been one I really wanted or felt like he really wanted me. Then you came along. I wanted you bad! More than any guy I ever met. And I could see you wanted me, too. Really wanted me. It took me all this time to get up the courage to dump Gina so I could come to you free and clear and risk being who I really was. I don't want this to be just once between us. I want this to be always."

I just stared at him like he was some alien from another planet. Kyle? Gone on me? Dumping Gina so that he and I could be together? Always? How the fuck had he learned ever secret fantasy I ever had about him.

"Please tell me that's what you want, too." he begged.

That was something I'd never fantasized about - Kyle begging me to be his.

"That's everything I've dreamed about for the past two years. I just can't believe that's what you want, too." I said softly.

"More than anything. I fuckin' mean it. I want you and me to be together always." he smiled shyly.

"But what about the other guys on the team. What are you gonna say when they find out you dumped Gina and you're not dating anyone that they can see?"

"First of all, I'm gonna tell them that Gina dumped me. She'll like that. She won't have to admit she got dumped. After that, I'm just gonna claim that Gina tore me up so bad, I don't want to have any other bitch around."


"Well, that will probably work for the rest of this year. What about next year?"

"Let next year take care of itself. We'll think of something. Maybe the guys will get so used to seeing me without a bitch and with you instead that they'll just ignore the whole thing. It's none of their fuckin' business, anyway."

I thought about a hundred things that could go wrong but at that moment, Kyle leaned down and started licking my neck. That erased every one of them and all I could think about Kyle as I wrapped my arms around his neck and gently stroked his golden blonde hair."

"You like my hair?" he gently murmured into my ear.

"Yeah. And you're beautiful blue eyes."

"I love your hair. It lights up in the sun and it looks like spun copper wire. And those green eyes of yours just about knock me out. I even love those cute freckles you got over your nose."

"Yeah, well you can have those. I don't love them."

"But you know what I love most of all?"

"No. What?"

"That you're all mine."

"All yours. Does that make you mine?"

"Sure as fuck does. Every bit of me. All yours."

"Then shove 'my' dick into my ass." I groaned.

"Not yet. We gotta take that real slow and easy. I'm big and you being a virgin and all, we need to get you ready. I don't want to hurt you, swear to God I don't. I want you to love my cock up you ass because I want to fuck you all the time."

"Okay. I understand. So what do we do in the mean time?"

"I've gotta piss really bad." he chuckled. "I been drinking water all afternoon during practice and when I was workin' out."

"So how do you want to piss on me?"

"We'll go in the showers for this. Don't want to make too big a mess out here."

And with that, he got up off me and stood by the bench. He did something completely unexpected at that point, he reached out and offered me his hand. I thought at first it was to help me up off the bench - help I didn't truly need but since he was polite enough to offer, I took him up on it. But after pulling me off the bench, he didn't let go. Instead we walked to the showers hand-in- hand. This was something else I'd never done with anybody and it thrilled me that it was Kyle that I was doing it with first.

When we got into the showers, Kyle turned one of them on. Figuring that we were going to take a shower together, I went to get under it but Kyle grabbed hold of me and pulled me back before I could get wet.

"No, babe. We'll do that later, after the fuck. I want my piss on you when I fuck you. The showers just for the sound of running water to stimulate my cock to piss. Not that I think I need much stimulation but I ain't never done this before, only dreamed about it."

"Yeah, ever since you talked about it, I've dreamed of it, too. I even started pissing on myself in the shower and dreaming it was you doing it."

"You have? You've thought about me pissin' on you?"

"I've thought about you doing everything to me that you told the guys you'd done to Gina. Some of the scared me at first, like getting fucked, but I finally came to the point that I wanted them all. I just never thought that you'd really be doing them to me."

"Didn't you notice that every time I talked about that stuff I was constantly looking at you? That was because I wanted to do them to you - not to her."

"I saw that but I was afraid that you were just trying to gross me out of something so I was determined not to show any reaction to it."

"Fuck! If you'd only once smiled or looked like you liked what I was talkin' about, I would have dumped Gina that afternoon!"

"So what made you do it now?"

"Two things. I got sick of waiting and...well, Thanksgivings coming up along Christmas and New Years, too. I didn't want to be with her for those. I wanted to be with you. So I figured I better make my move soon. It wasn't goin' to be today though. But when you walked in on me jackin' off, I figured what the hell! No time like now!"

"Can I ask you something. Who were you thinking about?"

"What? When I was jackin'?" he asked and then he got red in the face and looked down at the floor of the shower. "You."


This was uttered so low I could barely hear him. I moved closer and gently kissed his cheek.

"That's all I wanted to hear." I said equally as softly.

He wrapped both arms around me and kissed me so hard and so passionately that I knew this kiss wasn't about sex or being horny. This kiss was all the love he had for me. I returned the feeling with all the love I had for him. All the love I had hidden - that we both had hidden - for so long was buried in that kiss. When it finally broke, we were both breathless.

" do you want me?" I asked, finally.

"On your knees."

I got down on my knees, my eyes never leaving his.

"Are you sure you want to do this?" he asked, slightly unsure sounding.

"Yes, I'm sure. Aren't you?"

"Yeah. I'm sure I want to. I'm just afraid I can't now that I've got the chance."

"That's just being pee-shy. Just close your eyes and listen to the water. You already told me how bad you had to piss. Just relax and let go."

He closed his eyes and it took about half a minute but, suddenly, the first, tentative squirt of his hot piss shot out. It hit me right in the middle of the chest. This was followed by two more spurts, both hitting me in the abs and then the strong, steady flow of his piss came shooting out of his cock. At that point he opened his eyes and they got such a hot, feral look in them that my cock started boning again. Well...that an the feel of his hot piss going all over the front of my body. He was directing the spray everywhere. I especially loved it when it hit my cock and balls. It made my cock bone even harder.

I don't know where I got the idea. I guess I'm kinkier than I ever thought I was because, all of a sudden, I had this insane craving to taste his piss. I don't know where it was coming from but I decided that I had to do it right away or lose my nerve entirely. I bent down and opened my mouth, letting the flow in. My mouth quickly fill up and then I swallowed. When I did, I heard Kyle's shocked voice above me.


I looked up and he was staring at me. I figured he'd be grossed out but the look on his face was one of such intense love that I nearly couldn't take it. I smiled at him.

" does it taste?" he asked, obviously somewhat blown away by what I'd done - so blown away he'd stopped pissing in mid-stream.

"A little salty and quite warm but very, very mild. You must have had a lot of water to dilute it."

"Yeah. I did. I've read about guys drinking another guy's piss but I never figured it was real. I thought that the writers were just making it up."

"Well, I never read or heard of it."

"So, why'd you do it?" he asked.

"Because I had this sudden urge to and because it was yours. I told you I love the taste of all of you."

And saying this, I leaned down again and locked my mouth around the head of his cock. I looked up at him, begging him with my eyes. He looked down at me and took one hand and gently stroked my cheek.

"God! I fuckin' love you so fuckin' much." he said.

At that point, his stream started up again and I started swallowing as fast as I could but it wasn't fast enough. I finally just let his piss flow into my mouth and what I could swallow I did and let the rest run down my chin and onto my body.

When his piss finally ran out, and that took a while - he wasn't lying about having to go bad, he leaned down and kissed me, tasting his own piss in my mouth. He stood up grinning.

"Yeah. It ain't bad."

I laughed at this.

"I think so, too." I said.

" you have to piss?"

He asked this almost embarrassedly. I almost couldn't believe my ears. I knew he wanted to piss on me but he'd never mentioned anything about me pissing on him. I suppose when he said that pissing on me would 'mark' me as his, he was figuring on me 'marking' him the same way if I got into it. Well - Ladies and Gentlemen, Boys and Girls - I got into it! I got into it further than he ever dreamed I would. So much so that he could now ask for what he wanted all along.

"I gotta piss like a fucking race horse." I smiled.

His face lit up and he got down on his knees in front of me. I kissed him and then stood. Now that I'd announced that I needed to piss as well, I had the same performance anxiety he'd had. Could I piss? All I could do was take my own advice. I closed my eyes and listened to the water and tried to get the right 'valves' to open. Gradually, I relaxed and the next thing I knew, I could feel the slight sting as the piss came roaring out of my cock. I opened my eyes and my piss was hitting Kyle right in the middle of the chest. He was moaning and rubbing my piss all over himself like he was showering in it.


I moved my spray down to where it was hitting his cock and balls which had the exact same reaction mine did - within moments his cock was as hard as a rock. He even reached down and started stroking it, using my piss as lube. I moved the spray back up his abs and then to his chest and was about to move it back down his body when he leaned over and took my pissing cockhead into his mouth. I wasn't shocked by this so I kept my stream flowing but one thing did surprise me. While I could feel the piss flowing through my cock, when it was in Kyle's mouth, I couldn't feel the piss leave my cock the way I normally did.

I kept looking down, watching Kyle drink from me. It was then that I figured out why this was so exciting to me. Piss came from Kyle's cock, just like cum. And it was warm and wet, just like cum. But, unlike cum, the experience of being pissed on or drinking piss lasted way longer than the feeling of being cum on or having a guy shoot his cum in your mouth. About ten times as long.

My piss finally ran out while Kyle was still holding my cock in his mouth. He sucked on it and made sure he'd gotten all of me then he stood up and took me in his arms. He kissed me and I could taste my piss in his mouth. It tasted a little stronger than his had but being in his mouth diluted it. He rubbed his wet body against mine, rubbing out piss together so that we each were covered with both our piss.

"Was it okay?" Kyle asked, pulling back from my mouth and looking into my eyes.

I could see some slight fear in his like I didn't like it after all and I'd never want to do it again. Silly boy!

"It was great! Really! It was much better than I even imagined. I want to do that some more." I said to assure him.

He broke out into a broad grin.

"No prob! We just have to build up some more 'ammunition'."

"Where's the water fountain? We need to start working on that right now!"

Kyle laughed at me. He didn't realize I wasn't kidding!

Looking down, he rubbed his wet dick against mine.

"Now that you're horny again, how about letting me fuck you?" he asked.

"Okay. Just promise me that you'll take this slow and easy and quit if I tell you I can't take it."

"I promise. But I don't think that's gonna happen. You ass opened pretty good just for that time I was eatin' it."


"Yeah. And you know those stories I said I read."


"Well there was a couple by this guy named RimPig who talked about how to break in a virgin asshole right - without hurting the guy. I'm gonna do just what he said to do."

"Okay. I sure hope he knew what the fuck he was talking about!"

"He sure seemed to. He was the one who got me into the whole idea of pissin' too."

"Oh well, then. He sure got that one right."

"Yeah, he sure did."

And with this, Kyle wrapped me in his warm, muscular arms again and kissed me. I couldn't believe how affectionate a lover Kyle was. I never expected this out of such a jock. I guess I have to quit judging people by stereotypes.

Kyle took my hand and led me back to the locker room. He had me straddle the bench and lay my chest down on it with my feet on the floor and my legs straight, making my naked butt stick up in the air. He then sat down on the bench behind me and I saw why he put me in this position. He just slid forward and his face was in my ass and he was licking and sucking at my hole. As I felt his tongue stabbing at it, I pushed back and tried to get more of it up me but it wasn't working.

"Push out with your ass muscles. That's supposed to open you up." Kyle said from behind me.

I did as he said and, after a while, felt his tongue sliding deeper and deeper into my butt. It was an incredible feeling! His tongue started to move in and out of me like a small, wet cock fucking my ass. The more he tongue-fucked me, the more I wanted something bigger in my hole. Instead, Kyle stopped, pull his tongue out of my ass and got up off the bench.

"Where are you going?" I moaned in frustration.

He stroked his hand down my back.

"Just a second. I gotta get somethin' out of my locker."


He opened the locker door and, at first the door blocked me seeing what he was getting. When he shut the door I saw a clear bottle with a purple top in his hand. I later figured out that this was lube. He sat back down behind me and locked his mouth to my hole for a few more minutes, reaming me out with his tongue. Then he pulled back again and I could feel him drizzling some of the lube on my hole. It was cold and I grunted.

"Sorry. I don't have any way to warm it up." he apologized.

He then began slowly sliding one of his fingers in my ass. Now, I'd done this to myself while I was jacking off but my fingers were about half the size of his. I was almost as tall as Kyle, who was six foot one inch. I was six foot but Kyle weighed almost 190 and I weighed only 150. Yes, I was skinny but, then again, most kickers are. I had long, muscular legs which counted for more than upper body strength.

At first, even with the lube, his finger was a tight fit and burned some in my hole. Kyle reminded me to push out with my ass and then it began to feel good as Kyle slid it in and out of my hole. My hole really loosened up and soon Kyle was shoving two and then three of his thick, long fingers in my hole. When he added the third, he hit something up inside me that had me seeing stars and almost cumming.

"What the fuck was that?" I called out.

"That's your prostate, babe. That's supposed to feel so good with my cock rubbin' against it that you'll be able to cum without jackin' off. Least ways, that's what the stories said."

"They're full of shit! You can't get off without something touching your cock."

"Well...we'll see."

He reamed my ass out with those three fingers and, goddamned but I was hard as a rock the whole time! I figured that getting fucked was just going to be more of the same but better. I was right, and I was wrong.

"Okay. You're ready. Off the bench." Kyle said pulling his fingers out of my ass.

I followed his directions and was a bit puzzled when Kyle lay down on the bench on his back, his hard cock sticking up in the air. He took lube and slathered it all over his cock then reached out a hand to me.

"Come 'ere."

I moved closer and he slid his hand between my legs and added more lube to my hole.

"Okay, now straddle the bench, across my abs, facing me."

Again, I did as he said. I could feel his cock raising and lowering itself from his abs and brushing against the crack of my ass.

"Now, you're going to fuck yourself. The way it was described, this is the best way to take cock the first few times because you completely control how much you take and how fast you take it. I'm just going to lay here. I'm not going to move. You just take your time and don't worry about me. I'm gonna love being in your butt - any way I can get there."

I understood what he was telling me so I reached behind me and grabbed his cock. I rose up on my toes and brought the head of his cock to my hole.

"Don't forget to push down really hard to open yourself up." Kyle reminded me.


"No prob. Like I said, I want you to love this." he was grinning up at me.

"Typical fuckin' guy - all you can think about is gettin' YOUR cock in a warm hole!" I smirked at him.

"Fuck no! You think I ain't gonna let you fuck me?"

"You are?!"

I stopped what I was doing in shock. Now THAT I never figured on. Kyle was going to give up his ass to me? Fucking shit! Hot Damn!

"Okay, buddy. You better remember you said that because I'm holding you to it!"

"Swear to God, Davey. Anytime you want my ass, it's yours."

"Uhh, so that means anytime you want my ass, it's yours?"

"Well...uhh...yeah...I guess."

"You guess? You fuckin' horn-dog. You'll be at my ass so much I'll have to rape you while you're sleeping to get yours!" I laughed.

"No. That ain't true. We'll work it out, just like we worked out pissin' and suckin' each other's cock."

"Well, yes. You did work those out nicely. Okay. I'll take your word for it. Now shut up - I've got to concentrate if I'm going to get this fucking log up my ass."

He shut up immediately. Of course.


I put his cock back at my hole, pressed down hard and then bent my knees and let my body lower itself onto his thick pole. At first, it didn't seem like it was going to go. Then, all of a sudden, the head popped into my ass. My ass immediately started to protest this entry by locking down my muscles which hurt worse than anything I'd ever felt in my life! I cried out in pain and Kyle yelled out, "PUSH DOWN! PUSH DOWN!"

I didn't want to but I did and, no sooner had I pushed down as hard as I could, my muscles stopped spasming and my hole opened up and another inch or so of Kyle's cock slid up inside me. Slowly, over the next twenty minutes or so I'd say, I was finally able to work all of Kyle's cock up my butt until I was sitting on his hips. He reached out and grabbed me at that point.

"Just sit there a while. Get used to it. Let yourself loosen up more."


To tell the truth, I was almost worn out from the effort I'd made to get him inside me. As I sat there, he started moving his hips under me. Not shoving his cock in further but more like stirring it around in my guts. He was touching places that had never been touched in my whole life but they were feeling really good. And I could feel that his movements were really opening me up.

"Okay, raise up just a little bit and come back down." Kyle said.

I raised up, feeling his cock pulling out of my hole and sliding across that prostate thing he'd told me about. He was right, it did feel really good but I still didn't think it could make me cum all by itself. I slid back down and his cock rubbing against it the other way, felt even better. Maybe I was wrong?

"Okay, keep going. Raise up a little further each time."

I kept it up until only the head of his cock was left in my ass when I pulled up. At this point, he stopped me and told me to get off him. I wasn't happy about this! I was just starting to have fun.

"Okay, on the bench on your back." Kyle said.

I got on the bench. He said down on the bench, grabbed the lube and slathered more on his cock and then more in my ass. He grabbed my legs and put them on his muscular shoulders and then stood, leaned over until I was almost bent double and put his cock at my hole.

"You ready?"

"Oh, fuck yeah! I'm more than ready!" I insisted.

He just grinned and slowly shoved his cock all the way up my ass in one steady slide. When he got it all the way in, he leaned over and kissed me. I wrapped my arms around his neck and kissed him back with everything I had in me.

As we kissed his cock was sliding slowly in and out of my chute, gradually building up speed and power. Finally he broke the kiss and I looked up into his eyes and said something I never, ever thought I'd say to another guy.

"Fuck me harder! Fuck me REALLY HARD!"

Kyle just grinned and took me at my word. He started ramming me like he was trying to drive his cock in my ass and out my mouth! I lay there just shaking like a rag-doll one of my younger sisters still played with. Fuck! Could this guy fuck! I went somewhere out into outer sensual space and was lost as he reamed my hole with that huge cock of his.

All of a sudden I felt something that I didn't expect to feel - that deep tingling at the base of your balls when your dick getting ready to fire cum everywhere. But my hands were holding onto Kyle's forearms trying not to get pushed right off the end of the bench by his ramming thrusts. There was nothing touching my cock! I was going to cum without anything touching it, just like Kyle said I could. I tried to hold back but I couldn't.

"KYLE! I'M GONNA CUM!" I screamed out.

"GO AHEAD, BABE! CUM FOR ME! I'M RIGHT BEHIND YOU!" Kyle yelled, and I could hear the imminent orgasm in his voice.

I let go and my cum shot out, the first few shots covering my face. I actually got some in my mouth - something that had never happened to me before. The rest painted my chest and abs. At the same time, I felt Kyle ram into me, one last time, as far as he could get up in my ass and then I felt his cock twitch inside me as he unloaded volley after volley of his sweet, jock cum. We stayed locked that way for minutes and then Kyle collapsed on top of me. He let my legs come off his shoulders and I wrapped them, instead, around his waist.


We stayed that way a long time, each of us trying to get our breath back, a sweaty, pissy lump of maleness breathing heavily. Finally Kyle pulled up and then moved back, taking my legs from around his waist and putting them on the floor.

"Now, we take a shower."

"With or without piss first?"

"With piss during." he said and I could see he was really exhausted.

I didn't question exactly what he meant by piss during but he dragged me off the bench and back to the showers. He turned on just one for us and then took me in his arms, kissing, licking and biting at my neck. I loved the feeling but then I began to feel something really warm - almost hot - pouring against my body. Kyle was holding me and pissing on me. I chuckled and closed my eyes, listened to the water and let go, pissing on him. We then tenderly and thoroughly washed each other.

When we got out of the shower, I realized I didn't have a towel. Kyle took a ring of keys out of his locker and opened the towel cage and got us both one.

"Coach gives you the keys?" I asked.

"Yeah. The quarterback always gets a set. That's how I get in and out of here. By the way, how'd you get in?"

"Through the gym upstairs."

"But I thought I locked the door to the locker room."

"Nope, it was open. I'm glad it was."

"Yeah, me too." He grinned. "Hey! Why'd you come back anyway?"

"My mom demanded that I bring my gym clothes home to wash."

"You got your cell with you?"


"Call her and tell her you'll bring them home tomorrow. That you're spending the night with me. Tell her I'm helping you study or something. I'll call my dad and tell him I'm bringing you home with me."

"Your dad?"

"Yeah. My mom died when I was a real little kid. I don't even remember her. My old man never remarried. It's just him and me."

"What are you going to tell him about me?" I asked, afraid of what the answer was going to be.

"Nothin'. I already told him. I told him I like guys and that I loved you. He told me that all he cared about was me bein' happy. If you made me happy, that was okay with him. Oh, and he wished me good luck in gettin' you." he grinned.

"Your fucking kidding me, right?" I asked in amazement at a parent being that open and accepting.

"Nope. You'll see. Call your mom. I wanna go home and get you into a real bed."

"Uhh...could we eat first? I'm starving."

"No prob. We'll do drive through and eat in bed. How's that?"

"Sounds great!"

"Uhh...Davey, I really do love you."

I looked at him and I guess he could see all the love I had for him.

"Don't look at me like that or we ain't leavin' this fuckin' locker room tonight!"

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