Man for Man

Discretion Needed, Married Man The Garage


I'm driving home from work, and I'm extremely horny. In the middle of traffic, at a light on Monterey Hwy I begin to rub my cock through my suitpants. Squeezing the balls, massaging the head, looking around nervously to see if anyone is looking. No one is. :-)


I slowly move my hand up my body, pinching my nipples. Once I do, my cock gets instantly hard. The light turns green, and I drop my hands back down to my pants as we all begin to move again. Window down, wind blowing in my face, I unzip my pants quickly and dart my hand inside before anyone has a chance to realize what I'm doing.

Skin on skin, cock hot against my palm, I lean my head back against my seat, legs wide open, and take my cock out while driving. Squeezing the sponginess of the head, rubbing spit on the slit of my cockhead, I reach in and take my balls out. They rest on my pants, heavy and full of cum.

Red light up ahead, traffic all around me as we stop, I become nervous, and throw my suit jacket onto my lap. Looking down, I see the hardon poking through the material, and begin to discreetly rub it against the silk lining on the inside. So cool, so soft, the feeling of the material rubbing against my head drives me crazy, and I want to cum, bad.

I quickly look down as the cell phone begins to ring. I see the number, and know it's you. Immediately I answer it, and in less than 30 seconds, you and I arrange to met at the house for some sex. Not making out or hands-off kissing, but hardcore sex, sucking, slurping, jacking, fucking.

I tell you to be at your house in 20 minutes, with your mouth ready, your hands ready, your cock ready. Hanging up, my stomach does a flip as my balls begin to throb. I throw the suit jacket over on the side, and now begin to fully rub my cock along its length. Grazing my fingers across my head, across my balls, I drive faster to get to you.

Twenty minutes flies by so fast, before I know it, I'm turning onto my street and see your car. You hit the garage door opener and it begins to go up. You pull in immediately into the garage. I quickly pull in next to you on the left side. You hit the button again, and the door closes, leaving us alone in the garage. No one can see what is about to happen.

I get out of my car, walk around and over to your driver's side window, and lean in. My cock and balls hanging in front of your face, my hands and chest leaning on the top of your car. I can't see your face. I only feel your hands as they begin to tug down on my balls, feel you mouth as it takes my cock into its warmth. I groan as you tongue it.

Sitting in your car, being fucked in the face by my cock, you begin to masturbate, also rubbing your head against your palm. You get extremely hard as you let my balls slap your chin. Hornier than you've been in a very long time, you push me backwards away from the car. You've been sucking me long enough. Time for your turn now.

I move back as you get out of the car. I see your meat hanging out of your pants, and know that there's no way I can stop you from doing whatever you want. You put your hands on my shoulder, kissing me deeply. I can taste my cock on your breath, and it drives me crazy. Pushing me firmly, I kiss your body on the way to your cock.

Without hesitation, I gulp it to the root. Buried in my throat, your cock swells and gets harder still. You lean back against your closed door. I'm kneeling in front of you, noisily sucking your cock. Spit mixed with precum drips down to the floor, and I begin sucking your cock faster, using my hand to jack you off.

You tell me you're going to cum if I keep doing that, so I stop. I'm too horny to have you cum just yet. I stand up, and return the favor of kissing you. You recognize the taste of your own cock and cum, and you too get even more horny. I whisper in your mouth.... I want you to fuck me.

Reaching into my car, I grab the pack of condoms and lubricant I bought this past weekend while thinking of this very moment. Taking my clothes off, you do the same. We don't want any trace of our fucking on our clothing. No one can ever know. I reach down with some lube on my hand, and begin to rub your head. The slick sensation drives you mad and you begin to fuck my hand.

I drop to my knees and begin to tongue your head while opening the condom. Quickly, in just a few seconds, I've got your cock wrapped for safety, and I throw more lube on the outside, continuously masturbating you. I reach back and begin to finger my hole, getting it oiled up as well, getting it ready for a first-time in a long-time fucking, getting it ready for you.


Not sure if I can really go through with this or not, I begin to get nervous. But the thought of having you inside me is making my stomach flip in places its never done before. I'm completely over the edge and too horny to stop. I take a towel out or my trunk, spread it out on your hood, and sit there, facing you, jacking you, kissing you, licking you, rubbing you, wanting you.

You push me backwards, so that I am lying on my back. Lifting my legs in the air, you lean in. Your finger finds my hole, and you spit down into your hand, rubbing it on my ass. I tell you to fuck me... fuck me before I change my mind. I can't take it anymore; waiting is driving me crazy. I want to know what it feels like to be filled with your cock.

You lean in closer, and I can feel your head rubbing against me. You rub even more, up and down, along the inside of thigh and my balls, and begin to jack me off. One tug on my nipples, and you slowly begin to fuck me. Little by little, little at a time, you begin to rock back and forth, each time feeding my hole a little bit more of your cock. Each time, feeling a little bit more of its warmth.

You look down and in the almost darkness, you can see that my eyes are filled with lust as they close. My hand runs up and down your chest, reaching back and down to your balls as you finally bury yourself to the root inside of me. I tell you to fuck me, fuck me, fuck me now, fuck me hard, fuck me fast, anyway you want... just fuck me now.

You lean down onto my body, I sit up on my elbows to get closer to you. You bite my nipples and it drives me crazy. With each thrust of your cock, I thrust right back with my ass. Like a bitch in heat, I want it all. My hands all over your body, my legs and feet around your waist. My mouth on your neck, my cock on your stomach.

Time goes by without either of us realizing it, and the garage has filled with the smell of mansex...sweat, precum, spit, deodorant, lube, car engines cooling down, rubber heating up. You tell me that you want to cum. I tell you almost. I push you backwards and stand up. My cock is bouncing in the air from the fucking you've just given me, and I reach down, peeling the condom off, putting my spit on your cockhead.

I get on the hood of the car again, this time lying on my back, with my head hanging off, facing you. I lean back and pull your body closer to my mouth. I want you so fucking bad in my mouth again. I tell you to fuck my mouth, and lean back straightening my throat as much as I can, loosening it up for you. You don't wait a second, but immediately come right up and shove your cock in.

Being there just for you turns me on completely, and I begin to grab my cock. Your hands are on the side of my head, holding on tight, keeping it in place while you fuck my mouth and throat. Soon, very soon, you tell me that you're gonna finally cum, can't stop it now. You pull your cock out, and begin to jack off. I reach my hands up, and pull you closer to the car.

You open your legs, and my head fits right there between them. I'm facing up towards your body, and your hand and cock are jacking off on my chest, your balls are on my chin, your ass is in front of my mouth, I reach up with my tongue, and begin to lick all around it.

The sensation of having your balls licked, your ass nibbled at, and my hands rubbing up and down your back is too much for you.... You moan loudly (no one can hear us in here), and you rock back and forth as you fuck your hand with your cock... Closer still, your body jerks, and I can tell you're ready to cum. I tell you to cum on me... cum all over my chest, spray it all over me.. I want it now!

My tongue finds its way between your cheeks, and starts lashing at your hole, tickling it, sucking it, teasing it, and you shout out Fuuuucccckkkkkk as stream after stream of white cum lands on my chest mixing with the hair that's there. One of the streams even shoots itself down into my pubic hair, onto my cock and it drives me over the edge too.

I begin to jack off, smelling your body sweat all over my face. Feeling your leg muscles flexing while you're cumming, I lick your ass and balls. Finally, spent, I squeeze out the last of the cum from your cock, and put it onto my own cock. The slipperiness of it drives me even more mad for you than I already am at the moment.

I push you back and slide myself a little back up onto the car, with only my head leaning over the edge now, and I tell you I want your cock in my mouth. Right now. I want you to drop your fucking cock in my mouth while I jack off. I want to suck your head, lick your slit, taste your cum, smell your sweat while I cum myself.

Your move closer one last time, and do just that.. You push your softening cock into my mouth and just stand there while I suck on it as it gets softer. You reach down and start tugging at my nipples while I jack off. You remember how much I've told you that it's the one place on my body that turns me on... especially while I'm jacking off.

Like electricity going through my body, I jump when you roughly pull on them. pinching them. With your cock still in my mouth, you hear me tell you to rub them and pinch them with your fingers, harder, yes harder, and my cock gets harder still. You see my body beginning to jerk, one hand tugging down on my nuts, the other working my cock so fast, your cum slick all over my hand and cock...

You know that I'm about to cum... my sucking on your cock is more feverish now, and I begin to moan with you stuffed in my mouth. Aaaarrrgghhhh is all I can scream, when I finally get there.. You give my nipples one more squeeze... this one the roughest one yet, and I scream yesssssssss, and my balls finally let go.

One giant stream of cum flies out of my cock head, and shoots straight out about 4 feet. In an instant you decide, yesssssss I want it, and you let it land square on your pubes, your chest, your face... We can always clean up afterwards, but for right now.... you want it all.

Moaning beneath you, I feel my cum shooting out, landing on my chin and neck, mixing with the sweat that our bodies have created, and then, only then, am I finally satisfied. I push you back, finally being able to breathe, and I just lay there, completely spent. You lean down and kiss me, rubbing my nipples again, though gently this time. I kiss you back deeply, passionately, thankfully.

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In fictional stories it is fine to have sex without condoms, but in reality you should always use a rubber, regardless if you use Prep or not. Prep only protects for HIV, thats why other diaseases spread among Prep users that practice bareback sex.