Man for Man

Deliveries in the Rear


The first time I did this, Charles (my open relationship of four years) was shocked that I would expose myself like that. But, the fence is pretty high with no exposed windows in any of the neighbor's houses.


He got over it evidently. The second time, he took off his shorts and ate my ass until I was lubed up, rolled on a condom, then fucked the hell outta me until we both came in torrents. It was one of the hottest sessions we've ever had.

About three days later, I was nude in the backyard, again. The doorbell rang; then, rang again. I yelled at Charles to get the door. The upstairs of the house was well insulated, so with Charles working in his office up there, he might not have heard me.

Because the doorbell didn't ring again, I assumed Charles had answered it. Little did I know that he'd left the house for a few minutes.

I probably have the happiest hole in Denver. Charles whips out his thick 9" dick almost daily and screws me until I cum. Then, he finishes by cumming on my back or chest. Although this is a very satisfying sex life, I'm still willing to take the occasional stranger up my slut butt at the beach, gym, t-room, rest area, or party. I haven't been to the baths in years, but I used to take on anyone with a good-sized dick at the tubs. (That could be five or six men an evening.) I could never find enough dick, then. Now, though, I'm generally content with Charles. And he seems pretty happy with our sex life as well.

Lying on my stomach, I was face down on the chaise. My round, happy ass was exposed, and always eager to please. And I was hopeful that after the doorbell interruption, Charles would come out and pump my ass for me.

I heard someone walking across the lawn towards me. I smiled. "Hi, Gorgeous," I said without opening my eyes. "Wanna fuck my ass?"

"Um," was all I heard, but it was the lustful tone that I loved to hear. A pair of hands massaged my butt. I wiggled it to encourage additional attention to my "deeper" needs. A big thumb rubbed against my pleasure hole. I raised my hips to encourage him more. His lips kissed my right ass cheek, then, the left. Charles was always doing that. He kissed my tailbone, then, nuzzled into my butt trench, licking lower, kissing my balls and licking the tip of my leaking dick. (I push them beneath me for comfort when I lie down.)

The big hands kneaded my muscular ass cheeks, spreading them gently. He kissed deeply into my dusky trench. A warm, wet tongue darted out, sampling my tight, pink pucker. Finding that it liked what it tasted, I felt a manly face press more firmly into my nether regions, slurping and licking at my manhole. The deeper he licked, the higher my ass rose off the chaise.

"Fuck, yeah, Baby! That feels SO good," I murmured. "You know what I like!"

The telltale sounds of clothing being removed made me smile. Charles loved to fuck me skin to skin, rubbing his hard body against my back as his hips power-fucked my hungry hole. I reached behind and felt his head, wanting to push his face even deeper up my butt trench. His head felt different somehow, like he'd gotten a very short haircut instead of the medium length cut he usually gets. Well, that was possible. He did have an appointment with our barber this morning.

More tongue action on my butt followed. Charles was really getting into it. He was spreading my ass cheeks and diving deeply, licking as far as he could inside me, like he was going to fuck me with only spit as a lube. "Much as I appreciate what you may want to do, use the lube, Honey," I suggested, handing him the pump bottle of our favorite, slick lube. He grunted and took it from me. I handed him a condom, too.

His big hand pushed down on the small of my back, raising my ass more. He positioned himself above me and pressed his big cockhead against my eager asshole. I relaxed and opened for him. He slid in, sighing pleasurably as his thick inches stretched me wide. "Yeah, Baby! Hot ass!" said a deep voice next to my ear. That's not Charles' voice! And the dick is bigger and, FUCK, LONGER!

My head snapped around. Hovering over me was a handsome, well-built black man, smiling into my eyes as his monster cock hit bottom. "Who the fuck are you?" I asked.

"UPS," he smiled, pulling out slowly, then, thrusting back inside. "Making a delivery soon into a real tight ass!"


Recovering quickly and definitely liking what I felt deep in my ass and saw smiling down at me, I smiled back at him. "Let's change positions," I grinned. "I wanna watch you cum." I flipped around beneath him and he plugged in again.

His thick, kissable lips leaned close to me. "You got a great ass, Baby!"

I blushed and thanked him. "Times like this, I wish we were barebacking. I love the feel of a big dick up my ass, squirting a huge load deep in my butt."

"You gotta boyfriend?"

"Let's not talk about him."

"Anything you say, Baby," he crooned. He kissed me. Damn! What a great kisser! I grabbed his big, round, muscle butt and pulled him harder into me. His big shoulders pushed my knees into my chest as we kissed harder and his dick pounded faster and deeper. He long-dicked me slowly, easing the pace, taking his time. I groaned and smiled each time his big dickhead hit my prostate. I couldn't stroke my leaking dick or I'd surely cum.

"What's your name, Gorgeous?" I asked.

"Gary," he smiled. "Yours?"


"You got the best ass I've ever fucked, Jim."

"I'll bet you say that to all the men you fuck," I teased.

"Just the really hot ones, like you, Baby. Few men can take it all and love it like you do," he complimented me.

"A few years of practice make the difference."

"Your boyfriend got a big dick, too?"

"Yeah, but not as big as yours. I've not even seen it, but I know it has to be more than 9"."

"That your boyfriend's size?"

"Uh huh," I smiled and tugged harder on his ass, hoping he'd speed up, because my dick was going to explode soon and I wanted him to cum with me. I did my best milking action with my ass muscles as I could.

"Hungry ass, Baby! I like that," he growled, and kissed me hard, again. "You really want this load up your butt, doncha!" I pulled him harder into my open hole. "Yeah, you like this big, black dick up your manpussy!"

"Cum in my ass, Man! I love getting fucked by a big man with a big dick. Don't hold back. I can take it!"

"And I got just what you need," he groaned, squeezing his eyes shut and slowing his pace dramatically. "That ass of yours is TOO good. I can't hold back. Gotta CUM!" he roared.

"Yeah, Gary! FUCK me!"

Having reached the point of no return, he went for broke. His hips thrust hard and fast into me. His big arms quavered as they held him up, towering over me with his broad chest. I felt his dick swell inside me. Yeah! He's gonna blast!

He buried his massive cock deep in my ass and held on. I felt him jerk and punch harder into me with each climax wave. His mouth hung open in silent screams of pleasure. Over and over, he pummeled my asshole. How I wish I could feel that huge load of man-jizz spray into me. He continued to tremble and his dick to fire. Either he hadn't had sex in a while or he always had big climaxes like this. If I weren't so "married" to Charles, I'd sure chase this one down, I thought.

Finally, he opened his eyes and smiled at me. "Hot fuck, Baby. You're the best," he added as he pulled out.

He let my legs down and stripped off the condom. He looked around for a place to toss it, but I took it from him. "I've always loved jizz," I grinned. Upending the spent condom, I drained it. I looked him over again after I tossed the rubber under the chaise. He was a mountain of bulging, sweat-gleaming muscles. His big dick was still a good 10" long and very thick. The head and half the shaft were streaked white with cum.

I leaned in and gently sucked his thick trouser snake into my mouth. He flipped me over on to my back and devoured my hard, precum-dripping dick. As we 69'ed, I wondered where Charles was, but decided I had more important things do to than worry about his current location.

Gary was an accomplished cocksucker. In under a minute, he had me ready to blast. I pushed his head away, warning him of my imminent eruption. He pulled off reluctantly, rising to a semi-squatting position. Having cleaned off his cummy dick, I'd moved back to nuzzle his orange-size nuts. "You have big nuts, Gary. You always cum that much?"


"Uh huh," he moaned. "Feels good when you do that."

"Like to get rimmed as much as you like to rim?" I asked. Without waiting for a reply, I stuck my tongue between his big, melon buns and tasted.

"Ah, FUCK! Yeah, love it!" he managed finally to hiss out, squatting more directly over my mouth. My hands spread his big butt even more, tickling his deep trench with my nose and tongue, with particular attention to his black rosebud. "Fuck, that's good!" he moaned.

I tongue-drilled him for another five minutes, licking deeper and slurping more loudly with each passing tick of the clock. "This beautiful butt ever get fucked?" I asked, taking a short, five second pause to catch my breath.

"Rarely," he laughed. "But, a guy who can eat butt as good as you do and has a nice dick, too, yeah, I'd bottom for ya." He grabbed the other condom and rolled it over my erect member, and lubed it. He turned and sat on me slowly, facing me. His eyes were screwed shut, trying to keep back the waves of discomfort as his tight ass begrudgingly opened up for my 8" of manhood.

When his big butt finally rested against my pubes, he smiled and opened his eyes. His monster dick was hard again, jutting straight out at me and leaking more precum. "Give me a minute to get used to this big fucker," he sighed. "I haven't been fucked in better than three years."

I rested, letting him do all the work. Clearly, it could have been more than three years since he was last fucked. He was so tight, he could have been a virgin. "Take your time, Gary. You decide when you need some action from me."

He smiled down at me and leaned forward slightly, pulling a few inches of hard dick out of his ass. His big 11" cock touched my lips when I raised my head. Gary pushed himself back on to my dick, and my lips followed his leaking dick, keeping a number of inches in my mouth. "Yeah, FUCK, YEAH!" he moaned loudly. "I'm gonna cum again real soon, Jim! Your dick is really hitting my joy button." He sat hard on my dick, ramming it deep up his butthole. I shoved up with my hips, forcing his dick into my face and his big cockhead between my sucking lips, again.

Gary's tight butt pulled and sucked at my dick, munching and stroking it hard with each squatting and rising motion. "You're gonna make me cum," I warned within another minute.

"You keep licking my big dickhead like that and you'll get a REAL flood of cream," he countered.

Not giving an inch in our zeal to make the other cum, I sucked as hard on him as he milked on me. I was sure that I would lose. After all, it had been less than ten minutes since he'd shot that huge load up my condom-protected ass.

However, I was wrong. In one more thrust between my lips, I tasted creamy mancum, then, another big shot of jizz. He pushed his squirting cock farther into my face, pulling himself nearly off my dick, leaving only the head inside him. His butthole squeezed hard on my swollen cockhead. Teetering on the edge of a climax, I knew I couldn't hold back. The combination of his tasty cum and his tight butthole pushed me over the brink. I thrust hard up his tight ass, burying my 8" of squirting cock more than half way. His big butt muscles clamped down hard. Another big, creamy gush of ball honey jetted down my throat. I thrust up again, blasting my baby sauce hard into the condom.

Back and forth we pushed. My mouth stretched over his firing dick while my squirting semen-launcher pried open his infrequently fucked bootie for another salvo of manjuice. His sensitive dickhead couldn't take any additional stimulation, so he pulled away. But, that motion delightfully rocketed my climaxing dick completely into him. I thrust one last time very hard into him, planting my dick as far as it would go up his ass. He squeezed it with his big muscle buns and smiled down at his cum-oozing dick, pointed at my face, but too far away to continue my samples.

My climax waned and I pulled out. He rose off my dick as I moved away from him, and kissed me again. "Better get back to my deliveries," he grinned, tugging on his trousers. I leaned in and sucked his sensitive dickhead again, snagging the last drops of clinging cum. He pulled away laughing. "You're the hottest sex slut I've ever known. Where were you when I was just coming out and needing sex all the time?"

"Probably cruising the bookstores, gyms, and beaches looking for you. How long you been out, Gary?"

"About three years."

"Got a boyfriend yet?"

"Nope, still auditioning. Too bad you're already taken."

"Yeah, I could really go for a stud like you, but I already have one. However, we have an open relationship, so I can still fuck around," I offered.

"I need a boyfriend, not a sex connection," he bristled. "But, I appreciate the offer, anyway."

"Well, if you ever need some hot sex, I work out at the 24-Hour Fitness club in the neighborhood."

"I belong, too, but I go to the one in the northeast part of town."

"When do you generally workout?" I asked, grabbing a towel to wipe off my dick and ass from excess lube.

"I workout right after my shift ends at four. And the steam room there is notorious, from what I hear."

"You hear right!" I laughed. "I've scored there many times."

"How do you not get caught in a public place like that?"

"Lots of steam and a squeaky door," I grinned. He laughed at that. "What are you looking for in a man to be your boyfriend? I have some single friends."

"Any of them as hot and over-sexed as you are?"

"Well, you'd have to be the judge of that. I know some of them workout at the same gym. I'll give you a call and we'll arrange something and you can decide if you want to pursue them or not," I suggested. He scribbled down his name and phone number, ripped off a page from a notepad he had, and handed it to me.

"And you can use that number, too, if your boyfriend is out of town," he winked. He patted my ass, I sighed his register for the package he'd originally intended to deliver, and he left.

He met Charles at the front of the house on the sidewalk. "Delivery was made in the rear," he smirked, and left.

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In fictional stories it is fine to have sex without condoms, but in reality you should always use a rubber, regardless if you use Prep or not. Prep only protects for HIV, thats why other diaseases spread among Prep users that practice bareback sex.