Man for Man

Cry Baby


He didn't like to party so I spent a little time with him at his house, just him and his Mum and Dad, they seemed like nice people and were surprised at his choice of a friend, huh, he didn't have a choice, no one else appeared to want to be his friend. Big plus for me, he helped me with school assignments.


We didn't progress much beyond that the next semester and then football finished and I was in the gym and doing road work to keep fit during the closed season.

One weekend, it must have been about May I guess, Omega asked me if I would like to go with him to his secret swim place and picnic.

I don't know how I didn't fall about laughing. Picnic, that's what soppy kids did when they had Mummy to hold their hands wasn't it?

Instead I said, "Yeah, sure, when and what do we need to bring with us?"

What the fuck was I letting myself in for?

"If Sunday is a good day for you Jase bring your swim gear and that's it. Mum will pack us a lunch and lend me her car and we can spend the whole day, no one will bother us."

He had it all organised so Sunday morning about ten we set off on the mystery trip. Omega drove quite well and about forty five minutes later we pulled into a deserted spot at the edge of some woods, down a little track. We hefted our back packs and started walking. He obviously knew where he was going and about ten minutes later we arrived, we didn't appear to have followed a trail so I wasn't surprised that no one else was around.

Where we stopped was amazing. There was a small, grassy clearing at the edge of a river bank. The river was crystal clear and appeared to dam up by our clearing giving us a natural pool. The trees had thinned a little away from the river so it was absolutely idyllic. We dropped our packs and Omega pulled out a large blanket for us to sit on.

"How did you know about this place `Mega? It's fantastic."

He beamed, "Do you really like it Jase?"

"Yeah, it's cool man."

"Years ago when I was little my parents used to bring me and my friend here for picnics, I've always loved it but when my friend died I couldn't come again, it made me sad, but now I have a new friend and I wanted him to see it."

I looked at him closely and realised his eyes were very shiny. Oh fuck he was going to cry and I hated that. I moved in on him and hugged him quickly.

"Thanks friend, now, swim gear and last one in the water's a sissy."

That worked, he was so intent on beating me he forgot to cry. He also beat me into the water.

"Ya, ya, Jason Polder's a sissy," he screamed from the water as I dive bombed him.

We fooled around for about half an hour, me dunking him, him diving between my legs and toppling me, it was great to see him having fun because he always seemed such a serious little guy. We fell on to the grass together just letting the sun dry us off before moving to the blanket. While we were talking I had a good look at him. He was wearing hipster brief swim trunks so there wasn't much being hidden. I had already noted he had a cute butt and now I had a front view. He was lightly muscled, all natural of course because he didn't work out. Everything looked just right, nice little bulge at the crutch and then it hit me. 'What the fuck was I doing noticing that kind of thing?' That was for faggots.

Did that bring me up with a jolt. I was scoping Omega out sexually. I know he was small and slim, like girls but he was a boy and he looked like a boy lying here in front of me. I rolled away from him blushing, I was confused, this wasn't a natural train of thought.

He noticed of course, "What's the matter Jase?"

"Nothing," was my short reply.

He was still funning so he jumped on me and started finding out that I was ticklish. I had no choice then I rolled him off me got his hands and pinned them above his head, laying my weight on him to hold him down. Then I felt it, having him at my mercy and able to feel his skin against mine I started to bone up. He felt it straight away I could tell because his eyes came out like organ stops and he blushed scarlet. I rolled off him and he could see my boner tenting my baggies before I got onto my stomach. We both went very quiet and Omega lay down beside me not saying anything for a while. When he did I was a bit surprised.

"I'm sorry Jase I didn't mean to embarrass you, but it's totally natural you know."

I looked at him, "What do you mean?"


"Getting a hard on when someone touches your skin."

I raised an eyebrow at him and replied, "Ok, so why haven't you got one?"

He blushed again and lowered his eyes.

"I was too scared you might think I was a faggot and not want to be my friend anymore."

I rolled onto my side then, forgetting my boner and looked in his eyes.

"I like you a lot `Mega, everyone thinks you're a faggot and I still like you. If you are a faggot I don't have a problem so don't change. I like to see you having fun."

He looked confused

"Honestly `Mega." I said.

He grinned then, that lovely little shy grin that made him look even younger than he already did. Then he threw himself on top of me pinning my arms above my head like I had done with him. I could have shifted him with hardly any effort at all but I was laughing so hard I could hardly move, but my boner was back with a vengeance. I wasn't worried then.

I noticed for the first time that he wasn't wearing glasses.

"Hey, where are your specs?"

He looked embarrassed. "I only really need them for reading, but I guess I wear them all the time as a defence."

I could understand that funnily enough, no one would hit a guy with glasses.

"Well, you look really neat without them, it shows your eyes much better and they are great."

He was definitely relaxing more because he grinned and said, "You say the nicest things Mr. Polder, you quite turn a boy's head."

He snuggled into me then putting his head on my chest.

"Thank you for being my friend Jase, I haven't had a proper one since my other friend died."

I put my arms round him and stroked his back, jeez it was soft. I must have lost my head for a second because I leant my head up and kissed the top of his head.

"Well I'm a proper friend `Mega."

Then I felt it. He was getting a boner as well. He looked up at me and I could see the tears forming at the back of his eyes.

"I'm getting a boner as well Jase, is that alright?"

I kissed him on the nose and replied. "I guess so as I have a real stonker on as well."

He giggled, "Yeah I can feel it, it feels like a log, you aren't going to hit me with it are you?"

"Well, I might unless you can think of something else for me to do with it."

Christ did he ever blush then, he was almost purple. I rolled him off me and propped myself up on an elbow alongside him and gently stroked his chest.

"Hey, buddy, it's ok, you don't have to be embarrassed. You can do anything you like and I won't mind."

I looked him all over again making sure he was ok. He looked as though he was about to have a heart attack. When I caught sight of his groin, I gasped. He had a really impressive hard on.

I just brushed it with my hand and looking him in the eyes again I said.

"Crikey `Mega, promise you won't hit me with yours either."

He almost whispered his response.

"I promise Jase, I just want to do anything that would please you."

Call me slow if you like but it had only taken me, what, six months to realise that this little guy was in love with me. I gasped as the realisation hit me. I leant over him and kissed him on the lips.

"Everything you do pleases me `Mega, I think you may just be the best thing that has ever happened to me."

Then I kissed him again, long enough this time to feel his response and to know that I really enjoyed it myselfand the world had just stopped revolving.

When I pulled away I saw the tears, they were running down his cheeks but his eyes were glistening with happiness.

"I love you Jase, I love you so much."

Release of tension, emotional exhaustion at the immense step we had both taken, I just rolled him into my arms and fell asleep. He did the same.

We had lunch about three, when we woke up. We were both very quiet and I kept catching Omega looking at me through half closed eyes. Lunch was cleared away and we lay together on the blanket for ages before he said.

"Is it ok that I love you Jase?"

I looked across at him. The apprehension was clear in his eyes.

I smiled slightly. "I'm not sure, I guess I need to see what I'm getting if I return that love."

Crafty so and so aren't I? I wanted to see him naked and hard so this was how I was going to achieve it.


Quizzical expression. "What do you mean?"

"Well, if we are going to be lovers I need to know what I'm getting so the whole parcel ought to be unwrapped for me to see and feel."

He blushed again, I loved it, particularly as this time he only went pink. He stood up and slid his swim trunks off before standing in front of me with his legs slightly astride and his hands behind his back. His cock was slightly plumped but not erect yet. My turn to tear up, he looked perfect. I knelt before him and gently stroked his cock, just a couple of times and it was hard as iron. It was about six inches long, nice thickness, and circumcised, hugging his belly. It looked amazing. I kissed the end of it and then told him to turn round. Oh God, his butt was absolutely divine, I kissed each cheek and told him,

"That has to be the sexiest most desirable butt in the world"

He turned round again with a huge grin on his face, "Do you mean that Jase?"

"Mmm, you are perfect `Mega, I think I love you as well."

He just threw himself into my arms and kissed me so passionately I nearly passed out. I was flat on my back with my little naked lover lying on top of me.

"This would be heaven Jase if you were naked as well."

"Well do something about it then."

This boy was gaining in confidence by the minute, no hesitation, he rolled off me and unzipped my baggies, I raised my butt and he pulled them down and off. He sat back on his haunches mouth agape at what he was looking at.

"Oh my God, Jase, that is enormous."

He touched it tentatively to start with and then more confidently he started to jack it slowly before moving round and using his other hand to play with my balls. Then he leant forward and licked the head. I'm uncircumcised and my head is really sensitive. I was already in a high state of arousal so he only got to do that for a couple of minutes before I yelled that I was going to cum. He pulled off but still got the first couple of jets in his face. He scooped it off and licked his fingers as he kept jacking me.

I was amazed. "Did you like the taste of that lover?"

He looked like the cat that got the cream making me laugh.

"Mmm, you taste really good."

"Better find out if you do as well then hadn't we?"

With that I rolled him onto his back, lifted his very hard cock clear of his tummy and took the head into my mouth swirling my tongue round it and playing with his balls. We were obviously two very excited boys because he didn't last either and I took all of his sperm in my mouth. Sweet, like I expected.

A lot more cuddling and kissing followed that. I realised we had gone quite a long way down the gay sex trail in very short order.

I kept stroking him for ages, running my hand all over his butt as well and that was magic, it was so beautifully rounded and I could feel the dimples at the top of the cheeks as well, I ran my fingers down his crack and just brushed his anal entry, he gasped but looked up at me with love in his eyes.

"I love you so much Jase, I love you touching me everywhere."

I knew we would have to head home shortly and I wondered where our love would take us now.

I didn't want to leave him when we got home, how weird is that. Well I did and when I got home I hit the internet. I spent the whole of Sunday evening researching gay sex. I wanted to know how to give first class head and where else we could go with sex. Of course anal came up, boy did I spend some time on that one. The thought of sliding my cock in between Omega's cute little butt cheeks had me hard as iron but I thought my monster would kill him. By the time I went to bed I knew that if I opened him up properly and used plenty of lubricant I could slide over his sphincter muscle without totally freaking him but I would hurt him. Secondly I knew that I had to hold just inside him to let him adjust and let any pain dissipate, I could feed him about six inches no problem but after that I would have to pass over another barrier where he would experience pain and that pain would repeat every time I went over that place, but hopefully not too badly. I learnt about moving around a bit to enter him at different angles and to take it easy because if I fucked him hard I would hurt him a lot and probably not last very long I also learnt about the prostate and that amazed me, I had no idea we effectively had a clit like a girl only ours was in our bum. I hoped I would be able to find Omega's with my fingers as well as my cock so that I could have him flying before I even entered him..


Monday morning and he looked at me as we hit home room for registration, not quite sure of my love I guess. Easy to get him to relax, I walked across and slung my arm over his shoulder.

"Hi `Mega, you ok."

I felt him relax and he grinned at me.

"After Sunday I am as good as I have ever been."

My football buds noticed and Kenny, who I was probably closest to said to me,

"What's with you and the faggot Jase?"

"Long story bud, but the faggot as you call him turns out to be one hell of a nice kid. He's clever, witty, helpful, appreciates his friends and is helping to raise my grades."

Kenny laughed, I had said it just right I reckoned, so I was smiling too.

"So when's he going to put out for you?"

Smile gone in double quick time.

"Jeez you have a really nasty mind. Just be warned he's my friend now and anyone that gives him a hard time from now on is going to get thumped."

The word was round by lunch time.

`Jason Polder is getting head from Omega Zavros.'

Each time I heard it I thumped the person saying it and then went and thumped Kenny who I was sure had spread the rumour. If anyone said anything to Omega and I heard, they got two thumps. By the end of the week there were a lot of bruises around and talk about me and Omega had either stopped or gone underground. By the end of the second week it was old news and no one cared. I was the same Jason, Omega appeared to be a nice guy, so what the hell.

It did become pretty amusing seeing all the big butch football players together, usually in the gym, with this one little runt in attendance, except that when he stripped off to shower everyone realised he wasn't a runt. They saw what I had seen, a well put together little guy. Omega enjoyed working out with me occasionally, he was mentored so that he didn't try to go over the top with weights but he very quickly started to tighten up and look even sexier.

Sex though had gone no further, in each other's rooms doing assignments we had managed a few blowjobs but I was getting frustrated, I really wanted to properly make love to Omega. My love for the little man was growing all the time and I felt the need to express it by my actions.

The chance came four weeks after the picnic Sunday. Omega's parents were going away for the weekend. Could Jason stay the weekend, yes, no problem. Both of us were almost vibrating with the excitement generated by our thoughts.

Kenny could see it in me and commented.

"What's with you bud, you look about ready to burst with excitement, what's got you going."

I was grinning all the time and replied, "Oh nothing."

That was all Kenny got but he watched me all week and finally thought he had it figured. His comment had been correct. I was in a sexual relationship with Omega.

He pulled me away from the others Friday lunch time for a talk.

"I've got it Jase, you're spending the weekend with Omega and my bet is the excitement revolves around unbridled sex. I was right the other week wasn't I?"

I gave him a pitying look.

"Get real Kenny, even if it were true I'm hardly likely to tell you am I?"

He laughed, "No of course not Jase, I just want you to know, it's ok with me. I like Omega now, he's a cute kid and if you weren't looking out for him I probably would, but I don't want sex with him."

I laughed, "That's good because you aren't going to get any."

Enough said, I think I have a silent ally, if not a very devious enemy. I wasn't going to come out whatever, I wasn't worried for me but I couldn't be round Omega to protect him 24/7 if it became public knowledge we were fags.

Friday afternoon I was round Omega's house half an hour after school with my weekend bag. Tooth brush, tooth paste and a ton of Wet Light lube. No, seriously I had put in a few clothes.

His Mum and Dad drove off at five and at one minute past I was devouring my Lover.

Being able to kiss him and not worry about anyone seeing us had us at sexual overload almost, while we were still fully clothed.

Oh God, I loved this little guy with all my heart, he was the most adorable creature I had ever met. Without him I might never have known I was gay and never known the joy that I got from just being near another person.


How lucky was I? Sixteen years old, just realised I was gay and straight away into a loving relationship, stuff of dreams.

Looking back on it I realise even more how totally lucky I was. No angst about my sexuality ever and I guess the same applied to Omega after we met. He would have had a hard time being out and so small whereas when we came out even the homophobes kept away from us because I was too big to fuck with.

Well, back to our weekend.

We both came in our pants before we got out of the entrance hall at his house just from kissing. It then took us ages to stop giggling like a couple of school girls.

"Oh yuk, that feels disgusting." I said as I wriggled uncomfortably in my cum covered boxers.

Omega was laughing so hard he could hardly stand.

"Mmm, do you think we turn each other on Jase or was it something I said?"

More giggles.

We eventually made it to the bedroom where we quickly undressed and threw our sticky underwear in his laundry bin.

"Shower first my little munchkin and then I'm going to devour your body."

He almost bounced across the room to the bathroom shouting, "Promises, promises."

I watched him and gasped, his butt was just so damned gorgeous I never got tired of looking at it.

The shower was fantastic, being able to gently stroke and caress his whole body as I soaped him up was the most incredible experience. Of course he was hard as an iron bar and came once before doing the same to me. This little man touching my cock could make me cum so quickly it was stupid. When we had played around I always came two or three times before I lasted long enough for him to enjoy it as well. He was almost the same actually. I knew I was going to disgrace myself if I got anal intercourse out of this game because I was almost cumming just thinking about my cock sliding between his cheeks Shower finished and we crashed on the bed facing each other but not quite touching. My nose was about two inches from his and our eyes were glued to each others.

"I love you Jase, I love you so much. You've turned my world upside down since you became my friend. I think I've always known I liked boys but I was so scared of ever showing it. You made it so easy for me at the picnic. Never in a million years would I have suspected you were gay until you kissed me on the lips."

I laughed.

"If it wasn't for you I might never have found out myself. I had no idea until I met you and realised I looked at you in a different way to other guys. I love you too `Mega and now I want to properly make love to you but I'm scared as hell. I want to fuck you and I know technically I can but I'm so worried I'm going to hurt you with my monster."

Omega took me in his hand and still staring straight into my eyes whispered,

"I know Jase. I feel the same way but I really want you to try. I'm sure after the first time it will be ok. All the sites I've visited say you can do it and it will get easier each time."

I was goggle eyed, "You little slut, you've been planning for me to fuck you."

I was grinning and so was he, "I bet you have as well otherwise what's the Wet Light for?"

I hugged him and nuzzled his neck, he was putty in my hands when I did anything like that, he was a bundle of sensitivity. I stroked him gently for ages without getting sexual, all the time telling him how wonderful I thought he was, talking about each part of his body as I stroked it or licked it. Of course once I got to his nipples it got sexual, thumb first, then lips to kiss them and tongue to lick them, finally teeth to have a little nibble. Huge orgasm and a gasped, "Thank you Jase."

He was so funny.

I carried on down then to his cock and balls. Just a little lick here before going to his inner thighs. I slid between his legs so that I could lick up one thigh across his balls and down the other thigh. I slid a wet finger up and down the underside of his cock as I was doing that until he was ready to cum again and then I bent his legs and spread them wider so that I could lick behind his balls and his perineum. I was on overload by then and came in a gut wrenching orgasm that made me cry out with its intensity.


I looked up and Omega looked a bit worried.

"I'm alright lover, just a bit worked up working on you."

He sniggered, "Just a bit Jase?"

I smiled up at him as I took his glans into my mouth and gave it a bath as a punishment for him being a smart ass. I got another mouthful of boy juice then.

I pushed his legs back further and started working on his butt. I almost licked both cheeks away before moving in closer and starting on his rosebud. I teased it for ages, just touching it with the tip of my tongue until he was gasping again and then I put my whole mouth over it and sucked. He went absolutely ballistic and shot another load. This guy was so sensitive to my touch I could hardly believe it. When I slid my first finger in to him and hit his prostate he totalled. That frightened me a bit. When he came back to me he started to cry and I moved back up the bed to cuddle him.

"I'm sorry Baby if I hurt you."

The look was so funny, "Hurt me, are you kidding, I just died and went to heaven for a few minutes. My G spot is something else. When you fuck me, every time you hit it I'm sure I'm going to die."

God, he wasn't far wrong I gradually worked all my fingers into him and had him cumming most of the time. I have to admit I orgasmed a couple of times myself.

Then it was time for the big one. I put a ton of lube on my cock and inside him before I pushed my glans gently against his rosebud. I watched what I was doing and flicked my look to his eyes frequently as well. The sight of his little anus opening gradually to take my cockhead was an experience I will remember until the day I die. When it slipped over his sphincter he cried with the pain but pleaded with me not to remove it.

As I felt his sphincter relax I gradually fed him more of me. At about five or six inches I entered his large intestine giving him the second spike of pain and then I was all the way in. The tears were coursing down my cheeks as well. My senses had all gone ballistic, the feelings bombing around my body were indescribable. I made two stokes before my first orgasm inside him. It got longer between orgasms until the last one when I must have lasted about ten minutes and was probably having dry ones. Omega meanwhile had hardly stopped cumming and he was now orgasming dry.

"Please Jase, I'm feeling sore."

I pulled out very slowly, still erect and just rolled over, pulling him into my arms as I did so.

Neither of us said anything for ages, we just looked into each other's eyes in wonder.

Omega was the first one to speak.

"I don't think I believe what has just happened Jase. I didn't believe it was possible to feel like I have done almost continuously for the last two hours."

He looked at the clock on the bedside table as he said it.

"I thought I was dying with an overload of pleasure so often I'm surprised I only passed out once."

I kissed his nose and hugged him tighter, I wanted to tell him how I felt but I couldn't find words that came close to describing my feelings. My eyes watered out of frustration.

"What is it Jase, what have I done? Did I get it all wrong? Please tell me."

He was getting frantic so I put a finger on his lips.

"Shh, I can't find the words to tell you what I feel, the tears are from frustration. Words like incredible and amazing can't even come close to describing what we have just done. You are the most wondrous lover any man could wish for. I love you so much `Mega, I would die for you in a milli-second."

He buried his face back in my chest so that I could only just catch what he said.

"Thank you Jase, I don't know how many times you took me to Paradise but it has just about blown my mind. I don't know how I could be so lucky having you as my lover."

A couple of minutes later he was asleep, his even breathing slowing gradually as his systems restored him to normal. I stroked him gently for ages until I too slept.

It was past ten when I woke. Omega was still lying on my chest but he had woken up and switched on the bedside light. He had his chin resting on his arms across my chest and he was looking down at me with so much love in his eyes I had to blink to keep the tears in.


He smiled at me and said, "Would you like to eat?"

"Mmm, yes, you."

"Yes I'm hungry too."

I giggled then, he had broken the spell and returned me to normal.

"No you Klutz, that wasn't a question, that was an answer, yes I'm hungry and I want to eat you."

He didn't giggle then he laughed, a lovely soft side tickling laugh that just appeared to tinkle. We had to shower then there must have been a gallon of dried cum on us and it was oozing out of his anus making a terrible mess on the bed.

We changed the bed and along with our gooey boxers we started a wash going before heading for the kitchen. Neither of us bothered with clothes so by the time we got there I was hard again from watching his little butt undulating along in front of me.

"You're a sex fiend Jason Polder. Do you want to fuck me again here over the kitchen sink?"

The twinkle in his eyes made me crease up.

"Yes, but let's eat first shall we?"

We just pigged on snacks, it was too late to cook which he assured me he could. We looked like a couple of love sick teenagers passing big doe eyed looks across the table at each other while we ate.

Ok, so that's what we were and it felt wonderful.

We didn't make love in the kitchen until breakfast the next morning but I did make slow and gentle love to him once more before we slept spooned into each other for the most contented sleep I think I have ever had.

I don't know how many times we made love to each other that weekend. I know I was a wreck when his parents arrived home.

They took one look at us, looked knowingly at each other and then his Mum said,

"This is the one then Omega is it?"

We looked at each other and Omega blushed.

"What do you mean Mum?"

She just stood up and unhooked a mirror from the back of the kitchen door, placed it in front of us and said, "Look at your eyes."

Oh fuck, talk about your eyes being a mirror to your soul. Ours still oozed all the love we had been experiencing throughout the weekend.

We both blushed almost scarlet. Omega broke down, completely, I was amazed but I had to reply. I cuddled him as I said it.

"I love your son with every fibre of my being, I'm sorry, I know he loves me as well. I won't give him up whatever you say. I'll find a way for us to be together whatever happens."

They both grinned and his Dad said.

"I'm pleased to hear that Jason but unless you want the whole world to know you are going to have to do something about your eyes."

Omega shot up straight, stopped bawling and looked at his parents in wonder.

"Don't you mind?"

"No Son, we don't mind, I think we've known for years that we weren't going to be grandparents. You just make sure you are good to each other."

I went home soon after walking on air. My Mum and Dad were out so I went to bed without seeing them. Monday morning and the usual pleasantries at breakfast before Dad asked.

"How was your weekend Son?"

"Fantastic Dad. I never thought that my best friend would be a little guy that doesn't play sport and would sooner hold a book than a ball, but Omega is terrific."

"Mmm, we noticed how much of your conversation he has been in these last few months."

Nothing more was said and I wondered if they had a clue before deciding that they didn't. This big jock football player couldn't be gay could he?

Could he?

Nothing much happened for the rest of that term. Mr. and Mrs. Zavros became Mum and Dad and gave us as much privacy as they could when we were together. That meant we still got to make love reasonably often, but of course it wasn't enough for us, we would have lived in bed given the chance. It truly amazed me at how powerful my sex drive was once I had made love to Omega for the first time. Up to that time I had not thought about sex very much. I jacked off occasionally but I don't think I thought about much, only getting an orgasm.

Most of my football mates thought it was weird the way I spent so much time with Omega. I passed that off by saying that he was helping me raise my GPA and I happened to like him. The first was true because we did work together at our assignments and he helped me with ones that weren't even his subjects, of course he was a straight 4.0. I did still keep up my weight training and running. Omega did circuit training and a toning weight programme, I didn't want him to be all muscled. And he used a cycle to pace me when I went running.


End of term and my results were brilliant. My parents were amazed at how high I had raised my scores. If I kept it up for another year I would almost certainly get a football scholarship and be able to study as well. The plan of course was for Omega and I to get accepted to the same college so that we wouldn't have that four year loss of each other.

Last workout of the term and Kenny broached the subject.

"What are you doing for the summer Jase?"

"I'm going to work in a solicitor's office in the corporate law section. It should dovetail nicely into my MBA studies when I go to college."

"Wow, a jock with a brain. That could be dangerous."

I grinned, "Fuck you Kenny."

He was all serious next question.

"What about Omega?"

"Oh he's going to work in the library across the road from me. You know him and books, he'll be in his element."

"Mmm. I guess that means you'll be hooking up with him a lot?"

"Yeah, of course, every day I should think."

"He must be something special Jase, the change in you since you met him has dumbfounded all of us. Are you going to play football next semester?"

"What a weird question Kenny," I said, "Of course I'm going to play, I want a football scholarship to save my parents money. And to answer your first question, `Mega is the most special person I have ever met."

Kenny nodded sagely. He had to know what was going on because he had become a total Jason and Omega watcher, so he would have seen the odd gentle touches we exchanged and the looks when we thought we were safe and the way I hardly let him out of my sight. I didn't party anymore and I spent almost all my free time at Omega's house.

He had been doing gym with me for two semesters and it showed, a few of the guys whose sexuality we weren't sure of spent a lot of time looking at him now, his body had tightened up so that when he stripped down to shower he looked absolutely stunning. He walked with a wonderful spring in his step, self confidant, happy, witty and helpful. Quite a few of the team would join us for study periods and Omega would help them with assignments, they daren't fail anything or they would be dropped from the team.

"You know Jase, I reckon you could come out next term if you wanted to, we all think Omega is a great little guy and you must be the most popular footballer in the school. You're sure to be Captain next term."

"Don't know what you're talking about Kenny, there are no gay footballers you know that."

"Huh, I think there might be at least three in our team alone."

I looked shocked.

"Don't be bloody daft."

"You wouldn't know if they jumped up and bit your dick you are so into Omega you don't see anyone else."

"That's bullshit Kenny."

"Ok, that's bullshit, so if you asked Joe or Bash to make up a threesome in bed with you and Omega they would turn you down. I don't think so. I'm surprised you haven't tripped over their tongues when Omega and you get naked. Your cock and his butt are a gay man's fantasy come true."

I looked at Kenny and wondered.

"How about if I invited you to join us?"

He blushed but then I saw him make his decision. He stood straight up so that he equalled my height, looked me straight in the eyes and said,

"I'm not gay Jase, probably bi, but yeah, I'd jump at the chance to go to bed with you two to slide into Omega's cute butt and sample that monster between your legs. I don't think I could let you fuck me but I think almost anything else would be alright."

I put my arm around him and gave him a hug.

"That's pretty damn brave of you Kenny, I haven't even admitted to being gay so I could go and tell the boys you want my cock and Omega's ass and you'd be history."

"Yeah, I know, but you won't, you're my best friend and after Omega I hope I'm yours."

Wow, what a way to finish your year.

We saw a bit of Kenny over the summer but not a lot, mostly it was when we were training. I kept up my regime and Kenny took to running with me. Omega of course continued as my pace man on his bike.

On the family front my Dad decided he wanted to know about Omega and me.


"Like to come and sit with me in the yard Son while your Mother does dinner?"

That was the opening one day when I was home after work.

We sat in chairs on the terrace at an angle to each other looking across the lawn to the BBQ area which Dad had revamped ready for summer use.

"You've done really well at school this year Jason. Your Mother and I are very proud of how hard you have worked."

"Thanks Dad, but it's `Mega you should thank it's him that has kept my nose to the grindstone and helped my football training as well."

"Yeah, we kind of guessed that. You changed after that first weekend you went away with him just after you met. Want to tell me about it?"

I shrugged, "What's to tell, he's just the best friend I've ever had and he's a terrific influence on me for good. I don't party anymore and I don't drink. Of course I've never smoked or done drugs."

"Come on Son, it's more than that isn't it, you practically live together, that's not a normal friendship. If he were a girl I would expect you to be engaged by now you are so close."

I knew where he was going and I didn't know if I was brave enough to risk everything by being honest.

"If he were a girl we wouldn't be having this conversation would we Dad?"

I was looking straight at him so I'm sure he could see that I was in a total funk over this.

"No Son because you would already have told us that you were in love and had found your life's soul mate."

I gulped, dropped my eyes and just about whispered.

"Yes Dad, you're right."

I waited for the explosion but it didn't come so I looked up just as my Father moved off his chair and knelt down beside mine. He put an arm around my shoulder and squeezed it.

"I'm disappointed that you didn't trust in our love for you to tell us something that important Jason. I know your Mother wants grandchildren but she's like me, she thought you would be able to tell us."

I swear I'm not going to become a Cry Baby but I burst into tears and fell off the chair into my Father's arms.

"I'm sorry Dad, I love him so much I was terrified you might try to keep us apart."

He pushed me away from him slightly, lifted my chin and kissed me very briefly full on the lips. I was absolutely stunned at that level of intimacy from my old man.

"Next to your mother I love you more than anyone else in the world, I know you are going to make us proud of you all be it as a gay man. Omega is now and will always be welcome in this house."

More tears but it was one very happy boy that sat down with the best parents in the world for dinner that night.

The summer flew by after that. Omega and I both worked very hard and poured a load of money into our college funds. We took to having dinner and sleeping in alternate houses after my chat with Dad so that both parents got to see a decent amount of each of us.

We were both so happy it was almost like a cloak around the pair of us. Kenny became a more frequent visitor as time to start football training got close.

The coup for us was when coach called us for pre season training he was bitching about not having an assistant. My mind went into overdrive and I asked him what his assistant would have to do and how many hours a week he would want him.

"Mostly admin stuff so he would need to be able to travel with us for games and put in maybe ten hours a week admin here, he could do most of it while you guys are training so it could even be another student who's a bit of a nerd."

I blanched at that term but!

"I think Omega Zavros would do it coach. He is a literature major and a straight 4.0 GPA student."

"Ask him to come and see me if he's interested."

I felt a bit smug until one of the guys piped up.

"Neat Jase, you'll be able to take your boyfriend with you to away games to sooth your furrowed brow after a game."

I was on him like a shot and nearly broke his jaw.

"You ever cast aspersions on my relationship with Omega again and I'll fucking kill you."

That rattled a few cages. Coach didn't know what to say so he pretended it hadn't happened.

"Ok, settle down we've got a lot to go through this afternoon. First the Captaincy, I want a player with the necessary leadership skills who can command the respect of the rest of the team so for the first time in the school's history you are going to choose your own skipper for this season."


Kenny piped up straight away for which I would be eternally grateful.

"Not much competition Coach. Jason Polder is the only guy I would follow through the gates of hell."

"Yeah me too," came from a few other's.

"Ok, any other nominations?"

A couple of the guys had a little confab around Robbie, the guy I had floored but no other names were muted.

"Thanks guys, I appreciate your confidence in me and I'll do my best to make you all proud of me by the end of the season."

Coach pulled me aside at the end of the session.

"What's with you and Zavros, Jason?"

"He's my best friend and he isn't sporty so a couple of the guys have ribbed me about having a nerdy friend. He's a great guy and has been responsible for dragging my GPA up to where it is now. He happens to be very fit and well put together but he is only five six so no chance he is going to fit into any sports team in this school even if he wanted to."

Coach I could feel wanted to ask more intimate questions but changed his mind and just told me to ask Omega to come and see him if he was interested.

"By the way Jason he will get paid."

I grinned, "That will please him, we've both worked our butts off this summer to build our college fund, he'll like being able to do it during term time as well."

Everything still on track and Omega took the job. One of his duties was to allocate hotel rooms when we played away so we always slept together, great.

He doubled as towel boy on away games as well so that added to his popularity. It was when he worked out with us the first time that Coach saw him naked. I think he nearly shit himself.

"Christ, Jason, that boy is absolutely stunning." Then he realised what he had said and scooted out of the changing room.

I guess even straight men had to appreciate what they saw when Omega was naked even if it was only aesthetically.

The next time I saw coach he blushed, I acted very grown up and just put my arm loosely over his shoulder and said,

"You don't need to be embarrassed Coach, you only said what every guy says when they see Omega naked. What a pity we can't stretch him six or eight inches but keep the same proportion, we'd probably have an awesome footballer."

He lightened up then and I knew I had made another friend. Just in case.

By the time the season finished I had justified my position as Captain. We had won everything at high school level and several of us with decent GPA's had been offered football scholarships.

The other thing was that I think everyone knew that Omega and I were a gay couple but no one made anything of it. We didn't come out per se but we were so touchy feely around each other they would have had to be blind to not notice. I couldn't help it the guy just turned me on every time I looked at him. When he was in the locker room with us I always had a chubby on and a couple of times boned up completely. Kenny was right I reckon, Joe and Bash found it difficult to take their eyes off Omega's butt and my cock, the first time they saw it hard their tongues were hanging out. I had to laugh.

I would have loved to have invited them for a sex session but there was no way I could share Omega and he would have been devastated if I had been unfaithful to him.

We got our first choice university and at the end of the summer went off together in a new convertible that both Mum and Dad's had bought between them. Not much point in having two cars, we still went around joined at the hip after nearly two years.

Omega had stopped wearing his glasses except to read and then he wore very stylish ones.

He still worked out with the football crew quite often and of course came to all our games. Once again it became quite obvious that our relationship was special but we only took a little bit of stick because Omega was popular and I was a more than adequate team member. I wasn't going to make pro so I wasn't worried even if we had been outed I couldn't see it affecting my career at all, or Omega's.

We counted our anniversary as the date of our Sunday picnic and on our fifth in our last year at uni we had a celebration party and told everyone of our friends what it was for. The comments had us all in fits. I don't think I ever heard as many faggot jokes again the whole of my life. We didn't expect any animosity from Omega's literary crowd and the footballers had become conditioned to us so although they were a little surprised at us coming out they weren't surprised that we were gay.

I am so pleased I helped that little Cry Baby all those years ago because we are both successful, have a wonderful home and I still bone up just looking at him.

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