Man for Man

Crazed Monkeys


For a fund-raising event, this wasn't such a bad party. Everyone was dressed up, men in business suits or tuxedos, women in their "wine-tasting party" finery. The band was banging out a tune easy to dance to, the people were dancing, drinking mostly-non-alcoholic drinks and their was more laughter than talking going on.


I noticed one guy with a yellow badge on his tux, a big number "4" on it. One of the bachelors. Some twenty guys had volunteered (or been volunteered) to be the bachelors sold at auction. With them went a good time of some sort, from a ticket to a play to a free bungee-jump. The bachelor was to throw in something of his own on top of that, usually something he was good at. I knew Jon (number "8") was an artist and would paint his date's portrait for his contribution.

I saw Gary over by the buffet, stuffing his face and laughing hard. It just wasn't fair that I was stuck seeing such a gorgeous guy around, with a perfectly formed face topped with magnificent blond hair, a broad chest, massive arms, wasp-like waist, strong legs and worst of all, the thickest, longest, most majestic prong that you ever saw wasted on a straight guy. He was God's gift to anyone who he condescended to notice, and the worst thing of all was that he knew it, exuding self-confident machismo with every thrust of his hips whenever he moved or stood cockily angled to talk to someone.

He was even acing all his college courses without half-trying, and without cheating, and was funding his college education with a combined sports scholarship and by winning a scholastic grant so he didn't even have to work a part-time job or summers while he went to college.

It just wasn't fucking fair! And he was number "3" of the bachelors, the best prizes and guys were up in the first half dozen, he was bound to bring a high price!

Okay, I was green with envy and purple with frustration and red with lust, all forming a kaleidoscope of mixed emotions that churned whenever I looked at him. Can you really blame me? I wished I could bid for him at that auction, get him for myself for just a little while. If I knew Gary, he was going to offer a magical night to his buyer and that could be mine.

But of course, I couldn't do that!

"Can you believe Gary Mixon is going to be one of the bachelors?" one of a group of girls near me said.

"Yes, but you don't want to bid on him." another advised.

"Huh? Why not? I got a couple hundred dollars I wouldn't mind investing in a bit of that."

"Because Virginia Twiller's going to be bidding on him, and she's got some special plans for him. And you know what happens when you mess with Virginia's plans."

Virginia Twiller? One of the ugliest girls on campus. And I don't mean her looks, she was a beautiful girl. I'm talking about underneath that. A really ugly personality. Whatever Gary had done to her (and he may not have done anything to her, mind you, she was the kind who'd take someone down just because she thought they thought they were better than her, if you followed me on that), she was about to take her revenge by buying him at the auction. I'd seen her past victims and Gary went from a jerk to a guy desperately in need of my help in about a half-second!

Where was Virginia? I could try to talk her out of this! Or at least find out something about what she planned, so I could warn Gary about it! I began a search that lasted about thirty seconds because....

"All right, everyone, it's time for the bachelor auction!" came the announcer's voice. "You've had all evening to look them over and pick out your favorite, so get ready to bid on it. Where's number one? Gregg, get up here! Along with Gregg, ladies, you get a full six-course meal at Romanov's including a selection from their four-star wine list."

Oh, God, it was starting already! Gary would go with Virginia thinking what a hot babe wanted him. I bet she planned to entice him into her bed, maybe tie him up, and then take some pictures she'd spread about the web! That was her style, complete devastation and nothing less.

I barely paid attention while Gregg was bought by a not-bad-looking 30'ish woman. I spotted Virginia just as Bachelor #2, Jordan, was bought by his girlfriend (who else?), and now it was time for....

"Gary Mixon! Gary comes with an intimate dinner for two at Cecillee's and what does your lucky date get to go with that, Gary?"


"Two hours of absolutely anything she wants." Gary said and thrust his hips a la Elvis Presley. "Anything." he said again, significantly. A chorus of "woo-oo-oo-oo-oo"s erupted from the audience.

"Who'll start the bidding at twenty dollars?"

"Twenty!" said Virginia and a hush fell over the female members of the audience. Virginia had cut a swathe through them the past three years you could drive a diesel rig through, nobody wanted to cross her in any way whatsoever. Nobody was going to bid against her, nobody at all.

"I have twenty, who'll make it twenty-five?"

"Twenty-five!" I called out, not even knowing I was going to do it!

"He can't bid!" Virginia shouted out. "He's a guy!"

"Hey, my money is as good as anyone else's!" I said. "Besides, I got a thing for that cute ass of his and I want it!"

That got a wave of laughter and the auctioneer said, "I think we can allow it. I just hope Gary wants to play parcheesi for two hours after some of Cecillee's escargot in white sauce!" If it sounded like he was plugging the places that contributed, he was. Some of the money raised was paid by the places on top of the gifts to the couples.

"All right, then!" Virginia snarled. "Fifty dollars!"

"Seventy-five!" I called out. I had about three hundred dollars in my bank account right now, I just hoped Virginia didn't want revenge too badly. I'd be scraping the back of my refrigerator and cabinets for food by the time I made that money back.

"One hundred!"

"One hundred and fifty!"

"Two hundred!"

"Two hundred and fifty!"

"Three hundred!"

"Three hundred twelve dollars and seventy-two cents!" I had just bid my entire bank account.

"Sold!" the auctioneer slammed down his gavel.

Gary was looking more than a little mad, he obviously hadn't heard about Virginia. He came down to stand by me and he was steaming angry! "What the fuck did you do that for?" he said to me when he got close enough and could say it in a hoarse sort of whisper.

"Saving your ass, is what I did." I said.

"You think I'm giving my ass to you, you're sadly mistaken. I hope you have a parcheesi game!"

"Ask around before our date this Friday night." I told him. "Ask any of the girls about Virginia. But make sure nobody can overhear you when you ask them."

"I'll pick your ass up at seven o'clock sharp." he nearly snarled. "You be ready or I'll take off without you."

"Ask around." I called as he turned and walked off. He was supposed to dance with me, but I didn't press the point, I just cut a check for my entire bank account and made a desperation call to my home and mother. I needed more cash!

Dear Mom came through like she always did and I was dressed and waiting at six thirty for Gary to come pick me up. I was paying enough for this, I was getting myself a nice meal out of this. I hoped Cecillee's was up to the hype she got.

The Gary who knocked on the door was one contrite guy. He damned near looked human. "You were right about Virginia." he said as he handed me the corsage. They had to show up with a corsage. "I asked Sandy and Marianne about her, and I got an earful and then some. She's a total bitch, isn't she?"

"And then some." I agreed.

"So about after the dinner." Gary continued. "I said anything and I meant anything. You want it, you got it."

"So we get to make love like crazed monkeys, then?" I said. I was joking. Really. Mostly. Maybe.

Gary laughed. "It'll teach me to open my big mouth, won't it? Come on, I do want to show you a good time."

And he did. Gary was a great joker, he could deliver lines in a way a stand-up comedian dreams about. We were laughing and talking, and everything I said reminded him of a joke or he'd make a comment that would make me laugh some more. Cecillee's food WAS darned good, too! We had carte-blanche, could order anything we wanted. We weren't given a bill, but I suspect we racked up over two hundred dollars worth of food. Of course, that was her prices for it, not what it cost her to make for Gary and me.

A few guys came by and asked us about our date. Gary laughed and made jokes when they did, saying I was the love of his life and the only man for him and such. I left that restaurant feeling I hadn't totally wasted my money after all.


Gary drove me back to my place and walked me to the door. "Thanks for being a great date, Gary." I said as I shook his hand. "I really enjoyed it."

"You still have two hours left." he pointed out. "You know, do anything you wanted?"

"Oh, that." I considered it. "Well, come on in and we'll figure out something to do."

Gary was seated on my couch and his arm over the top of it when I brought him out the drinks, just glasses of cola. He toasted me by touching glasses with me (which I cooperated with when I realized what he wanted to do) and said, "Your two hours of anything begins right now."

"Oh." I said. "So what should we do?" I sipped my drink.

"I thought you'd already decided."

"I had?"

"Yeah. Remember?"

"Huh? Oh, yeah!" I snickered. "Make love like a couple of crazed monkeys, wasn't it?"

"Right." Gary's hand came over and took my drink from my hand, and set it on the end table alongside his. "We'd better get started, hadn't we?"

"Huh?" And that was all I got before Gary's face was mashed up against mine and I was getting kissed, and hard. "Gmm-mmm-mmm-mmmh!"

Gary let go and I was twisted around and back on the couch, looking up at him wide-eyed. "Is that crazed monkey enough for you?"

"Are you serious?" I asked, almost frightened.

"Hey, you saved me from that bitch. Marianne told me what Virginia had planned for me during the two hours I promised. The least I owe you is to give you just what you want, seeing how you paid for me."

"Every cent in my bank account." I agreed.

"So..." Gary said. "Crazed monkeys?"

"Crazed monkeys." I agreed and when Gary came in to kiss me again, this time I matched him lip for lip.

There was a hard, frantic nature to our touching each other, my leg coming up to wrap over Gary, his hand rubbing my buttock round and round. I ground my crotch up against Gary's, and there was a thick, hard, round bulge there waiting for me. Oh, God! I had Gary's dong pushing up against mine! Just two pairs of pants and two pairs of briefs kept them apart!

I broke that urgent, unending kiss to gasp out. "The bed! Let's get to the bed!"

Gary had moved to my neck and he kissed it before he whispered in my ear. "Let's go!"

Inside my bedroom, I began tearing my clothes off, not caring where they went. Get naked, get naked now, and on that bed!

Gary was behind me and while he moved more sedately, he was more skilled at this undressing in unfamiliar environments. A demure unbuttoning, a lithe slither and he was bare to the waist. His shoes he had kicked off and as I watched those hands reach to that so-slender waist and undo the belt and then the button at the top, I nearly creamed, just from the sight of that beautiful body, sleek, golden-toned, every muscle highlighted in silver sheen, topped with a smile that the devil must wear when he's gathering in a new soul. And I was ready to sign on the dotted line if I could just get that body back in my arms and nude!

His hands removed the last of his clothing and he was revealed in all his glory. Major Glory! That was my instant title of honor for his dong. Like everything else about Gary, it was perfect. If you can imagine perfection in a pud that was cut, bulb-tipped, smooth-skinned, velvet-toned and arcing so-slightly upwards over a distance of nearly ten inches, all of it warm and begging for attention.

My own more modest endowment was pointing eagerly Gary's way like a puppy panting at the prospect of a playmate. And Gary stood there looking like a god.

And he suddenly grinned and dropped down into a crouch, his arms swinging loosely, and he gave out some "ook-ook-ook-ook" sounds. I had to laugh at that. Crazed monkey sex is what I'd asked for, and Gary was about to deliver!

He waddled over to me and with his lips pursed outwards in monkey-like fashion, he closed upon my prick, and as I laughed at his antics, those lips latched onto my cock and sucked it in and suddenly I had monkey-love working my dick for all it was worth!

"Oh, G-o-o-o-o-d!" I moaned as his mouth showed it was as perfectly talented as everything else about him. He had my dong throbbing in no time and I had to pull away before I shot my wad into his mouth at only three minutes and counting!


But I pulled it out with an audible pop and gasped, gulping hard. "My turn to be the monkey!"

Gary laid down on the bed and displayed his body for me, arms away from his body, legs splayed wide, prong standing proudly, royally tall above him. "So start swinging."

I shuddered as I crawled between those beautiful legs, as I grasped that lovely dong, as I pushed my lips down upon and over it as gently as if this masterpiece of manhood would shatter if ill-handled.

And as I enveloped the glans and began to slide my mouth over the shaft beneath, Gary sighed softly. "Uuuuuuuuh!"

That small sound triggered something in me. I had Gary in my bed, under my body, nude and available and willing. I had paid my last cent to get him here, but he was here and he was mine.

So when I reached my depth, capturing only about half that long prong, I pulled up and the warm liquid precome gushed onto my tongue, I suddenly caught the monkey-urge and began to lunge up and down upon him rapidly, milking him fast as my muscles could move my head and neck, wanting it, all of it, now, right now!

"Oh, uhhh, gahhhh, huhhhh, guhhhh, huuuhhh!" Gary gabbled as I pounded him with my mouth. "God, man, yeah, hot monkey sex, go crazy, man, go crazy! Take it, take it all, harder, man, harder, faster, be my hot monkey, be my hot monkey!"

Gary's legs came up and rested themselves upon my back and when he caught his heels a purchase there, he began to hunch up at me. God, such a hot man, so fucking beautiful and so fucking mine! I caught his legs by the thighs and I hitched at him, hard. My lips slid from that dong, puncturing his soul as he groaned at the loss, no, not now, don't stop, please! I pulled him down on the bed and then he felt my cock slap at his nuts and he understood as he looked up at me, his eyes glazed, mouth open, dazed, wondering...wanting.

"Monkey sex!" I gasped out. "Monkeys don't suck cocks. Monkeys fuck ass!"

I waited, but his only answer was, "Shove it in me."

"Lubrication." I panted. "On the nightstand, that small bottle with blue cap! Give it to me."

He passed me the bottle of Lube and I squirted a generous portion onto my palm. His legs remained eagerly upon my shoulders though I no longer held them in thrall. Greased up, my hands returned to their former jobs and my dong searched for his anus. Gary's hand reached down and guided me to contact point, I felt the hot tucker of flesh upon my tip and I moaned. God, I was so hot, I'd never last.

But monkeys don't last long, do they? To hell with it, to hell with being the tender lover and the considerate partner, I was going to go postal on this butt. I pushed and it opened for me and I took that as invitation to ram it in deep and hard! Gary was either experienced in male-male sex or hotter than I was, for his ass didn't put up a single iota of resistance as I drove myself into him to the very hilt!

As my balls touched his ass cheeks, as my pubic hairs brushed his dong, Gary closed his eyes and moaned, "Ohhhhh, yeahhhhh!" His ass was raised up into the air, my knees supporting both our weight.

I began to fuck my bought-and-paid-for bachelor, I had him plugged and now it was time to drive him on home! Crazed monkey time!

"Ook-ook-ook-ook!" I said and he opened his eyes, chuckled.

"Come on, give it to me, monkey-style!"

So I sped-fucked Gary and his whole body shook from the force of my thrusts as I rammed him deep and fast. He just went "Ook-ook-ook-ook-ook!" for me.

"Ook-ook-ook-ook-ook!" I panted out as best I could.







And I was creaming at last. My balls pumped enough jizz into Gary's ass to float a battleship, I could feel how I was flooding his bowels with a huge load of hot, white jism and it was just so fucking great!"

"Ah! Yeah! Hot monkey, hot monkey! AHA-HAH-AH-AHH-GHHH!!" And Gary's prick erupted like Mount Vesusius on the day it buried Pompeii, I was splattered, literally drenched from stomach to neck with stingingly hot ropes of sticky spunk from Gary's prick. So much, so thick, so creamy! Yeah!

Finished, I fell on top of Gary and he went "Oof!" but didn't complain further about it, he was too busy catching his breath as well, and our bodies were glued together by his come, sealed together into one warm, mixed-up mash of spent male bodies.

"Oh, man, oh, man!" I groaned. "That was so fucking hot!"

"Yeah, man, fucking hot!" Gary agreed.

"Best damn money I ever spent, buying you for the night." I said after a moment of silent bliss. "You are one great date, Gary."

"You sound like the date's over."

" is, isn't it?"

"I promised you two hours of anything you wanted, remember?"


"And you said you'd take it in crazed monkey sex."

"Which we did."

"I don't see two hours worth of monkey sex here."

"Huh?" I checked my watch. "Okay, about twenty-five minutes of hot monkey sex."

"Not even that." Gary corrected me. "We spent most of that time undressing, kissing and engaging in sex that, though good, was not monkey sex."

"No." I agreed, not seeing what he was getting at.

"I figure you only got about five minutes of actual crazed monkey sex here." Gary went on. "Since I promised you two hours of it, I figure I still owe you an hour and fifty-five more minutes."

I managed a feeble chuckle. "I'd love it. But I'm not ready to go again just now." To say the least!

"Right." Gary said. "So I figure I'd better just stick around until you are ready. Then I can make another payment on that."

I raised up and looked at Gary. "You mean you're going to stay around all weekend?"

"If that's what it takes." Gary agreed. "It's the least I can do. "

I considered this. "I guess we'd better keep careful track if I'm going to get my money's worth."

So we did. By Monday morning, Gary had paid off about forty minutes' worth of that two hours. But it's okay. He's going to keep coming by until he gets me paid back in full, even if it takes all summer.

Go, monkey, go!

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