Man for Man

Coworkers training


I started a new job, and was sent for six weeks of training at the company's facility in upstate New York. They had purchased an old hotel in the Catskills, where we would go for training seminars in the main rooms, and we were each given a private hotel room. This was an older type hotel, with private rooms that had adjoining bathrooms. We kept the doors closed and knocked before entering. When I would go to bed I could hear the guy in the next room jerking off in the bathroom, which made me imagine him beating his meat and wishing I could take his load. I'd lie in bed and stroke my cock as I listened to him stroke his cock and grunt as he unloaded.


One of the things I like to do is prepare my own meals because I get tired of fast food every night, so I bought a crock pot and made a pot roast. When I got home from classes, the smell of the pot roast permeated my room. As I set the table, there was a knock on the bathroom door. I said,"come in," and my neighbor came in and introduced himself as Marty. He was tall, with dark, curly hair. We shook hands and I invited him to sit down. He said the food smelled really good, and I invited him to dinner. I offered him a beer and we sat around chatting about past jobs we had, and we agreed this employer seemed to be good. As he reclined in the chair, I could see the outline of his soft cock, which looked to be good. I asked if he left a girlfriend behind, and he said that he didn't have much of a social life. I said I didn't either, so we were just a couple of hi tech nerds.

I asked if I could ask him a personal question, and he said it was fine, so I asked if he jerked off a lot. He blushed and said he did, because it was a great way to relieve tension. He asked if I heard him doing it in the bathroom, and I said I did. He blushed even more and apologised. I said it was fine, and I was enjoying listening. He laughed nervously and seemed relieved. I told him I even jerked off as I listened to him doing it. He jokingly said that maybe he should leave the door open when he does it. I laughed and said then we could watch each other. He said he had never done it with another guy, and that might be interesting. I said anytime he wanted to try it, just open the door when he's ready. He changed the subject and I figured that would be the end of it. I got him another beer and we chatted about other things.

Later that night, I got in bed and turned off the lights. I heard him go into the bathroom, and it was quiet. I heard a light knock on the door and then it opened. He stood in the doorway naked, stroking his big hairy cock. I looked over his body, which was covered with dark hair. I slid off my underwear and started stroking my cock which was hard from looking at him. We were watching each other as we stroked, and I motioned for him to come to my bedside.

He stood over me stroking his cock, and watched as I stroked mine. I asked if I could stroke his for him and he let go of his cock so I could wrap my hands around it. I felt his cock throb as I stroked him. He had a strong musky scent that greatly excited me. My free hand explored his hairy thighs, pubes and stomach as I stroked him. He reached over and stroked my cock and felt my chest. We both moaned as we explored each other's bodies and enjoyed feeling each other. He said he was going to cum soon and if I didn't stop, he would shoot his cum all over me. I asked him if he would mind shooting his load in my mouth. He said that would be hot, and let me take his cock in my mouth. I started sucking him, while he jerked my cock harder and faster. He thrust his cock hard in my mouth and shot a huge load which I swallowed. I started to cum and he enjoyed watching me shoot my load over his hand and onto my stomach. He took his hand and licked my cum, and said it tastes pretty good. He went back to his room and went to sleep. I fell asleep too.

The next day I went to classes, and came back to my room, where I started dinner. About 20 minutes later, there was a knock at the door, and Marty came in. He asked if I was making dinner again, and I invited him to stay. He agreed and came in. He told me how much he liked what we did last night, and thanked me. I said I really liked doing it with him and said we could do it any time he wanted. He and said he was pretty horny right now and took off his shirt and pants. I sat on the bed waiting for him to pull down his boxers, and he said I should take off my clothes too. I was excited to have the chance to be naked with Marty again, and more excited that he wanted me naked too. It told me he was into sex with me and not just using me to get himself off.

He told me he was horny all day thinking about what we did last night. I told him I was too, and that I found it difficult to concentrate in the seminars, wanting to be naked with him. I took off my clothes and lay in bed. He slid off his boxers and lay down next to me. I could feel his hard cock pressing against my thigh as he ran his hands along my chest and armpits, and down to my crotch. He said he wasn't sure if what he was doing was the right way to do it, and I told him to just do what he felt he wanted to do, and as long as it didn't hurt, it would be fine. He looked at me as if to ask if I was sure about that. I looked at him and said I really liked him a lot, and was attracted to him, and that I was open to anything he wanted to try with me. He asked if I was really sure about that, and I said yes, and that I was giving myself to him.


Marty told me he was fantasizing about me last night and all day, and thought of a lot he wanted to do with me, but wasn't sure how. As we lay side by side, I pulled myself close to him so our bodies were touching, and pressed my lips to his and slid my tongue in his mouth. He held me tightly as he kissed me back and slid his tongue into my mouth, while my tongue retreated and I let him take control. He rolled me on my back and he stayed on top of me as we kissed. I parted my legs and felt him grinding his hairy crotch into mine as we kissed. I was incredibly turned on by the feel of his hairy body against me, caressing me, and transferring his manly scent onto me. He humped me over and over and brought me to the edge of shooting my load. I warned him I was going to cum and he got off me to give me time to calm down.

As he lay back in bed, I lifted his arms and sniffed and licked his dark hairy pits. He was very turned on that I found him to be so hot. I sucked his nipples and he writhed in pleasure. I moved to his crotch and buried my face in his pubes before sucking his balls and licking from his balls to his ass. I ran my hands along his hairy thighs as I moved from his balls to his swollen cock, slowly moving up and down his shaft. I felt him throbbing and stopped to let him recharge.

I looked at him and asked if that was all he fantasized about doing with me. He said he thought about doing more, but wasn't sure I'd be into it. I told him he should try whatever he wanted, and if I wasn't into it, I'd tell him. He lay on his side behind me, with his arms around me, feeling my chest, while I could feel his hairy body against my back, ass, and legs. I felt him pull my leg up while his hard cock head was pressing against my asshole. As it pressed against me, I could feel his precum making my hole slippery. I whispered that I was glad he wanted to do this. He asked if I was sure i didn't mind. I said it was all I have thought about since I first saw him naked the night before. I told him to press in and out of me slowly until he worked his cock inside. I let out an incredible moan as his cock slid into me deeper and deeper. As my ass closed tightly around his cock, he moaned in unison with me. I told him how much I loved feeling his cock in me, and he thrust harder and faster and played with my nipples as I felt the thick base of his cock pounding into my ass. I felt him throb before letting out a loud grunt, and I felt my insides flooded with his warm thick load. He kissed my neck and when his cock got soft, he pulled out.

He thanked me and said there was something else he wanted to try. He crouched between my legs and started stroking my cock. I lay back and enjoyed the feeling. I was close to cumming because his fucking stimulated me. A moment later, I felt his mouth lick the head of my cock and I watched as he took my cock in his mouth and sucked me until I shot my load, which he swallowed. I told Marty I was surprised he did that. He said he wanted to see what it was like, and smiled saying that since I was letting him fuck me, it was the least he could do.

We got dressed and I finished making dinner. After we were done, he went back to his room and studied for a while, as did I. I was getting ready for bed, and wondered if we would have a repeat of last night. He came through the bathroom door and stood there naked. He said that since my bed was messed up with his cum that dripped out of my ass, he thought I might like to sleep with him in his room. I said I'd love that, got undressed and went in his room and got in his bed.

We lay there hugging and kissing each other, and feeling each other. He said he had never been so attracted to someone like he was to me. I could feel his throbbing cock at my ass, as he sucked my nipples. He started kissing me and I felt his cock stretching the sides of my ass as he slid inside me. I moaned and purred as he slowly slid in and out of me. I started to shake as he fucked me with more intensity. I started to tremble and my ass clamped down on his cock as he shot his huge load within me. I told him I felt more like a man with his cock in me. He said he never thought fucking a guy could be so hot. I fell asleep in his arms and woke up about 3am feeling his cock sliding in and out of me. I loved being at his disposal.

The next morning we got up early for class, and got home about 5pm. When we got in our rooms, he came into my room and yanked down my pants and underwear and had me lean against the wall. He dropped his pants and boxers and got behind me and slid his cock up my ass and fucked me while I stood there. He reached around and jerked me off as he fucked me again. I shot my load against the wall as he filled my ass with cum. He had me stand there and he got on his knees and parted my cheeks. He started licking my hole as the cum dripped out of me. He said the more he fucked me, the more he felt like we belonged to each other.

For the next six weeks, we made love constantly, and grew hotter for each other day by day. When the training period was over, we were happy that we were assigned to the same office, and found an apartment. We moved in and kept a straight appearance at the office, and consummated our love and lust for one another every evening.

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