Man for Man

Conrad's Secret


"I see you lookn" Matt smiled. It was a drunk smile and the wink that followed said more then his words or smile.

The game had been a long one. The group yelled, drank, munched and cheered.


Connie, as they called him, blushed. He had been looking. Around him were mostly shirtless classmates, some wearing boxers others gym shorts. Matt wore his usual torn sleeve jersey and a pair of blue pattern boxer shorts.

He was sitting next to Matt aching to see the surprise that might pop out of the fly as Matt moved about.

"Hey" someone yelled at the replay of one of the more controversial plays. The guys argued, yelled and cursed, all having a good time.

Connie lay his hand on Matt's bare thigh hard as part of the group argument.

"If you leave that hand there you better be ready to make me happy" Matt said as he put his arm around the back of Conrad's neck.

"Hey guys Connie's gonna give Matt a handjob" one of the guys yelled. And a drunken chant began "GO GO GO GO" and "CONNIE CONNIE CONNIE"

"Come on kid give me a hand" Matt said squeezing Connie's neck slightly.

Either due to the group's urges, his own drunkedness or the long ignored desire, moved his hand under Matt's shorts.

The meat that awaited his grasp was hard and still growing.

With Matt's cock in his hand Connie pulled it out of the shorts to everyone's applause and cheers. He started jacking it.

The group watched the game on TV and Connie's handjob, laughing, drinking, urging them on.

"Hey when you're through I got one here for you" Abe yelled. Connie glanced away from his work to see that ineed Abe had pulled his own boner from his gym shorts. It wasn't hard yet, but certainly long and meaty.

"Shit kid why don't you just suck it?" Matt said as he pulled Connie's head down with his arm.

There in front of Conrad's face was the cock he had been stroking, bigger and right in front of his face.

"SUCK SUCK SUCK" another chant began and Connie hesitated sticking his tongue out to touch the meat at first. Conrad pulled his tshirt off, intent on the work ahead of him and in front of him.

Abe and others moved closer. Abe cock was waving at him. "Suck this one next" he said. Connie could see the cock was hardening.

Not sure why he closed his eyes, Connie put his lips around Matt's cock and heard him sigh a loud "YEAH"

He was sucking a cock finally. And not only a cock but the guy who he had lusted after for months And not only that but he was doing it in public.

Matt's hand on the back of his head guided him now and then but mostly squeezed when he felt a shiver of pleasure from Conrad's tongue.

"The kid knows how to suck cock" he announced and the crowd chanted "CONNIE CONNIE CONNIE"

Conrad wasn't sure who pulled his gym shorts down, but he didn't struggle. There were hands moving over his now naked buttocks and around his hanging ballsac underneath.

"We got a pig here" Abe said "I think we all can use him"

Connie had fantasized about orgies, seen magazine photos and read stories. But he had never thought he'd be in one. As he sucked the cock letting it gag him now and then, Conrad knew he was about to be in one.

A finger played with his butthole. He didn't pull away as it moved and slid inside him.

The chanting had ended, Conrad didn't know when. He could hear the TV sound. And he heard Matt sighing and muttering. Around him Conrad heard other sounds, moaning, obvious masturbation sounds and he heard someone spitting behind him.

A hand played with his hard cock and balls for awhile. Another or the same hand felt for his nipples and played there too.

Conrad wondered if he could suck other cocks, if he would be fucked by one or more of the guys he hung around with.

The pain was sharp at first, it made him pause in sucking Matt so the guy pulled his head down further. The cock that had shoved into him burned inside him as it moved foward then back then forward again.

Hands were on each of his buttocks, probably belonging to whoever was fucking him.

"Shit I gotta get a shot of this" he heard. Conrad hadn't thought of someone taking photos of him naked, kneeling and being double fucked. He didn't pull away. It was too late he decided.

The cum shot into his throat almost making Conrad choke at first. "Swallow man" Matt instructed. Connie had already begun to swallow the streams of cum his drunken classmate was erupting.

"I'm next move over" Abe said and his cock was slapping Conrad's face making him chase it until it's length was sliding in and pushing against the back of his throat.

"Open your throat man" Abe said "deep throat me"

Conrad certainly felt the cock that had expanded his sphinter and was sliding in and out of him. But he was more concerned with breathing as Abe's cock blocked his airhole. He started to gag.

"Breath around it" Abe said placing his hand on Conrad's head.

He opened his throat. It worked to his delight and inbetween breaths he tongued the thickness that was in his mouth...almost a part of him.

"Shit you're right, the kids' good" Abe said, presumably to Matt "You gonna shoot again? Shit man that's a gusher."

Connie felt the moisture splash against the side of his face. Matt was cumming again and he was the target.

A sharp pain distracted him as a cock was pushing into his ass. Conrad hadn't noticed the first cock had pulled out. Now another one, a larger one, was stretching.

He tried to mutter "I can't" to the assfucker but the cock wouldn't pull out of his mouth.

"Just relax and take it all baby" Abe said

Most of them were naked, Conrad noticed as they picked up empty beer cans, discarded packages and other trash.

The games had ended sometime ago.

"You ok man?" one of them patted Conrad's bare butt.

"Yea, a little embarrased but ok" Connie said as he joined the group in their clean up.

"Hey it was great, nobody's complain" Seymour was smiling, not evily but friendly. "Come on you deserve a break"

Conrad followed him into the next room.

"Lay down I give great massages, I think you could use one"

Conrad hesitated but he lay face down on the bed, exhausted and nearly falling asleep immediately.

"It's ok just relax" Connie heard Seymour moving clothing. Turning his head he saw the guy was naked. His cock hung down limp but very long.

"Shit man you got a cock on you" he muttered.

"Yea, but just relax, I'm just massaging you" Seymour said as he strattled Conrad's hips. His hands patted the smooth buttocks and began to rub Conrad's muscles deep.

"You ok?"

Conrad heard the voice and awoke.

"Sorry man, that was great" he turned on his side.

"Looks like you enjoyed it" Seymour's eyes focused on Connie's erection.

"Yea guess so, looks like you did too" Conrad saw the once limp cock was now rock hard and curved.

"I always get hard massaging guys, sorry" Seymour shrugged.

"Well, do you fuck them afterwards?"

"Naw, most guys are straight in the gym at least" he said.

"Well, you know I'm not straight by now, hell everyone today knows that, let me return he favor" Conrad turned back on the bed, face down. He spread his legs and arched his back.

Seymour's weight on the bed was felt and soon the snake like blood filled cock slid slowly and deeply into Conrad.

He heard Seymour's sigh "Shit man you're tight, even after all the guys that you uh did today"

"Yea lucky me" Conrad said as he squeezed his ass around the meat inside him. "Been waiting a long time"

"Me too" Seymour began to fuck the guy he had lusted after all school year. "I didn't know you knew".

"I didn't" Conrad said but he suspected for years.

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