Man for Man



I have to chuckle when I think of how we met, and the short time that has elapsed to this moment of sensuality with another man.

David started the conversation as he passed me rollerblading down on the beach bike path. When our eyes me, it felt as if my breath was being pulled from my lungs. The occasional touch sent electricity through my skin to the pit of my stomach. It is no wonder that I find myself nuzzling my nose in his crotch as my tongue licks his balls. I had lowered myself from a passionate kiss to lick his smooth chest, tease his nipples with my tongue and investigate his belly button.


As I finally lowered to my knees, his stiff cock brushed the right side of my face. My hands massaged his tanned legs and solid ass cheeks. I continued my licking down the insides of his legs. He spread his legs apart slightly to allow my head access to his crotch. I worked my way back to his nuts. The smell of his freshly showered body added to the coolness of his skin and the heat from my mouth. David moaned as I mouthed his balls, my nose making contact with the base of his hard shaft. I continued exploring his crotch until I felt the need to do some serious cock sucking.

I ran my tongue up the underside of his shaft. Our eyes met, and the smile on his face assured me he did not want me to stop. As I continued to look into his eyes, I rested his cock on my tongue, with the head just barely touching my lips. David gasped and his dick pulsed. In one swift motion I lowered my mouth until my nose could go no further. I was in heaven. The seconds stretched on forever as the inside of my mouth and throat began to feel the intense heat pulsing from his hard cock. My mind was alive with passion knowing that his cock was feeling the same warmth from my mouth as my mouth closed in on his shaft.

"Oh FUCK Scott, that feels so damned hot. Suck my cock. You've got a tongue that won't stop. Yes--"

David closed his eyes and grabbed the back of my head and pushed still farther into my mouth. Nothing moved not my mouth or David's cock. He just stayed planted with my face impaled on his stiff dick. He then pulled back and began to slowly fuck my face. I made sure my tongue massaged the underside of his shaft as his cock thrust in and out of my mouth. My hands found their way to his ass and gently pulled his cheeks apart. My fingers found his crack, traced it and stopped when I'd felt his puckered hole.

"Uugghh yeeaaahh, finger my ass, loosen me up with your fingers. You're makin' my cock feel like exploding down your throat."

David's thrusting would slow down and then speed up. Easing back when he was near the point of no return. The head of his cock felt smooth and silky, as it would glide back and forth over my tongue. Its spongy texture felt soft on my throat as he pushed his meat all the way into my face.

His breathing increased, as did his moaning and thrusting. He was just moments away from shooting his wad. My probing fingers pressed into his ass, David moaned from deep within his body. I could sense he was on the verge of an out of body experience. With a final thrust he planted his cock fully into my mouth.

"Oh Fuck, I'm gonna cum - take my hot load."

My tongue felt the spasms begin at the base of his shaft and work their way to the tip. His cum then registered its hot slippery presence as it flooded into the back of my mouth. I wanted to enjoy every drop of his seed, so without swallowing I let his cum add to the juices in my mouth.

I could feel his body convulse and hear his breathing staccato as he continued to pump his wad into my mouth. I was in heaven knowing how good David was feeling, knowing I was the one that had put him over the edge as he delivered his hot load into my waiting face. He let his meat just sorta hang in my mouth, I could feel the pressure on his shaft begin to subside. Slowly he began to pull his ravaged cock from my mouth. He winced in pain as I clamped my lips tight around his sensitive tool. I finally swallowed his load as his dick slipped from my mouth. His limp cock looked beautiful. Dangling in my face, wet and glistening with traces of his own cum. I stuck my tongue out to catch the last drop of semen as it dripped from the tip of his dick.

David fell back onto the bed exhausted - trying to catch his breath as I savored the after taste of his cum. I crawled up beside him and kissed him. His tongue shot into my mouth to fill the void left only moments ago by his pulsing cock. He rolled me onto my back and pulled my shirt off. His lips found my nipples, which soon were at full attention.

My cock was straining to be released as David began rubbing it through my jeans. Sliding his tongue down my stomach, David opened my pants and mouthed my bulging Jockeys. He got up, removed my shoes, socks and pants. As I lay there, he used the back of his fingers to tantalize my crotch. Gently tracing his fingers around my briefs and occasionally brushing against my dick would send shivers up my spine.


When he'd teased enough, David pulled my shorts down. His tongue was like fire as he licked my erection. He did this several times before standing my cock up with one hand and then engulfing my rod.

It was my turn to have my eyes roll to the back of their sockets. David's mouth was hot and wet. My cock was on fire as his mouth closed down on me. His tongue began to move like a snake, trying to feel every inch of my cock resting in his mouth. I didn't want to breathe - I wanted the moment to last. Fuck it was intense. He deep throated me a couple more times before slowly allowing my meat to slide from his lips.

David grabbed my knees and spreading my legs apart, raised them above my hips. Fuck - I wanted his cock up my ass. The anticipation of his cock plowing my hole was turning up the heat. I felt his tongue run the length of my crack up to my balls. It was as if I was being turned inside out. My cock felt as if the head would rupture from its stiffness - and then to have my ass licked - I was on the verge of nirvana - I just knew it. He gave me a reaming of such exquisite intensity all I could do was try to maintain consciousness.

As David reached for the lube, I had a chance to come back to earth and catch my breath. The lube cooled the flames of my ass only for a moment as David rubbed my hole and inserted a finger. As small as his finger is (compared to his cock), it felt wonderful sliding into my ass. Talk about a delectable appetizer! The main course is going to be fucking fantastic!

Just as stretching sore muscles after a good workout at the gym brings relief, David's fingers began stretching my tight ass ring. The pain felt so good, it only added to the heat of the moment. I felt David's lubed cock slide up my crack, pausing at my hole and resting there, pressing in momentarily before continuing on up my crack to my balls. Damn, could this guy be sensual! He did this maneuver a few more times, each time adding more pressure as his cock stopped at my hole. The last time was euphoric, he started at my tail bone, sliding that hot poker slowly up my ass to my hole. The movement stopped as he gently pushed his cock inside.

"Aaah fffuuuuck", came from deep within my guts at the wonderful sensations of his dick entering my body. My chest and stomach were on fire, my breathing coming in rapid succession as he continued to push. The sight of this bronzed god sliding into my ass with that beautiful cock intensified the feelings raging through my body. My ass was on fire and the flames traveled up to my balls and continued up my cock. Wave after wave of spasms gripped my body.

"Don't stop fucker." - next thing I know, my cum felt like lava as it burned its way up my shaft and erupted all over my chest and stomach. The intensity of that orgasm seemed to fill the room. All the world was there at that moment, the thrills, joys, passions - all mixed together in that one moment.

David looked into my eyes and smiled. The connection of our gaze shot another wave of passion through our bodies and another shot of cum on my stomach.

When I regained my senses, David began to thrust his stiff meat. Slowly out, then back in, just like he'd done to my face.

"Oh yeah - your ass is hot and tight. It's making my cock feel fuckin' hot."

David used his hand to smear the cum on my chest and stomach down to my still hard dick. Where does this guy learn this stuff - using my own cum to stroke my meat as his cock thrusts to the same rhythm up my ass. He could see I was definitely enjoying myself and he loved it!

He had a mischievous - almost wicked grin on his face. His thrusting again would increase and then abate - he wanted this hot fuck to last a good long time.

As my cum would begin to dry in his hand, David would spit on my dick and make it all slippery again. By this point I was a writhing mass - my cock being stroked with my own cum by the same stud fucking the hell out of my ass with such a beautifully feeling cock.

I could sense inside that both of us were approaching an extraordinary sexual climax. We began screaming at the same time. It was as if his cum left his balls, shot up his shaft and pulsed through my cock and out onto my stomach. The timing, the stroking, the sensations - at that moment, time stood still. I was suspended in pure bliss. No pain, no sounds, no need to breathe. Every fiber of my body was alive. Our eyes met and we were locked in a trance of passion. Our souls had touched.

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In fictional stories it is fine to have sex without condoms, but in reality you should always use a rubber, regardless if you use Prep or not. Prep only protects for HIV, thats why other diaseases spread among Prep users that practice bareback sex.