Man for Man



There wasn't anything different about that Friday from any other. Carson had his usual study hall then gym class and geometry. And he wasn't looking forward to the afternoon. IT was only three hours but it seemed like 30.


At least the weekend ahead would be his own. His Aunt and Uncle had gone out of town and he'd have the house to himself. Carson had nothing planned except sleep, lots of sleept and jacking off, lots of jacking off.

The coach ended the class with the usual agressive game of murder ball and Carson planned to be hit early so he could leave. But for some reason the balls didn't hit him and he ended up the last one with six different boys aiming their murder balls. He wanted to just let it happen.

The sight of the shirtless six classmates was hot to see and they were running towards the line each with a rubber ball in their hand lifted high for the assault.

He covered his crotch and took each hit until the whistle blew and he headed towards the locker room.

Gym locker rooms are all the same. Rows of metal lockers with wooden benches in front. The odor of old sweaty jockstraps filled the air. The sound of the showers in the background with various laughter.

Some boys would wrap a towel around their waists and trot to the showers quickly afraid anyone wuld see them naked. While others walked naked carrying their towel letting anyone who wanted to see their privates look.

Guys were packed tightly together on the benches but none dared to look to either side while stripping off their required gym clothing and jockstraps. If they glanced one side or the other they'd see a classmate naked.

Carson looked when he could but worried someone would catch him looking. And he worried that his penis would reveal his interest hardening until the chant of "boner boner boner" announced his apparent gay interest.

That happened now and then...since teenagers inevitably got hardons. But Carson hadn't experienced this embarassment.

Tucker was one of the six boys who plummeted him at the end of murder ball. He was tall, broadshoulders, smooth and had a long cock. Carson knew that because at one time or other he showed it off to the amusement of everyone in the locker room.

And Carson watched like everyone else. But that day was different. Tucker wasn't waving his dick around, just walking from where he had undressed down the long aisle of lockers to the group shower.

Carson stared into space. He had a geometry quiz in the next class and tried to remember things. In the line of his stare was Tucker moving his tall naked body towards Carson.

Geometric equations disappeared and the sight of Tucker's naked body filled Carson's head. He was staring and wondering what it would feel like to hold tucker's long dick that dangled between his legs.

"Hey queer, like what you see?" Tucker asked.

"Huh" Carson realized he was caught. "Well get a good look of my ass too" Tucker said as he walked away.

Davie who was sitting next to Carson looked at him. "Dont' worry he's an asshole" Davie said.

Carson closed his eyes moments later as the hot water rinsed the sweat from his armpits, shoulders and crotch. Opening his eyes he saw Tucker looking back at him. Their eyes locked for what seemed like several moments though it was probably only second.

Tucker smiled and winked then laughed as he turned away talking to the naked boy next to him.

Carson knew he was caught again. The sight of Tucker wet as well as naked was certainly a beautiful sight. He had to admit to himself he had looked more then once during the school year.

Geometry quiz was easy and Carson felt pretty good as he walked with friends to his house.

Taking a Coke from the refrigerator he plopped on the couch knowing he didn't have to do anything. There were no teacher or adults around to remind him of chores, tests, papers, life or anything. He pulled his penis out into the air, it grew instantly in the warm welcoming clutch of his hand knowing it would be stroked as it was usually at this time every day.

The doorbell rang several times and Carson had to stuff his erection away so hge could go to the door.

Tucker stood there. "You gonna let me in or what?" the boy said.

"Uh why uh I guess" Carson stepped back and Tucker came in.

"I heard you say your folks were gone"


"My Aunt and Uncle" Carson corrected him.

"Yea yea, we have to get soemthing straightened out between us" Tucker said as he walked toward the couch and looking around the room.

"You're queer right?" he asked.

"Huh, I mean no, I was just" Carson stammered.

"Yea I seen you staring. Guys stare at me all the time, but you're different" Tucker said. He said this in a strange way.

"What do you mean?" Carson asked.

"You look through me" Tucker said.

"Hey I was just daydreaming, I wasn't looking, well I guess I was looking but just because you were you know out there, Hell you wave it around all the time" Carson said as he sat on the couch.

"Yea but not today was I" Tucker said as he faced Carson.

"So the best thing is to get it out in the open. If the guys see you staring you're gonna get the shit beat out of you and they'll make me do it, so stop it" Tucker said.

"Hey man I'm not queer" Carson said objecting and starting to get up. Tucker pushed him back on the couch.

Tucker peeled his wife beater shirt off.

"Yea right"

"What are you doing?" Carson asked.

Tucker was unbuttoning his jeans and pulling them down revealing only Tucker's boxers.

"Hey man you better get out" Carson said in a not too convincing voice.

"Don't worry man, it's gonna be nice, you'll get what you want and I'll get what I need" Tucker pulled his boxers down his legs and stood there naked. His dangling cock was growing.

"You better take your shirt off" he said in a voice that wasn't bossy or angry, it was almost a suggestion.

"Why?" Carson asked but grabbed his t shirt and took it off.

"I want to see my jizz all over you"

Tucker stepped forward.

"Go ahead" he said.

Carson said "I don't know I never uh what do you mean?"

"OK do what I tell you" Tucker said "And it'll be ok"

Carson found himself following every detailed direction and leanred how to suck cock. He gagged everytime Tucker's cock rubbed the back of his throat.

"Ok put your hand around the base so you don't let it hit you like that" Tucker said.

Carson felt like he was in a daze. He was sucking a hard cock. He had thought about it even doing it to Tucker whiel he jacked off. But he didnt' expect to actually be doing it.

"I knew it, you're good at this" Tucker said as he gasped. "OK pull back gonna blast ya"

But Carson didnt' pull back quick enough as Tucker's cum filled his mouth then shot across his face when he did move backwards.

"Fuck that was nice" Tucker said again "You ok?"

"Uh yea" Carson said wiping the sperm from his lips.

"Got a coke?" Tucker said

"In the kitchen" Carson said. He watched as Tucker's naked body walked from the room into the kitchen.

"Hey want one?" Tucker called into the room

"Uh yea a cold one" Carson said noting the half empty can on the table was warm.

"You better be naked by the time I get back in there" Tucker said.

Carson didnt' know what to do. He had just been forced to suck a cock. He had tasted someone else's cum. His own cock was rock hard. Carson didnt' know what was goign to happen next.

He stood and began to take his shorts off letting his hard cock bounce out.

"Thought so, I saw it in your shorts when you were sucking my dick" Tucker said handing the coke can to Carson.

Carson saw that Tucker's cock too was hard again.

"Let's take it slow this time" Tucker said tipping his head back to drink his own coke.

Carson reached out and touched the boys hard dick.

"Go ahead have fun" Tucker smiled.

Carson gingerly touched the hard flesh and the ball sac that hung below it.

"I told my folks I'm staying here tonight so we got all the time in the world and I suspect you want more right?" Tucker said. "Got a bedroom?"

Carson stood and walked from the room knowing Tucker was following him.

"Hey you got a nice ass too fag boy" Tucker reached and patted Carson's bare buttocks.

"You too" Carson said.

"What did you say?" Tucker replied sounding angry.

Carson replied "I said you have a nice ass too."

Tucker didn't reply.

"OK so let's get into position" Tucker said "You lie upside down on the bed.

Carson didn't know what the boy had in mind. He was afraid he was about to be fucked in the ass. He had never had anyone touch his butt let alone fuck him. Carson had fingered himself while jacking off and found it stimulating but the thought of a guys cock in his ass scared him.


He got on the bed but not totally until he saw Tucker do an amasing thing. The boy lay ont he bed next to him so his cock was near Carson's mouth. He reached for and touched Carson's erection.

"Do what I do" Tucker said as he began to lick and nibble Carson's cock. Carson did as he was told until they were both sucking each others cock.

Carson felt Tucker's hand on his balls and he felt Tucker's balls.

They sucked for what seemed like hours. At times it was almost like Carson was sucking himself for every thing he did was being done to him.

The hand moved from his balls to his buttocks and Carson did the same action continuing to lick and fuck his throat on the hard cock in his mouth.

The finger tickled his butthole and Carson gasped almost swallowing Tucker's cock head. But he gagged again. The finger continued to play with him.

Carson let his own finger do the same to Tucker and the sensation was making his already on fire guts and skin get hotter and hotter.

The finger was inside him. Carson wanted to lay there and let Tucker do whatever he was going to do. His ass was aflame now too. He felt inside Tucker.

"Oh yea you have a hungry ass don't you queerboy" Tucker had pulled his mouth away long enough to say this.

"I think we're both gonna have alot of fun tonight" Tucker added. "Let's rest a bit"

They lay on the bed with their naked aroused bodies touching.

"So how long have you been gay?" Tucker asked.

"Dunno, you?" Carson said.

"Fuck you I'm not queer, just know what guys like you want to do" he said. "Let's order a pizza with any luck they'll send over another queer with it and we can have more fun".

Carson didn't know if the pizza delivery boy was gay or not. But he wasn't phased by seeing Tucker and Carson naked. Tucker insisted they answer the door that way. But Carson recognized the delivery boy. He went to their school.

"Hey man we're just whacking off" he told the kid. He smiled "wish I could" he said taking the tip and leaving.

They sat on the floor watching TV while eating hte pizza. Tucker talked about soccer. He played soccer.

"I know I've seen you play" Carson admitted.

Tucker looked at him "right I should have known" he said but he smiled. His comment wasn't ridiculing Carson.

"Hey let's go back upstairs, I want to fuck"

Carson lay on the bed holding his legs back as Tucker fingered the vasoline in his butthole. His hard cock pushed into Carson making his butthole feel like it was on fire.

It took several tries but eventually the boy's naked body was glowing with sweat as he pumped in and out of Carson's available asshole.

"Shit you're tight" Tucker said.

"Never been done before" Carson explained.

The look on Tucker's face was bewilderment "You mean you're not a fag?" he asked.

His cock in his hand. Tucker held it and streams of his cum shot all over Carson's body.

"Oh man I'm sorry I mean I thought"

Carson didn't know what Tucker meant. "I've wondered what it would be like, but no never did it till now".

"Man really I didn't know" Tucker knelt there dumbfounded.

"Well we might as well keep doing it" Carson said.

"No I mean I well I shot a load, it'll take some time." Tucker collapsed next to him.

"Hey man, tell you what, you can do me, that way we're even and I'm not like raping you or anything" Tucker said. He turned over not waiting for Carson to reply.

Carson touched the boys buttocks that he had admired.

"Go ahead it's ok, I've uh had it before" Tucker said.

Carson wondered what Tucker meant but he wondered more what it would feel like and moved on top of the boy. His cock stabbed until it moved inside Tucker.

Carson was amazed it was so easy to go inside the boy. He pushed his hips forward feelign the grip of the boys sphinter around his cock. Tucker didn't utter a sound until he began to give instructions.

"Go faster man and harder make me feel it" he said almost begging Carson.

Carson tried to do what he was told and his body was soon exploding inside Tucker.

"Fuck" he yelled out rolling to the side.

They talked.

Tucker had been fucked before, an Uncle, later he confessed his own step father had fucked him. He had sucked him too when he was little. It was how he got along with the man and kept him from hitting him.

Carson learned where the anger came from.

"With you it's uh different" Tucker said.

They sucked each other. Tucker fucked him in the wee hours of the morning.

And they spent the next day together, remaining naked letting their bodies recharge and relieveing each other again and again.

Tucker learned that sexual action between men can be satisfying without force or abuse.

And Carson learned that he was indeed gay. The image of Tucker naked making him suck him for the first time was a confrontation that helped him grow up beyond his years.

And in gym class he didn't stare anymore. Carson looked but he knew better then to stare. He didn't have to.

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